tagSci-Fi & FantasyR & R Ch. 02

R & R Ch. 02


Author's Note:

Hey! Thanks for all the comments! I hope you enjoy the next segment, it's a bit longer and isn't quite as virginal! Please continue to let me know what could be improved! Sorry that it's taking a bit long to start...and I apologize in advance for the fairly obvious 'twist'.

Chapter 2:

I awoke exhausted to the sunlight streaming through the large wall to floor sliding doors blighting the room and rousing me from the much needed slumber.

"Eurgh," I moaned and reached for my phone lying on the coffee table where I'd left it. I grabbed it and hit the power switch. Nothing happened. I hit it again before noticing the spider web crack creeping across the glass face. Shit, that's right. My phone broke when I fell... then the memory came back in a flash. I'd fallen over a naked beauty lying in the middle of the street, I had driven her home, carried the unconscious woman up into my apartment, put her to bed, and then I came out to the couch and crashed.

I quietly roused myself and hit the espresso machine, warming it up, before disappearing into the shower. I glanced over myself in the large full length mirrors that adorned one wall next to the small tub.

I didn't look too bad I supposed, my brown hair was starting to get a little long and stuck up in shocking directions. I suppose it has been 2 months, maybe another haircut is in order? I slipped the t-shirt off and dropped it on the floor examining my bare chest. I'm not what you'd exactly call fit, not fat, but definitely not the Adonis look alikes that you see all over Sydney these days. No, I was slim and had fairly decent body, working in a bar carrying cartons up from the basement had given me enough muscles to give me some sex appeal. Maybe I should go to the gym? Nah, I like my sleep too much.

I slipped off the blue boxers which I was wearing, the soaking jeans had been left in a crumple on the floor almost as soon as I'd gotten home last night, and stepped under the shower, allowing the hot jet of water to massage my body and bring me back into the land of the living.

When I finally emerged from the bathroom, towel wrapped around my waist, I was freshly shaved, had minty clean teeth, and a smatter of cologne adorning my wrists and neck. I saw the strange beauty from last night hovering around the coffee machine trying to figure out to make it produce the essence of life.

In the bright room I got my first decent look at her, it was too dark and I was too conscious of her nudity last night to really look her over. She wore an old t-shirt of mine that hung limply from her frame but instead of making her look comical it made her even more stunning. I finally get why seeing girls in their boyfriend's shirts is such a turn on... not that she's my girlfriend... Oh you tool.

"Hey," I greeted, one hand gripping the towel around my waist the other outstretched as I approached her, "I'm Ryan, I don't think I properly introduced myself last night."

"Rachel," she delicately grasped my hand and I felt soft smooth skin meet mine. There were no callouses her, no dry skin, and no healing cuts. No, these hands were nothing like my own, they were the epitome of feminine perfection.

"Thanks for last night," she graced me with a smile and my heart melted.

"Oh, uh, no problem" My composure was slipping and I forced myself to pay attention to the conversation, not stand here gaping like an idiot over a pretty girl, "Are you feeling okay? What happened last night anyway... where you hit?"

"I'm feeling great, thanks," yet another smile, yet another skipped heartbeat, "And I don't think so, more fainted than anything I think. Honestly, I'm fine."

"Right, and you're um... state of..." I couldn't bring myself to say naked, it just seemed so wrong.

"It's a long story. Now how about a bit of help? I could murder a coffee," I was only more than happy to oblige. I filled the cups, steamed the milk and within a few short minutes we were both holding perfect lattés.

"Mmm," Rachel complimented after her first sip, "Where on earth did you learn how to do this?"

"90% of it's the coffee," I laughed, shrugging off the compliment. Truth be told I worked as a barista for three years, two in Sydney and one back home in Port Macquarie and had made more lattés, cappuccinos, flat whites, short blacks, and skinny organic cinnamon macchiatos than I could count. I excused myself to grab some clothes whilst Rachel sipped her coffee and snooped around the small flat.

I re-emerged wearing a purple polo shirt and a pair of worn grey jeans to find Rachel standing out on the balconey starring out at the expansive view. I slipped out to stand next to her, watching Sydney fall away to the south and west.

"Beautiful isn't it?"

"Amazing," we stared out across the red terracotta tiled roofs and watched as a plane lazily ascended to cruising altitude in the distance, "How much does a place like this cost each week?"

"Uh, I'm not really too sure. I own it," she turned to me and shot me a quizzical look.

"Trust fund?"

"Inheritance," I corrected and saw the familiar shift of facial expression from slight judgment to empathetic concern.

"Oh, I'm sorry,"

"Don't worry about it. It happened years ago, I'm fine with it now," that was the first lie I told Rachel. I wasn't fine, I never would be fine. No amount of time would heal this wound. Nothing could stop me from awakening in the middle of the night coated in sweat, the gunshot echoing around me head, the darkness pressing in on me, suffocating.

We stood there for another minute letting the silence engulf us until my stomach came to the rescue and broke in with a loud grumble.

"Sorry, I guess I'm a bit hungry. Breakfast?"

"I'd love some," I bustled away to the kitchen whilst she kept watching the city come alive as thousands of people left for jobs, absorbed in their own little bubbles. They crawled below concerned with rising petrol prices, roadwork along Parramatta road, how Guillard was screwing up the country, or whether their wives had cottoned on to the illicit affair with their secretaries.

"Sort of makes you realize how insignificant we all are doesn't it?" I asked, holding two plates of eggs on toast. I placed them on the small outside table and pulled out a chair for her.

"I'm used to it," she said as she took her seat, patting my arm in thanks, "I've spent most of my life watching people go about theirs."

"Oh really, what do you do?" It was the first really personal question I'd asked her. Here I was having breakfast with a girl who had just spent the night naked in my bed, alright so I wasn't in it with her but it still counts right? and I knew next to nothing about her.

"Did," she corrected, "and it doesn't really matter now. I got fired."

"Oh sorry," conversation was put on hold for a few minutes as we hungrily filled our mouths with the runny eggs and warm toast, "So, were do you live?"

"I'm in between actually, sort of how you found me like I was last night."

"Oh, so why are you in Sydney?"

"Never been here, thought it would be fun. Didn't think I'd meet a sweet guy and he'd take me home, but I'm not complaining," she shot me a smile that was 80% mirth and about 20% salaciousness. I joined in, chuckling along with the joke.

"So you thought you'd come to the big city with nothing but... well... I'd say the clothes upon your back but..." I shot back a similar smile, hoping mine just as teasing and not 80% rapist 20% homicidal maniac. Thankfully it appeared I managed to pull it off because instead of running for the door screaming she let out a giggle that was perhaps the most melodic sound I'd ever heard.

"You're interesting you know?"

"Mm, how so?" she asked, still grinning over our shared joke.

"Well, I know nothing about you except your name, but I feel almost as if I know you," I paused thinking about that, "No that's not right. What's weird is that even though I don't know you, I'm completely comfortable with you."

"And that's strange?"

"For me? Yeah. You don't know me too well but when you do you'll find out I'm perhaps the least suave, least cool, and most awkward person you will ever meet."

"Well thank you... I guess. I feel comfortable with you too," she patted my arm again and we finished our breakfast in near silence, just enjoying the other's company and the view.


Mitch opened his eyes and rolled over, glancing at the alarm clock he noted it was 10 o'clock. Fuck why am I up so early on a Saturday? His bladder reminded him. Grumbling, he made his way to the bathroom and relieved himself, hating the need to get out of the warm bed. By the time he returned all last vestiges of sleep had well and truly left him.

Mitch glanced at the blonde beauty lying one side of the bed. Well, since I'm awake I may as well have some fun. He felt his loins stir and slipped back under the covers. Shuffling over to the naked girl he ran a hand down her smooth side, feeling himself grow as his lust increased. His found her large full breast and gave the nipple a little squeeze.

The blonde awoke with a start and felt the hand upon her breast migrate south. She moaned ever so slightly as the digits massaged her thigh, awakening her own sex drive. She could feel the wetness start to seep out of her and didn't care how unlike her this was. She was becoming consumed with lust and rolled over to press herself up against Mitch, shifting her hips so his hand was no longer upon her thigh but instead nestled between her legs.

Mitch indulged the blonde for a minute, massaging her full lips and tracing a solitary finger up and down her slit. She moaned with pleasure and murmured his name. Mitch didn't even try to remember her name; all he cared about was slating his own desire. If she got off well then good, but really it didn't matter much.

He twisted his own body and replaced his hand with his stiffening member, nestling the tip of his cock in her slit. There was no way he could penetrate her in this position, and truth be told he wasn't really ready to yet anyway, but it was fun to tease the bitch. He heard her moan and shift to get into a position to rub her clit against his shaft .Mitch let her for a few seconds before withdrawing and rolling away onto his back.

Her face pouted but she was too overcome with desire to disobey the not-so-subtle instructions. She rolled onto all fours, throwing the sheets and covers off the bed, crawled over to him, and positioned herself between his legs.

The first lick of her tongue against his slick head made him shudder Okay she may be little more than a piece of meat, but she does know how to use her mouth, he conceded as she began to slip her lips over his penis, sliding down until about half of his length was nestled in her.

She repeated the motion several times, slowly licking up and down his shaft and swirling her tongue around his head in between mouthfuls. Occasionally Mitch liked to be teased, something to break up the monotony but not now. Now he wanted to fuck. His hands came up and grabbed a handful of her hair, forcing her lower and making her movements faster and faster. She moaned something inaudible and complied. Mitch was impressed; she had some real skill, deep throating him like a pro. He could feel himself approach the big release but wanted more despite the skilled treatment he was receiving. He disentangled himself from her hair and not to gently pulled her up until she straddled his chest.

He could smell her sex and slipped a hand below to test the waters, she was soaked and he expected she'd been playing with herself whilst pleasuring him. A multitasker, impressive. Maybe I'll keep in touch with this one. His penis was well and truly ready now and pressed firmly along her slit. He let her wriggle up till his head met her opening and enjoyed the look of pure pleasure as she impaled herself upon him.

Perhaps it wasn't fair making her want him like this, but hell she enjoyed it so who was he really hurting right? With great power cums great responsibility. He chuckled at the pun and took a handful of her breasts and squeezed hard, massaging them as she slowly gyrated up and down, forward and back. Mitch started to thrust, his knees bent and slightly raised, angling her towards him so he could reach deeper and deeper in her.

The pace picked up and the rhythmic slap of naked flesh on flesh brought the orgasm closer, he was just about to reach the point of no return when she let out a moan of pleasure and he felt her pussy constrict hard around him. She stopped moving and rode out the orgasm her nails biting deep into his shoulders. Mitch was irritated to say the least, he was so close and she had stopped She had stopped riding him! Such disrespect! His hand slapped her naked ass in punishment as he pistoned into her. Alright, maybe there is some merit to them orgasming too, he was enjoying the tight feel grip she had on his member as he thrust repeatedly. He felt the orgasm approaching, felt the familiar sensation that started deep in his stomach then spread to his balls.

"Ungh," he grunted as he erupted, shoving his cock as far into her as he could.

He gave her a half a minute to recover and let his own breathing settle, before rolling her off him and making his way to the shower. On the way there he noticed the screen of his iPhone lit up with several missed calls. Strange, I didn't even hear it. Maybe I should keep her number?

All thoughts of the blonde quickly fled his mind though, now his thirst was slated and he was all business again. He hit call back and shut the door between him and the bedroom, ignoring the almost motionless blonde still panting on the bed.

"Michael?" He asked as the man on the other end of the line picked up.


"It's me, you called?"

"Hey man, yeah. Sorry bad time?"

"Nah, all done. What's up?"

"Last night, something happened..."

"Yeah an electrical storm," Mitch cut in, "So what?"

"Well, it's not the storm so much as... well... I think something came with it."

"What?" He was getting excited now, this could be the chance they were waiting for. They weren't weak by any standards, able to easily overwhelm the mild dabblers of the arcane but they weren't a power in the city, not yet.

"I think one fell."

"Really?" Mitch didn't try to suppress the emotion in his voice, if one truly had fallen and they got to it first, well.... His mind raced and a calculating grin spread across his face.

"I'm coming over," He said and switched the phone off. Re-entering the bedroom, not even bothering to wash his hands, he threw the blonde's clothes at her.

"Get out," he snarled, not caring for the hurt expression upon her face. She'd fulfilled her duty; there were more important things to do now!


We spent most of the morning sitting on the couch chatting about... well... about me I guess. I'm not sure how it happened but anytime I broached a subject even remotely personal she managed to twist it back to me with a smile.

"...so there I was, holding the bottle when the cops round the corner. So I do the only thing I could think of... drink the evidence," Rachel burst out laughing and I was once again struck at just how sweet and angelic her laugh was, "Yeah, I know right? Okay I may have been a little drunk and not thinking too well. Let me tell you, puking on a cop does not back up a story that you've only had one drinksh."

We descended into laughter again, struggling for breath, when a knock at the door interrupted our mirth. Two things happened with that knock. One: I remembered I was out of carpet cleaner; and two: Rachel freaked out, spilling her second cup of coffee all over the carpet.

"What's wrong?" I asked still smiling, not having taken the same 180 that Rachel had.

"Who's that?" She asked, lips thin and hands clenched so hard her knuckles turned white.

"I dunno, probably just a neighbor or something. Why?"

"Huh? Just... I'm..." she paused and took a deep breath, regaining her composure, "Look at me? What will people think?" She tried to affect a nonchalant air but couldn't quite pull it off.

"Alright, go hide in the bedroom whilst I find out who it is," I grinned at her, feeling only slightly worried.

"Hey jackass, what's taking so long."

Jack, I sighed inwardly. I opened the door to reveal a five foot eight redhead trying to look 'street' in a black cap sporting a big NY.

"What's up?"

"Yo, why didn't you reply to my calls asshole?"

"Because my phone broken. Oh and by the way: you're white."

"Oh shit. You have insurance right?"

"Yeah, thankfully. Still a pain though."

"You gonna let me in or what?" Jack pushed passed me without the invitation and glanced around the room. It took him all of about three seconds to notice the two cups of coffee and the two plates that hadn't quite been cleared up from breakfast.

"Oh you have company, you dog! So where's this hot thing? You kill her and hide her in the tub?" he glanced around the room, either checking for the elusive 'hot thing' or for the mutilated remains of a kidnapped victim, it wasn't clear which.

"She's right here," Rachel reappeared from the bedroom, flawless smile back in place, now sporting a long hoody over the make-do pajamas.

"Wow," Jack's jaw dropped and he stared unabashedly at Rachel's long toned legs.

"Jack, this is Rachel, she's... um... new in town."

"Pleasure to meet you Jack," she held out her hand and Jack shook it, clearly forcing himself to keep his eyes locked on hers.

"The pleasure is all mine. So how do you know Ryan?"

"He saved my life," this put Jack in his place. He took several long looks between me and Rachel.

"No, seriously. How'd you meet Ryan?"

"I wouldn't say I exactly saved your life, I just kinda... took you in..."

"Great, now I feel like a stray cat," She grinned and gently wriggled out of Jack's grasp, who had apparently forgotten how to shake hands, "Anyway, if it's okay I'll leave you two to talk and I might take liberty of your shower?" I nodded my head and she disappeared, a couple of seconds later we heard the water running.

"So...?" Jack asked, eyebrows wiggling like an idiot.

"Not like that," I responded exasperatedly, grabbing a cloth and sponging the carpet.

"So she's just wearing your clothes because?"

"Well, I'm not too sure but I think she was mugged. Kinda stranded in Sydney with no stuff and no friends,"

"Okay I know I've been pushing you to get a girl for like the past two years but I didn't exactly mean you take in a vagrant. She could be... well... anything!"

"Yeah I know I should be more worried but... I'm not. It's weird I just kinda trust her..."

"You're too trusting. Anyway, moving away from your scary new playboy life, you still on for the movies tonight?"

"Um... I dunno," I motioned my head towards the sound of running water, and shrugged my shoulders. Apparently my meaning was clear enough, despite being perhaps one of the least coherent expressions I'd ever exchanged.

"Dude, you've known her for like 24 hours and you're already whipped! C'mon," he punched my shoulder. Ouch ,I thought, he really needs to stop going to the gym... or maybe I should start. "She'll probably be gone as soon as she finishes showering."

I doubt it, she doesn't have any clothes. I chose to keep that thought to myself in case Jack hung around to ambush her once she finished in the bathroom.

"You're right, she'll probably go to... wherever she's going. So yup okay I'm in." Where is that? I thought, I was slightly scared that I hadn't cared before about how little I knew her. Yet another thing to ponder over, I mused, nothing to do with this girl made sense.

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