Rape Fantasy


“Aaaagh” she cried. “Yes, rape me! I want to be raped by all of you! I’ll do anything you want.”

After throwing a large cushion on the floor, Bruce untied her swollen tits, All 3 men took turns alternately sucking and biting her nipples. They were so sensitive now, that each time they would bite her nipples, it caused her to cry out. If anything, that drove all 3 men on. Steve released her hands from the cuffs. Then he said, “All right you white whore, on your knees bitch! Start sucking my black cock slut, and I want to hear you moaning and wet sucking sounds whore!” She immediately grabbed his huge cock and began to suck on it like the cock craving whore she now was. He grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her mouth. The other 2 men pulled her arms back and placed her hands on their rock hard cocks. She soon found a rhythm of stroking their cocks as Steve was raping her mouth. He pulled his glistening cock out of her mouth making an audible wet sucking noise. He stepped over to the cushion on the floor and lay on his back. “Get over here slave. I’m gonna rape that white pussy.” She eagerly straddled him and began to sink to her knees. She needed cock, and now. But he only let her get her pusy lips over his huge cock before he grabbed her tiny waist and stopped her. She whimpered and strained to insert his cock. “Beg me bitch! Tell me how bad you want my big black cock in your cunt!”

“Oh please fuck me! I need you inside me. I want to be your white bitch. I want you to rape me!” In one motion, he lifted her slightly, and moved her directly over his cock. Then, he slammed the entire length of it into her at once, driving in all the way to the base of his shaft. She threw her head back and screamed. “It’s too big, I can’t take all of it!”

“Good bitch, I want it to hurt. I’m gonna tear up that white pussy with this big nigger dick. Scream you fucking whore!” As she opened her mouth to scream again, Terry grabbed her head, pulled it forward, and began to fuck her face. The cock in her mouth muffled her screams as Steve kept ramming his cock into her throbbing pussy. Just when she started relaxing on Steve’s huge cock, she felt Bruce’s cock pushing into her tight ass. This drove her over the edge. As Bruce drove the full length of his cock up her ass, she began to cum. She had never had an orgasm like this. Her whole body was quivering. The orgasm traveled up and down her entire body in waves of pleasure. She was now enjoying the huge black cock that was trying to split her in half with its violent thrusts. All three men were pulling her hair, squeezing her tits and nipples, and calling her a whore, nasty slut, cock sucking whore, tramp, and anything else that came to their now sex-crazed minds. Then they switched places. Terry was now on the floor, and Bruce in front of her. She began to whimper, realizing that Steve was about to fuck her in the ass. Steve pulled her head back by her hair, and shoved his long tongue down her throat until she felt she would gag.

“Bitch, I’m going to fuck that tight white ass of yours so hard, you won’t want me to stop. I’m going to make you my white whore, and you’ll be begging me to come over all the time and fuck your ass.” She felt the massive head of his cock pushing against her asshole. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out, as he slowly pushed all his thick 9” cock into her wet and stretched asshole. As he began to pound harder and harder, she began another violent orgasm. It was then that all 3 men began to fill every hole of her voluptuous body with hot, thick, cum. They rolled her over on her back and drained the rest of their cum all over her as she lay their writhing and moaning. She began to rub the sticky cum all over her.

“That’s how a whore is raped bitch!” Bruce said.

She looked up at them, and said, “I want more. I want 5 cocks to rape me.”

“I think that can be arranged, slut”, said her husband.

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