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Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Rape fantasy First off, let me just say this is a 100% true story. It has taken me almost 2 hours to write down because I keep stopping to jerk off when I remember the sexy parts of what happened to me.

So I've had a rape fantasy for many years, but never found anyone willing to help me with it. I was never upset about that, I can understand that someone doesn't know if it's a setup or what.

I was telling my fantasy to my friend Darel shortly after drinking his cum. "You should post this on craigslist asking for someone to rape you. It's not really rape if you ask for it."

He had a point. I started thinking of ways to do this, and came up with this plan.

I posted an ad on craigslist in Chicago where I was going to be visiting asking for the 'rape'. I got several responses, but only 2 were actually serious. They both sent me photos of there cocks, and the larger of the 2 was the winner.

I told him what hotel I was staying at and the room number. I left the extra key at the front desk for "Mr. Ryan Fortes" and said he could pick it up anytime during the week. I told the hotel manager that I was expecting a visitor so there would be no suspicion.

I told him there were only 3 rules: 1. I must be wearing pantyhose 2. He must be wearing pantyhose 3. No names, no faces, no contact afterwards.

He agreed

Every day when I got done working I would rush back to the hotel, strip to a pair of shinny Peavey high gloss tights with the ass and crotch cut out, and wait for my fantasy to come true. One night went by, then two, then three. I had lost hope and was ready to give up. I thought about calling the front desk to see if the card was picked up, but decided against it. I would find out when I checked out.

On the 4th night I had decided to have a glass of wine or 2 while waiting. As usual 2 turned into the whole bottle, and I fell asleep on the bed, unsatisfied.

At almost 2am I woke up because I felt like I couldn't breathe. My head was pounding and I felt something was wrong.

The next thing I know a well lubed 8" cock was pushing VERY hard on my asshole.

I freaked out, still groggy from the wine. I started to yell but a strong hand put something in my mouth and held it there. Just about then the head of his delicious cock popped inside me. There was a flash of intense heat as he first violated me. I started to yell again, but whatever was in my mouth went a little deeper and dulled my yell to a whimper. The pain was intense at first but whatever was in my mouth was keeping me silent.

He took his time but managed to get his entire rock-hard 8 inches balls-deep into me! Every time I tried to yell whatever was in my mouth would go a little deeper, a little more, a little more. I decided to try to ignore the pain for as long as I could...

He leaned over and whispered in my ear "You're a pathetic little cum dump whore and I'm going to rape you until I'm done".

Just then it clicked. My fantasy was coming true! OMFG! He yanked his cock out of my ass and I gasped, and he shoved the thing in my mouth hard. I then realized he was gagging me with one of my own dildos! I was being double-ended by an unknown rapist!

He shoved his cock back into me, not stopping at all this time. I gasped and choked and I was in slut heaven!

He let go of the dildo in my mouth, and I assume it was because he knew I wouldn't complain anymore. Then he started fucking me with the kind if power and passion reserved only for grudge fucked prison bitches.It was amazing! He fucked me for what was almost an hour, stopping when he was about to cum, and starting again when his orgasm had backed off.

I was in heaven! I could hear the sound of our pantyhose rubbing together and that made it so much hotter! He was grunting while fucking me and I had long since lost the dildo in my throat. I was gasping and moaning and yelling "Please stop! Please don't cum in me! I swear I won't tell anyone!" to make my rape that much better.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore. He shoved his cock hard into me, balls deep, and dug his fingers into my hips. He grunted and groaned and pumped a massive load of cum deep DEEP into me! I loved it so much that my cock exploded hard in between me, my pantyhose, and the sheets.

It was intense. It was sloppy. It was slutty. And it was all mine!

He yanked his still-hard cock out of me which made me jump.

I stayed on the bed, face down, enjoying the feeling.

I heard the door close a couple of minutes later, and went to see where he had gone. All I found was a pair of Leggs Sheer Energy pantyhose with a hole in the crotch and a note taped to the room key. All the note said was "You're a filthy cum dumpster. Call me when you're back in town."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/10/19

Did it hurt?

I’ve been wondering about rape fantasy for a year or so now but I’m to scared. Got any tips?

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by Anonymous02/06/19


Something like this would have to be planned out. And finding the "right" guy would be difficult. I did something very similar to yours. Met a guy dressed in hose and bra, I was also dressed in hosemore...

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by zazrix910/18/18


butt it's not like rape in your hotel room. Try the hallway, the stairwell, the lobby washroom, the bar, outside behind the hotel, Wherever it is he should leave you tied up naked except for a collar andmore...

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by JackieNylon09/29/18

Love that you made him wear hosiery as well. Nothing like getting pounded in a pair of hose. Yet at the same time, there is nothing like fucking a woman while she and I are wearing pantyhose as well!more...

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by Riki194209/20/18

My Fantasy

I Have had a couple of long term Buddies that I trusted and, once we started doing it bareback, they always gave me their load deep inside me. I still do it with one of them. Sometimes we wear pantyhosemore...

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