tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRachel Lets It Happen

Rachel Lets It Happen


Rachel's mind always returned to that night in college. It was a night that changed her life and could have turned out so differently. If Rachel had one fatal flaw in her personality, it was that she just let things happen. Now, at 25, as she lay bent over the hood of her car in the dark corner of a club parking lot and taking a total stranger's cock up her ass, her thoughts return to that night 7 years ago. If she could only have said no then, perhaps she would not be here right now. Three men had already used her body and one more waited with her keys in his pocket. She would have to fuck him too, in order to go home tonight. And she had just let this happen.

It was her freshman year of college and Rachel had had a good year. She liked her classes and carried a 3.4 GPA into finals week in May. She had many friends, although none too close, and no steady boyfriend. Michael, whom she had slept with in October, had dumped her to play the plentiful field of freshman ladies. Yet, she was happy with her life. She was 5' 7" with wavy hair the color of milk chocolate. Long legs, green eyes, flat stomach and a firm set of B-cup breasts that drew attention in the hallways. She was just finding out who she was and was enjoying the discovery. Rachel also had a secret that had just been discovered.

Robby, a senior who dated Rachel's friend Lisa, had just recognized a term paper that Rachel turned into her Psychology class as one written by her older brother Tim. Robby was tutored by Tim 3 years ago and now he was a Teaching Assistant in Rachel's class. They both knew it was grounds for expulsion

"Are you going to turn me in?" Rachel asked with her head down.

"I have to. If I don't, it could mean my degree."

"Tim was just trying to help me out, he doesn't even know I took his paper."

"Tim wouldn't be happy with you if he knew." Robby was trying to act stern.

"He would be pissed at you if you threw his kid sister out of school." It was probably not a good idea to threaten the man who held your academic career in his hands, but Rachel was starting to see through Robby's pretense. She was in no real danger from him.

"Alright, I'll let it go," he said, "with a B-. Tim got an A on the same paper, but I don't think you'll argue about it will you?"

Rachel just nodded.

It was a week later, just before finals, when Robby knocked on her door. Rachel was cramming for English and Algebra at the same time and needed a break. Robby came into her empty double room. Her roommate had moved out already and Rachel's stuff was half in boxes. He was a little drunk and made some small talk about the Psyche final. After a few minutes he got around to the point.

"Do you know Dan Jensen? He's in Architecture."

"Yeah, he's going out with Sally Robinson, right?" She was not really paying attention, but could gossip in her sleep.

"Well, they're getting married right after graduation. He's landed a spot at a major firm in Boston, and it's…ah, made him a little crazy, I guess." Robby crossed over in front of her and sat on a box. "We're having a little bachelor party for him tonight, down at the lighthouse." Rachel was sitting on the bed with her bare legs out in front of her. She wore socks and shorts and her T-shirt outlined her breasts perfectly. Her notes and textbooks were spread out around her. Her hair was tied up. Robby never saw anything so sexy.

"Sounds like fun," Rachel didn't even look up, "you got any dirty movies?" she said sarcastically. Then she turned another page.

"Well…, we had something else planned. But it fell through. That's why I'm over here." He waited for her response.

"Cancelled, huh?"

"No, it's still on. Guys are showing up at nine." He decided to go for it. "I need your help." He looked straight at her and waited for her head to rise. It did slowly.

"What do you mean? My help?"

"I need a last minute stripper for Dan's party and I think you could do it."

"Are you fucking crazy? You think I'm a stripper?"

"Listen Rachel, I don't think you're a stripper, but I need your help. It's just a couple of guys trying to do something fun for Dan and it's all falling apart. First, half the guys drop out, so there's a whole keg for five guys then the stripper I was supposed to arrange gets sick. These guys are going to kill me." Robby felt sick for trying this but he had no choice. "Dan's always thought you were hot, too. It would be a big hit with him, I guarantee it."

"Yeah, I don't doubt it. NO WAY!"

"Rachel, I didn't want to say that you own me, but you do."

"No Way, I don't owe you this. I know these guys; I'm not going to march around naked in front of them. No."

"Rachel, if you don't help me you'll get you expelled from the university." Robby was being serious tonight. "You put me at risk, too. If they found out that I let you off, I'd be expelled a week before graduation." Robby paused for emphasis. "Listen, all I need you to do is this: Put on something sexy and come over to the lighthouse. You don't even have to dance, just hang out. You lose your shirt, a little while later your bra, maybe your skirt. That's all. There's only a couple guys there, no one else will know."

"You would really get me expelled?" Rachel was stunned, "You're Dogshit, you know that? Get out of my room."

"It's your choice. I'm just asking"

"You're blackmailing me."

"It's an eye for an eye, that's all. You cheated in school; we need a live show. You decide." He waited for an answer.

"You're a real fuck-up, Asshole." She rustled the papers on her lap trying to put them in some order. Finally she slammed her book closed and threw it at the wall. "That's all, right? Give a little show? No touching right? I need your word on this Robby, No Touching."

"So, you'll do it? Great."

"Your word, Asshole."

"Okay, Okay. But you agree to strip down to your panties and to smile while you do it. And if there's no touching, you have to hang around and serve beers or something. Agreed?"

"Okay," Rachel answered with her head down, resignedly. "When?"

"Ten o'clock, don't be late." He got up to leave but stopped at the door, "Can't wait to see you."

Rachel couldn't believe what had just happened. She did nothing until 9:45 and then got up to get dressed. She looked in her closet but everything was already in the boxes. She dug through them and came up with a flimsy skirt, black polyester and fairly short. It would show a lot of leg. Underneath she put on a pair of black panties, cut high, but not quite a thong. A front clasp bra in white and a button down silk blouse went on top. Black heels finished it off. No stockings or socks. The less there was to remove the easier it would be she figured. At five of she started out.

As she walked across the campus, the breeze off the water blew her hair across her face and the blouse against her chest. She felt naked already. Most students were neck deep in their books or out at the local bars. At least nobody saw where she was going. Rachel stepped through the split rail fence at the edge of campus and walked the hundred yards more to the old lighthouse. It no longer served its' purpose for navigation, but instead, was rented to students as off campus housing. It was the best party house every year. She stopped at the door and took a deep breath, then knocked.

From inside the lighthouse, Michael watched Rachel walking up in the streetlight. She was perfect, better than he remembered from October. He thought it would be fun to try her again. When she knocked, he answered the door.

"Oh shit," she couldn't help but say, "you would have to be here."

"Relax Rach, at least some one here has seen you before, if you know what I mean."

"Funny. Is everyone here?"

"Come on in, Baby…"

When Rachel stepped into the room all the guys turned to watch. They all knew her from around campus and could not believe Robby got her to come over. They had just lost fifty bucks each but it was worth it. She walked in on those high heels and their eyes moved up her legs, slowly, past her narrow ankles to her tight calves. Her thighs were firm and shapely, curving out in front, just under her skirt. She wore her blouse with only one button open at the top. Tucked in at the waist, it accented her breasts and flat stomach. Her face showed a little fear through her bravado.

In the front living room were Mike and Robby that she knew. Larry, Jim and John stood across the room with beers in hand. Dan was out of sight. Everyone smiled and John offered her a beer. She took it. She needed a couple. When she had finished half of a second one, Robby whispered to her that it was time to start. They cleared away some crap and put one chair in the middle of the floor. Music started and she saw Dan escorted out of the kitchen with a blindfold on. Behind him were Steve, Dave, Gary and Sean. That made 10 guys. She shot Robby a nasty look and he just shrugged his shoulders back. Dan was seated in the chair and Rachel was positioned directly in front of him. The others stood behind her. Some sat on the old couch. Gary sat on the coffee table. The music came up and the blindfold came off.

It took Dan a minute to focus and then the shock on his face showed everyone that he recognized Rachel. The guys all started cheering and egging her on to dance. Dan gave an embarrassed look of understanding that reassured her a little. She began to sway her hips with the music. It wasn't exactly dancing but it was extremely sexy. She smiled at Dan and began to unbutton her blouse. She reached the last button and tugged the shirttails out of her skirt. She flashed him a quick look at her bra covered tits and the guys howled for a peak, too. She spun once but showed nothing, then she turned her back to Dan and pulled her blouse off her shoulders and dropped it in his lap. Everyone got a good look. Dan cried foul, so she turned back to him and ran her thumbs under her bra straps. She couldn't believe the look that she gave him. She was pure tease. Her hips still moved side to side and her feet were further apart giving a raw sexy stance. She pulled the straps down to her elbows exposing the top of her tits. She was scared to go further. Dave suggested she let Dan unhook her bra and Dan rose to the occasion.

As his hands touched hers, she let her arms drop a little to her sides. Dan stroked the outline of her loosened cups and Rachel turned her head to look for Robby. Dan took hold of her bra and released the clasp. As he opened the front, he ran his fingers across each of her tits. He then let go of the bra and it fell to the floor. She turned back to him to see his hands now cupping her breasts in his hands. Rachel felt his touch and it felt scary. Dan squeezed her tits and pinched each nipple making them hard. Her fear made them stand out farther than ever before. She met his eyes and they had changed, gaining confidence. He ran a hand up her chest, behind her neck and into her hair. Her eyes did not move from his. He pulled her forward and kissed her. She just let it happen.

He kissed her harder and pushed his tongue into her mouth. Rachel opened her mouth and kissed him back. His hands grew more aggressive in their kneading of her breasts. She put her hands on his chest and pushed him back. He stopped and she stepped back.

"Don't be getting ahead of yourself now, Dan. You're saving yourself for Sally aren't you?" Rachel said in a joking manner. She hoped she could get control over the situation again.

"Don't you worry about me, I'm fine."

The guys were going nuts in the background. She turned to the crowd and gave a shake of her tits to great applause. Dan came up behind her and put his hands on her hips. He guided her hips back and forth for the crowd. He slid his hands along the waist of her skirt until he found the zipper in the back. As he unzipped it she slowed her movements and came to a stop as he let her skirt drop to the floor around her high black heels. The boys went silent for a second and then erupted into cheers. Rachel stepped out of her skirt and turned to face Dan. Her fear showed again. There was no attempt at bravado, now. No more showmanship. He kissed her again, this time harder than before and ran his hands over her perfect body. He mauled her tits and grabbed her ass, giving it a good massage. He pulled her head back and kissed her neck. She was freezing up. She couldn't stop. She was letting it happen.

Dan stopped his assault for a second and turned her around to face the boys. The look on her face was one of shame. She saw Mike who had seen her before. She saw Robby who had gotten her into this. She saw all the others who she barely knew. She felt Dan's hands slide around her body and massage her tits for the boys. He pulled her hair to the side and licked her neck up to the ear and stuck his tongue in deep, pushing her head onto her shoulder. His left hand went down into the front of her panties and worked into the trimmed hair there. Her body was a maze of torture that she could not find her way out of.

The guys stood watching her body being used for what it was made for. Her mouth hung open in a desperate search. Her eyes were closed. The boys were buzzing now, rather than cheering. She reached for Dan's hand and guided it out of her crotch. A small victory. Dan turned her to face him and waited for her eyes to meet his. When they did he started the gentle pressure on her shoulders. He pushed just hard enough for Rachel to get the message without forcing her. She shook her head no. She looked at Robby for help, but he was none.

"Just remember your little secret, Rachel." Robby was teasing. "I think you should give Dan what he wants."

"Yeah, come on, it's his last chance before he's dead and buried." One of the guys chimed in.

She could still feel Dan pressing on her shoulders and she could feel her knees start to buckle. She was on her knees in front of Dan and he was opening his pants for her. She waited. She wore her shoes and panties and nothing else. The guys behind her had a clear view of her ass. Her hair cascaded down her naked back and it grew a little longer as she lifted her chin and accepted Dan's hard cock into her lips. Dan did not move; he let Rachel take her time getting used to this. She slowly stroked him with her tongue as her right hand started pumping his shaft at the same pace. She took an inch more in with each stroke until she had 6 of his 8 inches in her mouth.

From behind it was an exquisite view, seeing her head pumping up and down on Dan's cock. Dan gathered up Rachel's hair in his hands and began pumping her face onto his cock faster. Her quiet sucking sounds grew louder and slurped as she tried to keep up with him. He pulled her hand away, allowing him full entrance into her sweet throat. She gagged once and caught up. She had given head before but had not taken Mike into her throat and he never came in her mouth. She had a feeling this was about to change. Dan twitched once and she knew what was about to happen. She tensed as the first shot hit her tonsils. She coughed and tried to pull back but Dan held her in place. Rachel caught most of his come in her mouth but some dripped out the corners and landed on her tits. She was sweating as Dan stroked her hair back, staying in her mouth until she cleaned him up a bit, then letting go.

"That was incredible, Rach. I don't know where you learned that." Dan said, giving Mike a knowing glance.

Rachel turned to face the crowd as she slowly rose to her feet. She looked around for her clothes and saw them everywhere. Her skirt was kicked aside. Dan had tossed her blouse to the crowd and it hung over the couch arm. Her bra was lost.

While Rachel looked around hopelessly, Mike suggested, "Hey Dan, don't you think you should return the favor?"

With that Dan took Rachel by the arm and steered her over by the couch. She was still scared, mostly of what she had just done, and in front of a cheering crowd. She let Dan guide her. He sat her at the edge of the coffee table and pushed her back to lie down. Her eyes were closed but when she looked up, she saw 10 guys looking down at her with lust in their eyes. Her face showed confusion and shame as she let Dan pull her panties down her legs and over her shoes. She could not see him; she looked up at the faces watching her naked body. Her eyes rolled as she felt Dan's tongue touch her for the first time. She tried to squeeze her thighs together but Dan easily pushed them wide. His tongue made long strokes of her pussy lips and Rachel felt her body turning. A finger slid into her and worked its way deep. She closed her eyes and let him have her. If she didn't look up, she could pretend they were alone. His tongue and fingers searched out her passion. With two fingers fucking her and his tongue rapidly flicking her clit she could not stop herself from coming. It started in her legs as she wrapped them around Dan's back. Her stomach rippled and the guys saw her tits heave and vibrate. Her breathing was rapid and she shook her head side to side as if to say, "No, this can't be happening." But it was and she could not make it stop. She didn't want it to now. She clenched her fists and raised her arms. Her whole body was shaking on the table as the second orgasm washed over her frame.

When she relaxed and caught her breathing, she opened her eyes and saw the 10 guys, all hard as rocks from watching this incredible 18-year-old freshman perform on center stage. This was better than anyone had expected. They thought they might see some flesh, but this was fantastic. Dan was still kneeling between the nicest pair of thighs on campus. Rachel felt only shame as he rose and placed his hard cock at her sopping wet pussy. She felt her knees lifted in the air and then the easy insertion of an 8-inch cock into her near virgin cunt. Dan went in slow on the first stroke and pulled back just as easy. Once he had wet his entire shaft he began his rhythm in earnest.

Rachel thought to herself "And now I have been fucked by two guys in my life." It struck her as peculiar and she laughed a little out loud.

"Yeah, she's into it now," came from the crowd. And then, "Fuck her Dan, Fuck her."

She forgot for a moment that they were talking about her. As it sunk in it was too much. She closed her eyes and let it happen. Dan, soon to be married to her friend Sally, was fucking her on a coffee table in front of nine other guys. She had given him a blowjob on her knees, and then had let him devour her pussy until she had come violently and twice for this audience. Dan was pumping her harder now and her body bounced on the table with every stroke. Her hips rose, trying to fuck him back, instinctively. When he came inside her for the second time tonight, she realized he was not wearing a condom.

As she rose from the table she looked at the other guys around her. They were in various stages of undress. Most without shirts, Gary was in his boxers already and was obviously hard as nails. Rachel was speechless, how had this gotten so out of control? She stood and was surrounded by 9 guys with hard-ons and she was completely naked and freshly fucked.

Dan said simply, "Choose."

"What?" she questioned.

"Choose," he said again, "Who's next?"

"I can't do this, not with all of you. No way." She was scared again, more than before. She thought they might actually go through with this. "Maybe this will help," Larry said as he tied the blindfold over her eyes. She let him. "Just relax and see how it goes. You don't have to worry now because you can't see it." His logic was ridiculous, but she let it happen. She heard Robby's voice next.

"Rachel, you've been terrific and don't take this personally, I mean we think you're great and everything, but tonight you're just a slut. A beautiful fucking whore that we will do with what we like. Tomorrow you can pretend it never happened if you want."

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