tagSci-Fi & FantasyRacers Ch. 02

Racers Ch. 02


Note: In a futuristic world messages and packages are delivered by teams of motorcycle riders. These teams are composed of 6 riders. The leader, the mechanic, two protectors and a "racer", a high-speed specialist and a replacement racer for if the original should be injured. These teams are highly regarded within society holding an honoured place in society for without them industry would grind to a halt as communications ceased.


Cheandra led the way into Galaxy's End, the bar favoured by the bike teams of the local area. "Malt beer." She told the barkeeper before turning and surveying the occupants of the bar.

"Looks like every team is represented tonight." Mace said as he came to stand beside her at the bar. "Don't worry about what Ryker said about the comps only being two weeks away. Even he wont break up the best team." Mace said "No-one has beaten us the last three years, heck they aint even been able to get close to us."

Cheandra took her drink from the barkeeper before looking at Mace. "And he's the only one who can change it." Cheandra said dryly as she raised one eyebrow.

"I know he's been rubbing you against the grain the last few months but the Crescent Moon team has been hitting our team pretty hard for the last six months or more." Mace said in defence of their team leader.

"Whatever." Cheandra said as she turned away from him, she glanced at several groups before heading to a quiet group in one corner. The group of six men and two women were the main members of a rival team called The Pumas. "That red bike of Clover's is a sweet ride." Cheandra said as she sat down.

"Wait until it's customised." Shad the mechanic for The Pumas said.

"The rest of your team was in earlier." Chevron commented.

Cheandra studied him for a moment; he was the leader of The Puma team, several years older than her and quite handsome.

"Yeah, well they're busy." Mace said as he joined them, he noticed the way that Chevron was looking at Cheandra so he moved his chair closer to hers.

Chevron glanced at the older man then looked back at Cheandra; she sent him a shy look before lowering her eyes.

"Comps are coming up" Shad said.

"Wouldn't mind running two groups in our team." Chevron said quietly.

Mace glanced around from one face to another of the team, he had heard rumours that The Pumas were looking to recruit more riders.

"Up for a friendly game of billiards?" Shad asked as he met Mace's gaze. Mace glanced at Cheandra she gave a slight shrug.

"I'll wait here." Cheandra told him. Cheandra watched the two men go across the room to where pool tables stood.

"Want to go have a look at Clover's bike?" Chevron invited.

Cheandra looked at him startled, rival team members were never allowed near the all-important bikes. She glanced towards where Mace and Shad were setting up their game.

"Well?" Chevron asked.

"Sure." Cheandra said, she got to her feet and followed Chevron from the bar, she was nervously aware of Clover, Dion and Zeb following behind her.

Chevron stopped not far from a sleek red bike and turned to face her, he eyed her with interest, as she stopped not far from him, she was tall and well toned. Her face had a touch of the exotic with high cheekbones; almond shaped eyes slanted slightly and full lush lips.

Oh yes, definitely attractive Chevron thought.

"You happy in your team? Looking for other possibilities? Cause if you are we're looking for more riders." Chevron told her.

"I'm loyal to my team" Cheandra answered without hesitation.

"Hmm." Chevron said thoughtfully, his head tipped to one side as he eyed her openly. "You're not stuck to Mace's side and you weren't with the other's earlier." Chevron said, his tone almost intimate, he watched as she crossed her arms over her lower ribs but remained silent not contradicting him. "Want to come back to the den with us?" Chevron asked.

Cheandra studied him for several moments, she thought about Ryker, for the last two and a half years she had been waiting for him to approach her but nothing had happened, it was past time for her to move on. "Maybe with just you." Cheandra said softly as she stepped up to him and placed a hand on his chest. "Just you" she said softly.

Chevron put his arms around her and crushed her against him as he lowered his head to kiss her. Cheandra turned her face up to his and opened her mouth beneath his; she slipped both arms up around his neck and arched into his hard body. Cheandra vaguely heard angry shouting but it didn't register until she was jerked away from Chevron roughly, she turned towards whoever had grabbed her, it was Mace and he was outraged.

"... stupid, stupid. Ryker is gonna go berserk over this stunt!" Mace raged at her.

Chevron stepped between them and Mace glared at him.

"Get to my bike." Mace ordered.

"You right boss?" Dion asked Chevron, who was trying to catch hold of Cheandra without taking his eyes off Mace, Cheandra reached out to Chevron's searching hand and stepped closer when he caught hold of her.

"She stays with me." Chevron growled aggressively.

"Cheandra! Get to my bike now!" Mace ordered.

"I want you to come with me." Chevron said softly with a glance over his shoulder.

"I'll be back probably sometime tomorrow." Cheandra said to Mace.

Mace watched her for several moments before turning away and heading towards his bike angrily, he couldn't understand why Cheandra would have anything to do with a member of another group but she was clearly going to spend the night with Chevron. He turned around when he reached his bike. "Ryker is not going to like this!" Mace warned.

"As long as I'm back before our next run he probably wont even notice that I'm gone while the red head and blonde are there." Cheandra shot back as she wrapped her arms around Chevron's waist.

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