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Racing Season


Brandy always loves the summer. It was her favorite time of year, race season. Every Saturday night, her town hosted the weekly area race. Brandy wouldn't miss it for the world. She skipped everything else just to be at the track and have her own little alone time out of this crazy world. She liked to refer to it as her quiet time. Her mother would laugh and think she was crazy, but to her, this felt like home.

Brandy got ready for her exciting night. It was nothing spectacular, blue jeans, a tee shirt, and tennis shoes. Her hair pulled up in a ponytail. She wasn't going to impress anybody. She was just going to let herself relax from her stressful week. The races start at 7:30 sharp and she always arrived to watch them practice a little before race time. It was about 7 by the time she got to the track. She could smell the fumes of the cars. Oh, she loved that smell! She quickly found a good seat and sat down. She watched the cars file off the track one by one and waited for the starting line up to file in. A couple enters the stands and sits directly behind her. She politely smiled as they walked past but didn't say a word. The couple was still pretty young as was she. She was still in college and only 22. The track was not yet ready and she could hear little snickers and giggles from the couple who had just taken their seats.

"Just ask her," she heard from behind.

"Ask me what?" She turned slowly, with an innocent grin.

"Well, we were just wondering if you were alone and wanted to sit with us?" the man asked, who was dressed in his racing suit.

"Sure," Brandy replied, accepting the offer.

"At least my wife will have someone to talk to when I go to race," the man said.

"Hi, I'm Brandy, nice to meet you!"

"I'm, Jenny and this is my husband, Jake." Jake Dixon, racer of the 23 late models. She finally got to meet him. He was one of her favorite drivers but had never seen him in person. His wife was cute, but he was unbelievably hot. All she could picture was her all over him like a moth to a flame. Oh the things she'd do to that man if she only had the chance! The first few races go by and Jake gets up and leaves. The girls chit chat for a while before his heat starts.

Jenny was always so nervous when he raced. She grabbed Brandy's hand tight as if she needed something to hold her nerves down. The two locked eyes as if they were supposed to meet that night. A chill ran up Brandy's spine. The rest of the night went on as it was supposed to. Jake won the feature. The girls were ecstatic. They jumped and hugged and screamed as he crossed the finish line.

That hug turned into a spontaneous kiss. WOW! That came out of no where, Brandy thought, but it wasn't all that bad! "C'mon" said Jenny, taking Brandy's hand, "we'll go down to the pits to see him, and we've got plenty of beer and stuff. It'll be a big party!" Ok, what the heck, she had no place special to be. The girls ran down to the pits to find Jake proudly boasting over his trophy. Jenny ran up to him and kissed him as she was still dragging Brandy behind her. "That was amazing!" she yelled!

"There's beer in the truck, can you get me one babe?" Jake asked. Jenny, still holding onto Brandy, walked up to the cab, which was shielded from all light by another race car hauler in the way. They got to the cab but Jenny wasn't worried about the beer. She pulled Brandy right up next to her and held her to the truck. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. The ecstasy of the win was fueling Jenny, passion to be with another woman. This was her chance. Brandy was up against the truck, smiling a very seducing smile. She wanted it and Jenny knew it. "Kiss me!" she mouthed. Jenny slid her body up against Brandy's as she hugged her lips to Brandy's as well. Oh, the passion the two felt was undeniable. The girls' tongue twisting and turning and playing in each other mouths was unforgettable.

Jenny felt someone slide up behind her, pull her hair to the side and softly whisper, "Well, well a new friend, I see." He was smiling a devilish smile. He loved the sight of his wife with another woman. Jake began kissing and biting Jenny's neck making her hotter and hotter for Brandy. The three collected themselves long enough to mutter the words, "Let's go back to our place,"

Brandy replied, "I'll ride with you!"

Jake returned to the trailer to load the car while the girls got into the truck. The passionate kiss they had shared was only stopped long enough for the one sentence and then right back on with the close of the door. The breathing was so heavy the windows took no time to fog. Jenny grabbed a hold of Brandy's shirt at the bottom and ripped it off her head. She grasp Brandy's breast with her hands. Cupping her breast in her hands was not enough. She unsnapped her bra and it disappeared into the front seat somewhere. Jenny let her hands glide down Brandy's breast until the temptation got the best of her. She pushed Brandy backwards onto the seat, ripped off her own shirt and straddled Brandy's lap. She leaned forward until her mouth met the sweet skin on Brandy's chest. Jenny's mouth teasing Brandy's nipples with the light flicks of her tongue. A bite here and their on Brandy's nipples made her moan with pleasure.

The driver door opened and Jake looked at the girls and looked up at the sky, "There is a God!" he praised. He drove home, a very short distance from the track. The entire time the girls still hadn't realized he was in the truck, let alone driving. He opened the doors at home and said, "Now the real fun begins!" with a mischievous smile. The girls forget their clothes and hurried inside. Once in the door,

Jenny again pushes Brandy, to the wall this time. "I think you're a little dirty, shower??" with and excited question in her voice. She grabbed Brandy's hand and took her to the shower, all the while peeling clothes off on the way there. Jenny turned on the shower, took Brandy's hand and invited her in. With steam rolling from the shower, a very pleased Jake watched through the clear shower curtain. The girls' bodies in a tangled mess. A tangled, hot, wet mess! The moans grew louder with every kiss.

First, Jenny would play and then Brandy. The girls' took enough time to grab the shampoo and attempt to wash their hair. Soap suds ran down both of their gorgeous breasts, making each touch slide that much smoother. Taking turns to rinse the soap from their hair, their free hands were wandering to regions lower than the breast. It was Brandy who found Jenny's sweet pussy waiting to be tasted. She knelt down, put Jenny's leg on the edge of the tub and began to touch.

"Stick your fingers inside of me, please, please!" Jenny whined. Brandy did as she was told, with shear delight. Jenny moaned louder and louder with ever moment of Brandy's hand. Brandy knew Jenny was coming closer and closer with the push and pull of her fingers. The louder she moaned the faster Brandy went. Brandy began licking Jenny's clit as water ran down Jenny's stomach to her clit and into Brandy's mouth. After teasing her clit and Jenny rocking her hips forward inviting every moment of Brandy's tongue, Brandy began to suck on Jenny's pink lips and clit. Oh, the excitement in the moans coming from Jenny grew louder and louder, it was time. Brandy slid her fingers faster and harder, while sucking on Jenny's clit.

"Ohhhhhhh, oohhhhhhh baby, don't stop!" she screamed. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh GOD, I'm CUMMING!!!" she screamed. The pleasure in her voice made Brandy smile as she continues to fuck Jenny with her fingers. She could soon feel Jenny's pussy squeezing around her fingers in ecstasy. Brandy licked Jenny's freshly pleased pussy until Jenny shut off the water, slid open the curtain, and pointed to the bedroom, "NOW!" she demanded with a smile.

The girls walked to the bedroom totally naked, still dripping wet. "Sit." She demanded again. She put her hands on Brandy's shoulders and pushed her to the bed. She straddled Brandy, both girls still naked. Jenny's wet pussy on Brandy's stomach. Rocking her hips on Brandy's stomach as lowered her self to Brandy's body. The bodies were once again entangled in a mess. Their tits sliding across each other, while Jenny sucked on Brandy's neck and ears. She slid down enough to be able to suck and bite on Brandy's tits. At this point, Jake was standing in the doorway watching his wife fulfill her fantasy of pleasing another woman.

Jenny moved her pussy directly on top of Brandy's and began rocking her hips. The girls both moan. It felt so good! After rocking for a short time, Jenny couldn't control her urge to taste Brandy's sweet juice on her lips; she dropped to her knees beside the bed and pulled Brandy's throbbing clit to her. She took no time to shove her face right into the wet mess she had created. She licked every drop she could off of Brandy and then began fucking her with her fingers just as Brandy had just done to her.

Jake laid on the floor beside Jenny and would whisper, "Give it to her baby." Jake by now was playing with his wife's dripping pussy, fucking her with his fingers the way she was fucking Brandy with her fingers. Jenny's face consumed in Brandy's hot pussy would occasionally moan in pleasure.

Brandy started rocking her hips as she became closer and closer to her peak. "Harder, HARDER!" she screamed. Jenny fucked her harder and faster than ever before. Brandy's body arched off the bed! As she reached her peak, spilling her sweet pussy juice all over Jenny's face. Jenny licked every drop up that she could. Jenny then lifted herself off the floor and on top of Brandy on the bed.

"I'm so glad we met." Jenny smiled.

Brandy slid over so that Jenny could lie down. Jake, now totally naked was still sliding his fingers into his wife's dripping pussy. She was so turned on by what had just happened she didn't want to stop. Jake climbed on top of her and started fucking his wife with such passion that she couldn't contain her cries for more. Brandy wasn't ready to be done either, with Jake fucking Jenny; Brandy was running her mouth up and down Jenny's chest to her neck and back to her hard nipples, playfully flicking her nipples with her tongue. Jenny came again, hard, screaming in pleasure as Jake pulled out to finish as well. His sweet cum all over his wife, as Brandy licked it off for them.

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so hot

i loved this story and al of your stories.read al of them and they got me so hot and wet.thank you hope to see moore. lizzy :D

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