tagMatureRachel's New Neighbour Gets More

Rachel's New Neighbour Gets More


Although most of my stories I like to think can individually stand alone. This one is a direct sequel to my last entry 'Rachel gets a new neighbour.' So even though I don't think it's entirely necessary, as I hope this story is still enjoyable by itself, you may find it easier to follow if you have read that chapter already.

As always the characters are all over the age of 18. Comments and feedback are much appreciated.


"What am I doing?" Rachel was staring at herself in her bedroom mirror. She had put on her favourite set of white satin lingerie, which had an intricate floral black lace trim. She slipped on a matching suspender belt and attached the straps to her thigh high black stockings. The bra was probably a size too small for her now as it squashed together her spectacular 32FF breasts, lifting them upwards so that it looked like she was wearing a Wonderbra. Still she couldn't bear to throw it away and could deal with the slight discomfort, knowing full well how enticing her tits looked inside of it.

She'd had a very sleepless night worrying about her own sanity. How could she have agreed to seduce her sleazy postman? All so that her neighbour Henry could get his rocks off by watching her do it. She didn't want to be near the bloke, let alone let him fuck her. It was complete and utter madness, but for some reason she still found herself dressing for the occasion.

Rachel applied some pink lip gloss and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She shook her head at her own reflection. "You are losing the plot girl!"

At that moment the doorbell rang and her stomach lurched for maybe the tenth time that morning. She couldn't tell whether it was nervous excitement she was feeling, or serious revulsion. A bit of both maybe.

She grabbed her black satin robe from behind her door and headed down the stairs, tying it around herself as she went. It was very short, barely covering her stocking tops, but Rachel loved how smooth and soft the satin texture felt against her warm skin.

Taking a deep breath she opened the front door. There stood Henry, her 60 year old, short and balding neighbour. He was wringing his hands in excitement and Rachel had a strange urge to slap him hard around the face. After all he was reason she was feeling sick to her very core right now. But before she could react he pushed his way passed her and into the house.

"Quick! Quick! He's coming!"

"What right now?!?" Her stomach churned once more.

"Yes! He's only a few doors down. Where shall I hide?" Henry was staring around wide eyed. He couldn't believe his luck that Rachel, this gorgeous blonde 21 year old, was prepared to make one of his darkest fantasies come true. As much as he loved fucking Rachel himself, he couldn't wait to see her get ravished by an unsuspecting stranger. His cock had been hard all morning, in anticipation of what was to come.

"Well I guess you could hide in the cupboard under the stairs. You'll have a good view of the hallway and the lounge from in there." She opened the door and pushed him in unceremoniously. She giggled as he yelped in pain having stubbed his foot on something in the dark. Serves you right you old perv, she thought to herself.

"You look sexy as hell by the way!" His voice echoed out from the tiny enclosed space.

"Tttsss, whatever! I hope you appreciate how fucking lucky you are!"

"Oh I do, honestly I do. I'll show you how much I appreciate it afterwards." Rachel smirked at this, he might be old but he certainly knew how to fuck, so at least she had something to look forward to today.

Henry was pulling his hard cock free from his trousers but avoiding touching it yet, fearing he might blow his load before it all even began.

About a minute passed of unbearable silence. Rachel was pacing up and down the narrow hallway, trying to convince herself this was a good idea, when the doorbell finally rang. It was now or never. With one final mental pep talk, she forced her mouth into a fake smile and swung the door open.

Duncan Abbott had been doing this postal route for the last 3 years. There was one house in particular that always got his heart racing as he approached it, Rachel's.

He'd only really managed to catch glimpses of her over the years. It was normally her parents who signed for packages, but even when he only had letters to deliver he'd always have a swift look in through the lounge window, hoping to glimpse the busty blonde beauty. He remembered the time when he'd seen her doing exercises on the carpet of the front room. He'd had difficulty keeping his cock soft for weeks after that, and even now he used those mental images nearly every time he had a wank.

He lived for the days when she answered the door. So this morning when he noticed a large parcel with her name and address on it, he prayed he'd get lucky and she would be the one who signed for it.

He was noticeably sweating as he walked up her garden path, his hands were so clammy that he almost dropped the parcel before he reached the door. Duncan had been mulling over in his head what he was going to say to her if he saw her. He'd decided on "I've got a big package for you love." She was probably too sweet and innocent to notice the double entendre.

With a trembling finger he pressed the doorbell.

Nothing could have prepared him for the sight that greeted him and all thoughts of a cocky one liner were instantly erased from his mind, replaced by blank shock, as he drank in the vision of pure perfection before him.

"Oooo is that for me?" Rachel put on her sweetest girlie voice. The vision in front of her was far from perfect. In fact he was even uglier than she remembered. He was tall and skinny, with a gaunt pockmarked face, and his hair had either too much gel in it or it was incredibly greasy.

"S...s...sign h...h...here." Duncan was staring gormlessly at Rachel's cleavage, as he held out an electronic pad to her.

Rachel signed it and handed it back. "It looks rather heavy, would you mind carrying it inside for me?" She smiled another heart melting smile at him.

The parcel was actually very light but Duncan wasn't about to tell her that, his eyes couldn't get enough of what they were seeing. "S...sure."

Rachel turned and led the way into the lounge, she glared scornfully in the direction of the cupboard under the stairs as she went.

Inside Henry had started stroking his throbbing cock, he couldn't hold back any longer. He could tell that Rachel was intentionally swinging her hips in a provocative manner as she walked. Duncan followed behind her, his stare fixated on her deliciously pert peach of a bum swinging from side to side, his own head was mirroring its gentle sway. If only he knew what a treat he was in for, thought Henry.

"Let me take that." Rachel took the large rectangular brown parcel, and knowing full well what she was doing, turned and bent down to place it on the coffee table.

Duncan's jaw dropped, his face now a mask of pure shock. The lower Rachel bent, the further her satin nightgown rode up, until finally as if in slow motion, the tops of her stockings were revealed to a now visibly shaking Duncan.

He could feel the sweat dripping down his face and his bottom lip began to quiver with ill-disguised lust. Did she have any idea what she was doing to him? He reached down to try and conceal his rapidly swelling cock from view.

Rachel held her position for a while, even going as far as to give her ass a slight wiggle, while she pretended to read the label on the parcel. Truthfully she was wondering how she was going to approach the next phase of her seduction. As much as she loathed this guy, something about this situation was starting to turn her on. Knowing how Henry was watching her every move was adding to the tingling she was now feeling all over.

She couldn't see his face right now but she had a pretty good idea of what it looked like as he admired her stocking clad legs. It would be so much easier if he just grew a pair, manned up and took her right there and then, but seeing as he seemed so nervous, the chances of that happening were slim to nil. Maybe if she flashed him a bit more of her underwear he might just take the hint.

Rachel loosened the satin belt around her waist, just enough so that her bra was partially revealed as she at last stood up and turned to face the pervy postman once more.

Duncan's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he immediately clocked the now exposed swell of her bountiful cleavage. His face drained of colour as it seemed all the blood in his body was trying to rush straight to his cock. He thought he might even pass out.

"Oooo you little tease..." Henry muttered under his breath, as he peeked through the gap.

"Are you OK? You look a little peaky?"

"I'm f...fine." Duncan addressed her breasts still, they seemed to have their own gravitational pull on his eyeballs, as he was completely unable to prise his gaze away from them.

"Hey my eyes are up here you know!" She said it playfully, but Duncan still jumped out of his skin, embarrassed by his lack of self-control.

"AH! Oh...er...sorry. I...eerrr."

"It's fine relax. I don't see what you men find so fascinating about them. They're just tits you know!" She gave them a quick wobble and was thrilled to see the lusty snarl creep back into Duncan's features.

"Those aren't just tits...those are...incredible. Are they real?" Duncan surprised himself by the boldness of his question.

"Of course they are silly." Rachel playfully slapped him lightly on the arm.

"Really??" Duncan had seen plenty of fake tits in pornos over the years. It was rare to get a girl with such a slender frame who had such large and yet seemingly pert, natural breasts. Then again everything about this girl was rare, she really was one in a billion.

"You don't believe me? Have a feel for yourself if you want. I don't mind." The casual way Rachel said it, momentarily disguised the words she'd actually said. Duncan stared at her for what felt like minutes as the realisation of what he'd just heard slowly sunk in.

"W...what?" His cock began to throb and twitch uncontrollably within the confines of his trousers. Henry's was being yanked with increased vigour as he watched the events unfolding.

"Yeah it's fine." Knowing he wasn't going to act any time soon, Rachel brought his hand up and placed it on her right breast.

At first it felt like an out of body experience for Duncan. He could see his hand resting on this stunning blonde's chest, but the rest of his senses were miles away. Then as reality kicked in he began to squeeze.

It started off softly, but then as his hand explored more and more of the glorious fleshy orb, the squeezing became harder and harder.

"See I told you they were real." Rachel teased.

Duncan ignored her, he was lost in a haze of lust. He couldn't get over how amazing they felt, soft yet firm at the same time. He had very little experience but he couldn't imagine there being a nicer pair in the entire world.

Soon his other hand joined in the fun. He cupped, lifted and mashed them together over and over. Rachel was getting more and more aroused, she loved having her breasts man handled. Her juices had started to flow, dampening her panties.

Just as Rachel was about to tell him to slow down before he had a heart attack, he did seem to be breathing rather strangely. Duncan slipped both of his hands inside of her cups, causing her to gasp and forget what she was about to say.

Suddenly Duncan started to shake, his hips seemed to be thrusting rather erratically and his face had gone bright red. "AH! FUCK! OH GOD! NO!" He crushed her sensitive breasts together, gritting his teeth as his eyes seemed to roll back in his head.

Rachel was confused at first, but when she looked down she noticed a wet patch begin to grow near his trouser pocket. Then it dawned on her what had just happened.

The second Duncan had felt the full weight of those mind boggling tits in his hands, with her stiff nipples pressing firmly into his palms, he'd lost control. He too now looked at the growing patch of moisture on his trousers. He quickly removed his hands in an attempt to conceal the sticky stain.

This was embarrassment on a whole new level. Without looking at Rachel he turned and ran for the door. He was halfway down the garden path, before he heard her call out after him. But he wasn't waiting, he didn't want to hear her sympathy. Tears were beginning to well in his eyes.

"What the fuck happened?" Henry stepped out from under the stairs, his cock still standing to attention. He made no move to try and put it away.

Rachel giggled at his brazen boldness. "I think he just came in his pants..." She watched as he jogged away down the road before closing the door.

"He what? That's amazing! Just when things were starting to heat up and all! Well if he's not up to the task, then I guess I'll have to tag in."

"Oh will you now?" Rachel eyed his achingly hard cock amusedly.

"Damn right! Now where did he leave off? Oh I remember." Henrys hands now dove into Rachel's bra, cupping her naked breasts and mashing them together. He pushed her up against the hallway wall so hard that it almost knocked the wind out of her, but Rachel didn't care she was now craving the satisfaction which she knew Henrys cock was about to give her.

Rachel reached up and took a hold of two of the hooks on the empty coat rack just above her head and watched as the old man savaged her breasts. Henry buried his face into them, seeking out each nipple in turn as he sucked and chewed on her sensitive nubs, causing Rachel to moan with heated desire.

"That's it suck on them you old bastard!" She hissed the words at him. Henry responded by inhaling as much of one of her tits into his mouth as he could, he locked his eyes with hers, brown into blue, as he proceeded to slobber all over her phenomenal breasts with wild abandon.

With his hunger partially satiated he stood upright and kissed her hard. Their tongues explored one another's mouths, while Henry stripped her of her satin robe, throwing it onto the bottom of the stairs.

He'd kept a hold of the thin black satin belt however. "Hold out your hands." Rachel complied without hesitation, and watched eagerly as Henry proceeded to bind her wrists together.

"This is payback for me cuffing you to the bed I take it?"

"Something like that." He said with a crooked smile. Henry then raised Rachel's arms above her head and tied the other end of the belt to one of the coat hooks, pulling it tightly into place. He stepped back and admired his prize.

"What are you waiting for? Get over here and fuck me!" Rachel was writhing against the wall, she was so horny she thought she might explode but Henry wasn't budging, he was watching her squirm while stroking his thick deeply veined tool. "Come on stick that big dick in me, you know you want to!" She implored her captor.

"Don't you worry girlie, I will, but first..." He turned and walked back into the lounge. Rachel banged her head against the wall in frustration, she was desperate for release. "Where are you going? Come back!"

Henry returned carrying the brown parcel which he proceeded to tear into. Inside there were a number of items. "This one is for later...hhhhmmm...ah ha! Here it is." Rachel was trying to crane her neck to see what else was inside but it was no use.

Henry pulled out an object that Rachel was unfamiliar with. She may have an extremely active sex life, but when it came to sex toys, her knowledge was lacking. She'd never even owned a dildo, but for someone as sexy as Rachel, a real cock was always so easy to obtain, why would she ever need one?

This wasn't a dildo that Henry was carrying, it was too small. It was about the same size and shape as a Chapstick, but the tip was covered in lots of small bobbles.

"What the hell's that?"

Henry said nothing. Instead he twisted it and it began to make a low humming noise. Stepping closer to Rachel once more, he dragged her sodden panties down and off her legs. Inhaling her scent from them before chucking them to one side.

"Spread your legs." Rachel complied without question, itching for him to get on with whatever he had planned.

Henry placed the small buzzing device against the hood of her dripping pussy and gently applied pressure. Rachel's eyes widened and her legs immediately snapped shut, trapping the object in place.


Henry continued to massage her clit in small circles. He watched her face contort with lust and her moaning became louder and more desperate.

"You like that do you?" He teased as he reached his free hand up and pinched one of her stiff nipples.

Rachel could only nod her head, which was swimming, as her vision began to go in and out of focus. Her legs were trembling and her knees nearly buckled as Henry pressed the device harder against her throbbing clit, causing her to scream with delight. She could feel an almighty orgasm brewing just below the surface.

After about a minute she began to grind against the pocket rocket and Henry knew she was close. "You want to cum do you?" He was loving toying with her, literally.

"Fuck yes! Make me cum!" She tried to hump his hand to bring herself off, she was seconds away now.

"Well not before I have my fun you don't." Rachel whimpered with despair as he withdrew the device, throwing it on the ground. "Oh you fucking bastard!" She spat.

Ignoring her protests he hooked his arm under one of her legs, pulling it out to her side. Then he lined himself up with her yearning pussy and drove his cock up into her, all the way to the base.

The sensation of having her pussy completely stuffed, instantly silenced her protests, which merged into a series of high pitched screams and squeaks as Henry repeatedly speared her hard up against the wall.

They kissed like animals. Her breasts crushed against his chest as Henry fucked her at a frantic pace. "Give it to me! Fuck yes!" She tilted her head back and shouted at the ceiling.

"Take this dick in that tight little pussy, you fucking slut!" He lifted her other leg, his hands now holding and kneading her gorgeous ass. She wrapped her legs around him as he continued to pummel her wet snatch.

"oh oh oh OH OH OH YES YEESSSSS!!" It hadn't taken long before Rachel was on the verge of a much needed and powerful orgasm. Her muscles tensed, when suddenly there was a loud cracking sound and her body slumped forwards.

The wooden coat hook which her wrists were bound to, had broken away from the wall. "Shit! My parents are going to kill me!" Henry lowered her to the ground so she could assess the damage. "I can fix that, don't worry about it." His focus wasn't on the wall, his eyes were still firmly fixed on Rachel's hot body.

He twisted her to the left and bent her over the bottom of the stairs. Rachel was still tied to the strip of wood which now rested on the third step. Quick as a flash Henry was back inside her, ruthlessly fucking her doggy style.

He watched the ripples her ass made as he thrust into her with impressive speed for a man of his age. Henry then hooked his thumbs under her suspender straps and held onto Rachel's hips as he slammed her backwards in time to meet his powerful thrusts.

The hallway was filled with the loud slapping sounds of their angry fucking. Rachel was moaning and screaming with intense pleasure, as she was taking the battering of a lifetime from behind.

She could feel every vein on his thick hard tool as it slammed in and out of her clutching pussy. "Fuck me harder! That's it! Fuck me like the slut that I am!"

Henry could feel his balls churning, he couldn't stand it any longer, her words were sending him past the point of no return.

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