Quite the Shocker


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This all happened to me about 3 weeks ago. I had decided to go visit my brother and his family in Florida. A little about all of us first. I am the youngest of four children, 2 boys and 2 girls. The oldest, my brother David then my two sisters, Alexa and April, and me Kirk. There's 10 years between the oldest and the youngest but only 3 years between the second and me. My father died when I was very young so I was raised by my mother and my sisters since David left for college before I was very old at all. I guess all that femininity had a major effect on me because I now live a dual life, part-time as a transgendered female and part time as a guy, but nobody that knows either of them knows about both of them. You see I love everything about being a girl and I so wish I had been born female. My brother is a big jock kind of guy, black hair and blue eyes 6'4" 240 pounds and all muscle. My sisters are, while very feminine, above average height 5'7" and 5"8" both weigh about 145 and both have brown hair and blue eyes. And then there is me, I'm 5'6" and weigh only 130 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. Pretty small for a guy but just right for a girl and that works very much in my favor when I choose to be enfemme. I also have very feminine facial features, like forehead and jawline and cheekbones oh and very pouty lips and almost no body hair and I keep the hair on my head on the longer side. Pretty much a girl except for that little something extra between my thighs and I so hate it, I can't stand to touch it most days and never for sex.

Ok, so I went to visit my brother for a few days. None of us get to see each other very often since our mom passed away, we live all over the country now. I drove down so I would have a car while I was there and also because I love to travel as Amy. Before I left my house, I got all femme and made up. My hair and makeup and a sexy outfit and high heels and I was off. It was a 2-day drive so I stopped half way and got a hotel room and made small talk with the cute guy working the desk at the hotel. We ended up having dinner together and making out in the elevator on our way to my room. At the door he kept asking if he could come in for a few but I told him I had to get up early to finish my trip. After a lot of pleading, I told him I would give him a quick blow job in his car and we would have to say goodbye. I know, I'm such a slut but I do love sucking cock. Once in his car we started kissing again. I unzipped his pants and pulled out a very hard average size cock. I stroked him and licked some precum off my fingers and lowered my head into his lap and slipped his hard cock into my warm drooling wet mouth. I had worked on his cock for several minutes and then he put his hands on my head and pushed down and blew a huge load. I swallowed it all and licked him clean and slipped his cock back into his pants and said goodnight and good bye and thanked him for a nice evening. He laughed and said anytime.

The next morning, I got up early and headed out in boy mode to finish my trip. The visit went very well, just normal visiting stuff getting caught up on each other's lives and good eating. I spent 3 days with my brother and his wife but didn't get to see his boys. He has two sons that are both off in college. The oldest, Chris, is 24 with brown hair and brown eyes 6'1" about 200 pounds and the other, Brandon, is almost the spitting image of his dad. At 22 he's 6'4" about 240 pounds very well built with black hair and blue eyes and oh such a hunk. He's so hot, all the girls fawn all over him all the time. He reminds me of my unrealized lustful thoughts that I had for my brother when we were younger before I knew what my preferences were.

So that last night we just hung out and the next morning we got up had breakfast and said our goodbyes. I was going to shower and get ready and load my car and then lock up as my brother and his wife headed off to work. After my shower I began getting ready. I picked out a red miniskirt, white cropped blouse that shows off my belly button ring, and red 4-inch stilettos. I wore a matching yellow silk bra, panty, and garter belt set and white stockings. With my hair styled and my makeup done I painted my finger and toe nails in a bright red to match my shoes and my lips. I loaded my car and went back in to do one last run through to check to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything. I stopped at the kitchen sink to clean up the breakfast dishes and just as I was finishing up the last one a voice from behind me sounded asking me who I was and what I was doing in their house.

Stunned, I gasped and slowly turned around to see my nephew Brandon standing there glaring at me. I swallowed hard, trying not to panic, I said I'm a friend of your mom and dads. We had breakfast and I was just doing the dishes before heading out. He just stared at me, looking me up and down almost drooling it seemed.

"Do I know you he asked?"

"I don't think so I responded."

Then his eyes went wide and he called out Uncle Kirk, is that you? What are you doing dressed like that?

Oh shit was all I could say. Panic cursed through my body and I began teetering in my high heels. "Brandon what are you doing home?"

He laughed and said "I dropped by to get some stuff for school and am I ever glad I did."

"Please, please you have to promise me you won't tell anybody about this. Please you have to", I almost cried pleading with him. He stepped towards me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and in a comforting voice he told me it was alright and that he wouldn't tell anyone.

As I moved my head up from being buried in his chest I realized how big and strong he was and how small I was in his arms. I began to smile as our eyes met.

"Oh, thank you Brandon that means so much to me. I think I would die if anybody in the family found out about Amy."

"Who he asked?"

"Amy, that's my enfemme."

"Nice, pretty name for a pretty girl."

"Oh stop, now you're just teasing me."

"Not at all Amy he said. You're very pretty and very sexy too."

"Really you think so I asked."

"Hell yes, he said. Short skirt and high heels and great legs, you're the total package and a hottie to boot."

Oh, Brandon I was saying as he leaned down and our lips met.

As he kissed me, my eyes went wide and then closed as I kissed him back. A very slow sensual kiss, the kind that makes you melt. As our lips parted I breathed a wow. Then shook my head and asked what he was doing, that this wasn't a good idea.

"Why not" he asked?

"Well for obvious reasons" I said.

"Like what" he asked?

"Well I'm a lot older than you."

He smiled and said "I love cougars."

I laughed, "so now I'm a cougar."

"Not yet he said but in a few I hope." I blushed.

"And," he asked?

"We're related" I said.

"That only really matters if we were going to have kids though right" he said.

"Yea I guess so" I replied.

"And," he asked again?

"Well you know what kind of a girl I am, so why would you want me when you can have any number of real girls." He leaned in and kissed me again. "Oh my I breathed, you are good at that."

He said "look Amy you're beautiful and sexy as hell and standing in my kitchen and honestly, you've got one of the best asses I have ever seen. And those legs, wow those terrific legs. And those lips, oh my god."

"Ok, ok I said I get it you're into me."

He smiled and said "not yet but in a few I hope."

"Oh my gosh you're terrible, I sighed. Ok I give. Whatever you want I'm in."

He took me by the hand and led me to his room. We moved towards his bed, kissing all the way. "Brandon, I've wanted you for so very long but never thought it would happen and definitely not like this."

"What do you mean Amy?"

"That's it exactly, with me as Amy."

As we kissed and undressed each other, he ran his hands all over my body. His tongue sought out my tongue. He gripped my ass cheeks as he pulled me into him. I could feel his hard cock between us as we embraced. I broke our kiss as I lowered myself down his body trailing kisses all the way until I reached his protruding member. I wrapped my long slender fingers around the shaft of his beautiful cock. And brought it to my bright red lips, I ran my tongue around the head licking off a drop of precum and kissing the head. I ran my tongue along the underneath side from the tip to the base and back up to the tip. Then I wrapped my lips around the head and pushed him ever deeper into my eager mouth until he was at the back of my throat. I paused and took a breath and opened my mouth wider and pushed him into my throat. I swallowed around his cock as my nose was buried in his pubes.

He groaned as said yes just like that. "Wow, you can deep throat me, I love it."

I slowly moved him out of my throat and finally out of my mouth and smiled up at him. "I love sucking cock Brandon and I am especially going to love sucking your cock. I think this is the sexiest cock I have ever seen. It's got a nice shape, it's a very nice size, bigger than most and very thick. And an ever so slight tilt up at the end. And I love that I make you so hard. I will do anything you desire."

He said "anything?"

I looked with a pause and said "yes I think so, anything. What do you have in mind, I asked?"

"Well I love the head, it's great and I want to finish that."

"Ok, and" I asked?

He laughed. "Well, I was hoping to get to fuck you too. I'm sorry, I know that's crude but I'm really excited by you and the thought of getting inside you. Well it's just a lot to take in."

"It's ok baby I say it's ok I was hoping you would want to fuck me too."

"Really?" he asked.

"Absolutely I moan. I want you inside me as much or more than you want to be inside me."

He laughed, "I don't think that's possible."

"Good I say. Have you ever had sex back there I ask?"

"No he says, why."

"Well it's different is all. I'm not lubricated naturally and you will have to take it very slow, at least at first, until I get used to the size of your cock. You do realize your cock is quite large?" As I continue to stroke his cock, "I smile and say now how about I finish that blow job. I really want your first load in my mouth."

"My first" he ask?

"I certainly hope there will be more than one," I muse.

"Me to" he says.

"Baby, you can cum in me and on me as much as you want. Just think of me as your own personal cum receptacle." I sucked his cock, working it in and out of my mouth and stroking what wasn't inside my mouth and after a few minutes he tensed up and blew a huge load of cum across my tongue and down my throat. I swallowed all of his yummy first load and after licking his cock clean and milking all that there was I told him how delicious his juice was. I crawled up and laid down beside him, nestled under his shoulder with my head on his chest and moaned.

"That was so hot," he gasped. "You're very good at that."

"Thanks, I said, it's easy to be good when you've got a perfect tool to work with. I'd love to wake you up every day like that."

He said he would love that too.

"Now rest up sweety, I need you to recharge so you can fuck me good."

He laughed "oh I'm going to fuck you good alright. I'm going to cum so deep inside you you'll be able to taste it."

"Alright I say, I love the taste of your cum."

After a short nap, I woke up but he was still out, so I run his cock between my fingers and slip him into my mouth to wake him up and get him hard again. He's raging in no time. He smiles at me and pulls me up to his lips and kisses me.

"Can't wait any longer huh."

"No, I can't I moan. I need you inside me so bad." Stroking his hard on, I get some lube out of my purse and rub it all over his cock. I squirt some in his hand and tell him to rub some into my hole and to use his fingers on me to loosen me up for his huge cock. I moan as he pushes first one finger then two fingers into me, I'm on my hands and knees rocking back and forth trying to get them deeper inside me.

He groans, "you like that huh."

"Oh my god yes," I moan "but mainly because it's only the warm up for something much bigger and much better."

He groans "you know it baby." As he lines up behind me and pushes the head of his huge hard cock against my hole. I exhale deeply and push back into him and just then the head pops in. I feel him push past the ring and then he's inside me. Pushing in slowly inch by inch, I feel him stretching me open. It feels like he's splitting me in two but I almost cum just from him pushing inside me. The feeling is so overwhelming.

"Oh god baby, I've never had anything so big inside me before. You feel soooo good I gasp." He stops for a minute to allow me to adjust. I breathe through it and moan yes more please. And he delivers, he pushes his entire cock into my body. I feel him lean against me up against my hips and push his cock so deep inside me. I groan "yes, you're all the way in now. Give me a few seconds to get used to your cock and you can fuck my pussy just as hard as you want." He starts to slowly pull himself out and then forces it all back in as he slaps my ass. He grabs onto my hips and starts rocking back and forth building speed as he fucks me. First long slow strokes then short fast strokes then he repeats it all over again. After about 15 minutes of his abuse of my senses, and two of my own orgasms, he pushes all the way in and tenses up and shoots his second load of the day inside me. This time he shoots so deep inside my body, almost as if he's trying to breed me and I think to myself, if only.

After he finishes he collapses on my back which forces us down lying flat on the bed. As I lay under him, feeling his cock still twitching inside me I ask him if it was everything he had hoped it would be. I told him for me it was everything I had hope and dreamed it would be and more.

He kissed my ear lobe and moaned in my ear that it was the best sex he had ever had and yes everything and more.

I smiled and pulled his arms tighter around me. After he rolled off me I climbed on top of him and began rubbing my crotch on his cock. He looked up at me and I leaned down and kissed him as I straddled him and said "this time I will do all the work." He started getting hard again and I reached under us and maneuvered his hardening cock to my hole and then raised my hips a little to allow his entry and then I sat all the way down on him in one fluid motion. Even after just having had him fuck me so good and being buried inside me, I still gasped as he bottomed out once again. I smiled down at him and said "oh the things you do to me." I moved back and forth on him, slipping his cock in and out of me. I rode him like a cowgirl. He held onto my hips as I raised and lowered my body on his huge cock. He pulled me down, shoving his cock all the way in and pushed with all his might trying to get his cock as far in me as he could get it and blasted another huge load deep inside me, painting my insides with his cum. I felt my own release as my tiny clit began to ooze instead of shooting. I caught my breath as I shook from my own orgasm and collapsed on his chest and kissed him. I kissed him so passionately. "I could get so used to being fucked like this" I moaned.

He looked up into my eyes and smiled, "me too Amy me too."

Another short nap, this time with me curled up on his chest. We woke and just stared at each other. As I lay there in my bra, panties, garter and stockings I kissed him again. "Brandon, will you do something for me?"

"Sure, sweetness" he replied, "anything."

I breathed a short pause, aw. I like that I thought to myself. "Would you make love to me?"

"Huh" he asked? "What do you mean, we just did, twice?"

"No baby I mean really make love to me. Not just fuck me but love me, can you do that, do you feel it? I don't mean to put you on the spot or anything and if you're not feeling it that's ok I was just hoping."

He didn't say a word, he kissed me and rolled me onto my back and spread my thighs with his body as he pushed his growing cock into my now well lubricated pussy. I groaned as I wrapped my legs around his waist with my calves hanging across his butt and my heels dangling and pulling him into me. I grasped his body and pulled my mouth up to meet his and as I kissed him once again I moaned yes baby yes. He moved his hips, slowly pushing and pulling his cock looking into my eyes and kissing me more passionately than I've ever been kissed. After what seemed like forever, he grunted and started shooting ropes of cum inside me, this time never stopping his motion continuing his little dance with me.

After a few moments, he started to soften and as he slipped out of me, he rolled from between my thighs kissed me lightly on the lips and said "I think I'm falling in love with you Amy."

"Oh Brandon, you know you've already gotten into my panties you don't have to sweet talk me now."

He kind of smirked and said "I'm being serious Amy. Do you have to leave today, can't you stay another day?"

"Oh my Brandon, that's a lot for me to take in. I really need to get back home but if you're wanting to keep this up then I will absolutely stay. I don't think I have ever made love before, you do something to me baby. I want to be everything for you."

He smiled at me and kissed me and just said "I'd love that."

"Good I smile, then yes, I will stay another night. Are you going to stay here tonight or would you like me to come to your place?"

"Would you do that?"

I nod "yes, of course."

"How about we go out first and end up at my place."

"Would you really want to take me out like on a date?"

"Absolutely," he said.

"Oh wow, I'd really like that," I say as I stroke his cock back to life. I lean over and kiss him and moan, "time for the fifth time baby. I need you inside me so bad. I don't know what I am going to do when I leave."

"You'll just have to come visit me."

"Don't tempt me Brandon, I just might."

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