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Race for the Cure


Right now, there is a lot of political blow-back about the anti-abortion defunding of cancer screening. Hey--but lesbians don't have much problem with getting pregnant anyway. What all women resent...is men dictating our rights, sticking their nose (among other thing) into our business.

I am talking about the biggest fund raiser on the planet, and an amazing display of feminine unity. It's also a lofty goal--20 miles a day. Many people have relatives or been personally effected by breast cancer. This is why we go the distance to fund raise and show sisterly solidarity. Of course, sadly, lesbians get cancer too. We women are together on this, each doing what she can. We are optimistic that someday, we can prevent or cure this cancer.

Have you ever seen that huge pink tent just past the half way point? You may have even stopped in there, never suspecting.

I could get in a lot of trouble for making this public information, but I am one of the 'servicers' at the cancer walk. I know first hand, or should I say 'first mouth'? What a great place to meet lesbians! If the conservatives hear about this one, they will destroy a force for social good.

In the main tent, there are cases of bottled water, pink Gatorade, and pink T-shirts, caps and other merchandise. There is a medical area, which is mainly dedicated to injured feet and heat stress. In our event city, we've got a second tent... a VIP tent with secret activities. That's where I volunteer. I am a pussy licker/ 'servicer'. I am happy to do my part for a worthy charity and deserving women.

The glare of the media is putting it all at risk. By next year, I predict the pink VIP-servicing tent will be gone. It is what helped raise so much money.

There are 4 of us and we work in teams in one hour shifts. I have a pierced tongue with a tongue ball. Gotta love that! I get 'em off quick and strong. I can handle about 12 women an hour. Any more and my tongue might cramp up. I drink electrolyte liquids like the racers do.

My name is Genevieve. I have short raven hair, and a cute face, with plump kissable lips. My sultry eyes and curvy figure make me a lovely lesbian, though slightly soft-emo.

About an hour and half minutes after the race starts, the fastest runners pass the tent, but few stop by. The next hour brings the joggers, and they're the prettiest, slimmest group. My tongue isn't tired yet, and this is the golden hour.

Of course we have clean towels to freshen up first, but truthfully...I love the sweaty salty taste of a woman's pussy. I have a procedure I go with, modified depending how a woman responds.

The first woman came in. She is the wife of our Congressman, and a closet lesbian. She is also smoking hot! What a body! She is a former model, with a classically beautiful face. She is tall, about 5'6", without an ounce of fat. She is a little flat in the chest, but her tight butt and muscled legs more than compensate.

Even sweaty, she smelled nice. She came in wearing a very stylish jogging suit and tiny jogging bra. She had just gotten our famous foot massage in the other tent.

She came into my booth with a nervous smile. She stood waiving her pony tail back and forth. "Hello," I said, "I'm Genevieve. I am going to be helping you today in the servicing tent. Did you jog the whole way today?"

"Damn right! I want to earn my pleasure, sweetheart," she responded. "Now I am ready to relax."

"Do you want tongue or vibrator?" I boldly asked.

"Tongue," she purred. "Nothing beats the soft touch of a real woman."

"Here is a Teri-cloth robe, darling. Please disrobe and sit in the chair, and then I will be back in 60 seconds." I blew her a kiss.

We have a special reclining chair with an opening at the legs to allow complete access to lick the ladies' pussy. There is a soft foam cushion for our knees.

When I returned, she was wearing the robe, sitting in the chair as instructed. Even before I kneeled down in front of her, she opened her legs and smiled at me.

"You are very pretty," I told her. "The weather is perfect today, too."

I like to talk to the women as foreplay. It keeps things running smoothly. I knelt down to begin. My own pussy got wet just looking at her slim tan body. "What a lovely pussy." I complimented her.

I reached up to her breasts and softly stroked one. I kissed her upper stomach tenderly and then trailed down a few more to her waist. I brought up my hands to dance across her upper legs and trimmed pubic hair. I lightly ran my palm over her slit. She gave me her first response with a soft, "Mmm".

I planted kisses on her upper leg narrowing towards her sexual center. I sucked hard on her tender leg to give her a hickey. Then I trailed my moist tongue into her pussy. I gave her a deep couple of licks with a big up and down motion of my tongue. and then proceeded to pry open her pussy lips.

I took my knuckles and pinched around the top hood of her clitoris. A minute of correct pressure and rubbing this usually engorges a woman's clit. I retracted the hood and found the plump, pink clit ready for a little tenderness. "Oh, ah yes," she cooed.

Even though she is a celebrity, I have little time to tease. At home I normally don't get to the point so fast, but I am expecting to do wonders in 5 or 10 minutes.

I nibbled her clit for about a minute, and once she was wet, I plunged two fingers into her pussy slot. I worked up some speed after hearing a moan or sigh. My tongue went around tickling and sucking various hot spots.

Now it was time to rake the G-spot. I found hers immediately and she squirmed wildly, gasping. "Aor! Ahh, Oh, Oh, MMMM!" she said in throes of ecstasy. I could see that she was coming ahead of schedule, her face contorted in enjoyment of the passionate orgasm that I delivered.

It was then that I heard strange clicking behind me. What is that?... a camera? Oh, no...Paparazzi!! Someone else had learned our secrets. As I turned I was the large professional camera that had captured the back of my head pleasuring our VIP.

I turned around and shouted, "Help, help, there's an intruder! Get them." Thankfully there was just one person invading our inner sanctum.

The staff jumped the photographer and took the equipment away. We subdued the photographer only to realize it was a woman. One of our staff removed her memory card from the camera and disassembled the lens and flash equipment.

The Congressman's wife quickly thanked everybody and scurried away. She kissed me on the lips and pinched hard on my nipple. "Thanks for looking out for me." Then she quickly wrote a check out for several thousand dollars to the charity. We had limited the damage.

Then I got inspiration.

We stripped our paparazzi invader out of her clothes. She was crying, trying to play on our sympathy.

She was a little chubby, but had excellent breasts and soft pale skin. We gave her a Teri robe to make her look like a happy customer.

"If you want your camera back, you will submit to getting serviced while we film you. Danielle, get your movie camera. We're going to make a lesbian porn video."

I took my captive and hand cuffed her to the pleasure chair. I knelt between her and went to work. My friend Danielle did close ups which mostly featured the victim's face, but also included enough of her naked flesh. She was careful not to put too much of my face in the video.

Truthfully, I was a little rough with her, because I initially wanted to punish her, but quickly got the bondage vibe from this woman. Her pussy was slick. I bit her nipples and then put clamps on them which I could later pull.

I licked and probe her pussy until she was sloppy wet, and then pulled out a huge 10 inch dildo. I rammed her canal with the dong, slamming hard and furiously.

Fortunately for her, she enjoyed it. She came about 3 times within the several minutes I serviced her. While I had her occupied, several of our staff, got her driver's license and business cards out, so we could blackmail her if needed.

Danielle came over to her, cameras still rolling. "We would like you to assist the 'servicers' here today with their pussy licking? If you do a good job, we will give you legitimate backstage access that you could never get otherwise. We need you to put the best possible image on the Charity and the Race. "

"What if I don't?" she asked, but smiling.

"The video I just produced will be posted on the internet and I guaranteed it will go viral. You liked getting your pussy slammed," said Danielle.

"And you can kiss goodbye exclusive pictures of politicians, actresses and leaders of the event," I pointed out. "If your tongue gets tired, we'll cut you a break, but we expect you to service at least 10 women."

"Ok, but turn the camera off, ok?" she agreed. "I will do this. What if I'm not very good at it?"

"You can train with me for a little while. We can double team them." I said. "What's your name?"

"Debra," she said.

"Ok, nice to meet you." I shook her hand and gave her a pep talk. "Let's go lick some pussy!"

After a minute of calm agreement, and a little pink Gatorade, the next woman was ready in her Teri robe. She was a familiar face, being a major donor and an outspoken lesbian activist.

"Hello, Andrea," I cooed as I kissed her cheek.

"You will be kissing more than my cheek in a minute. Oh, you've got an assistant! Two for the price of one," laughed Andrea.

She had piercings and tattoos, but looked pretty good. Both Debra and I attacked the nipple studs of Andrea's closest breast.

"Oooh, ladies. Nice work," she cried giggling.

That was my signal to move my fingers to play with her pussy. I was anxious to nibble her clit and yank the ring, but I want Debra to get her feet wet,...er face wet.

"Debra, go ahead...ladies first," I offered.

She averted her eyes, nervously, as if looking for a way to escape, but then positioned herself in between Andrea's legs. She obviously hadn't done this before. But after a taste and seeing the wild inspiration she was causing with Andrea, she began to relish the task.

I watched Debra learn to perform cunnilingus on anther woman. She instinctively knew what to do. Go easy at first, build it up, tease a little, shift the focus, give your tongue a rest, poke her with your fingers.

Debra's enthusiasm was contagious and combining with my stimulations, Andrea was blowing her pussy cream all over Debra's face.

Andrea wrote a very big check to the charity as well. I am glad to stimulate philanthropy.

"She was bit of a squirter. I should have warned you!" I told Debra, "Congratulations, rookie. That was a fine effort."

"Well, thanks. Do I get a prize?" asked Debra.

I kissed her on the lips. "You might get another shot with me if you do good job. I am a cunning linguist. And after a while, we will take a break and get you some good photo opportunities. You can get photos of all the famous people... as long as they're not naked!"

"Genevieve, I have learned that sucking up to the rich and famous people may be the best way to get a head," observed Debra.

"Yes, giving head is better than receiving. Becoming a lesbian will be good for your career." I retorted. "And if you keep up the good work, I promise I will eat you into oblivion later today."

"Oooh, yummy," said Debra, patting her pelvic area.

"Oh, hey, Debra, one more thing... Did you donate yet? Why don't you write out a check? A hundred dollars would be a nice round amount."

"Ok, here is my check, Genevieve. Are you charging me to eat pussy?" asked Debra playfully.

"No, babe... Free of charge!"

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