tagErotic HorrorRaising the Dead

Raising the Dead


Copyright Neonurotic, October 2011

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


"Mmm, oh yaaah..." he smirked, catching a flash of her shapely, lily-white thigh, clad in black fishnet stockings. That quick glimpse was all it took to send Jackson Pierce on a raunchy trip down memory lane as the sexy leg belonged to his ex-girlfriend, Candice Manson. "I definitely remember that."

After she got out of the car, her new boyfriend followed, goosing her with a two-handed grab of her ass and she rewarded him with a light slap. Jack scowled at the playful intimate gestures because he was envious, even though he and Candi split up last summer. He jerked the curtains shut and caused a plume of dust to rise like a gray mushroom cloud, which made him sneeze uncontrollably.

"Are your allergies bothering you, hon?" Candi smiled nastily as she entered the old-fashioned foyer then whispered something to her boyfriend, who chuckled and rolled his eyes at Jack. "Poor baby." She laughed as she straightened the bodice of her slutty 'Elvira' outfit.

Jack surveyed her costume. She dyed her light brown hair, black. With her light crystal blue eyes, she was devastatingly beautiful and dressed for the occasion tonight. Since his birthday fell on Halloween, he had an overnight costume party at an old spooky family home that overlooked the Pacific Ocean.

"Nice to see you." She leaned in for kiss.

"You too, as per usual." He said with all sincerity as she did look incredible and he kissed her cheek.

Old feelings of arousal that she alone could elicit made him jerk back quickly and pull the black cape of his costume closed, but not before she caught a glimpse of his hard-on.

She smiled at him knowingly.

To change the subject he said, "So, I see my limo also brought your boyfriend?" Jack stared at the other guy expectantly and a moment of déjà vu passed as her boyfriend looked familiar to him.

"Nice limo, dude." Corey said with obvious envy, and then for the first time, he noticed that they both wore the same Dracula get-up. "All three of us are vampires, now, how original are we?" He asked while fanning out his own black cape like over-sized bat wings.

"As they say, great minds think alike." Candi muttered with sharp looks at her boyfriend, but smiled coyly at Jack. "This is Corey Korne, my fiancé." She smiled broadly, linking her arm with Corey's arm.

Fiancé? Jack thought in disappointment; he had hoped they would get back together some day. Maybe even tonight. Corey and Candi Korne, how sweet. He grinned, and tried not to laugh at the silliness of their soon-to-be married name, "Nice to meet you, Corey Korne." He held out his hand for Corey to shake, but the ill-mannered jackass looked at his hand instead. "Whatever man," he dismissively waved his hand in the other direction to where the rest of his guests were in the next room. "This way to party, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark."

# # #

The double doors opened to a noisy, music-filled ballroom where she saw that all her friends from school had already arrived. They were laughing, talking, and drinking. All of them were dressed in costumes and seemed to be enjoying themselves. As they should be, Candi wryly thought. Her ex-boyfriend always knew how to buy another's happiness. That was fine with her since missed him and that big dick of his too. He treated her like a princess and spared no expense in her happiness.

They split up because she couldn't take his jealousy. Sure, she had given him plenty of reasons to be jealous. She cheated on him numerous times just like he did, but she didn't know about his cheating until much later after they broke up. How could he screw around on her? She was nearly a nympho, when did he ever find the time? Candi wanted a last fling with him before she got married and also to prove that she had moved on without him. She gave Jack a sidelong glance, taking in his rakish, tall, dark-haired, good looks with an easy smile that always told her in the past when he was misbehaving and deliciously so.

Damn, Jack still turns me on. She grabbed Corey's hand and squeezed it tight.

"This angel is Tanya." Jackson said, putting his arm around a slim redhead with silicone ridiculously huge boobs that nearly hung out of her skimpy angel costume. "I'm not sure if you've met because she started late last semester."

Instant jealousy flared-up and made Candi's cheeks hot. Tanya the slut didn't look like she had a brain between her ears. What is she going to study, oral hygiene? Candi stared at the other girl's bee-sting lips that glistened with frosted pink lip-gloss.

"Hi ya'll, isn't Jackson so sweet? He thought the party was a good way for me to get know ya all before classes started up again. " Tanya squeaked, sucking on the bottle neck of an alcoholic lemonade. "I'm studying to be a hygienist."

Candi rolled her eyes at the cutesy baby-voiced slut. It was obvious to her that Jack only wanted one thing from his new "girlfriend" and she hated Tanya for it.

"I thought Jack would always be hung up on me, I'm glad he's not, and is happy as I am." Smiling saccharinely, she glanced at Corey, but his eyes were glued to Tanya's fake boobs. "Corey, honey." She angrily jerked on his hand to bring his attention around.

Clueless to her feelings, Corey nodded. "Uh-ya, happy."

Jack laughed, "Well, I'm glad. You two mix while I set-up for the big show."

"What show?" Corey asked dryly, trying to sound like he wasn't interested, but really was.

"Jack always puts together a little bit of entertainment for his guests at his Halloween birthday parties." Candi released her fiancé's hand and smirked at her ex because Jack's idea of entertainment was either moronic or worse, a sick attempt at humor―the guy didn't know good humor unless it bit him in the ass. "Always wanting to be the center of attention, eh hon?" She batted her eyelashes at Jack.

"It's his birthday, isn't it?" Tanya piped up, "The birthday boy should be the center of attention... like a ringmaster or a lion tamer in a circus!" Giggling, she leaned over and playfully bit Jack on the shoulder. "Grrr, you can tame my ferocious kitty anytime." She said in a loud whisper.

Candi nearly vomited, but luckily, she swallowed it back before she did. "So, what's the show this time? Naked magicians with sad tricks and dicks? A one hit wonder band? Or maybe, like last year, strippers who twirled plates on sticks in their snatches?"

"In their what?" Corey sniggered, but stopped when Candi gave him a sharp look. "Never mind."

"It's a surprise you won't want to miss," Jack leered, wagging his eyebrows suggestively. "And it's something no one will ever forget."

"I'm sure it is; I can't wait." Candi replied, unenthused.

"Ya, whatever." Corey echoed the same sentiment. "Where can I get a cold one, man? It's a party isn't it? He glanced around the crowded, noisy room and found the beer keg in the corner next to a long table heavily laden with party food and liquor. "Never mind..." he trailed off heading in the direction of the beer without concern for his fiancée.

Suddenly, Tanya squeaked, "Ooh, big daddy," she snuggled close to Jack. "I haven't given you my birthday gift," she bit her lower lip sexily. "Do you want it now or later?"

Jack, being the perverted pig he was, forgot his party host duties once sexual favors were offered. "Now, of course." He nodded, smirking over at Candi. "Mingle with the rest of the ghouls." Rudely dismissing her, he waved his hand at the guests while with his other hand, he grabbed Tanya's arm and pushed her into a side room.

Candi scowled after them. How uncouth and ghastly can you get? She silently asked then enviously thought; they deserve each other. "Swine."

# # #

As soon as the door closed, Tanya was on him, unbuttoning, and unzipping his fly. He liked how enthusiastic she was about sex, how she constantly wanted more of it. A little nymphomaniac was what she was and he adored her for it--well, to be truthful, he did imagine it was Candi who couldn't keep her hands off him day and night.

"Yummy." Tanya cooed at his cock.

Down went his pants, along with his briefs while she nuzzled his stiffening cock. Looking at the top of her dark red head with the glittery halo on top, he couldn't think of anything other than the song, 'Happy Birthday to Me', as the tip of her tongue licked the sensitive head of his cock, twirling it around the raised rim.

"Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..." he sang softly and she joined in, but hummed the tune instead, which buzzed a real nice erotic feeling in the pit of his belly. "Ya, that's it baby, do it just like that."

Tanya glanced up, seemingly grinning at him with his dick still in her mouth--her eye contact was just as exciting as receiving the blowjob itself. She lifted him, licked the underside of his shaft, tongued his balls, and turned to his cock-head, humming all the while. Her mouth was naughty and felt incredibly warm. Quickly, she deep-throated him, sucked him hard as she slurped loudly on his man meat until orgasm rolled around deep in his belly. Her nails dug into his ass painfully, but it only enhanced the experience of her going down him.

Unable to hold back any longer, he bucked his hips in time with her moving mouth and froze, rooting his dick all the way to its base "D-dayum, honey." Cum raced from his rock hard balls and filled her mouth in hard, feel-good spasms. "Jeezzzus," he shuddered, and glanced down at her in time to see her swallow his efforts. A wave of weakness grabbed onto him and he felt faint. "Have mercy on me, honey, you nearly cock-sucked me dead."

Tanya giggled as she stood, pulling up his briefs and pants; fixed him so he was presentable. "So you liked your gift, daddy?"

"You can say that." He grinned, still panting and not ashamed to hold onto her for support since she was the one who made him feel so euphoric. "Fuck," he shuddered.

Again, she giggled, but dense as she was, her mind flitted off elsewhere. "I'm not hungry anymore." She licked her lips. "But I sure am thirsty."

"I bet." He laughed, unlocking and pushing the door open to the ballroom where the party was in full swing as with the arrival of his ex-girlfriend, she made his guest list complete―all present and accounted for. "Time for a little more fun for everyone... especially me." He said with mischievous glee.

# # #

Still disturbed that Jack had acted so rudely towards her, she stared holes into him as he came out of the side room he went into earlier with his skank, outrageous girlfriend. It was her whole intention to come to his birthday party just to screw him one last time, but she wasn't so sure he was worth cheating on her fiancé. She glanced at Corey who was pounding one beer after another.

My man, she thought, rolling her eyes in disdain just as he burped loudly.

"You're disgusting." She said.

Corey smiled goofily, "And you're a bitch," he replied, pawing at her. "But I still love you, sweetie pie."

He's drunk. How did he get drunk so fast?

Sickened, she pulled away from him and stalked off to the bathroom. As she made her way through the crowd and down the hall, Jack appeared at the other end, smiling lazily at her―a sated 'I got laid' grin written across his face, one she was all too familiar with and slightly envied the skank because Candi hadn't put it there for him.

"So," he flicked an imaginary piece of lint off his costume. "You're getting married to that insufferable jackass. And please tell me why he looks so damn familiar?"

"Corey isn't a jackass and he should look familiar to you. He slept in your bed the last three months we were together."

"Your psychology student, I should've known that dumb fuck was sticking it to you." He glowered. "Your standards have definitely dropped since we dated."

"Wrong," Candi smiled cruelly, "they went up since you, and I really mean up, all ten inches of his cock. Much bigger than that smaller seven in your pants that could never make me come," she lied, knowing in reality the two men were the same size. "Yes, I faked it the entire time you and I were together." Lies burned her tongue again.

Jack's smile fell, just like his huge ego. "Then you wasted your time with me if you didn't enjoy yourself, which is your fault, not mine. You could've left long before you did. So why did you stay if you weren't happy? I gave you everything."

"Yes, everything." She fixed the bodice of her plunging neckline then glanced at him. Smirking, she saw his eyes glued to her tits, but oddly, it turned her on and her nipples tingled into hard points. "I was quite fond of fancy restaurants, jewelry, vacations and driven around in nice cars."

Laughing at her revelation, he said, "That makes you a dirty whore, doesn't it, my dear?"

Sudden heat flushed her face. "No!" She slapped him, but he caught her wrist before she delivered and snagged the other one as she tried to wrench free. "Asshole, let go of me!"

Swiftly and with a surprising amount of strength, he pinned her against the wall with her hands behind her back. "The show is about to start..." he pressed his hips into hers, snuffled at her neck, breathed deeply and muffled a sad sigh. "You don't want to miss this. I promise―it's a good one." He pulled away and walked down the long hallway to rejoin his party.

Again, Candi stared after him, she trembled, but not out of rage. The deep feelings she had for him hadn't disappeared after so many months as she originally thought. Instead, she realized, she wanted Jack even more―passionately. Did he still want her? Love her? She wondered, and kept wondering. Maybe so; she'd ask him.

# # #

Back in the ballroom with his guests, he felt unnerved. How could she still have that effect on him? Sure, he anticipated that there would be a little bit of sexual attraction left, but not to that degree. It was worse than he realized―he was still very much in love with Candi Manson and stupidly so, because she didn't give a shit about him.

"Damn it." Jack brushed a hand through his hair, imagining it was unruly.

"Hey, daddy, where have you been?" Tanya asked, bringing his thoughts back to the party.

"Oh," he grinned. "Setting up some fun."

Tanya giggled, shimmied her breasts side-to-side with excitement. "Are you ready to start?"

"Yes, baby―let's have some fun, eh?"

# # #

In the center of the ballroom, with everyone gathered around and watching what he was doing, he explained. "I found this old book in my great-great-grandfather's den here in the house while we were cleaning up the place last summer for a charity auction, and my mother flipped out when she saw the book. She said it was evil and should be burned."

"Oooh, scary, what kind of book is that?" asked Tanya, like they rehearsed earlier.

Jack leered, "A book on how to raise the dead."

Tanya shivered, "Are you going to raise the dead? Real walking zombies and everything?"

"Yes, indeed." said Jack, wagging his eyebrows up and down. "Right now."

Corey coughed, half disguising the word, "Lame" in his cough.

"Not funny." Tanya fixed Corey with a cold stare. "Jerk." she said, returning her attention back to Jack.

Chuckling, Jack asked Tanya to turn out the lights as he lit four candles and set them out in a square pattern at each corner. "North, south, east and west." He placed a glass of water at the base of each candle. He smiled wickedly at Tanya as he placed the human bone she stole from her anatomy class last semester and some red hair from her brush into a copper bowl. With a stroke of his thumb against the flint of the lighter, he lit a long orange flame and ignited the contents of the bowl. The hair caught on fire and quickly burned out with a puff of noxious black smoke.

"Stinky." Tanya stated the obvious, wrinkling up her nose.

Jack laughed, she was such a cute little tart, and thought maybe he might keep her around a little longer because initially, he planned to dump her after this weekend. He placed the smelly bowl in the center of the four candles, thereby completing the so called pentagram of negative space, he thought without the reverence he was supposed to have. He laid out a solid line of moist earth, fresh from the decayed rose garden out back and completed the circle around the candles. On the outside of that dirt circle, he laid another circle of dirt. He grabbed the old moldy book off the ground, stood up, and indicated that all his partygoers should do the same.

Glancing first to Candi to make sure she was paying attention, Jack cleared his thoughts―well, nearly so, as his mind never wandered too far from sex.


Full of himself, Jack smirked at his friends who grinned with wide-eyed glee, enjoying the show he was putting on for them, in particular, Candi who had said nothing. She kept staring at him, silently asking questions. He answered with hot visions of him doing Candi doggie-style on one of the old graves, filling her hot snizz with spunk and her begging for more. Damn, he wanted her.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he looked away from Candi and continued the hokey incantation with a loud booming voice. "WA TA NA SIAM! WA TA NA SIAM! WA TA NA SIAM! WA TA NA SIAM! WA TA NA SIAM!" He winked and blew out the four candles that threw the parlor into complete darkness.

Jack grabbed Candi.

"Oh, my god!" She screamed bloody murder, trying to squirm out of his grasp.

He kissed her and jammed his tongue down her throat. At first she struggled, but returned his kiss and let him grope her breasts for a moment. She felt smooth in the palm of his hand; he wanted, had to have her again. She moaned in the same desire as his then she pulled away.

"You're such a pig, Jackson Pierce," she hissed and slapped him.

"But you still want me." He dirtily whispered back as the lights came back on. He pulled the Dracula's cape closed, because once again, he had a huge erection after touching his ex-girlfriend. "Happy birthday to me and happy Halloween, freaks."

"That was excellent!" Tanya bounced up and down in excitement, making her big boobs jiggle nearly out of her skimpy white dress. "You scared the bee-jesus out of me, big daddy!"

"It was what I said it was, l-a-m-e," Corey spelled out. "Lame."

Jack laughed, "Well, Candi, honey, you have a smart one there, he can spell--you better keep him."

"I'll tattoo 'lame' on your forehead with my fist," Corey growled, going for Jack, but Candi grabbed his arm. "Asshole." He glared.

"That's all right, Corey. I am ready to leave anyway." Candi said, smiling a thin lipped smile. "I've seen quite enough of Jack and his dumb little slut to last me a lifetime."

"Hey, I'm not dumb." Tanya puffed out her lower lip.

"You are going?" Jack asked, but before she could answer, the doors burst open with a crack, splitting them lengthwise down the middle. A group of people dressed as zombies stood at the broken double doors. "What the hell? I didn't invite you all so you're considered party crashers and crashers get their asses kicked." He stepped closer and in the group of zombies, he saw his chauffer, although now, his chauffer looked very odd with pale blue skin and vacant eyes. "Max?"

"Pus-say." Max said, tonelessly,

Corey cackled, "He's got your number all right, Pierce!"

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