tagIncest/TabooRainy Night at the Drive-In Ch. 03

Rainy Night at the Drive-In Ch. 03


All participants are over 18.

Laura and I had made love twice more in the night before falling into an exhausted sleep. I woke up in the morning to find her spooned up against me and my raging hard on. Propping myself up on an elbow, I allowed my gaze to move over her body, stopping to admire all of her strong points. Her ass was great. Large and unblemished, smooth and taut. Her boobs were tremendous. I had previously guessed C cups but now I was leaning towards D's. Even lying on her side, there was little sag to them, they stood out proudly from her chest. Looking everywhere, my eyes went to her face and I could see the strong family resemblance. Even though we had been raised by separate parents in different provinces, there is no doubt that anyone that met the two of us would guess us to be brother and sister. And, my sister really was a fox. Nothing small about her but nothing grossly large either. She was just a big boned girl with a body that didn't quit.

My cock was only semi-hard at the moment, mostly my early morning wood, and it was laying between the cheeks of my sister's ass. As I thought about where it was, it began to grow. Not morning wood now, a full blown erection was growing. I could feel its length growing and sliding further between her thighs, slipping past her asshole, and into her pubic hair. Still not moving, I gloried in the feeling of being this close to my sister and her pussy. I was still in a mood of some disbelief that I had fucked Laura the night before. Not once but twice had my cock slid into my sister's pussy. That was still so unbelievable. I could see in my mind's eye her and my cum mixed together and splashed all across her thighs. Yup, no doubt now, my cock was at its full six and a half, almost seven, inches and straining to return to the home it had found the previous night.

My hand had been resting gently on her breast. Without much thought, I started to flex my fingers, squeezing Laura's breast, feeling her nipple starting to grow under my palm. Still gently, I began to use the muscles in my groin to flex my cock between her thighs. I could feel her pubic hair rubbing against it. In moments, Laura's hand was resting on mine, and forcing it to grope her tit even harder. My sister started to rock slowly back and forth causing my cock to slide even further against her pussy.

Enjoying the feeling, I was surprised when she lifted her leg and then reached between our bodies to line my cock up with the entrance to her pussy. As I started to lunge forward, my sister pushed backwards and soon enough I was balls deep in her pussy. Her pussy was so tight. Laura's pussy was much tighter than my wife's. Tighter than most of the women I had been with before. The tightness was causing me to want to shoot my load almost right away. I forced myself to lie quietly, not moving, while I got my balls back under control.

"Oh, Laura," I muttered quietly, "you are killing me..."

There was no response from my sister except that I could feel her muscles tightening her pussy around my dick. I was still trying to lay unmoving so as to prolong the experience. It became even more difficult as my sister once again began to push herself back and forth while clenching and releasing her cunt muscles. It was no use, I couldn't hold back. I reached around her to find her clit with my exploring hand. Seizing it gently between my fingers, I began to slowly roll it back and forth between my fingers, sometimes stopping to flick it lightly.

I could feel the semen growing in my cock, coming ever closer to shooting off. But, I could also feel my sister's body tensing as orgasm approached within her as well. It was becoming a race to see which one of us would let go first. I didn't want to leave her hanging with me having to run off to work soon so I concentrated on calming myself and retaining control. Still my cock slid in and out of Laura's pussy with her controlling the speed.

"Ricky," she said, "I'm going to come..."

"Come now," I said to her. "Come now with me!"

I couldn't hold back any longer and I began to shoot into her. As the first of it hit her pussy, she tensed right up and started to come as well. My sister's cunt squeezed so hard on my cock that I felt myself being locked into her. I couldn't move but her clenching muscles kept my come flowing into her. I grunted, she screamed.

Once it was over, both of us having come, we lay back together. Laura extricated herself from my grasp and rolled over to face me.

"That was great, big brother," she said. Her lips moved closer and closer towards me and soon we were kissing. Our tongues began to duel.

"No, Laura, enough," I said. "I have to go to work. Let me up."

She agreed saying, "Okay, your morning breath is putting me off anyway." This was accompanied by a giggle so I knew she was just teasing me."

"Come on," I said, "we can shower together."

We did.

Coming home that night was different from usual, even taking into account the fact that my wife was away. As soon as I entered the door, I could smell the aroma of burning potpourri. I saw that the lights were down low and that there were the flickering shadows of candles on the walls. And, my sister was spread out on the couch wearing a baby doll, garter belt, and nylons. She was smiling at me as Laura cupped her big boobs and asked me, "Hungry? Big Brother?"

There was no doubt I was. I saw those tits inviting me to feast on them. She was swinging her knees open and shut giving me a view of her garden of delight. The garden that I wanted to dive right into. I couldn't say much, I was dumbfounded. But not so much that I couldn't remove my clothing. Which I did piece by piece examining the view before me on the couch. I walked towards my sister.

"You are absolutely gorgeous," I said to my sister.

Laura replied, "Thank you, Big Brother. So you like my welcome home outfit?"

"Without a doubt," I said.

Laura pulled me down on top of her. Our heads moved together, our lips touching, and our tongues jabbing at each other. This was certainly no routine brother-sister kiss. It was a smouldering, hot kiss that siblings never share with one another. And, it is safe to say, I don't know why. Family relations would certainly improve around the world if every sister kissed her brother the way Laura was kissing me. She was good at it, better than anyone I had ever kissed, even my wife. As a matter of fact, there was just no comparison. My wife didn't show me the pleasure, the desire, the sheer eroticism that my kid sister showed. I could have kept kissing Laura for hours except that I was beginning to get wafts of a new aroma in the room. Not the potpourri but a smell emanating from between my sister's thighs.

I pulled back from the kiss and glanced down. Without panties obscuring the view, I could see that my sister was wet. Extremely wet, in fact. And the aroma was so tantalizing, so inviting that I couldn't refuse her. I began to kiss my way from her neck down over one breast and then the other and down to her navel. Pausing for a minute to jab my tongue in her belly button, I was amused to catch a small piece of lint with the tip of my tongue.

Wiping it off with my hand, the other went directly to her pussy. My thumb began to rub a circle around her clit. Laura started to moan in ever increasing intensity. My head dropped right to her cunt and my tongue jabbed at her clit under my ever circling thumb. With both tongue and now fingertips, I teased her clit, swirling my tongue around it, flicking it gently with my fingers. Slowly, I allowed my tongue to drift downwards while my fingers slid to her pussy lips. My sister's moans were so loud now that I was worried about the neighbours hearing.

I lifted one hand to Laura's mouth with a finger extended. She swiftly sucked it onto her mouth. The finger seemed to silence my sister a little as her moans were not quite as loud. This left me free to start using my tongue on her pussy. I licked up and down, I corkscrewed it into my sister's pussy, I sucked the juices leaking out. Laura was so turned on that her moans soon reached another crescendo, an orgasm also threatening to erupt. I kept my tongue in her pussy waiting to capture the juices she was about to allow to flow. I was not going to be disappointed.

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by Anonymous

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by horny2doit09/28/17

Yes, so arousing and great details ! It's obvious his sister got over his licking her pussy and sucking on her clit; that's great.

Now she gets so wet and he can screw her silly. I sure hope they keepmore...

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by prop6907/30/17

DON'T STOP!!!!! Keep the story going.

What happens NEXT???
When does his wife return?
Why doesn't she suck cock? Discerning minds want to know.
At lease she lets him eat her sweet smelling pussy.

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by jmkuehn07/26/17

Not bad

Still having trouble with the sister being eaten without sucking cock but the rest of the story is really good.

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