tagReviews & EssaysRape Fantasies: A Female's Viewpoint

Rape Fantasies: A Female's Viewpoint


A Perspective on Rape

Rape Fantasies: A Female's Viewpoint

Yet again, the week end papers contained several stories where, men, of uncertain age have attacked, assaulted and raped a fellow girl, one was in her late teens, the other an old age pensioner. When we see such headlines, most sensible people will shudder at the news, again a girl, a woman having her body brutalised by some power crazed, male, or even worse a group of males.

We all know, or least has a good idea why men sexually attack girls (and boys). Mostly it is about power one way or another. We all dread the phone call from a friend, with the news that some one we know, are found of; have been assaulted, sexually, be it physically, or through the use of drugs or even both. The other month, after a case in the UK of a drug rape, I did a10-15 minute internet search. By then, I knew which the better brands of drug were, and got as far as entering my credit card details on having some sent to the UK, together with some other drugs... Worryingly simple in this day and age, a world with fewer frontiers, barriers; so much for the internet.

So, if in real life, outside of this cyberspace, we all are scared of rape, appalled when it is carried out. So, why do many online, in Literotica, seem to have fantasies about non consent, being forced up against the wall, clothes ripped away, the man, smelling of stale booze, stale cigarette smoke, biting out necks, forcing their way onto us; into us, fucking us against our will; our consent, raping us? Whilst writing this essay, article, some of the non consent stories were, well very arousing, and many seem to be written by females. Is this a form of being hypocritical?

It is also the act of sodomy, buggery that many imagine, are intrigued by, aroused over. A lot of females, so it seems are scared, of anal sex, or even just anal stimulation in real life. But in the world of cyber space, cyber sex... cyber rape why do many imagine being bent over, being arse fucked, arse raped, buggered by the over powering aggressor, and being forced to succumb to their (the aggressors, and possibly the victim's) wanton desires.

rape - Dictionary one verb: to force someone to have sex when they are unwilling, using violence or threatening behaviour

rape - Dictionary two verb: (of a man) force (another person) to have sexual intercourse with him against their will.

Can a girl rape another girl? This is something that you never seem to read about in the news, see on the media or TV. Certainly according to one online dictionary, it seems to suggest that only males can commit rape.

Four years ago, or so I was starting to become aware of my bi-curiosity again. During which stage, I was in hospital undergoing minor surgery. As a result of that short stay, I dreamt about being raped, but not by a male, that petrifies me, seriously. The dream, or fantasy goes along the lines of the following.

"I wake up; the room is dark, small shadows flicker from the monitoring equipment. I am aware of what is happening, despite my drug induced haze; where I am, but find moving difficult, talking practically impossible. I hear the heart rate monitor increase, together with my brain activity. The specialist Intensive care nurse enters the room, checking me over, having been alerted by the remote sensors. She talks softly, removing the bed covers checking the dressings, all the way talking to me, saying sweet things. Asking if I can't sleep and the like, aware that I am conscious even though unable to reply. This carries on for several minutes... She turns to me, aware that I can see, appreciate what's happening, but unable to respond.

She tells me that she has moments like that, where she can't sleep, and her best cure for insomnia is a good cum. With that, she removes my bed clothes, exposing my night dress, making me feel cold, exposed, slowly it dawns on me, as I become aware that she has hitched up my night dress, feeling the cool air on my thighs; on my mound, feeling open, exposed, vulnerable.

She catches my attention, her eyes staring at me as she slowly unzips her uniform, a wry smile appearing on her face, exposing her shoulders as she slides the uniform onto the floor, standing before me in her lingerie. Black in colour, the cups are sheer, translucent, the outline of her areola clearly visible, as are her nipples, hard, prominent, suddenly looking very dominant; her black sheer thong showing her neatly trimmed mound her legs muscular yet shapely,

My mind a turmoil, scared, thoughts racing through my head, as I realise what she meant, by "cum". I feel her breath on my legs, her lips and she kisses me, caressing her breasts over my body, her mouth kissing, licking my neck, my chin. As her tongue touched my exposed breast, my nipple, I feel revulsion, helplessness but my body rebels, the nipple becoming firm, my nerve endings alive, I squirm, squeal in anger, but unable to resist as she abuses my sexuality. She continues to gently kiss me, licking me rubbing her breasts against my flesh, her fingers finding my mound, invading my inner privacy, my sexuality making me aware of how aroused I was yet so scared, repulsed.

As my body recovers from the intense orgasm, she dresses, asking if that was better, still under the effect of the drugs, I nod, feeling myself become sleepy. I'm almost unaware of her soft kiss before she departs, despite the kiss being soft, long, lingering, her tongue parting my lips albeit briefly. The following morning, I'm unsure if it was a dream, a drug induced dream, or did it happen; did she really take advantage of me? A couple of days later, did I only realise that it was not a dream, as I left, she asked did I have any problems sleeping in my stay, with a knowing smile. I just looked at her, stunned that she has confessed to me, her betrayal of my trust in her. As she took advantaged of my state, unable to defend myself, resist. But I also remember how sensual despite her domination, she had been, and how intense, pleasurable, that orgasm was. A slight smile betrayed my thoughts. "

Now, some four years later, and no longer carrying the status of Bi-curious, I still dream of that dream, fantasy, still wanting something similar to happen in real life, yet it is a form of rape. Now that I am bi-sexual, sometimes I am the victim, but more and more I imagine that I am the aggressor.

However, I never dream, imagining forcing my victim physically using violence. Rather I prefer the mentally, psychological process of "raping" a straight girl using coercion, psychological, black mail methods. But if my behaviour was threatening, then it could still be classed as rape. The scenarios are varied, some are more taboo than others, but they all, unlike male rape, give the victim the opportunity to say no. However by saying no, they will be significantly hindered by their choice. As such it is not rape but, well or is it?

When I was bi-curious, the idea of being forced by another girl was, and still is I suspect a guilt angle. If I was forced to kiss a girl, was forced for her to fuck me, for me to fuck her, it's not my choice that I am well possibly bi-sexual. If she had never forced me, I would still be straight, little miss prim and proper. In the end, I was knowingly, willingly seduced by some one who is 8 years older. We are still friends, and yes we make love from time to time. But I also wonder if I had got picked up by a slightly more assertive bi/gay girl, and was forced, to a point to have sex in the loo cubicle that night; would I have given up being bi curious at that point?

But what I want to meet is some one who was in my position four years ago, and to coerce, psychologically seduce her. As I have already stated, the scenarios are diverse, but each time, the point is that she, the victim has the option of refusing, but well she is using her sexuality, her feminity in order to gain something in her interest, whether it be money, a new position of employment, a dream fitted bedroom, kitchen at a price she can afford.

For many, rape is about power, and I guess that is true for me when I imagine being the aggressor. But power is not necessary about physical power. Mentally based power, mind games should be included. But in addition to the power, I want to spread the word; I guess, kind of a sexual evangelicalist, wanting to spread to others, the soft sensual word, the gospel of girl on girl sex; the soft sensual nature of girl sex.

I asked a friend to read this piece and to make any comments. She's slightly more mature than I. Her thoughts; "of course just about every bi seduction could border on rape in a way especially if the seduced is straight, the nice thing is in almost every case the seducee welcomes the seduction." There is probably some degree of truth in that statement especially when, a bi experienced girl seduces a straight girl, for her first time..

My final point, and one that have hinted at, eluded at is that for many, I think the idea of being raped (or raping) in a fantasy is guilt. By being forced to do something whether it is sex with another, some one else, is that it gives us, online an option of doing something that we should not do, and not feel any guilt. Back to my fantasy, it was a guilt thing that I wanted to be forced to have sex with another girl, to have my decision made up on my behalf. For rape fantasies, it is an escape, without guilt for something that is not totally perfect in the real word, whether it's wanting to have sex with a married man, woman etc etc. It allows us to act out our desires with out guilt, the disgust, the taboo of society on our conscious.

Even multiple rapes, gang rape victims are often a guilt issue, or at least it can be. It allows a girl to act out a fantasy of being used, by a group of individuals, harshly, as sluts with no come back. After all, she was forced.

This brief article is not to defend rape, nor to encourage it especially off line, in the real world of reality. It is an attempt to argue the different view points especially from those on the online, lit circuit. In real life, we are (I hope) repulsed, but online, intrigued. As I have stated, in my mind, rape allows us the opportunity to enjoy something that we, perhaps according to the every day values of modern society, the aspect of rape that some women find appealing is that it takes the guilt away about enjoying what they should not enjoy. If it's forced on them then it's not their fault.

Could I act out my fantasy in real life? I know that I could be assertive enough especially with the right person, in the right situation, and it does appeal my heart misses a beat to even consider it, but also the legal consequences frighten me, if she were to report it later. That is why for many, the thought intrigues us online, but our morale status, our conscious prevents it from going further. Unfortunately, in the lyrics of the Rush song 'Second Nature', "We read about the exceptions in the papers everyday."

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