tagGroup SexRachel's Adventures Ch. 01

Rachel's Adventures Ch. 01


The music radiated from the house as Rachel Orson approached. The 18 year old high school senior was going to her first frat party at the local university.

Rachel knew that she was invited for 1 reason only – she was hot. Rachel wasn't stuck up, she was always getting hit on by guys she stood 5'6" tall, weighed only 115 lbs, and had blonde hair down to her back, green eyes and perfect B cup tits.

The door opened as she stepped onto the porch

"Hey, how's it going?" The guy who opened the door asked her.

"Good... I'm Rachel." She told him, the guy looked her over

"I'm Mike, come on in and have a drink"

Rachel went inside and was given a beer promptly. She drank a bit and started talking to a few guys. After a little while, and a lot more drinks, Rachel found herself in a bedroom with 3 guys, one of them was that Mike guy that she had met earlier, but she didn't know the other 2. Rachel finished her drink and pulled Mike to her and kissed him.

"I've never been with 3 guys at once before..." she stammered, obviously drunk. The guys didn't even respond Mike kissed her and the other 2 started rubbing her body, making her nipples grow hard. Rachel lay down on the bed and let Mike pull off her shirt and bra. She started kissing him again the other 2 guys licked and sucked her tits and nipples. Rachel let out a soft moan and reached out to stroke Mike's crotch. Mike pulled his pants and boxers down, Rachel giggled.

"Oooo... that looks tasty." She grabbed his dick "Oh, what are your names?" she asked in her best bimbo voice to the guys sucking her tits.


"Aaron." They replied standing and pulling off their clothes. Rachel got onto her knees on the floor and all 3 of them circled around her as she sucked on Mikes cock and searched with her hands for the other 2.

Rachel was sucking 1 cock and jerking off the other 2 when Mike picked her up and threw her on the bed. She spread her legs and Mike rammed his cock into her pussy, Aaron got near her face and she started to suck him off.

Mike was pounding into her hard; Rachel was in heaven she had 3 cocks at her command. Before Mike could finish she rolled over and got Mike to lie down. Rachel lowered herself down onto him, his cock pushing slowly into her ass. Jeff got into position and slid his hard rod into her tight pussy. Rachel cried out but her mouth was quickly filled again with Aarons cock. She felt completely helpless and loved it, sucking on a cock while getting fucked in the ass and pussy.

"Mmmmmm..." Rachel moaned loudly as her pussy clamped around Jeff's thrusting cock as she orgasmed... Meanwhile Aaron was also groaning loudly, Rachel took his cock from her mouth and jerked him off quickly until he sprayed his cum all over her face and tits.

"Yes! That feels so good!" Rachel moaned as her pussy clenched hard again her body shuddering in another orgasm, Jeff didn't last long after that, he groaned and shot his load deep into her pussy.

"Oh yes!!!" Rachel cried out again "Fuck me and cum in my dirty little ass!!!" she screamed as she rode Mike's hard cock. Mike groaned and shook as his dick released his load into her tight little ass.

"Uggghhhh!!!" He moaned as he came.

"Fuck yes!!! Oh fuck!" Rachel moaned as she lay in the bed... She was just about to fall asleep when Aaron slammed his cock into her pussy, she screamed with pleasure at the unexpected entry.

"Yes! Fuck my pussy!" Rachel screamed. Her cunt quivered with each hard thrust and she moaned every time his balls slapped against her ass.

"I'm gonna cum!" He moaned just before burying his cock deep inside her pussy and firing his second load into her. With that Rachel passed out and the guys left her to sleep, cover with and full of cum...

*** The Next Morning***

When Rachel woke up she felt horrible, her head was pounding, and her pussy and ass felt like they had been punched... She couldn't really even remember what happened last night. She walked around and found a shower and cleaned herself off. She was almost out of the house when someone grabbed her hips from behind and started pulling her somewhere...

More of Rachel's Adventures to come...

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