tagCelebrities & Fan FictionQuitting Time: You Want Sprinkles?

Quitting Time: You Want Sprinkles?


Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. My e-Mail is in my profile. This author would like to thank: TNP, Thee_Disciple and DarkLord Z for always being able to proof read my crap.

Bryan Cameron smiled awkwardly as a camera flashed in front of him. It wasn't The Oscars but it was an award. Bryan lived his life in the glamorous world of an ice cream truck driver. He had been awarded the award for 'Best Ice Cream Delivery', it wasn't the most notable achievement but it beat working in an office.

The reporter asked him a few questions as Bryan answered nonchalantly.

"Now that you've won this award what would you like to do next?" He asked as he flipped open a notepad and started to jot down his answer.

"Well, I'd love to take Megan Fox out on a date!" Bryan said jokingly as the reporter laughed and took down his answer.

"Well this will be in the paper soon. I'm sure it will come out great!"

Bryan and the photographer parted ways, smiling to himself he walked home. The weather in New York was terrible as the heavens opened and rain started to pour. The rain started to tear down against the colorful skyline of New York. Bryan threw a few quarters into a local newsvendor to grab a paper, shielding himself from the rain.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles...

Megan looked out of her apartment surveying all of Hollywood, clad in only a pair of lacy panties and a bra, her manager was on the phone reading out news involving her.

"Oh, and an ice cream vendor in New York said he wanted to take you on a date."

"An ice cream vendor? How did he get into the news?" Megan asked as she twisted the string next to the window, shutting the blinds.

"He won an award and was asked what he wanted to do. Take you out on a date was his answer." Her manager said as Megan walked up to the counter her phone rested on.

"Really... I've wanted to go to NYC for a while now... Think you could arrange it?"

"Sure sweetie. You've got time off any way. Want me to book the flight now?"

"Yes please. Call me once it's done." Megan said as she hovered her right index finger over the 'Disconnect' button.

"Sure, I'll talk to you soon Megan." Anne said as the two ladies exchanged their goodbyes and hung up their phones.

'Time to get laid, girl!' Megan said to herself as she walked into her main bedroom to dress for the day.

Back in New York...

Bryan closed the door to his apartment and took a few steps inside the hall way. Bending down on one knee, Bryan grabbed the mail, quickly sifting through it, he found what wasn't junk and walked into the front room reading the mail. A few bills but that was it. Looking at his phone he saw there was a blinking red light indicating a message. Pressing the button the sound of Anne's office filled the air.

"Hi, I'm calling for Bryan Cameron. This is Anne Holloway, I'm a representative for Miss Megan Fox. Miss Fox would like to meet you, if you could call me back on 867-5309 we can arrange something. Thanks." Then the sound of a disconnected line filled the air.

"Oh shit." Bryan said aloud. One of the most desirable women on the planet wanted to meet with him.

Picking up the plastic receiver, Bryan nervously stabbed at the dial, punching in the number that had been read out. There were several rings before the same woman's voice answered.


"Ah, hi. This is Bryan Cameron you left a message on my machine?" Bryan said, trying to keep his tone steady.

"Oh, hi! Yeah, so Miss Fox is looking to come down for the coming weekend. Would you be able to meet her?"

Fighting to keep control of his hands, Bryan kept the phone in his hand and spoke again. "Sure... The uhh... Saturday?"

"Yeah. She'll be flying into JFK airport where she will be met by a tour guide. She'll be staying at the Hilton. Can you pick her up for 12 o'clock?" Anne asked.

"Sure. The Hilton at 12 on Saturday." Bryan repeated, confirming the details.

"Great. Thanks a lot!" With that Anne hung up the phone.

Bryan jumped on the spot and punched the air. A date with mother fuckin' Megan Fox! He practically pranced over to his calendar hanging on the wall and circled the up and coming Saturday with a big black marker.

The next few days sailed past as Bryan dreamed about meeting Megan Fox. Business was good mercifully, allowing Bryan to buy a decent enough dinner jacket and some smart pants for his date.

Amid the usual cursing at other drivers and general scumbags on the road, Bryan had to circle the block several times, waiting for a space to come available. On what seemed to be the fifteenth trip, Bryan saw that a guest was leaving. Using every trick outside of a flux capacitator, he scooted inside the space swearing at everyone who swore at him.

He sat at the wheel and calmed down, he sat outside the Hilton for at least five minutes as he struggled to drum up the courage to go in and find her. Tapping his fingers on his car's steering wheel in an uneasy rhythm, Bryan checked his rear view mirror not entirely sure what he was looking for.

Sighing, Bryan twisted the key in the ignition and pulled the key from the slot. Stepping out of his car, Bryan slammed the door shut and locked it. Walking onto the sidewalk, Bryan looked up at the large opening and decided to step up to the large doorway. Stopping, Bryan looked over his shoulder and saw a vendor. Smiling, he stepped back down and made his way across the street.

Walking up to the vendor, he fished into his pocket and pulled out a note. Passing it to the vendor, he selected some a large bunch of violets. Smiling, he took a long sniff of the flowers and smiled. Thanking the young girl, Bryan head back across the road and into the Hilton. Walking up to the reception desk, as requested Bryan would ask for Megan by her Transformers character. Seeing a young blonde girl behind the desk busy in paper work, Bryan smiled and cleared his throat to indicate he was there.

"Hi, I'm here for Miss Barnes." Bryan said, referring to Megan's character in Transformers. The receptionist nodded, barely acknowledging him. She punched in a number and was quiet for a moment as the call went through.

"Miss Barnes? Your gentleman caller is here." There was a brief pause. "Yes Ma'am. Yes, I understand. Thank you." She placed the receiver down and went back to the paper work. "She'll be down soon. You can have a seat if you'd like." The receptionist said flatly.

Nodding, Bryan walked over to the seats and sat down. Keeping the violets still as he waited patiently. Minutes, that seemed like hours, passed as Bryan waited for Megan to make her first, grand appearance.

There was a steady click-click-click of heels on the marble floor as Megan walked up to Bryan.

"Hey, are you Bryan?" Megan asked, Bryan looked up, his eyes drinking in the sight before him. Dressed in a pair of black high heels, her legs had a second skin of lacy stockings and her killer curves were hidden by a tight silky black dress. Her long black hair was down by her shoulders. Megan smiled as Bryan's eyes finally met hers.

"Wow... I mean yeah... Yeah! Yeah I am! A real treat to meet you Miss Fox!" Bryan stammered, his nerves getting the better of him.

"Megan please! Miss Fox is my mother. It's always nice to meet a fan!" Megan said with a smile, offering her hand to shake. Bryan smiled and took it, lightly placing a kiss on the ridge of her knuckle. Megan smiled, her cheeks flushing red.

"That was very sweet of you. Are you ready to go?" Megan asked as Bryan stood up, concealing the flowers behind his back.

"Just about, I've got something for you though." Bryan said with a smile, passing her the flowers from behind his back.

"Oh my! You didn't have to do this!" Megan said with a smile.

"Well, I've never managed to take any girl out on a date without buying her flowers first. Why break tradition?" Bryan said with a smile.

"Well it was very nice of you! I'll just get these put in water then we can go." Megan said with a smile. Walking over to the receptionist, Megan passed over a few words and passed her the flowers and in return received a brown paper bag.

Smiling, Megan turned around and walked over to Bryan, diving into the paper bag as she walked. "Ready to go?"

"Absolutely... What's with the bag?" Bryan asked as the two walked out on to the busy, bustling street of New York City.

"Oh, it's just something I use to not be Megan Fox." She then removed a red headed wig that she placed on top of her head. "See? Now I'm Barbara Houser. Prom queen of Denton, Texas." Bryan had to admit, she did in fact look a little different.

"So what do you want to do?" Megan asked, as the two stepped out onto the busy New York street, teeming with life.

Bryan had not eaten all day. He had feared that eating anything would result in it coming up again in the form of vomit, and probably hitting Megan with it. He didn't want that. His stomach was close to shooting out a flare for survival purposes.

"Well, are you hungry? Because I could eat." Bryan said, looking at 'Barbara.'

"Sure! Did you drive here?"

"So, any idea as to where you want to eat?" Bryan asked as he scanned the shop's fronts looking for a suitable place to eat.

"Is there a decent Italian around here?" Megan asked, scanning the other side.

"Well, there's Pannuci's. A great little place near where I live." Bryan said, looking at her ever so slightly.

"Sounds great!" Megan said enthusiastically. Bryan made the necessary changes and drove them away to the Italian restaurant. The drive was fairly uneventful, filled with the usual small talk as they reached the restaurant.

Pulling up to the street's side walk, Bryan placed a few quarters in the meter and the two walked inside the room. Seeing all the tables booked up, the two walked over to the bar and ordered some drinks. A soda for Bryan and a glass of red wine for Megan. As they waited for a table, Megan controlled the conversation as they talked about life in general.

"So why did you get into delivering ice cream? Why not something else? Like UPS or DHL?" Megan asked.

"Well, a long time ago some punk kid gave my Dad a fake bank note. It bankrupted him. It... It drove him to suicide and I took up the quest to find who delivered the note."

Megan's mouth was agape slightly. "Really?"

"Yeah, last I heard he was living in New York on the prowl for young inexperienced ice cream truck drivers."

Megan simply stared, aghast with the story he had just told.

"Of course I'm joking." Bryan said with a smile, getting a playful punch on the arm from Megan. "Honestly? I think I just enjoy seeing kids faces light up on a hot Summer evening. It's great because it reminds me of my time as a kid."

"That's really great. You know, I've been asking all of the questions here. Are you afraid of something?" Megan asked, getting a bit closer to him.

"Well, I guess it's because you're a celebrity and I'm just some two-bit ice cream delivery guy."

"Wow. Is that what you think of me? Because I've been in a couple of 'blow em up' movies I don't want a real thing?" Megan asked, sounding genuinely hurt.

"No... No of course not!" Bryan said, stammering trying to keep the date back on track.

"Well... Could... Could you show me your truck?" Megan asked. "It's still early and it's Saturday! Could we go on a trip with the truck?" Megan asked. Excitement building in her voice.

"Sure. I guess so!"

With that, the two paid for their drinks and left the bar, having not eaten at all. Walking to Bryan's car, they got in and drove over to his house. Pulling up to the left hand side of the driveway, they got out and walked into the ice cream truck. Opening the side door, he let Megan climb in first.


The truck wasn't that big on the inside, it's back compartment was close to nine foot in length with a five foot width. There wasn't much room to move in as a lot of it was filled up with freezers and added things for the ice creams.

"Yeah, so this is where I work. I'm sure it's not as glamorous as some of the places you go..."

"Well, it's certainly more fun!" Megan said with a grin. "Not to be rude... But you have your own house and car? How can you afford that living in New York?"

"Combination of things, I got a big inheritance from my Grandparents and ice cream delivery isn't my main job. I do a lot of free lance deliveries and work for UPS."

"Ah." She said, smiling as she looked around.

Bryan had climbed into the drivers side of the truck and had started the engine.

"You ready to go Megan?" He asked, ready to drive.

"Sure! Can I grab something to eat from back here?" Megan asked.


Bryan started the engine and began to drive, as Megan came out from behind and started licking a chocolate ice cream cone.

"You know, you have to pay for those!" Bryan said jokingly, he had no intention of making his date pay for the food.

"Oh? Really?" Megan asked. Megan wobbled ever so slightly and dropped the ice cream in between his crotch. Bryan thought this was odd as they hadn't hit any bumps or made a sudden stop that would cause her to wobble. Could that be an ulterior motive?

"Oops, let me clean that up for you baby."

Reaching into her purse, Megan pulled out a paper napkin and leant into his crotch region. Making a cupping motion with her hand, Megan started to dab at the food on the seat. As she dabbed on the seat, she slowly started to move her hand closer and closer to his groin. Looking up at him, she smiled and sexily winked at him as she put the napkin on his lap.

Pressing the napkin down, Megan made a silent 'Oh' noise as she felt his cock grow hard in his pants. Inverting the paper towel, Megan made sure that the chocolate ice cream was on the inside of the napkin.

Bryan's dick was rock hard running down his left leg. Megan could see the bulge and smiled, wrapping the paper around his shaft, she lightly jerked him off. He let his head fall back and moaned at the ceiling as she jerked him off.

Pulling the napkin away, ready to admire her handy work. Megan saw that she had left a chocolate stain on his lap.

"Oh no, I made a stain. I'll have to clean it up." She said with a smile, licking her lips slowly, her luscious wet tongue poked out and ran along her plump lips. Getting on her knees, Megan put her head above his lap and started to lick at the stain. Licking away the chocolate, her warm saliva ran past his jeans as she licked it up.

Groaning, Bryan looked around trying to find a spot to park as Megan licked at his lap. Finding a decent sized area, Bryan pulled onto the road and parked. Megan was starting to get into it, as she twisted her head licking away at his lap. She was starting to mime giving a blowjob as she bobbed her head up and down getting all of the sauce.

Looking at her handy work, Megan smiled, looking up at Bryan she grinned and pushed herself up from her kneeling position to kiss him. He took her by the hands, their fingers interlocked as their faces met. Megan was the first to moan as their lips smacked against each other. Their tongues bumped into each others clumsily as they kissed. Megan put her right hand on his lap and squeezed his rod making Bryan moan as well.

Breaking the kiss, Megan brushed her now black hair back behind her ear and unzipped his pants. Tugging the denim apart she reached into his pants and pulled out his dick, it was a decent sized member that was throbbing with passion. Megan lightly jerked his shaft as he moaned. Wrapping her petite hand around his shaft, she slowly lifted it up and down watching his skin crumple with each pump.

Getting an idea, Megan picked up the napkin and folded the paper so that the chocolate was on the outside. Wrapping the napkin around his shaft, she pumped up and down making his dick get covered in the ice cream goodness. Making several more pumps, Megan was satisfied with the chocolate covered shaft.

Taking hold of the ice cream cone, Megan looked at Bryan who was simply watching her, his mouth agape. Giggling, she took hold of the ice cream and bit down on it, taking a large clump of the ice cream. Lightly sucking on it in her mouth, she made sure it was nice and wet, now a liquid inside her mouth.

Opening her mouth, Megan swallowed his shaft and let the ice cream fall onto his shaft. Bryan groaned as the chocolate melted onto his dick, giving a tint of flavor for her. Megan put her lips close together and started to bob up and down, flicking her tongue over his head. She sucked up and down, making sure she got a lot of the chocolate up from his dick. Bryan moaned as she treated herself to his own personal vanilla swirl. Megan smiled as she sucked on his dick.

Bryan groaned in ecstasy as she sucked on his dick. There was a strange feeling on warmth and cold as well from the ice cream in her mouth. Running a hand through her hair, he watched as she sucked his cock.

Megan had both her hands on the seat as she blew him but could feel her pussy getting wet. Steadying herself, she pulled up her black dress and pulled her panties to one side, letting the cool air of the truck attack her private parts. Rubbing a finger along her slit, she moaned around his dick as she gave her moist cunt some attention.

Bryan had his eyes closed and was oblivious to what she was doing when a siren alerted him. Being forced back to reality, he looked around dopily before seeing in the side mirror a cycle cop parking behind him.

"Shit! Megan there's a cop here!" Bryan exclaimed as he looked down at her sucking his dick.

Megan looked up at him with a look of terror. Taking his dick out of her mouth, she quickly tossed away the napkin and pulled her dress down. She stood up and took hold of the plastic strap Bryan showed her. Bryan quickly tucked his dick away and zipped up his pants as the officer knocked on the window of the ice cream truck.

Regaining his cool, Bryan rolled down the window as the officer leant in. He was a thin faced man with wrinkles on his face, late forties with a pair of aviator shades on. He had tucked his large white motorcycle helmet under his arm and peered into the van.

"Everything OK sir?" He asked, there was a Southern drawl to his voice. Maybe he moved here in later life?

"No Officer... Kilpatrick. I was just checking something in the van." The officer nodded and looked into the back of the van. He smiled and motioned to the corner of Megan's mouth. She put her right index finger to her mouth and scooped up what the officer was indicating.

Chocolate mixed with spit.

Bryan and Megan shared a look which made the officer laugh.

"OK. But you guys are going to have to move on soon."

Chuckling to himself, the officer smiled as they nodded and made their apologies. Bryan wound the window back up as the officer put his helmet back on and walked back to his bike.

"Too close." Megan said with a wicked grin, leaning back into the cabin the two shared another quick kiss.

Swapping spit, they moaned together. Breaking the kiss, Megan's eyes danced around the cabin. Spotting a large round button with a piece of paper taped underneath it.

"What's that?" Megan asked curiously as she peered closer to it.

"Well, that's wait until we're in a more crowded area. Then you can press it." Bryan said with a smile as he twisted the key in the ignition. The engine revved up to life as Bryan pressed down on the accelerator and they took off.

As they drove on, they found a great little suburb. As he pulled into the area, Bryan motioned to the button.

"Go ahead, press it."

Megan nodded and pushed the button. The familiar jingle of the ice cream truck filed the street as the kids in the area perk up from playing with their friends and run to get money from their parents.

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