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Judy is a strange woman. My eyes rake over all the potential targets in the club, locking onto her 34C-24-34 figure, taller than most of the women at 5'8", slim, maybe 120 lbs soaking wet. Great as all that is, it isn't what holds my gaze. Her hair looks like it is living fire, moving around her head as she stands in the breeze of one of the fans aimed at the dance floor. Her simple green minidress has the color "go" written all over it. And then our eyes meet. Her emerald eyes flash out into my soul like lasers. "I have to meet this beauty." I think to myself.

I start after her, working my way through the crowd, only to find her on the opposite side of the room again. That happens again, three times. I am getting bored, frustrated, and need to take a leak. When I come back out, it looks like she is gone. Dejected over losing a woman I'd never even met, I take another drink from the bar.

"I'll have the same." Her ethereal voice sounds like bells. I'd never imagined her to have a British accent.

"Hi. I'm Jack."

"So you are. I'm Judith. Friends call me Judy. Lovers call me other names."

"Can I ask what they are?"

"I don't know you well enough yet, but I think I'd like to."

We dance for several songs before a slow song comes on. I start to head back to our drinks, figuring I'd take it slow and easy with Judith/Judy/?, but she grabs my arm.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I thought you'd want to rest."

"You thought wrong. Now get over here and wrap your tall, dark and handsome body all over me!"

I did as she commanded, as I wondered if one of those other names was spelled D-O-M-I-N-A-T-R-I-X. Her breasts are pointed and drilling into my chest, as she digs her hands deeply into my ass cheeks and crushes me against her. I lightly squeeze her rear, a truly magnificent compromise between firm and deliciously soft. Her pale pink lipstick flashes in one of the lights, as she pulls me to kiss her. She is at once soft and yielding to me, as if her bold actions are only to break the ice, then she is going to leave the driving to me. I pursue her wild tongue on a chase through her mouth, much like the way our bodies had chased each other through the club earlier, only to find her pouncing on me, and my body is starting to respond. Her hand immediately goes to my crotch, and she moans.

I've had many women delight in how well hung I am. I've had other's throw me out of their apartment, screaming "Get the hell away from me, you mutant freak!" Clearly Judy belonged to the first category.

I am always popular with women. Few men with 10", thick and fully functional cocks are unpopular with women. Little did I know how simplistic this guess would seem to me later.

Judy has no more than gotten me fully erect, when she licks my ear playfully and says "We've got to go. I'm ravenously hungry." Leading me out of the club, she stops without warning, just to feel my hard on bump into her magnificent ass, keeping me hard, and getting hot stares from several women who saw just what kind of king cobra I was carrying around.

We scamper into an alley, less than a block from the club.

"My car." Judy says as she keeps right on going, pulling me along like some child's toy behind her. Spinning around at the hood of her car, she springs upon me, kissing me, and unzipping my pants all at once. She is on her knees in a flash, and I am all the way down her throat before I realize she has stopped kissing my mouth!

Clearly Judy is used to deep throating well hung men. She moves to a squatting position, the pavement being so rough it has rubbed her knees raw, while she is pulling down her panties, hiking up her skirt, and diddling her own clit. She is blowing me slowly, clearly enjoying the risk of getting caught, letting the fires of passion burn through both of us. I reach down to rub her breasts with my hands, and she takes her hands off of my cock and balls long enough to unzip her dress, unsnap her lacy bra, and squeeze my ass cheeks as she sucks the tip of my cock fiercely.

We are like that for at least ten minutes. Several people came by the entrance to the alley, but nobody entered. Judy shivers several times, and I am wondering why she keeps the pace of her cock sucking so slow while she teases her twat so quickly. Most well hung men are pretty selfish, so she may just have been looking out for her own interests. Her pointed nipples roll like rubber erasers under my fingers, and I swear that when my fingertips brush the very tips of her nipples lightly that it triggers the most violent cum she had yet, as she moans around my meat, her lips vibrating with the hum of her sounds against my balls.

"Fuck me, NOW, on the bonnet!" Judy orders as she falls face first onto the hood of her car, her white panties stretched between her knees, her ooze covered cooze dripping with excitement. I see for the first time that she barely has any hair down there, with very fleshy cunt lips that are moist with dew and begging to close around my cock. Her very prominent clit sticks out past her thick labia, and the view is framed by that magnificent ass. I get even harder, which I do not believe is humanly possible, as I realize I am really going to pound my huge cock into her delicious rear that she had teased me with earlier.

I place the head of my dick into her seam, and her hand reaches back to grab my ass and shove my full hardness inside her. I don't do that. I tease her with just barely entering her, as I strum her love button like a guitar. She is shuddering and shaking with need when I finally bury the bone in her, and she cums, screaming in lust, without any regard that someone could hear. I fuck her cunt the same way she had blown me, slowly, steadily, enjoying the feeling of her tight warm slit vibrating around me. I can't count the number of climaxes she has, as it seems like she is in one, long, continuous cum.

Holding her hips, I feel my steel hard dick reaming out her undersized hole, the head of my cock spreading her cunt open with each stroke, her tight walls convulsing around me, then refusing to let my shaft back out, closing down around me. I can't help myself. I pick up the pace, knowing that the friction alone is going to drive me over the top, any second now, but I can't stop my body from going faster and faster. Judy's quivering body is humping me wildly now, and she is sucking her thumb. I have a vision of her in a threesome with me and another big dicked stud, playing "push me, pull you" at both ends of her all night, and I lose all control.

My hairy balls start bouncing, jumping for joy at finally being able to release their heavy load. My jism blasts out of my cunt quenching fire hose, trying, without success, to put out the fire in her bush. I am contracting, seven or eight times, as the cum coats the walls of her tight twat. It is easier to move with the extra lubrication, so I don't stop screwing Judy, but keep up the frenetic pace. She is wailing like a banshee now, and I didn't realize how loudly I have been yelling. I can feel her strong contractions close down on me, as people start to look for the source of the noise. I am banging Judy with everything I have, trying to get it in under the wire. A woman comes and looks down the alley, and as her eyes met mine, I squirt in Judy again.

"Help! she's being raped in here!" the woman called out.

"No I'm NOT! This is my boyfriend. So very sorry to disturb you. Don't you Yanks do this kind of thing?" Judy quickly defended us.

As the woman left, muttering something under her breath, Judy said "You are my boyfriend, aren't you?"

"Of course."

"Then follow me home, and take care of me in my bed, right and proper. I'm not some cat to just be fucked and left in an alley, you know!"

I had to snicker, as her tits were hanging out, her panties were only barely on one ankle, trampled into the pavement and dirty as only the street can make them, dotted by blobs of the copious amount of mixed cunt juice and ball jism that were also dripping down her legs.

"You find this funny? I thought this is the way you liked all your girlfriends to dress?"

"Only the ones I'm going to keep."

That remark leads to a long, deep kiss, which threatens to start our fires burning all over again. I need to know where the beauty sleeps, need to make this more than two strangers that couldn't control themselves and thought better of it the next morning. So against my better judgment, I take her jugs and stuff them back in her dress, throw her panties in the trash, and follow her in my car, through the long streets.

Her home in the hills on the East side of L.A. is simple, open, and beautiful. She has a huge wooden fence, which surrounds an oriental garden and fountain. She has converted the home into a triplex, with two apartments on the upper floor, while she has the lower floor all to herself. It is packed with books of all kinds, record albums like you might find in a radio station, and an entire floor to ceiling, eight foot wide rack of CD's. She puts on some spicy jazz, and takes me into her shower. We go to her queen size water bed, and make love all night long. She has to compare me to her collection of dildos, and pronounces I am between ten and eleven inches.

Early the next afternoon, as we softly cuddle in bed, she makes a phone call. "Jane? Hello dear. Yes, of course it's

Judith. Listen dear, I need to call a meeting of the club.

Yes, that's it exactly. No. No details until later. Well if you're put out, I just can't help that. Ciao, darling."

Judy takes me shopping, dressing me just the way she wants.

The week spins by, and I never even look back. She is as hot every single night as the first. I think she is trying to screw me to death. Later, in retrospect, I think she just wants her exclusive rights while she has them. She starts asking me about how many women proposition me, about whether I would sleep with other women while she and I were together.

"I'm certainly not going to give you up, just for some timid piece of ass." I tell her.

"What if I didn't mind? What if I brought over a girlfriend, and wanted you to share yourself with her and I, would that be ok?"

"Do you have someone in mind?"

"Answer the question. Would that be OK?"

"If you promised me that we'd still be lovers afterwards, just like before, sure."

"What if I had five or six girlfriends, women I loved so much that I'd love to share you with them? Could you do


"If I didn't lose you, sure."

"What about if I had a well hung friend? Would you have a threesome with me and him?"

My cock instantly springs up, from turgid, useless putty, to ramrod, as I remember being in Judy the first night, her sucking on her thumb, and how hot I'd imagined it would be to share her like that. She immediately dives for my hard on, sucking and licking the taste of our combined juices from my hard staff. I come quickly in her mouth. "I'll take that as a yes." she said, laughing.

Friday night, she has things to do. I putter around her house, wondering about the depths of the mind of the woman

I have come to love as much as I long for her passionately.

she is obviously well read, and in our conversations, she could quote to me from most of the books on her walls. I wondered if she memorized them, had a photographic memory, or if she had just been energized by those specific passages. Her clothing has a wide variety of styles, including half a closet of leather clothing I'd never seen her wear. As cluttered, and full as the house was, it was very orderly.

Her walls have certificates for producing albums from groups

I've never heard from. I sit in the garden, on the wrought iron bench, and puzzle over every word she has ever said to me. It is impossible to forget her singsong, lyrical voice. Beyond her delicious body is a deep, quick, and frighteningly bright mind. I have taught her some things about computers, and in a week, she was teaching me things I'd never seen.

I am so deep in love with her that I seriously consider asking Judy to marry me the moment she returns. The only thing that stops me is the short amount of time we have known each other, how little I really know about her. The subject of multiple sexual partners was just one example. Did she believe that well hung men just got propositioned so often, she might as well accept it and go with the flow? Did she really have all these girlfriends and boyfriends, that she had questioned me about? Was that just setting limits on our relationship? I needed to know.

I don't see her again until Saturday afternoon. She had called late Friday night, and said she wasn't going to be home, out trying to sign some group in a bar in Hollywood.

She shows up, in her black leather, her fiery hair billowing in the breeze, as she pulls the motorcycle helmet off her head. I didn't even know she owned a motorcycle. She comes to me, smooth and hot, kissing me deeply, but when I try to unzip her, she just shakes her head.

"No time for that now, sweet Jack. We've got to get ready for Jane's house. Come now, don't pout. I promise you'll have more than enough loving tonight to make up for yesterday. You mustn't be put out, dear. Business is business. We've got to take what is offered to us."

"Have I done something wrong?"

"No, my dear, sweet, simple Jack. I've come to find out I've fallen for you. I had decided some things before I discovered that, and it's all just got to play itself out. I can't tell you what's ahead. But I want you to give yourself to our future willingly, and just trust that I love you, no matter what."

The house in Beverly's hills is huge, ornate, some "Gone with the Wind" colonial transported to a wooded suburb. I meet a half a dozen women within an instant of walking onto the black and white checkerboard tile of the giant foyer, framed by a sweeping "Tara" staircase on the back wall.

Jane, our hostess, is obviously of Irish descent, her strawberry blond red hair cascading down her shoulders. Her full, 40D-38-42 figure is lush and soft. Her milky white skin has green veins like marbling through it, and her half cup under wire bra leaves her nipples visible through her sheer cotton dress, her panties were even more sheer, and her dense strawberry patch was clearly visible.

"You're Jack! So magnificent to finally meet you. I've heard such strikingly wonderful things about you!"

she hugs me deeply, as Judy says "They're all true."

"That's your claim. We'll see for ourselves."

"Jack, this is Casey." Judy introduced me.

Casey is just as model pretty as all the other women, but her mane of fawn colored brunette hair just enhances her cat-like poise and ease of movement. She has sharp, angular features, with luminous green eyes so wide I seem to fall in them when she looks at me. Her pointed, 36B-25-34 figure stabs at me with those conical tits, and her long red nails look like blood is dripping from her claws.

My mind shrieked "Predator!" while my loins shrieked "Babe!"

Her cool handshake left me feeling like I'd just seen a lioness pick another poor animal to be it's prey tonight. Her soft black leather minidress was so soft her long nipples bent it to their whims.

"Jack, this is Leslie." Judy introduced me.

Leslie is a dark haired, petite beauty, with a pert nose you'd expect to see on some college debutante, a bright smile, 34B-24-34 sleek figure in a red lace dress, with a full set of red lingerie on underneath, bright red hose, and red 3" heels, to help her be nearly as tall as Judy. She has the curvy, smooth softness of a young woman, and her delicate hug left me wondering why she was even here.

"Jack, this is Tracy." Judy introduced me.

Tracy is voluptuous, 38D-26-35, with long, wild blond hair, sky blue eyes. Her huge breasts are in a lacy bra in a sheer white blouse, and short black pleated miniskirt, with her long legs ending in hiking boots. There was only one woman left to meet.

Nothing could have prepared me for her. She swept into the room, as Judy introduced her. "Jack, this is Angelica."

Angelica wears her hair in a short, straight style, framing her soft face and ruby red lips. Her greenish brown eyes sparkle with green and gold flecks, like metallic paint does. Her 34C-22-34 figure is striking, all the more because all that she wears is a white cotton nightgown so sheer I think she is naked at first glance. Her nipples stick straight out, and her dense bush is tightly trimmed around her cunt lips. The lines of her slit are hypnotic, forming a "W", open and inviting.

She too, had the bells in her voice, that wonderful British accent "I used to be a page three girl, just like Tracy.

Look all you want. Jack. I'm sure Judy doesn't mind." Angelica tells me as she raises up the dress to completely bare herself to my gaze.

After getting us tea and crumpet's, Jane announces, "Down to business, then. I formally open this meeting of the Golden

Spike chapter of the Railroad Club. Does anyone have any old business we must dispatch? Good, then let's move on to the new business. The chair recognizes Judith Lewellyn."

"As you know, I've been putting down new track, in an exclusive section. I today offer my rights to use that section, subject to an acceptable bid."

Tracy said "How do we know the property is up to standards? I'm not going to risk my fortunes on unreliable transportation."

"Trust me. I've examined the property in question under the stiffest standards. I've become so attached that I didn't even want to offer it today, but being an honorable woman, I am willing to go through with the offer for sale I made last week. But I warn you, the price will be dear. "

"Oh, just stop this happy horse shit! Is he hung, or isn't he? Then you can negotiate all you want while I find out If I care to even bid." Casey snapped.

It was the first time I realized they were talking about me. I thought this was some boring old club meeting, and had wandered off into fantasies of what fun might ensue if Judy picked one of these women for a threesome with us. All of a sudden, these became more than just speculative ponderings.

"Whoa, baby, what's going on?"

"Hush, my dear sweet Jack. Please be so kind to stand, and drop your slacks now, shall we? That's a good lover. Now I'11 do the undergarments. Jane, fetch the spike, will you dear?" Judy started blowing me, as the other women looked on with great interest, except for Casey, who seemed bored out of her mind. I started to speak, but Judy pulled her lips off of me, as she put her finger to my lips.

"Shhh. It will all be over in a few moments, dear one. Just trust me, remember?" The thought of Angelica's perfect face sucking me as Judy was doing to me now almost made me cum in her mouth.

"Survey the property." Judy said.

Jane kneels down, placing a gold railroad spike next to my hard cock, as she strokes me with her hand for a moment.

Casey roughly shoves her aside. "My turn." She runs her nails up and down the underside of my phallus, looking at both sides, pressing the cold gold into my flesh as her nails dig so deeply into my flesh I want to scream.

"Acceptable." she snorts, handing the spike to Tracy. She 'ooh'es and 'ah'es, stroking me with her soft hands. Leslie takes over from her, purring and cooing to herself. Angelica does the same, and lets me go, my dick waiving into empty space.

"An impressive find, Judy, but can it hold up? Will this track carry a train, or is it only a showpiece?" Casey taunted.

"I'm the engineer. I can make the train go as fast or as slow as you want, and I'll guarantee you one thousand pounds he can carry a full train two stations. If he goes three, you owe me double. If he fails to make one, I owe you double."

"Done and Done!" Jane agrees.

"I'm the caboose!" shrieked Angelica.

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