Dear Sean,

I feel you watching me with your secretive, stolen glances, your eyes boring through me. I sense your presence and feel your hurt. I taste you in the back of my throat, your scent burned into its cavity leaving a permanent marker of your imprint on my soul. We are alone, unseen. A whirlwind of steam cyclones sheltering us from prying eyes.

I look to where you are. Heat seeps through you, radiating, lighting your body in a soft glow warming you as it travels through the length of your core to exit your body in a streaming mist. Steam permeates the carpet below your feet and snakes its way in my direction. Your heat now shared with me as wet, warm air spins around me, engulfing me, joining us as one.

Our thoughts are shared, memories becoming one and remembering a time not long ago.

"Take me back there," I whisper to you.

"I need to feel safe again, warm and protected. Take me to where no one else existed. I need to feel us again."

You acquiesce and we are transported back in time to the place in my heart I long to be.

We are in our room, quiet save for the sounds of our breathing.

Your hands were in my hair, lips brushing my cheek, encapsulating me in a cocoon of warmth no one could penetrate. On top of me, our legs entwined around each other's locking us together.

Your hands gently cupped my breasts through my blouse, a glimpse of what was to come. Your tongue softly licked my neck inciting sharp intakes of my breath. Although our lovemaking had barely begun, the scent of my lust filled the room.

You opened my shirt and unhooked the front enclosure of my bra baring my swollen nipples to you. I remember feeling your cock throbbing at the gasps and moans coming from me as your lips found them. Despite clothing between us, I felt you grow and press against me in an instinctive act, attempting to enter me.

I can still feel it Sean...your warm body heavy on top of mine.... pressing into me. Soaking me....

Do you remember when my hand traveled down your chest to grasp you through your jeans? You groaned and brought our mouths together in a deep, passionate kiss. Hot vapors lifted from our bodies causing fog to hover over us, blinding us.

Our pelvises were painfully grinding, bone against bone, trying to find each other's center. Hands sought and grabbed at each other's pants ripping at buttons and zippers.

Oh God it felt so good as your hand slipped between my legs. You teased me endlessly that night making me beg for your fingers and tongue inside me. I still get wet thinking about it.

My panties were still on and you rubbed my clit through the soaked material. The extra friction of the material enhancing the feel of your fingers. I spread my legs wide for you while looking you in the eye. You knew I was silently begging you to fuck me.

Are you hard remembering this Sean? Can you still taste and smell my pussy juices even now?

Can you remember the feeling of my tight pussy as you spread me open with your fingers and fucked me hard with your tongue?

You lapped and sucked and swirled and stabbed until I begged for mercy and wrapped my legs around your head moaning your name. My body shook and my hips ground into your chin. That was torture for me. You know I wouldn't come until you fucked me with your fingers too but you didn't that night. Instead you looked at me and told me you wanted to be inside me as I came for the first time with you.

So we did. You gently rolled on top of me and I spread my legs willingly for you. The head of your cock at the entrance to my cunt pulsated. You waited for my permission, and when it was given, your wet cock inched slowly into my throbbing walls. I wish you could feel what I felt that night Sean. The first stroke is always the best. The feeling of my walls being stretched open so wide is exquisite. Your cock felt divine. Hard and thick you massaged the very core of me with every thrust. You pumped away at me milking creamy white fluid from inside my body making us sticky. The room filled with the scent of cum.

I grabbed your ass and moaned, "fuck me harder sweetheart."

I was longing for your release. I never told you this but I loved having your cum inside me. I loved the feeling of it dripping out of me still warm pooling around my ass and on the surface beneath us. It was proof positive of our coupling. Warm evidence of our lovemaking.

Together we pumped and fucked, and ground our bodies into each other. We thrust together and groaned and sweat and cried out until finally we reached ecstasy, me just before you, our eyes locked and watching each other come. Your final hard thrust so deep inside me I cringed in discomfort. Your loud cries filled the room. Over and over you said my name. As you collapsed on me, I stroked your damp hair and kissed your cheek.

Steam fades and we are once again apart. You across the room, staring, eyes sad and confused, hurt seeping from your every pore and leaking into my skin. I look away sheltering myself in an icy mist, blocking you out, barricading me, protecting myself.

I miss you.

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