I walked into Quinn’s like I always do. Gayle, the bartender looked up and said, “Harri, I don’t want any trouble.”

I said, “Look, Gayle, thirty days in jail and fifty stitches taught me a lesson. You won’t have any problems with me. Promise. Now gimme two drafts and a Guinness.”

She drew the beers, and I sucked the first down as she was putting the Guinness on the back bar. I looked in the mirror and was pretty satisified with what I saw. Fairly good arms, a flat chest and stomach under a tight tee. One of these days I’m gonna cut my hair, but for now I like it curled and put up on my head. I wear a cap anyway.

I looked around and saw my pal Rizzo in the corner, some older femme draped all over her. My butch buddy’s hand under her skirt and them both grinning like no one could guess what they were doing.

At the far end of the bar was this fine Latina girl, bright peasant top, a skirt that ended just at the globes of her super butt. She looked at me and smiled, but her girlfriend pulled on her arm and had this look like I was poaching, so I just leaned on the bar and sucked on my draft.

I got to talking with this freaky dude about panhead Harleys and I reached over to get the Guinness. Now it was the right temperature to drink, Gayle knows just when to put it down. I picked up the bottle and a loud voice broke through the noise of some music blasting from the antique juke box.

“Get your hand off my hiney!”


“Who the hell are you?

“And, what did you say? I didn’t touch your ass.”

“I said get your hand off my Heiney, Heinekins.”

I turned around and looked into the coldest blue eyes I have ever seen. The lips were painted in bright red lipstick, glossy, and her eyes were framed with about ten pounds of whatever femmes think looks good. Brown, wet looking curls sprang out of her head and framed her rounded face.

I hadn’t gotten laid in nearly 2 months and she looked good enough to eat.

My hand fell to my pocket. In a month in jail I had gotten out of the routine of stuffing my vibe in my pocket. And yeah, I was checking to see if it was really there.

Her tanned, firm looking, legs more than peeked out from under a drop waist pleated white skirt. She had a nice rack..

I looked at my hand and saw it was wrapped around a green bottle, not the stout.

“Sorry, baby. Can I buy you another one?”

The motorcycle freak was totally forgotten as I concentrated on getting to know this sweet femme better.

“Yeah, I always go for free beer.”

“I haven’t seen you here before, what brings you in?”

“Well, at least introduce yourself, stud. My name is Alicia.”

“Harri, sweetcheeks.”

“ I want to go dancing and came in here to find my date.

“I think you may do.” .

“ You sure you can handle me?

“And there ain’t dancing here. Where do you want to go?

“Or do you just want to cut out the crap and let me take you home?”

“La Pooooosay has the best dance floor.”

I had heard of it, a new place, pretty much out of the usual places I cruise for pussy, but if Alicia wanted to go I was up for it.

Just then Gayle came on the other side of the bar and leaned over taking my hand.

She whispered, “Harri, I appreciate what you did to keep that bitch, Joyce, out of here, even if it did cost you those days. I seen Alicia in here the past month. She is kinda high maintenance. I know you just started back working at that car dealer, so take this, have a good time. And pay me back when you can.”

I looked and found two hundred dollar bills folded in my palm. Before I could refuse, Gayle signed to her bouncer, and I grabbed Alicia and pulled her out the door.

I threw my leg over the saddle of my Nighthawk, thumbed the motor to life and told Alicia to grab onto something solid. Her arms ran around my waist and she nuzzled her lips against my neck as I turned my cap around. I pulled into traffic and weaved through the cars like they were standing still. Alicia just screamed for anyone to hear, “Outta our way!!! Dykes on Bikes!” This was going to be one heckuva night.

Alicia was half humping the saddle as her hands ran up the tight binding under my tee. She squeezed and my nipples pushed against the cotton velcroed bandage.

I braked at the entrance to” La Pooooosay”, and Alicia flashed the fact she had no panties under the cute little skirt when she got off the bike. I watched her nice ass wiggle and her tanned legs walked her to the door. She knew the Amazon at the door. Hell, she probably knew half the women in town for all I knew, but she was my ‘date’ tonight.

Diana looked me over, and leaned down to say, “Watch yourself inside, butch. You wouldn’t get a foot in the door dressed like that on Friday or Saturday.”

I wanted to just push her out of the way, but I wanted to get into Alicia more.

There was an honest to Goddess ‘disco ball’ turning over the large dance floor. Alicia took my hand and dragged me onto the floor. There was some loud music blaring, but when she moved her hips and rubbed against me I just concentrated on her contact and the vibrations of the music coursing thorugh my body. We laughed and bumped, rubbed crotches together and when there was a slow dance I slid my thigh between her legs and ground her right there. She went wild, gyrating, humping, grinding. We left the dance floor and found an empty table, well it emptied when I asked the two dressed up butches to find someplace else. They licked their lips and just grinned giving me a thumbs up when Alicia bent over and flashed her ass. I ordered beers for us both and the two acccomodating table changers, and threw the hundred down. I just about chocked when the hostess gave me $70 in change, being careful to make it two 20’s, two 10’s and two 5's. I picked up all but one five. I silently blessed Gayle.

Alicia waved at some other girls and got up to jabber with them giving me time to look around the club. Actually, there was the usual assortment of femmes, butches of all ages, and some women who looked like tourists. I never looked for the curious. They get all clingy and I am not in any way ready to settle down. I also don’t much care for older lesbians, but I did notice this one woman. Very smartly dressed, tired looking and almost ‘holding court’ for a group of similar aged ladies. Mid 40’s was my guess, and probably a professional of some sort, lawyer, maybe a doctor. There was a large brief case next to her.

Alicia came back and chugged her beer before pulling me back to the dance floor.

We danced for another hour, stopping for two more beers and getting sweaty.

Finally, I had had enough and right on the dance floor I ran my hand under her skirt and felt her wet, smooth, hairless pussy. I pulled her close and dropped my face to nibble her nipple as I fingered her. I parted her lips and fucked her, feeling her suck on my digit, finding her lips and sucking on her tongue.

“Take me home and do me good,” whispered the curly haired girl of the night

I wrapped her up and walked to the door. Just then the old femme was heading for the exit and looked right through us, I think she really did not see me at all. As she brushed past us to leave first, I muttered, “Snooty bitch.”

As we passed Diana at the door, I slipped her a 20, pulled her close and kissed her, “Maybe I don’t dress so bad on Friday or Saturday.”

One way or the other I guaranteed she would remember Harri.

“Here, butch, you’re gonna need it when you take me to breakfast sometime,” Diana said as she pushed the 20 into the pocket that held my vibrator.

Alicia stood by, probably thinking how much she would like to wrap her thighs around the big brunette’s face.

Femmes, never understand them.

I saddled up and my girl clung on tight as I zipped out into the cool night air, heading for my house. Alicia never asked where we were headed, but she kept up a steady stream of words, the best I could make out something about wanting me to really make her shake and cum.

When we got to my house the bike barely stopped before I had Alicia on her back over the saddle in my driveway. Her skirt flopped up and I bent over and pushed her legs wide. My lips sucked her smooth pussy. I gathered a bead of saliva between my lips and with the bubbly liquid captured her clit and shook my head. The cool air rolled over us as I snaked my tongue into her pussy and lapped the pent up girl cum she was oozing nonstop. I put a finger into her pussy and began to fill her, giving her a tiny taste of what was in store for her. In and out, finger fucking her, tasting her cream, lapping and drinking her flowing pussy juices.

When I had enough, I pulled her off the saddle and carried her to my bed. Throwing her down, as she bounced I went to the dresser and took out my harness and a thick pink strapon. I stripped my tee off and she had eyes only for the thick dildo. My sandals were next, kicking them off as I unzipped my jeans and skinned out of them. The flys of my boxers were soaked from my own pussy juices.I stepped into the harness and advanced to Alicia. The rubber dick was bobbling and swaying as I moved. Alicia reached out and nearly got her fingers around the base of the dildo as she lifted her legs and pulled me into her.

“Fuck me, stud. Fuck me, Harri.

“God, I just love butch cock slamming me.”

And that is just what I did. I hammered into her. My cock slipping into her pussy. My hips pumped and my cock filled her. She was so wet I kept slipping out, only to drive back into her gaping hot hole.

Alicia held my arms, pulling me against her, her tits flopping on her chest as I gave her my cock. I felt her heels beating my lower back

She arched against me and gave one loud scream as she came.

I rolled over and pulled her on top. Cock still buried in her, I bucked and drove against her cervix, her juices rolling, soaking my boxers. She rose and as I reached for her tits, she rode my cock. Lifting all the way nearly letting it pop out of her squishy pussy before letting herself sink down the full length of never softening latex.

“Baby, you are so fucking good, Harri!”

She slid off my cock and knelt between my legs, her hand moving along the shaft as her head lowered and her tongue rolled over the tip. As she sucked her pussy juices off my cock I felt my clit throb along the base. Alicia rolled her fingers and stabbed into my pussy before I could stop her. I don’t need that femme stuff, but it was just so good feeling I moaned softly as she licked down the full length of my dick. She pushed the dick against my flat belly and ran her tongue along the leather straps through which my exposed cunt was dripping.

“No! Stop, ya don’t hafta.”

But she continued, licking and sucking my pussy. Jacking my cock against my clit until I felt a huge orgasm wash over me.

“I love butch pussy, Baby,” she said as she continured to lick at my swollen labia.

“Well, don’t get any other ideas. I’m a pitcher, not a catcher.”

She laughed, and said, “Good, cause I only know one direction for a strapon, Baby.”

Alicia scissored her thighs and trapped my cock as she reached for the velcro of the bandage holding my tits in.

“You gotta have tits, Baby. Maybe tiny titties, nipples only, I just have to see them though.”

She ripped the velcro and my cone shaped titties met the air, my nipples immediately stiffening before her lips descended and she sucked each.

As she licked and bit my nipples, I pinched and rolled her nipples in my hands. I pulled them, twisted.

It felt good, but I don’t do that femme stuff much and pushed her off me.

“That’s enough for now. I have to get to work at 6 in the morning.”

I wanted to fuck and fuck again, but I needed that job and could not take any chances. I rolled over and she spooned against me as we both fell asleep.

My alarm went off 2 hours later and she looked around. She totally knew she was in a strange place, but just grabbed for her clothes and got dressed as I went to shower.

As I got into my grease monkey uniform she made coffee and sipped it.

“Where can I drop you?’ I said.

“I see you work at the Lexus dealer, you can take me home, Harri. And don’t lose the address.”

I laughed at that, remembering what Gayle had said about her. But I just nodded as we climbed onto my bike and zipped through nearly empty streets.

I dropped her off in front of an apartment building someplace and rode off to work just in time to clock in.

I did see her again, but it was at Quinn’s, and her head was under the table as Rizzo had this most ridiculous grin on her face.

The schedule at the shop only had me down for a couple of oil changes, being low on the totem pole, the good, high paying jobs went by seniority. And though I am a damn good mechanic, I know the score and don’t make waves. Heck I even have a Snap-On calendar over my toolbox just like all the guys. When I applied for the job I told Bob I’m gay, but he just stared at me and at the list of where I had worked and said, “I really don’ t care. Half of the guys will presume you are gay anyway. You do the job and you have a job. You are going to get more questions about jail around this bunch, he laughed, “Probably to see just how different the men’s side is from the women’s.”

The first oil change was done when the intercom finally got through to me, “Harri, come to the service counter.” I pulled the rubber gloves off we use in here, and went down the long bay to the service counter.

I saw a woman standing there, looking irritated, but dressed in a trim skirt and an expensive silk blouse. Her legs were outstanding in sheer nylons and four inch heels completed the look. I nearly whistled, but held back

She was talking to Bob, as I approached and put my hand on the counter, she turned. Her eyes widened as she looked at my name. I swear her lip curled upward.

"Harri, this is Miss Bowers. She will give you the address of her shop. And, I think I know what is wrong, so wait there for a call, you may be bringing her back soon."

“Hello, Ms Bowers. I’ll take good care of you.”

I couldn’t believe it. The old lesbian from “La Poooosay” last night.

Looks like an adventure.

One thing is certain, though.

Nothing will change today.

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