tagBDSMRachel's Revenge

Rachel's Revenge


Rachel is 18 years old, she's always been socially awkward, but has managed to make several friends with similar interests as her, such as video games, anime and manga, and sci-fi movies. They were frequently pick-on by the "High School Elite", but with the school year ending, their terrorizing has increased. She has boy-cut, asymmetrical brown hair, glasses, and large front teeth, giving her the nickname rabbit-Rachel.

Zach is the lead defense on the school's football team. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes, he's dated the dumbest cheerleader in school because she's easy to get with, there's plenty rumors they've fucked in all the bathrooms at school.

After school let out, Zach stalked Rachel a few blocks away from the school, walked up to her and her friend Amber, but he only spoke to Rachel. He pulled the Star Wars messenger bag off her shoulder, dropping it on the ground.

"Why won't you leave me alone? You've annoyed me all year, get a life already."

"Why get a life when I can get all your shit and make you fail the finals coming up?"

"Give my books back!" she yelled, as he walked away with her bag. She followed suit, but once he began running, there was no catching up.

"So now what?" Amber asked, with a lisp from the gathering saliva in her mouth due to her braces.

"I guess I'll wait 'til tomorrow. no way would he want to keep books in his house, I doubt he has any, his parents would get suspicious." They laughed and parted their ways home.

When Zach went to his room, he plopped her messenger bag on his bedroom floor. He turned his TV on, but saw a book slip out the front pocket of her bag.

"Not that stupid anime shit." He picked up the manga and flipped it open.

"You're reading it the wrong way? You even have to read this shit weird." He turned the manga to face left, and flipped through the pages. It was a tentacle-hentai manga.

"What the fuck? Yo, this is so~ freaky."

He continued looking at the images of the anime-girl with disproportionate breasts getting wrapped up and fucked by a giant alien squid. It turned him on, so he continued flipping the pages. When he noticed his boner he thought to himself "oh well." The girl's shirt was being torn as her arms and legs were spread open by four other tentacles and another was lifting her skirt up, showing her virgin vagina. The next page had tentacles squeezing her breasts individually and stuffing her vagina, but the look on her face was both scared and enjoying it. The squid had inked (or ejaculated) on top of her head, enough to soak her body and make her skirt melt off. He flipped the page to see her humiliated face as she looked upon the pathetic remains of her clothes and being stranded on the roof of her school, dripping in alien cum. This was what made Zach really wanna cum, so he grabbed the garbage can in his room and squirted in it. His orgasms always has two blasts of cum, the second bigger than the first.

The next day before class, he gave Rachel her bag back. "Here ya go, rabbit-Rachel." he said throwing it at her. She ignored his comments and proceeded to class. Before the teacher started his lesson, she checked to make sure nothing was missing. "Oh no. My manga!" she screamed in her brain. Her heart was beating hard. "Maybe I didn't have it that day. Maybe it's still in my locker." but alas, it was not there. She crossed her fingers hoping it was in her room.

She started home by herself that afternoon, keeping an eye out for Zach, who had been waiting for her outside the fence.

"Looking for something?" he asked, waving the manga in his hand. Her palms started to get sweaty.

"Look, just give it back and we can forget anything ever happened."

"Nah, I like seeing how sick and depraved you freaky nerds are. If you want it back, you'll have to come to my house and get it." As he walked away, she realized there was nothing she could do, her manga, and her dignity, were gone swiftly.

Zach would never admit how attracted he was to Rachel. She was smart, clumsy, cute, and her big teeth were an even bigger turn-on. During this time of year she'd wear tank-tops to school. Even though her breasts were small, she had some cleavage showing, and her ass was rather nice, from what he can see under her baggy jeans. Rachel called Amber and told her what happened.

"Oh~ that's so~ embarrassing! I can't believe it! D'you think he liked it? He must have if he kept it." Amber asthma-chuckled at the thought.

"But I need it back, what if he shows everyone? I'll just die of humiliation." tears started to roll down her face.

"Wait, we can get it back, what if I come with you to his house to get it back? We can kick his ass together." Lisped Amber.

"I don't think 10 of us can kick his ass. He's so strong. And big." Rachel wasn't into the body-builder type, much less was she into dumb body-builders, but he still looked good with brown hair and hazel eyes. His perfect teeth reminded her of how ugly hers were.

"Hold on, hold on! How about we show him what it's like being picked on all these years?"

"What do you mean?"

"We can get Ivonne to join us. She's got all those fetish things she collects. How is she even allowed to have those?" Rachel ignored the question to see where she was going.

"Okay, never mind. But seriously, the two of us alone may not accomplish much, but with Ivonne, she can help give him a piece of our mind."

Ivonne is the typical quiet gothic girl guys went crazy for, but were too afraid to talk to out of fear of getting their souls eaten. She did taxonomy for a hobby, collecting road kill, turning them into stuffed animals, and selling them online. She would hide black ropes, a couple non-human dildos, handcuffs, hoods and more in the back of her monochrome-filled closet. That evening, they met up at Ivonne's house in her back yard. Her mom gave everyone a glass of lemonade as they played Uno. When she was gone, they talked about what they were going to do to Zach.

"So, you want me to give you guys all my sexy shit and waste it on a dick-head like him? His dumb-ass rock of a head better not break anything." Ivonne rolled her eyes as she threw down a card.

"Oh you can be there to supervise. We'll need you to help us tie him down anyway." Amber replied. Rachel still left in the dark. "You have the most experience with this," Ivonne cut off Amber.

"You know, Zach is a pretty big guy, we may have to trick him into this."

That night Rachel knocked on Zach's door with Amber and Ivonne by her side.

"Hey Rachel, what are they both doing here?"

"We're here to make sure you give her book back like you promised." Amber lisped.

"Alright, well my parents are sleeping, so be quiet."

They stepped in the house and went up the stairs to his room. He pushed Amber and Ivonne back before closing his bedroom door, leaving just him and Rachel alone.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Look Rachel, I know I've been a total bastard, but I actually really liked your manga, but I didn't wanna say it in front of your friends." Zach blurted, turning a shade of pink. Rachel didn't know what to say to this.

"Oh. Y-yeah, there's a whole series."

"Can I ask you, if you could, would you wanna..." Zach's voice drifted for a couple seconds as he glanced down. He looked directly in her eyes when he asked "Reenact anything?"

Rachel's eyes widened, her whole countenance shifted. She thought to herself "This is too easy."

"I know, but you're really pretty, even if your teeth make you look like a rabbit. It's sexy, actually. And if you want your manga back, I want something in return." Zach stated, unzipping his pants. He pulled out his penis and stroked it to make it harder.

"He just made an ultimatum; we need to step in now!" Ivonne told Amber, as she had been listening through the door. They entered, Ivonne with her rope in her hands.

"Whoa, You mean I get to have three girls in one night? This book must mean a lot to you." Zach teased.

Ivonne tackled Zach onto his bed as Amber and Rachel held his arms down. She pulled his pants off and tied a rope around his neck, then connected it to his penis, then tied his ankles with enough rope between them to spread apart, but not enough to walk.

"What the fuck?!"

"Shhh, your parents are sleeping, remember?" Amber smiled as she stuffed two bandanas in his mouth with the football mascot on it.

His arms tied behind him, he couldn't move much, but the series of rope made a beautiful macabre image.

"Wow, that's intense!" Rachel commented.

"Yeah, this is an erotic-asphyxiation knot, when he moves his head around, he gives himself a boner, like the self-centered shit-bag he is."

Rachel stared at his boner, veins protruding, pre-cum glistening out of the tip. Ivonne took some pictures.

"You see Zach? this way if you tell anyone about Rachel's hentai, we'll show everyone these pictures. Got it?"

Zach nodded, making his boner stiffer. Ivonne handed Rachel a riding crop.

"Here you are, and here's a pair of scissors for when you're done. Give my stuff back whenever you can,"

Rachel glanced at her backpack sitting on the floor behind her.

"Oh, and one more thing," She turned around, and set up a live-streaming camera. "Smile, you're on the big screen!" Ivonne and Amber headed to leave the room.

Rachel took the crop and dragged it from his neck to his ball sack, then swiftly cracked it on his testicles. His screams were muffled, and his head jerked in pain. She pulled him up from his back, and demanded him to stand still. She slapped him in the face with her bare hand.

"That's for stealing my stuff. How about we 'reenact' some of my favorite scenes?" She opened up the manga to a scene where the squid was strangling the girl and ripped her clothes. She first showed it to the camera, and then to him.

"How about this one?"

Zach muffled an answer.

"I can't understand you, you'll have to nod or shake your head." She said as she rubbed his cock head. His eyes began to water as he realized there was no escaping this. His image was already being viewed by how many people? Old people? His football team? Soccer moms? Were Amber and Ivonne watching right now? Zach shook his head, which tickled his shaft, which appeared to be redder in color from being irritated by the rope.

"Let's see what our public has to say about that." She checked the live stream, with an active chat box.

"I can't disappoint our fans now, right? These people are probably paying for this, customer satisfaction first."

Rachel thought about that for a second; people may actually be paying for this. I'm an internet porn star. ME. I actually am the porn. Her hands began to shake a little, but she pushed her fears aside as she stood up on the bed with the riding crop choking him, holding one end with one hand and the other in her mouth, and cut open his heather-grey t-shirt with the scissors, tracing the blades along his chest with their cold ferocity. She smacked his chest with the crop, and opened up the manga again.

"You doggy-eared this page, no bueno." She showed the damage to the camera and wiggled her finger in disapproval. She showed the image to the public and watched the chat box blaze up.

"It seems like you liked this scene a lot. Ayumi-chan is getting a real ass-load." She fumbled through Ivonne's bag she had left at her disposal, and alas, a tentacle-shaped rubber dildo was in there with a dial on the bottom to vibrate.

The dildo was oozing something when she grabbed it, so she squeezed it harder and showed it to the camera. Out of the tip was lubricant that smelled like oranges.

"Awkward, but okay." Rachel said to herself.

She gently stuffed it in Zach's anus, the suckers giving a unique sensation, and the curves of the tentacle massaged his prostate. He had never had anything in his ass before today, but when she turned on the vibration his screams of pleasure were hardly muffled by the bandana.

Rachel removed her clothes, pushed Zach back on the bed and rode his cock. She eased her way onto him, but after she adjusted to his size, the rope was pushed all the way to the base of his shaft, where Rachel's lips were just touching. She removed her shirt and thought to herself "Fuck whoever is watching." She left her black bra on, she didn't feel the need to take it off, she was getting what she wanted, not him.

This was her first time having sex and not only was she doing it with a guy who very well may be out of her league, but she was on top of him AND it was on camera. She was embarrassed at the thought of her virginity being publicly viewed, but she was so horny, at this point she couldn't care less. She turned slightly to the side to cover his mouth as she bounced harder on him, her pussy juices dripping on his abdomen. She was so tight and he was so deep in her he was damn near about to cum. When she heard his panting getting faster, she stood up and moved the camera to the night stand next to them. She stopped the vibrator and sat him up so he can watch her. She gripped his cock and vigorously masturbated him, when she squeezed his balls he came ropes of hot sperm all over her chest, coating her nipples. Zach was dizzy with pleasure and fell back on the bed. She grabbed his football jersey and wiped her chest clean, then turned off the camera.

Rachel cut the rope around his neck; it naturally slipped off his penis as it began to shrink back. She set his arms free and took the bandanas out of his mouth, but he was too tired to speak or move. She watched him begin to fall asleep as she got dressed, grabbed her manga and Ivonne's bag before listening at the door to make sure nobody in the house woke up. The coast was clear, and with one final look at Zach, she left the house as quietly as she could.

The high school finals began, so Zach and Rachel didn't see each other again until graduation day. They all had their caps and gowns and went back in the school after taking pictures with their families for a graduation party. Rachel had been eating cake with Amber until she heard Zach's voice ask

"Can I sign your year book?"

Rachel hesitated, smiled, and replied "Sure you can."

She flipped open the back cover, and signed his in return with "Enjoy your summer."

Zach thanked her and returned back to his friends.

"Oh, I think he misses you." Amber said to her. When Rachel checked his signature it said "I hope I get to see you over the summer." with his phone number below the message. She smiled to herself and took another bite of cake.

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