tagGay MaleRandom Connections Ch. 04

Random Connections Ch. 04

byDreams of Desire©

The phone rang:

Frank hit the pause button on the game then, glad of the interruption as his best friend Joe was wiping the floor with him at fifA2005, hit the speaker button on the phone, laughing away his friends protests. Both were soon stunned into silence by the visceral noises that filled the living room.

"What the hell is that?" Joe whispered.

"Hello...er, who's there?" Frank asked, glancing nervously at him.

A guttural moan answered his tentative enquiry and the noises increased in volume.

"Come on man, it's just somebody jerkin' around. Let's finish the game." Urged Joe.

They giggled and Frank was about to comply with his friend when the moan became a groan as the noises increased and decreased in speed.

"It sounds like someone getting fucked to me." Frank replied, finger poised uncertainly over the button. "Listen to that!"

They listened, bug-eyed at the sticky sound of hot sex, until the game became forgotten as their interest grew. "Fancy playing a new game?" Frank asked, rubbing his crotch suggestively.

"Are you crazy?" His friend replied. "Won't your dad be home soon?"

"Don't worry about it. He'll be out getting drunk until the cows go home." Frank said, patting Joe's knee.

They'd enjoyed mutual masturbation before, usually after a few drinks themselves but this time they were cold sober, and Joe looked uncertainly at the hand on his knee. Frank encouraged him by squeezing his thigh while unzipping himself, sitting back to unbutton his jeans and allowing his semi-hard penis room to grow.

Joe licked his lips a the sight of the swelling ebony staff jutting proudly upwards and unzipped himself. "You persuaded me." He said, reclining at the opposite end of the sofa to enable them to get a good view of each other.

Frank grinned and slapped the head of his cock into the palm of his hand. "Like you needed much persuading. Have you been exercising? It looks bigger?"

"No more than usual." He smiled in that lop-sided way that Frank found so endearing. "I'm still six inches and If I keep to my daily routine for ten years it'll never get as big as that beast between your legs!" He looked ruefully at his own phallus which he knew was two inches shorter than his friends, pale as milk in comparison, but just as potent when it came down to it.

They chuckled amiably then concentrated on achieving a full erection to the accompaniment of the rude noises emanating from the speaker.

"Who do you think it is?" Asked Frank, nodding in the direction of the slapping, squishing sound of wet flesh-on-flesh.

"Dunno." Replied Joe. "Maybe it's Coach Jones!"

They laughed to think of their rugby master like that and Frank peeled the skin from the head of his cock like some exotic fruit, stroking the shaft luxuriously as Joe spat in his palm to aid his hand-over-fist action.

"It still looks to me like you got a couple of coconuts hanging down there." Joe smiled, leering at Franks pendulous balls.

"I got plenty o' milk in 'em too. I've not cum all day."

"Well don't blow that stuff everywhere. I've got to clean up you know!"

"No worries, I figured a way out of that. Want to see?"


"Watch this." He said, pulling his jeans free and sitting in a lotus position, elbows braced against his knees, hands behind his head, pulling himself down until his mouth was almost touching the head of his cock. He stuck out his tongue and lapped around the glans, grunting with the effort of contorting his body and the pleasure of tasting the hot, hard meat.

Joe looked on in awe as Frank's head dipped lower, his lips wrapping around the plum head of his glistening cock. "Oh my fucking God!" He whispered, squeezing his own erection.

"Pretty wild huh?" Frank boasted, relaxing back into the soft cushions, stroking his slick shaft that glistened where his lips had been.

"How the fuck did you manage that?"

"I just gave it a try and it worked out. Want to give it a go?"

Joe licked his lips nervously. "I dunno. I never thought about it." He lied, eyeing the thick black serpent cautiously.

"It's real easy man, just lean down and open your mouth."

"How does it taste?"

"Suck it and see!"

They grinned and jerked off together until Joe plucked up courage to lean in, grasp his friends cock and quickly kiss the tip where a dewdrop of clear liquid pooled.

They both gasped.

"Hey! I meant suck your own cock!" Frank cried.

Joe smiled and licked his lips, finding the salty juice not too unappealing. "Oh! Sorry man." He apologised. "But there's no way i can reach mine."

They looked into each others eyes, deliberating whether or not to cross the line of friendship. The sounds of sex seemed to goad them on. Their raging hormones demanded satisfaction and they willingly crossed the line, closing the distance slowly until their lips brushed together, swapping hands and tentative, tender kisses that became passionate as they explored the new world opening up before them.

'Jacking off is one thing. But...' Joe thought. "...Is this gay or what?" He gasped, finishing the thought aloud.

Frank sucked on his friends bottom lip, tasting the faint tang of himself. "So what?" He murmured. "You don't have to suck it if you don't want to, but keep stroking my cock like that. It feels fucking great."

Joe had to admit to himself that it did feel fucking great stroking each other off like this and moaned with approval as their kiss ripened. He'd snogged with a few girls but felt nothing like this before. Their hands wantonly explored each other, teasing an erect nipple, clasping a hard cock, squeezing full, soft sacs of sperm, boiling with vitality, bringing them to a gasping peak of excitement.

"I want to suck you." Frank pleaded, licking a bead of sweat from Joe's flushed face. "Let me suck you off. Come on man. Who's to know?" Before his friend could deny him he ran his tongue down to play with his nipple, pushing him back before carrying on lower, sinuously trailing down the smooth surface until the hot, musky aroma filled his nostrils.

Joe wanted to say something, anything, but couldn't. The erotic sensations welled up as he felt the warm, wet breath washing over his skin, going lower, lower until it caressed his cock and balls. His head was adjacent to the phone and the sounds of sex swept him away as Frank's tongue bathed his swollen shaft until he thought he'd burst with pleasure. He arched his back and groaned deeply, his body taut and tingling. Frank placed a hand on each of his buttocks, holding him up as he set to work on Joe's balls, sucking, licking and kissing them, lovingly caressing him all over before taking a deep breath and plunging onto the stiff shaft, sucking it softly then more urgently as the taste appealed to him. He felt his head being guided deeper onto the hot spike of solid flesh and he opened his mouth wider in response, taking it into his gullet with surprising ease. He choked once as the shaft flexed reflexively and dribbled more spit along it, basting the meat to ease him in further, deeper until, oh yes! All the way to his juicy balls.

"Oh fuck yes!" Joe went a little crazy as he felt himself being swallowed up, looking down at his friends head bobbing up and down he held his thick curly hair and stroked it. None of his girlfriends had done anything like this before. He wanted the feeling to go on and on but knew he wouldn't last much longer if he stayed like this so, regretfully, he tugged upwards to urge his fuck-buddy to stop.

Frank had no intention of stopping now. He could feel the hot juice bubbling up and wanted to taste it so bad, holding his mouth tightly around the swelling nob and sucking harder, moulding the soft flesh of Joe's buttocks in his hands, digging his thumb into the tender pucker of his arse which brought a fresh burst of precum onto his tongue that was swallowed with a happy moan from both of them.

"Oh fuck no!" Joe cried, in complete contradiction to the cry of his body that simply succumbed to the wondrous emotion overflowing him. Franks moan of encouragement vibrated through his cock, triggering an explosive splash of spunk to erupt from his balls. He half expected him to move away but his lips remained locked onto the fountain of flesh despite his bucking body writhing ecstatically in the iron grip of his hands, the thumb digging deep inside his arse, cajoling more spunk than he'd ever blown off before. He took it all, every hot drop bursting into his mouth and sliding down his throat in sticky waves of exuberance until the flow slackened and slowed to a trickle of clear fluid that dripped onto his tongue.

Joe flopped back onto the cushions, gasping for air, drained of energy and emotion. He opened his eyes to see Frank peering shyly upwards. "You like that huh?" He asked, licking his lips. He simply nodded, lost for words, assimilating the experience, looking down at the solid black pole pointing directly at him, enticing him, wanting him, needing his lips, his hands; coming closer, closer, touching his stomach, sliding up and up, around his nipple before moving onwards, upwards, across his chest, becoming more massive as it filled his horizon, the huge head glistening, a deep purple mushroom seeping with lust. The tangy aroma made his mouth water and he opened up slowly as it made its way in, lapping tentatively at the dripping slit then more eagerly as the salty-sweet texture filled his mouth.

"Yeah that's it, just like that." Frank urged, groaning deep in his throat as he watched his cock slide back and forth between his friends lips. It looked like he was eating a chocolate log, inch by inch until his nob popped all the way in. He pumped his hips slowly forward, fucking his mouth gently, feeling his hands reach up to caress his clenching cheeks, stroking along his hairy crack before gripping his balls, squeezing them as he sucked harder. Frank hissed between his teeth and tried to think of something to prevent him cumming but the noises from the phone flooded his mind and he knew he couldn't last long. The hot taste of spunk was fresh on his tongue as he licked his lips and watched him gobble it up, gagging on an inadvertent spurt of cum that heralded the full flow building up a head of steam.

Joe loved this almost as much as getting blown. The fresh, clean taste of the meat filling his mouth made him hornier than ever and he felt himself respond naturally, rising phoenix-like from the ashes of his first fiery eruption of lust. He couldn't tell who was making all the noises now as his head was pushed right back, becoming impaled on the hot, throbbing spike that warned him of the imminent explosion building up as a splash of spunk smeared his tongue. He tried to shake his head in denial but merely accelerated the onrushing flow and realised he was going to get it whether he wanted it or not. He'd licked his own juice up after cumminmg but this was way different. But, as Frank couldn't prevent his passion spilling over, he couldn't deny a certain piquant interest in finding out what it was like. He didn't have to wait much longer. It flowed into his mouth as though his suck-buddy had turned on a tap, pouring in a constant stream of milky goodness that he drank down, gulping the hot load with increasing ardour. He experimentally slid a finger inside as he sucked more meat and gagged on a longer, hotter spurt that almost drowned his senses. It was with regret, rather than relief when Frank pulled out, jerked off a few more drops onto his face and sat back, panting with pleasure, the sound almost drowned out by the sexual crescendo building up on the other end of the phone.

"Christ! You still horny?" Frank gasped, looking at the obvious arousal jutting from Joe's crotch.

He lifted his head and looked down at his cock, stroking it meaningfully. "That wasn't as bad as i thought it would be." He admitted, smiling shyly.

"Hey! My coconuts have tasty milk you know." Frank hefted them up in his hand, jiggling the bulging sacs playfully.

Joe giggled, wriggling closer until his cock rubbed against them, fencing with Franks stiffening tool. "Can you believe that guy is still going at it?" He asked.

"You know Coach, he's got plenty stamina. Have you seen him in the shower? He's packing heat!"

"You don't really think it's him do you?"

"Why not? Anyway, I'm getting off on the idea, so don't spoil my fun." Frank said, laughing at the comical look of surprise on Joe's face.

"But he's married!" He protested, shocked at the idea.

"Have you seen the way he looks around when we shower?

"Well yes, but that don't mean he wants to do anything. Does it?" He concluded.

"Maybe. Maybe not."

The sounds went on as they thought about his well muscled, hairy body, arousing them into a fresh desire to taste each other again. Frank shifted position, laying alongside Joe in a timeless pose to take him into his mouth, moaning as he felt himself taken in the same way, with no more need for words to express their feelings they let their bodies do the talking.

The noises became a sexual symphony, rising in pitch and falling in tone as they took each other with increasing confidence, the aromatic odour of arousal exciting their tongues into a frenzied tempo, licking, lapping at the hot flesh, wet lips blowing a merry tune on each others length, taking as much as they desired.

Joe felt himself lifted and rolled up until he lay astride Franks slick body, still concentrating on eating the fat mushroom head of that big, black cock, stroking it hand over fist, moaning in delight at the sensation of his balls getting sucked then gasping in surprise as he felt his arse getting rudely rimmed.

Neither of them took any notice of the lewd, wet sound bursting from the phone - or the fact that they were being watched.

All Frank could see was the pink pucker of Joe's arse and he set to work on it, literally drooling on it as his tongue delved inside the tight ring, giving him a lip-smacking French kiss while using both hands to part his cheeks to feast on the tender meat, while Joe had his hands, and mouth, too full of hard, hot cock to notice anything else.

Both of them were making too much noise of their own to heed the silent phone - or hear the soft click of the front door opening.

Joe could only hear the beat of his passion for sucking that beautiful cock. He loved the way it throbbed powerfully in his hands as he took it deeper, stretching his lips around the thick bulk of it, wriggling happily on the tongue in his arse, gagging as the hot muscle flexed in his mouth but refusing to relinquish his prize, gobbling greedily at the precum seeping from the slit, sticking the tip of his tongue into it as his hands milked at the full sacs beneath. He jumped as a finger slid into his arse, replacing the tongue which slid delicately along his crack, flicking over his churning balls, seeking his cock, finding it hard and ready to be sucked inside Franks mouth. "Oh fuck!" He groaned as it slid down into the wet heat, sinking inside effortlessly until he could go no further. Another finger slid in-between his pumping cheeks, adding to the delicious sensation of fucking his friends mouth.

Nothing disturbed Franks attention to taking every inch of that cock down his throat. He loved the taste of it, the smell of it and wondered how it would feel, thrusting in his arse. A tentative finger was exploring his hairy crack, driving him crazy with lust. He begged him to push it in but could only give a muffled series of grunts and groans around the full length plunging into his mouth and resorted to his greater strength in lifting Joe up, rolling him over then nimbly switching places, sitting on his face.

Joe soon got into the idea of rimming his best friend. The evening had already gone way beyond anything they'd done before and he couldn't begin to guess how much further it would go - but was ready to give his all. He explored the funky hole tentatively, wriggling around and inside the pert muscle which sucked his tongue deeper and deeper, enticing him into the depths of depravity.

Frank took as much as he could bear before his curiosity and lust got the better of him. He wanted more than a stiff little finger or a hot, wet tongue now. He needed to feel a hard, hot cock. "Do you trust me?" He asked quietly, standing next to Joe's prone body, gleaming with sweat.

"I trust you." He replied, breathing deeply.

"Do you want me to?

Joe knew what he meant and quickly made up his mind. "Yes. I want you too."

"Sit up and face me."

He did so, holding his erection in both hands, offering it up to his lover. The thought that they were becoming lovers didn't worry him at all right then, all he wanted was to please his new found partner. Frank spat mightily onto the proffered tool and gave it a loving suck, drooling more spittle onto the shaft to get it as slick as possible before straddling it, bracing both hands on the back of the sofa and looking into Joe's anxiously expectant face. The tip slid along his crack, skipping across his arsehole, tantalising them both.

"Fuck! Hold it steady." He gasped, rocking back a little to get a better angle, his cock slapping onto Joe's stomach, concentrating too hard on fixing his flesh onto that hot fuck muscle to notice a shadow fall across the open doorway.

"Shouldn't we use something?" Joe worried, feeling the soft heat settling onto his cock.

"So? You done this before?" Frank replied with a wry smile.


"Me neither. Lets do it!" He urged, soothing his fears with a deep kiss that only broke as they came together, groans of frustration becoming gasps of sheer joy as they coupled, becoming intimately aware of each others physical need to get off, with no need for words to express how they felt. Frank gripped the back of the sofa until his knuckles were white with tension, riding on the hot rod pumping deeper and deeper with each stroke, thrusting into his arse with increasing vigour as both found a rhythm to suit their mood.

Joe found himself torn between grabbing the firm, bouncing cheeks to pull his tight hole down harder or gripping the mighty length of black meat slapping on his stomach. Decisions, decisions! He groaned, humping up and up until his balls smacked onto that arse as it rose and fell on his throbbing cock. 'Why not have both?' He thought, straining his neck forward.

Frank felt him shifting forward and looked down, slowing his motion as he realised Joe's intent. His arse had soon become accustomed to the welcome intruder and he sat comfortably upon him while placing a thick cushion behind Joe's head, holding it with one hand to help him reach the tip of his cock. They both gasped as his tongue swiped over the sensitive tip and Frank rode more gently, taking the full length up his tender arsehole, feeding his nob into the waiting mouth. He groaned louder as hands gripped his clenched cheeks, pulling him into the sucking lips moaning around his dripping meat. "FuckmeSuckme!" He chanted, getting into the rhythm of the heat that burned in his sweating body, bumping and grinding onto the rigid shaft with a lusty beat.

Joe knew exactly how he felt and held himself rock steady in the slick chute jumping onto his cock as his hands clasped that bucking arse which fucked him beautifully, enraptured at the sensations swelling through his body, his eyes drinking in the mass of meat fucking his mouth, drops of precum coating his tongue, splashing onto his chest, running down the engorged length to drip steadily off the swinging sacs which smeared the creamy stuff onto the root of his lust.

The shadow crept along the wall unseen as Frank kept his eyes firmly shut, unwilling to break the spell until the magic of the moment exploded inside him. "FUCKMESUCKME" He panted with increasing passion as the moment drew nearer, building into a monumental crescendo that neither would ever forget. Both of them strove to reach the peak together, straining every sinew, muscles pumping, lungs bursting with the extraordinary exertion as they struggled to find enough oxygen to make the final ascent. Joe felt his cock squeezed tighter and tighter until he couldn't contain the firestorm in his boiling balls, blowing a jet of spunk deep inside Frank's arse with a triumphant yell. That brought a stream of thick white juices pouring onto his chest as his fuck-mate joined in the fun, sitting right back onto the stiff rod shooting copiously between his cheeks. A fountain of spunk erupted onto Joe's face and he gasped in wonder at the colossal spurt, shooting another hot bolt of cum into the churning bowels writhing on his lap. He grabbed the black snake spitting so rudely over him and jerked it off, washing his face in hot, sticky spunk, smearing the spurting nob on his lips as it poured forth more of the good stuff until he was liberally coated in layers of hot cream.

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