tagGroup SexRainbow Club Ch. 01

Rainbow Club Ch. 01


It was my sixth week working for Pierson-Franks in Smithfield, doing computer consulting work. Pretty boring, the work itself, but I didn't mind it. I figured the interesting contracts were actually the hard ones, and didn't feel badly about coasting through a few assignments because a couple of my more recent jobs were quite challenging.

I had fallen into the habit of staying over every other weekend, and here I was again. Not traveling back saved me a bit of money, as it was actually cheaper than flying back and forth just for the two days at home. If I could get back to take care of my personal matters twice a month, that was enough. I had become a real road warrior.

Another habit I had developed was ending my Friday with a few drinks and a hamburger down at Smithfield Junction, the local bar.

On Friday of that sixth week, I had worked until about nine o'clock and went in to see a couple of the regulars who I had talked with on occasion. The food was decent, and I could walk to my hotel without worrying about driving after drinking. It was my chance to cut loose, and relax.

While the food was good and the locals were friendly, the real appeal of the tavern was, however, the staff. A few cute girls worked there, and that fact seemed to bring in plenty of single women. Over the years, I had developed a theory that bars with a female staff made female customers feel at-ease.

I had a few interesting conversations with the some of the female customers, as well as the girls on the staff, but never made any progress. While I'd love to get laid, I would have also settled for a couple of dates. Traveling so much has made me successful financially, but not exactly happy with my social life or romantic prospects. On some trips, I found myself downright frustrated with sexual need.

Probably the only drawback to Smithfield Junction was that it closed early. It was located amidst rows of low-density commercial buildings. I figured that it was loaded at lunch, with workers ordering out or sneaking a mid-day drink before getting back to the grind. The evening crowd was pretty scant, and so the place shut-down before midnight.

Jamie was the bartender tonight, and she recognized me. It was comforting to have a bottle ready right when I sat down.

"Hey, Joe!" she greeted me.

"Hi, Jamie."

"The usual?"

"Yeah, I guesso."

"Okay. How's it going? You look tired."

I thought for a bit. "No, I guess I'm not. Just relaxed," I told her.

"Good for you!"

She turned and walked towards the kitchen to enter my order. We had talked a few times before: she was a senior at Smithfield State University, and was figuring on a career in geological engineering. She was three years younger than me, and had lived in Smithfield since her dad retired about six years ago.

My eyes followed Jamie as she went away. She was cute. In her green polo shirt and beige shorts she looked very attractive, in fact. Her legs were toned though not exactly tanned. Her sandy blonde hair was in a neat pony tail behind her neck, and her shorts fit perfectly. I admired her thighs and ass, smooth and thin, round and supple under the fabric.

Alex, one of the more interesting locals pulled up a stool next to me, and he and I chatted a bit. While I ate my burger, I had a few beers and carried on our conversation. We talked mostly about sports. The Smithfield Spartans were in a race with my hometown team, the Algerville Devils, for the national title. We argued about their running games, and the chances each team had.

Karen was one of the waitresses and stopped by to bring Alex drinks every so often. Like Jamie, Karen was also a looker. Her eyes were absolutely haunting, a light grey that sparked from under her curled brown bangs. We had first talked when I brought my laptop in with a stack of papers and spent my Friday evening working instead of unwinding. She hadn't shared much about herself, but seemed very energetic.

Alex and I got into it a bit, excited about the playoffs. And I didn't realize it at the time, but looking back at it, I should have noticed that Jamie began flirting a bit. She asked Alex, "Aren't men cute when they talk about sports?" before starting at me while waiting for Alex to answer. Karen had stopped by just in time to hear her question.

I lauged. "It can get ugly."

She smiled at me and said: "I couldn't imagine that."

Karen agreed, "Not with those two."

But before I could respond, Alex had drawn me back in with a comment about the Devil's running back. We resumed our discussion for a while, but his friends ended up calling him away to leave for another bar, and left me with Karen and Jamie.

I ordered one more beer and went back to the men's room. On the way back to the bar, I bumped into Ellen. She was sometimes the bartender, but was working tables tonight. She was taller than Jamie, and I imagined that she had incredible breasts. She always wore her green polo shirt unbuttoned, and the fabric stretched around her shoulders and chest. Her auburn hair was curly, in ringlets and swirls, compared to Karen's darker wavy locks.

We exchanged some pleasantries before I went back to the bar and got to work on my last beer. I suppose I fell into watching the television behind the bar as I didn't notice the time pass until Jamie stopped by and told me it was past last call.

"Oh, gosh!" I told her, belying my surprise. "I guess I'll get out of your way."

"Actually," she said, "you're welcome to stay. I have a few more things to clean up. Give me your credit card and we can settle the tab. But I'll buy you one more beer, if you like."

"Well, nothing tastes better than free beer," I smiled.

She giggled. "I knew you'd like that." She brought me another one, and then disappeared towards the kitchen again. Her smile was beautiful and her teeth were very white. I thought about what it would be like to sleep with her, to have her in my arms. Then, I got realistic: I'd have to muster-up the courage to ask her out, first. Then my work schedule, and all the problems of being from out of town.

The last customer left his sit-down table towards the back, and was saying goodbye to Karen. She locked the door behind him, and then helped Ellen bus the table. They returned to the front just as Jamie reappeared.

"We're outta here!" they announced in unison.

"Already?" Jaime asked.

"Yeah, we closed out and put our paperwork in Doug's office before that last guy left," said Ellen.

Karen had been looking at me and now looked at Jamie. "Should we catch up with you later?"

Jamie smiled. "Probably. I'll call you and let you know for sure."

"Okay." Ellen and Karen moved to go.

"Big night out?" I asked Jamie.

"You know," she said, and moved to lean over the bar in front of me. "I actually wanted to ask you something."

"What's that?" I had no idea what was coming. But I figured I'd flirt a bit, and see what she wanted. I leaned towards her over the bar, my elbows on the edge and my hands ahead of me.

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you seem like a really nice guy."

"Okay," I laughed nervously. What could she be driving at?

"Ellen and Karen and I are great friends, and we have a little club and we want you to be at one of our meetings."

"Ah, I guess so. What kind of club?"

"A rainbow club," Jamie told me. She looked me right in the eye, as if she was expecting a reaction.

"A rainbow club? What's that?"

"Well," she drew out. She glanced down and grasped one of my fingers. "Have you ever gotten a blowjob from a girl who was wearing lipstick?"

I was surprised, but very intrigued. I felt myself flush. "I, uh—"

"And her lipstick left a ring around your cock?"

"I guess—"

Jamie pressed on. "Well, imagine if three girls took turns giving you a blow job, and they'd leave three rings of lipstick on your dick. Like a little rainbow."

I laughed. "Wow."

"So do you want to try it?" Her fingers swirled around mine, pulling the length of my digit, as if she was using her fingers to give my fingers a tiny demonstration of oral sex.

"Who? You mean, you? You and them? You and Ellen, and Karen?"

"Yeah. We all like you, and we agreed that you'd be the first guy we'd do in our club."

"You're kidding," I told her.

"No, we're not. We all think you're really cute." At her compliment, I felt my resolve steel. She went on to matter-of-factly explain that she and her friends had agreed that they'd never fight over a man they were all attracted to. Instead, they would share him and get it over with, and then move on.

"Move on, huh?"

"Well, it would just be about the one night. You know," she tapered off, measuring my reaction. "About the sex."

I nodded. "I'm really flattered."

She smiled. "You should be. We're throwing ourselves at you!" We both laughed. Then, she asked: "Are you into it?"

What a question. A part of me felt like a chump for taking her up on it. In a funny way, they would be using me. But why would I feel bad about that? I was already yearning for her. And I figured I was too busy to have a relationship. What possible negative consequence could come from letting her and her friends play with me like their little boy toy?

I realized I was staring at her, and I tried to look thoughtful. She was leaning forward over the bar, and in the subdued lighting her lips looked luscious. Her brown eyes were framed by her dark blonde hair, which reached just to her shoulders. Arching eyebrows, a thin nose, pretty cheeks, all contrasted with those thin lips.

Jamie's legs and ass were distracting to me before, as I was watching her walk away. Now, I couldn't even see them and they were burning in my mind.

"Sure," I said with some resolve, as if it had been a trying and torturous decision.

She smiled. "Are you still saying at the Crabtree Suites?" she asked softly.


"Give me your key and we'll be over there to meet you. What's your room number?"

I stood up, and produced my key from my pocket. "Thirty-six," I told her.

"Okay. We'll be there before you know it."

"I hope so," I told her.

On my walk back to the hotel, my mind was racing. At one side of the parking lot, I bristled with excitement about what was going to happen. I couldn't wait to see the girls, to have them suck me off under the guise of their club. But by the time I was at the other side of the parking lot, walking towards the main entrance of the hotel to get a new key for myself, I decided that they would just make a fool of me. I'd be the laughing stock of the bar, and the little comfort I had made for myself while away from home would be toppled.

With my new key in hand, I opened my door. The hotel room was quite spacious though rather inexpensive. Smithfield hadn't really exploded into a booming metropolis, but did have a thriving business community. The hotel hadn't adjusted its rates yet, and I was in one of the least expensive two-bedroom suites. These "extended-stay" hotels were quite comfortable; the room featured a large television—by hotel standards, anyway—and a small gas fireplace.

The kitchen overlooked the sitting room through a small breakfast bar with three stools. In the sitting room, there were several windows as the room fit into the corner of the building. It was ingeniously designed to use little space, but still be quite comfortable for a variety of needs. A large couch backed against one of the outside walls, and was capped by end tables. In front of it was a wide coffee table.

Facing the coffee table and another couch was a loveseat. That gas fireplace was in the middle of the far wall, and the television was in the corner past the end of the loveseat. Behind the loveseat, a low half-wall acted as a small counter top and divided the space between the sitting room and the dining area, where a circular table could seat four guests. A sliding glass door opened onto a small patio and near the window was a desk with a comfortable office chair on wheels.

As I walked through the room, I thought about how it was just a little awkward but clearly used the area of the suite very efficiently. I found regular hotel rooms to be over-decorated, dominated by noisy bedspreads, clashing carpets, and busy artwork. Suite hotels seemed to be decorated a little more tastefully, even if they were somewhat bland.

Reaching the edge of the half-wall, I flipped the fireplace on and turned on a reading lamp. Nervous with anticipation, I trembled just a little bit. I returned to the front of the suite, entered the bathroom by the front door opposite the kitchen, and began brushing my teeth. While I brushed, I promised myself that I wouldn't feel insulted that the girls wouldn't stop by.

I hadn't been lucky enough to get head from a girl on the first date since college, probably. And here I was facing the possibility of oral sex from three girls, together, on the same night? That kind of idea was too good to be true, and that never happened to anyone like me. Why would even one of those girls do something like this with me?

As I wiped my face, I kicked off my shoes and un-tucked my shirt. Looking into the mirror, I thought about myself for a bit. Things were going well for me. My consulting business was starting to pick up, and this easier assignment was just what I needed before I executed the next steps in my plan: hire a couple of employees and try to set-up a permanent office. Even if my professional expansion plans didn't work out, things wouldn't be bad for me.

In the mirror, I noticed that my short brown hair was a little out of place, and I was getting a bit of a shadow on my chin. My shoulders were broad, and I always considered them my best feature. They made my shirts look almost perfect, like they were still on a mannequin at the department store. My chest was pronounced, but not very intimidating.

Well, why wouldn't they? If they were into this kind of thing, they should pick someone like me. I'm not intimidating, I'm not powerful. They've talked to me on many different occasions, and I'm always polite. Being on the road all the time, I've put on a couple of pounds, but I'm still young and I look great. I'm a great catch, and a perfect member for their so-called club. Those sluts would be stupid not to want to fuck me.

Or not. I sighed. The girls wouldn't come over, and I'd feel a fool. It would take the wind out of my sails, and there'd be no way that I'd start my business—not to mention finish work here in this town.

My worries were again blossoming when I heard a soft knock at the door. The door opened as I stepped from the bathroom toward the entry way.

The three girls were there, letting themselves in.

"Hello, Joe," Jamie said. She, like Karen, was wearing a trench coat. Karen was carrying a small carry-on bag. Ellen was wearing a slinky black dress. I glanced at it; it was loose, but clinging to her over her hips and at her chest. Her dress seemed to shimmer, but was not shiny; I could see the dull fabric moving over her body like a loose cocoon. The swell of her bosom was easily visible under the stretchy fabric.

At once, I was overwhelmed with relief and excitement. "Uh," I gulped. "Hi."

Karen smiled. "Are you ready to have some fun with us?"

"Yeah," I said. My thoughts were soaring. I was thinking that I couldn't believe this was happening, and then I decided that I would just accept it. It was real, they were here. The more confident I was, the happier I would be. Now that they were here, I had nothing to doubt.

I held the door open, and Ellen walked past Jamie and me into the room. She immediately moved to the far window and drew the blinds, then started walking towards the window on the other side of the room. Naturally, I followed her in to the center of the suite, near the breakfast nook.

"Jamie already told you what this is all about, didn't she?" asked Karen.

"Yes, she did."

"Good." Karen sounded like she was all business. "Before we start, there's a few things we need to talk about," she said. Ellen had closed blinds over the far window, and was moving towards the kitchen to pull the shade over the small window over the stove.

"You and I haven't spoken much, but Jamie says you're a sweet guy. We want to have a little fun with you, and then that's it. If you turn into some kind of freak, or stalk us, or come looking for anything like a relationship, we'll make your life very hard."

I smiled. Karen didn't smile, so I realized how serious she was. "I understand," I told her as I wiped the grin from my face.

Her bright grey eyes glinted at me. "Good. Ellen is going to take a look around. Is she going to find any video tape equipment or cameras?"

"Uh, no," I told her.

"We don't want this to be on the Internet, or to find that you're planning on extorting us. She's going to check. I'm a registered nurse, Joe."

"Where do you work?" It was my natural reaction to start a conversation when someone shared something about themselves. I guess I had willed my jitters away.

This time, Karen did smile. "At the SSU hospital, for now. But I'm going to examine you for any signs of—well, anything that would cause a problem. Drop your drawers."

"Uh," I stammered.

"Don't you want to get started?"

"Yeah." I undid my belt and unzipped my pants. I pulled them off, and stood in my briefs.

"Those, too. And you might as well take off your shirt, as well," Karen told me. She knelt and took a pair of latex gloves from the carry-on she had brought into my room.

I obediently unbuttoned my shirt, and tossed it over the dining chair. Ellen had returned from the back room, and nodded at Jamie. They both joined Karen standing in a loose half-circle around me as I removed my shorts. Karen snapped on her gloves while I fumbled the waistband over my hardening cock. It arched in front of me, growing slowly.

After snapping the gloves on, she manipulated me coldly and clinically, but I was aroused by her proximity and gentle touch. My cock continued to slowly swell under her fingers. She examined my balls, spread her gloved fingertips through my pubic hair, and looked closely at my penis.

"It looks like you're quite healthy," she announced, and snapped off the gloves.

"I didn't find anything, either" said Ellen of her counter-espionage tour. The girls all smiled at the two doses of good news.

Ellen and Karen turned to Julie, who stepped forward, towards me, and opened her coat. When she shrugged it off, she revealed her beautiful body. Her feet were covered in dark red, open and strappy high-heels. She had stockings on her legs, but no garter belt. Her upper thighs were thin and the elastic in the lacy bands of the leggings clung to her. The lace pattern of her scant panties matched that in the bands of her stockings. The front of her panties was tall, almost to her belly-button, but the high cut thighs and thin lace pattern were hardly modest. The fabric, in fact, betrayed some of her pubic hair; faint, golden, and much lighter than that on her head.

Enchanted by her ass and legs, I had never taken notice of her breasts before. She was wearing a push-up, open-cup bra that cradled her tits gently. The under-wire of the bra was wrapped in gauzy lace fabric that matched her panties and stockings. Her nipples were round and pink, thick and puffy cones at the end of her round mounds. They ended in tiny brown buds, capping their wonderful shape just perfectly. I stared and gawked.

"As you know," Jamie began as she took another step towards me, "I'm studying geology." She gently grasped my erection as she reached me, wrapping a hand around my waist and pressing her thigh against my side. "I can't add much to our verification process except to say, that, well," she paused. She stroked my cock once, slowly and delicately.

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