tagSci-Fi & FantasyRaith's Folly

Raith's Folly


Raith's arms bulged as he felt an emotion course through him. Lust. "This shouldn't be this easy", he spoke through gritted teeth gazing at the girl thrashing below him. Black whips, thin as smoke, circled around him, latching onto his arms, his torso, slowing his movements, and catching him in their web. "Take a witch, take the world" is what they all said. Well he certainly was taking the witch.

He ground himself into her aching flesh, his hands causing shivers of tension along her body each time they squeezed her supple nipples she released a gasp, the only break from her cries. The tendrils lashed at him again, pulling him away, trying to bind his arms as if caught in a net, growing more powerful with her screams. Their numbers were growing now, coursing over his rippling muscles, pulling them tight, causing him to shudder at their touch. With each new scream, the twisted harder, made him strain more making him pant with the exertion.

Her screams pulled on a different tune as he shifted tempo, with the new strain, and the whips followed suit. They pulled him closer to her white breasts, his waist ground against her, and his mouth nearly covering her screaming orifice. He was only able to thrust one more time before his groin was trapped next to hers, a black weave holding them together.

He strained against the bonds, and lost himself gazing at their red lips, offset by her pale face. Those lips became his world, quivering through her screams, red as the deepest rose, he could nearly taste them, and feel them press aside him. Watching them sent a quiver down his spine, from his eyes, to his groin, urging it on, until he could bear it now more. Raith encircled her lips with his, tasting her sweaty mouth running his tongue along those ruby lips. His head vibrated with her shouts, and then with her gasp. She stopped struggling, their bodies melded together through layers of the black web. He reached his tongue in, and met her's with a small shock.

Shelia looked down at him having pulled herself atop of Raith's dazed form. The bonds holding them together, came loose as she straitened, moving to bind his arms to the solid earth. A single tear fell onto his chest, and splattered, creating a salty constellation of droplets against his tanned skin. The lack of bonds gave him a little room, and he thrust in again provoking a snarl from the witch on top of him. The bonds flexed at this intrusion, and held him down. He strained against them watching his captor's scowl turn into a smile, a mirthless smile set against dead eyes. He flexed one last time, before she placed her own hands on his chest, and rode him.

The first time she went down, her hair spiraled up, carried by phantom winds, haloed by a hollow black light. Her hands glowed with power leaching into his skin, and Raith arched with pleasure at her touch.

The second time she went down,salty tears flowed down her checks, splattering his skin, sizzling where they touched his skin. Her hands now alive with an infernal glow, empowering the man under her to struggle, intensifying every experience he had ten fold, causing Raith to howl with pleasure.

The third time she went down, the winds howled, and the air grew dim, the only light coming from her glowing hands, spiraling up her bare arms. Her hair was a whirlwind of strands, enhanced by the same black bonds that held him down, cutting through the turbulent air. For the first time, Raith gasped as he saw the demoness on top of him.

She saw the boy's eyes flutter, mirroring a ghastly figure now before him. Watching her hair, swirling around her body thin black whips, creating red lines where they hit his tendering flesh. She smiled as his skin grew paler, smoother. Let out a laugh when she saw his once broad chest, replaced with two pert breasts. Raiths face went pale, when he heard her, his body struggling, now, not to press into her, but to leave her. With a mournful cry the witch drew herself out of him, placing her hands on his supple breasts, glowing with infused power, and entered his new and no longer virgin hole.

This first time she entered, his body went stiff, her hands froze, shrinking his still glowing breasts. His pale brown eyes went wide, and his head rolled back shocked by the new feelings. The sky clapped with thunder.

The second time she entered, his body crunched forward, straining with all his might to move away, grinding his pearly hips into the dark earth. Flinching as little snaps of lightning played across her spread fingers. The whirlwind surrounding them heightened, the leaves swirled, crashing into one another, shredded by her every spinning hair. Her born eyes blackened, infused with a fiery glow, and she let out a pierce shriek, causing the man beneath her to howl soundlessly with fear.

The third time she entered, her body coursed with flames, running down her arms, over her hands, and encircling his white breasts. Her own breasts were highlighted with a deep red flame, showcasing them against a deadly background. The skin around his breasts cracked, by the heat, smoke rising from the charred flesh, intensifying the mortification he already felt, and caused him to whimper now in protest.

Again and again she thrust himself against her, with each thrust the air grew more tense and the whirlwind surrounded them both grew more chaotic, leaves off all kind were swirling around them now, branches too, with arks of lighting piercing between objects, causing them to burst into a ball of flame. Only for them to fall again, frozen, and back into the violent storm, small daggers of ice. Her hair swirled around, those ebony whips, lashing his skin, cutting through branches as if they were paper. Wherever her hands ran over his body, they expelled unfelt sensations, bruising, charring, and freezing the skin beneath them. Each time she entered him his breasts glowed brighter, the feelings inside him more horrific, and his mind reduced to quiet whimpers. At last the air itself could take no more abuse, charged with her magic each particle shocking the next.

With her last thrust, she buried her hips into his, and the air around them, seemed to explode, bursts of blacks and reds, speckles of blues, shadowed by a waterfall of green flowing around them, swirling and dancing. Each pulse of her member set a new tempo to this display, the colors spun around in new directions, lightning with energy. Her hands, seethed with energy, drawing their energy from his illuminated breasts, causing his body to arch with the stress.

At last she withdrew, the enchantments dying down, and kissed his charred chest, releasing the last bit of energy stored up, causing comforting dark to envelope his charged mind. She watched him lay there, his shape slowly returning and the skin healing.

Raith felt her leave, heard the rustle of her black grown, and thought about how it looked, offsetting her pale skin, and the problems it had caused him. "It'll grow back, you know. Give it a couple weeks, if you don't have sex." He heard her say, her voice growing distant, and his own world growing darker, colder, and black.

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