tagLoving WivesRandi's List

Randi's List

byJust Plain Bob©

Note: If you hate cream pie stories you had better give this one a pass.


You live in a place all your life, you know everyone in town and you think that you know all that goes on. That's what I thought and I couldn't have been more wrong.

I eat breakfast at the same restaurant almost every morning and I have been doing it for the last ten years. I knew the owner and I had even dated her daughter when I was in high school. I knew all the waitresses and had grown up and gone to school with most of them. Being single, at least since my wife ran off with a truck driver, I spent a lot of time flirting with most of them. It was all good natured fun since all of them were married and I knew their husbands, most of whom either worked with me at the box factory, bowled in the same leagues that I did or played City League softball with or against me. Like I said, a small town where everybody knows everybody else.

There was one waitress in particular that I had a thing going with. Randi and I had gone to high school together and we had gone steady for almost a year. The relationship had gotten a little hot there for a while and many are the times that the windows of my car had fogged up when we were at the drive-in movies. Randi had been determined at the time to hold on to her virginity, but I did get her bra off more than once and spent a lot of time licking and sucking on her tits. I managed to get a few fingers in her cunt on several occasions and she had given me a hand job. Before I could take things any farther teen-age type kid shit got in the way and we split up. Before we could put things back together I graduated, did three years in the Army and when I came home I got married, got a job at the box factory and settled down to begin my life as a responsible adult. Then the bitch that I was married to split and I had to rearrange my life around my new single life style.

The major change was breakfast. I worked the graveyard shift and when I was married I would come home and my wife would have breakfast ready for me. After she split I didn't feel like cooking for just myself so I started stopping at the café for my morning meal. The first morning I stopped there I was sitting in a booth with my head stuck into the menu when a voice said, "Today's specials are two eggs, corned beef hash and toast for $5.95 or a look at my tits for a yet to be determined sum." I looked up and saw that it was Randi. She smiled down at me, "How's it going Slick (Slick was my nickname in high school), getting any lately?"

We made some small talk and then she got out her pad and pencil, "What's it going to be Slick?"

"I don't like corned beef hash and I've already seen your tits so give me two eggs over easy, hash browns and wheat toast."

And that's how it started. From then on every morning that I would stop Randi would have some smart remark for me and I'd give her one back. Then the other girls picked up on it and before long I was kidding and flirting with all of them. It was mostly the kind of stuff that both sides knew never had a prayer of happening like the morning Lucy said, "What's it going to be this morning lover?"

"I'd like of double order of you Lucy, to go."

"Never know lover, if my hubby gets called up for this Iraq business I might need some company while he's gone."

No chance of that ever happening because Bob didn't belong to the Guard or the Reserves and the draft hasn't been re-instituted. With Randi though it was always a little raunchier, but just as unlikely. I guess you can be a little freer with some one who has had your cock in her hand and who has had her tits in your mouth. With Randi it would be, "Hey Slick, where were you yesterday when I could have used you. My car wouldn't start after work and I had to wait almost an hour and a half for Harry to come and take care of the problem. We could have sat in your car while I waited and steamed up your windows just like we used to do at the drive-in. Remember that?"

I lifted my hand to my nose and sniffed it, "I haven't washed this hand since that night - don't want to lose the smell."

The good natured give and take when on for years and then one morning while Randi stood there, pencil poised to take my order she said, "What would you like today?"

"You naked and spread out on my bed."

"You got it Slick. I get off at three. Meet me behind the Post Office. You are going to need your energy so I would suggest the steak and eggs."

I watched her walk to the kitchen with my order and wondered what in the hell had just happened. When I was done eating and was at the register paying Randi said, "Three o'clock Slick. Don't be late because time and Randi wait for no man."

I was sure that my leg was being pulled, but that didn't keep me from being behind the Post Office at two forty-five. At three minutes after three Randi's red Mustang pulled up and parked next to me. She got in my car and slid over next to me and put her hand on the lump in my pants. "Drive Slick, we only have four hours so let's not waste them." Randi had my cock out of my pants before we were out of the parking lot and before we had gone a block she asked, "Anybody behind us?" I looked in the rear view and told her nobody was there and she went down on me. I was loving it, but I was also nervous as hell hoping that no one in a truck would pull up beside us and look down and see what was going on.

I managed to get us to my house, hit the garage door opener and get inside without Randi being seen. Randi had me ready to cum by then and I told her and suggested we get into the bedroom to finish. She ignored me and kept sucking until I cut loose ten months worth of stored up cum then she gulped it all down. She kept sucking on me until I went soft and then she sat up. "Needed to get the first one out of the way Slick. I don't like quick fucks."

Over the next three hours Randi showed me why it had been a mistake to break up with her. She fucked me and sucked me until I couldn't get it up any more and then she said, "Now I get mine baby." She laid back, spread her legs, "Eat me baby. Clean me out good. You can't send me home to Harry full of your stuff. If he wants to fuck me when he gets home he'll know in a heartbeat what I've been up to."

I had pumped four loads into her and I wasn't all that keen on going down on her and pushing my face into that mess, but I knew that if I didn't I could kiss off any chance of her ever being in my bed again. It took some will power, but I forced myself and even though it was somewhat distasteful I managed to do a good enough job that I gave her an orgasm.

"Sweet suffering Jesus Slick. If I'd have known you could do that I would never have broken up with you."

"It had an effect on me too" and I pointed at my newly risen cock, "Have we got time?"

"I'm sorry Slick, I really am, but I have to beat Harry home."

On the way to the Post Office to pick up her car I asked her what happened, "Why now after all these years?"

"Harry pissed me off Slick and it isn't nice to piss off Randi. Harry is going to visit his sister over the weekend. I can't go with him because I have to work Saturday. He will be gone from six on Friday until about five on Sunday. You have any plans for the weekend?"


It was a weekend that I will remember for the rest of my life. Between Friday night and Sunday afternoon I came so many times that by the time Randi left me to go home my cock hurt. Randi loved anal sex and it was my first time up the dirt road. Randi liked to experiment and if there was a position that two people could use she wanted to try it. There were times I felt like a pretzel and it's a good thing that I didn't have a chandelier or we would have been swinging from it. No matter what else we did one thing was always paramount with Randi - I could never cum in her more than twice in a row without her having me go down on her and eating the cream pie. The more I did it the more I learned to like it and at least two out of every three times I did it I gave Randi an orgasm. I didn't know it at the time, but that little talent moved me to the head of a list that I didn't even know existed.


I found out about the list on Tuesday. I was eating my breakfast and reading the morning paper when Jeff slid into the booth across from me. Jeff and I played on the same softball team with me and I had known him since third grade.

"Good morning Slick and welcome to the club."

"What club is that?"

"The Harry Pissed Me Off Club."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"What it means Slick is that you have just joined an exclusive club. It only has five members and one them, Steve, just took a job out of town and you got picked to take his place. Harry manages to piss Brandi off at least once a week and when he does she calls on a member of the club to help her get even. She usually follows a rotation. This time it was Steve's turn but he was packing to leave and so you got lucky."

"Is this common knowledge? Does everyone know? I mean how did you know and why are we talking?"

"I was appointed by Brandi to fill you in on things. The first and most important rule is that you tell no one. Absolutely no one except Brandi and her chosen few are ever to know. If the word gets out she cuts all of us off. Secondly, you wait for Brandi to call you. When she first started doing this the guy she picked got too fucking possessive and became a nuisance that she had to tolerate until she could get rid of him. Since then she has made it a rule - she calls the shots and you wait until you hear from her."

"Why five? Doesn't more mean more chance of some body finding out?"

"She feels that five is the number that she can control. It insures that some one will always be available when she wants some one and that it will spread things out enough that there won't be any emotional entanglements."

"How in the hell does she hide it from Harry?"

"That's what Harry does that pisses her off - he doesn't care enough about her to even pay attention."

"Why, is he stupid? She is the most fantastic piece of ass that I've ever had."

"No, he isn't stupid, he's gay. Well no, not really. He is bisexual, but he leans more to men than women. Anyway, with five of us it usually works out that we each see Brandi once a month."

"You mean I have to wait a month to see her again?"

"Yeah, unless she does a gangbang, but that usually only happens two or three times a year."


The next morning at the café when Randi handed me the check she said, "Post Office at three Slick. Don't make me wait." When she got in my car she saw the curious look on my face, "What's the matter Slick, don't want me here?"

"No, I'm just surprised. After you sent Jeff to have a talk with me I didn't expect to see you again for another month."

"Yeah, well, you're new Slick. I want to break you in right."

She broke me all right. Four hours later as she was slipping back into her jeans I was lying on the bed a quivering wreck. She had fucked me five times, sucked my cock in between each bout and had me go down for the cream pie three times. She looked down on me and said, "You got a girlfriend Slick? Anybody who comes by from time to time?"


"You need to give me a key then so we don't have to waste a lot of time on running me back to my car."

The next day I swung by the café at lunchtime and gave Randi a key and a garage door opener so she wouldn't have to leave her Mustang parked out on the street. "Thanks Slick. I like a man who thinks ahead."

Usually I go home and go to bed after I stop for breakfast and then get up around three and do work around the house. But since I had been up until noon that day getting Randi her key I was in bed asleep when a noise woke me up. It was the garage door opener running and I looked over at the bedside clock and saw that it was six minutes after three. Two minutes later Randi walked into the bedroom and saw me lying on the bed.

"In bed and waiting for me. You have ESP Slick? Did you know I was coming?"

Even when I was a newly wed and the wife and I fucked like sex crazed rabbits we never had as much sex as Randi and I had. She started out by climbing on top of me, sitting down on my hard on and riding me until I came. Then I had to eat her pussy while she sucked me hard again. I fucked her in her ass and then she washed my cock and sucked my cock some more. I fucked her three more times in her pussy, eating the cream pie after each one, and then in the ass once more before it was time for her to go. That was a total of twelve times that I had cum in her in twenty-eight hours!

As Randi dressed she looked down at me lying on the bed, "You need a day or two to rest up Slick? You are no good to me dead."

To tell the truth I did need some time to recover. One more day like the last two could very well be the death of me, but my ego wouldn't let me say that.

"I'll eat a can of spinach sweetie. It works for Popeye so it should work for me."

"Yeah, right. I know the signs Slick and you need some time off."


The next morning at breakfast Randi wasn't the waitress assigned to my section and Lucy came to the booth to get my order. "What will it be this morning lover?"

"You Lucy, I want you wrapped up for take out."

"You know the old saying lover, want in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills up first. But keep trying lover, I'm wearing my old man out. He just might need some help one of these days."

It was two days before Randi worked the no smoking section again and she greeted me with, "Getting tired of me Slick? Want to get rid of me?"

"Good Lord no. Why would you think that?"

"You must have said something to Lucy because she's talking like she's interested."

"I don't think so. We just flirt."

"A woman can tell about these things Slick. If you worked on it she'd be in your bed by this time next week and that would upset me Slick. You healed yet?"

"Nothing wrong with me sweetie, I ate my spinach."

"I'll find out tonight Slick. If you are asleep I'll get you up and yes, the pun was intended."

I saw Randi for the next five nights in a row and the sex was intense.

That Friday at breakfast Jeff and Mike slid into the booth across from me. We said our 'good mornings'; they ordered coffee and after Lucy had poured and walked away Jeff said, "What are you doing to us Slick?"

"What do you mean?"

"You're fucking up the rotation. Randi hasn't been with anyone but you since you started."

"Hey, don't come to me with your problem. You're the one that sat across from me in this very booth and told me that Randi calls the shots. If you have a problem with what's going on you need to take it up with her, not me. I'm no different than you - when she calls, I come."

That afternoon I was in bed sleeping and Randi came in and woke me up with a blow job. We engaged in the usual energetic and intense sex and when we were done and she was dressing I told her about my visit from Jeff and Mike. She pursed her lips and stood looking at the wall for a second or two and then she said, "I guess I have been neglecting them in favor of you, but damn Slick, you do something for me that none of the others has ever done. You have a golden mouth baby. You are the only man who has ever been willing to eat me when I'm full of cum and you are the only man who has ever given me an orgasm by eating me. But I guess fair is fair." She was quiet for a bit with a thoughtful look on her face and then, "Ever been to a gangbang Slick?"


It was held at Jeff's place and I had never in my entire life seen anything like it. Five guys and Randi and she destroyed us all. I began to wonder if maybe Harry switched to men because he gave up trying to keep up with Randi. First she laid down, spread her legs and took all five of us one right after the other "to get the quick one out of the way." And then she got creative. I had no idea that one women could get into so many different combinations with five men. Two at a time, three at a time, she just kept going until not one of us could get it up again.

As we were leaving Randi asked me if she could come by my place. When we got there she said, "You know what I want baby. Please? Please do it for me?"

I knew what she wanted, but while I didn't mind it when it was only me in her she had the accumulated soup of five guys in her cunt. How could she expect that I would be willing to go down on that mess? And yet here she was practically begging me to eat her pussy. I stood there and looked at her and tried to think of a way to say no and still stay on her list. She saw my hesitation and she knew what was going on in my mind.

"I won't hold it against you baby, but I need it, I really need it."

I looked in her eyes and saw the pleading there and I swallowed my pride, "Okay sweetie, okay. I'll do it for you."

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It didn't taste that much different than when it was just me, but it was the mental thing that kept me from enjoying it as much as I usually did - mentally I was sucking four other cocks by proxy and that was not a thought that I was comfortable with.


Except for at the café I didn't see Randi again for three weeks. Then one Friday I stopped for breakfast and Randi wasn't there and I wondered where she was. She had never missed a days work in all the years she had worked there. I found out when I got home. When the garage door opened I saw Randi's Mustang parked in the second spot. Randi was in my bed and her eyes were all puffy and she looked like she had been crying. When I walked into the bedroom she looked up at me:

"What kind of man are you Slick?"


"Are you the kind of man who just has to fuck a girl if she is in his bed, or can you keep your dick under control and just hold her?"

"I can do whatever I have to sweetie."

"Then get in bed baby and just hold me."

We fell asleep wrapped around each other.

I got the story later that night. Randi loved Harry and she had been fucking other men in a desperate attempt to make him notice her and fight for her, but he just didn't seem to care. Then that morning he told her that he was leaving her and, as if that wasn't bad enough, he was leaving her for another guy. And then, while she tearfully begged him not to do it, he packed his bags and left. I was the only one she could think of to run to.

That was over a year ago. Randi and Harry divorced and that pretty much put an end to the List of Five. After the divorce became final Randi moved in with me and though we haven't talked marriage neither of us seems to be in any hurry to say goodbye to the other. It became obvious early on that Randi was going to fuck me into an early grave so we had to make some adjustments in the relationship to accommodate each other. She did not reinstate the List of Five although all of them do participate in the regular Friday night gangbang. Randi gets enough at that event to take the edge off and I'm able to stay up with her the other six days of the week. I have to perform my cleaning duties after the gangbang (and after every time we fuck) and while I haven't yet learned to love it, I am getting used to it. There is only one small minor problem. After years of teasing Lucy has been making a major play to make me her first extra-marital affair. Randi told me to go ahead and do it - as long as I understand that she will cut my balls off if I do.

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What's Good For The Gander, Should Be Good For The Goose...

..or so I would think. Randi's screwing around on "Slick", so why shouldn't he do the same once in awhile? What's with him eatting her out after a gangbang? Ever hear of STD's, Aids, HIV? Etc........

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