This story isn't complete at all. It's not very good either. I can't seem to write very well. But I've been trying and there isn't really much to the story right now... I haven't gotten anywhere and it sucks... I hope you still want to read this lame attempt!

Moving away from home and going to school abroad was expensive. For the last two months of college my spending had sky-rocketed. I, of course, was the chronic fashion shopper, needing almost a new piece of clothing every week. And with tuition and books, taxes and bills to pay, sitting on my ass and not having a job wasn't going to cut it any longer.

That was the reason that propelled me to take up her offer.

I had been sitting in the lecture hall, waiting for the class to start one day, when a female student took the seat next to me. The hall was pretty full of students even though the class had yet to start, therefore I didn't think it was unreasonable for the student to sit next to me. It wasn't as if she was approaching me by any means.

She had lovely strawberry colored hair, which was cinched up at the back by a series of metal clamps. She looked a little older than I was, I'd say she was in her mid twenties. In her arms were handful of books and slung over her shoulder was her bag. The strap of her book bag tugged her starched shirt aside to reveal a sharp red bra strap.

Thumping down hard beside me, she let out a whoof of air, and her chest heaved up and down. I took it she had came in a rush, since she looked disjointed and hurried. Next to me, my eyes looked over to see that she was wearing a short skirt, that barely covered her groin when she sat down. Her long tanned legs gleamed with sexiness and energy.

She turned to face me, and my eyes darted up from her legs to meet her glance. "Hi, my name's Rachel!" she said with enthusiasm as she extended a hand.

I took it and shook it. "Hi, I'm Brie," I said.

"Brie? Like the cheese?" she laughed, flashing her warm seductive smile.

Just as I was about to respond, she spoke again "No, I'm just joking! Of course your name's much more special than just cheese! It sounds very pretty. Very delicate, I should say!" and she laughed again.

"Thanks," I said politely, "It's short for Briana."

"Briana? Oh my, that's such a beautiful name! I wish I had a pretty name like that, instead of something ordinary like Rachel! I mean, if I had a child I'd name her something special like Briana!"

She seemed a little too eager or weird, I thought. Maybe it was just her natural personality. But for the fact of being polite, I thought I'd just ask.

"So you seem awfully excited today." I said as I flashed a cute smile of my own and brushed my hair back behind my right ear, trying to minimize any traces that may be considered insulting.

"Yah. Yah, can you tell?" she said, her eyes wide and her face still smiling. "I had an incredible orgasm just before class!"

I couldn't believe what I heard! Here was this girl, or woman, I should say, whom I just met in my lecture telling me things about her personal sex life! Though, I thought a bit, and did agree that she seemed the type to do something wild like that. Her hair was wildly red. She had her wild skirt so hiked up, it showed off her wild legs. She was incredibly fit. And her tight shirt showed off her nice chest.

"E-Excuse me?" was all I could think to say.

"I had an awesome orgasm before class at home!" she continued. I guess I didn't hear wrong after all. "I fingered myself, I used a dildo, vibrator, it was so hot and so very good!" she smiled and pursed her lips, those full soft red lips.

I was shocked. Not only was she letting me know about what was going on in her personal life, she was going into details about it! It was crazy. But to be honest, her frankness about being so sure of herself and talking about this sexy adventure of hers was actually somewhat arousing. I think I was getting turned on. I fidgeted in my seat. Looking up and around the room, the lecture had yet to start. Rachel was still talking about her pleasure at home, while I adjusted my short jean skirt that showed my tanned legs, and pulled my tank top taut. My breathing was a little heavier and quickened than before, my large chest heaved, drawing more attention to the cleavage at the top of the skimpy cotton.

"You see, I work for a sex phone line, and well, this caller was just so hot, and I just happened to be so horny at the time, it was perfect." she explained.

Somewhere when she had begun talking her hand had traveled and docked on my lap. I didn't even realize it, until I looked down one time to advert her eyes because of my obvious embarrassment from her sexual details. Her soft hand lay on my bare thigh, and its position actually perpetuated my skirt being hiked up quite a bit past my "safety" zone. I could actually see the beginnings of the crotch area of my pink cotton panties. I didn't do anything or say anything, though, just because I didn't know what to do at all really.

"U-Uh. So you work for a sex phone line? Isn't that a little..."

She smiled, "No, it's really fun actually! I mean, come on, you and I both know everybody loves sex, am I right? And it's not like I'm being a prostitute! I don't have to engage in sex with anybody, I just get to feel sexy and turn myself on! Plus, the pay is sensational! I mean, getting paid for this is such a bonus!"

Getting paid. It hit me harshly. I needed a job, I needed to pay for my books, my living costs, my clothes! And God knows finding a job is hard, without any connections whatsoever, it was almost pointless!

"How much do you get paid?" I asked, genuinely curious.

"It depends, really. You have your fixed salary with bonuses for extra clients and a whole whack of other things."

I knew it was weird, but I wanted this job. I needed the money, and it did seem kind of arousing.

Rachel's hand moved and massaged my thigh a little. "Oh my, you're a gorgeous little thing," she said. Her eyes glanced down at my crotch, "Mmmm pink cotton. Oh my, Brie, you actually a little wet!"

I looked down quickly. She was right. Apparently I was more than a little aroused at this whole sexual episode which was happening before me. And it showed right there on my panties. There was a little darkened spot of wetness. I blushed immediately, "This is totally embarrassing!" I thought to myself.

"U-Uh yah, I guess" I stammered.

She smiled at me, "It's okay, babe. I can tell you're a wild one!"

I didn't know how to respond, but fortunately for me, I didn't have to. Right then the professor came into the hall and the students settled down.

Rachel removed her hand and grabbed a pen from her bag. I did the same and we both stopped our conversation as the lecture began.


So there it was. That was how I got myself into this job.

Now, I've been working at this job for three weeks. I was surprised when there was actually a probation period for this line of work. Apparently this position was very high in demand. Something I wasn't aware of, I suppose.

But things weren't going the way I had planned. According to my supervisor, he said that I "wasn't cutting it". He said it was my last chance, this coming Thursday night when I came in again. There was this client who apparently wanted a "young blonde innocent type", and they had scheduled a time in for me on Thursday night.

I was really nervous. This was my last straw. I've never really been able to let myself loose since I've done this job. I couldn't get very wild, couldn't turn myself on, couldn't cum. And the pressure of tonight didn't help one bit. Rachel told me she would accompany me there and I was grateful.

I thought I'd might dress up a bit more racey tonight just to aid in getting myself in the mood and turning myself on. I looked through my chest of drawers and found a nice pink fishnet thong. I put that on, the sexy thong backing snug into my tight ass, and sheer fishnet leaving nothing to the imagination. I paired the thong with a pink lace demi bra, and put on a small black dress over it. The contrast was amazing, as the sexy dress hid a lively outfit underneath.

I got to little office I was to work in that night, and Rachel accompanied me. She sat down on the black leather couch up against the wall and flipped through a magazine she had brought with her.

It felt strange to me that a man would actually schedule an appointment for this sort of thing. But I guess this stuff actually happens. Some people just prefer a woman there waiting for them whenever they hit horny. I guess this was the case for my client.

My thoughts were interrupted when the phone rang. This was it.

To be continued...

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