Raping Karen


Part 1

"I want you to rape me."

My eyes lifted from the report in my hands and met hers. Her deep brown eyes were wide with fear, and her hands trembled. I'd seen that look before. It was the same look she had the first time she confessed her darkest fantasies to me two years ago. The images that she held in her head, that turned her on so much, were dark and detailed. It was a thrill for me to hear her express them, to watch her blossom in the environment that I gave her, where she was free. Free of judgment, of shame, free of all the reactions that she got from any man she'd dare tell before.

I smirked. "Alright."

"No... not... role-playing, like we always do. I mean for real. I want you really do it." Her chest heaved gently with her heavy breathing. I knew why. She was so scared of how I might react to her request. Scared that I would think she was sick. That I would hate her for wanting it.

I watched her eyes as they searched back and forth between mine, waiting for a response. I knew to think this through. If I really did this to her, to a girl a cared deeply about, and it really damaged her... "You understand, that once this starts, you won't be able to stop it. Not even if you change your mind."

Her body relaxed with relief. "I know. That's... that's what I want."

I took a deep breath and sighed. "Alright. Here's how it's going to go. I'm going to get up, right now, and I'm going to leave. Someone else, a stranger, someone you've never met, is going to come into the room. He's going to do what he wants, and then he's going to leave. You will never see that person again. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I understand."


I got up from the couch, walked out the door and shut it behind me. I took a deep breath. Handcuffs... I need handcuffs. My crash bag is in the car. I walk slowly, thinking out the details of what I'm about to do. I step into the mindframe of someone else... someone angry, cold, with no care for what happens. I unlock the car and retrieve my handcuffs, glancing quickly to see if I should grab anything else. By the time I get back to her apartment door, I'm a different person. My hand touches the doorknob and it starts to turn.

Part 2

I slowly opened the door and stepped inside. She must have gone into the bedroom. I walked slowly and saw the bedroom light on with the door ajar. I looked inside and spotted her, sitting in front of her mirror fixing her makeup, as if she was getting ready to go out. Her soft, straight, brown hair dangled gently over her shoulders and this cute little tank top she wore. Looks like she's nearly finished.

I push the door open and step quickly inside, slamming it behind me and throwing the light switch off at the same time. She jumped and spun around, her hand on her chest in surprise. I don't waste a moment, in less than a second I've crossed the room, grabbed her by the hair and ripped her out of the chair. I throw her backwards onto the bed and she begins shrieking, "No! STOP!" and tries to push me off of her. I laugh as her petite arms hopelessly try to fight me. I grab one wrist and twist it, turning her over and grabbing the other, and then snap the handcuffs onto her faster than she can blink. I turn her back over and take a moment to enjoy the way the her breasts bulge out with her arms restrained behind her back like that. Then I grab her shirt, close to the neck with both hands, and violently rip it open, exposing a sexy lace bra covering her soft breasts. She squirms and shrieks, and tries to fight me with her legs, but she's just tiring herself out.


I stop and look at her with a confused look. "Who's Clay?" Her eyes widen as she realizes that I'm not kidding. She mouths the word "no" and shakes her head slowly as she begins to cry. I unbutton the top button on her jeans, and then grasping them with both hands I tear them open as hard as I can. The jeans don't rip easily, but a tear forms from the crotch down one leg, revealing a sexy pair of matching panties. "Oh, you're just a dirty slut, aren't you? You wanted someone to see these, didn't you? Didn't you? Well now you're getting exactly what you wanted."

I viciously pull her jeans down and start uncovering her legs, and she starts sobbing uncontrollably as exhaustion sets in from fighting me so hard and being unable to stop me. I pull the one of the legs off and throw the ruined pants over the bed, one leg still hanging off her ankle. That's all I'll need to rape that sweet pussy of hers. She continues to cry and begs me to stop... at this point I'm worried someone will come by and hear her, so I need to find a solution quick. My eyes settle on her panties. Perfect. I grab them and rip them off her body easily, and then ball them up, making sure that the part that was against her pussy the whole day will be against her tongue, and shove them into her mouth. She struggles at first, but I stuff them the rest of the way in and it muffles the shrieking and crying coming from her. Now I can take my time and enjoy myself.

My hands start traveling up and down her body, molesting her most private places , squeezing her sexy tits through her bra. She needs to be naked. I rip the bra in half down the middle, exposing her hard nipples. I stand up and start to undress. She's looking away from me now, staring at the wall, pinning her knees together. I walk around the bed and pull my hard cock out in front of her. "Take a good look at this. This is what I'm about to rape you with." Her crying increases and she tries to squirm away from me, but her time is up. I grab her legs and yank her towards me, forcing her knees apart and spreading that little little pussy open. I chuckle to myself as I note that's so wet that she's leaking on the bed covers.

I grab her by the neck to gain better control and position the tip of my cock right at the opening of her pussy. She really starts fighting me hard now, kicking and screaming as best she can through the dirty panties in her mouth, and then, in one long moment I force my cock deep up inside. A high-pitched shriek escapes her mouth and she keeps trying to say something. Please stop doing this, maybe? The tears have been mixing with her fresh eyeliner and it runs down her cheeks and the sides of her face, and I rhythmically thrust my dick deep inside, trying to get deeper and deeper each time, raping her pussy hard and with lots of force. She stops fighting me as there isn't much point anymore, and her breathing gets deeper, the tears have stopped now. Suddenly her eyes start rolling back into her head, her legs spread as wide as they can, her midsection tightens, and a long muffled scream comes out of her mouth. Her body spasms violently for what seems like forever, and then she collapses and stops moving.

I laugh, slowly and evilly. "What was that, huh? You body betrayed you, didn't it?" I put my mouth close to her ear and my voice becomes a whisper. "I can do whatever I want to you and there's not a thing you can do about it." Her eyes close and a tear runs down her cheek. I slide my cock out of her dripping pussy. It's time for something else.

Part 3

I look down at my hard, throbbing dick and notice it's covered with a thin, white mucous. "You really made a mess on my cock, didn't you? I think you better clean this up." She knows exactly what I mean, and she turns her head away from me as a long moan comes out of her. I grab her violently by the hair and drag her off the bed and onto her knees. I reach into her mouth and pull the soaked panties out of her mouth, she cries out and gasps with several deep breaths, then slams her mouth shut and turns her head away. "Open your mouth." She refuses, so I grab her tightly by the hair with one hand, and with the other I pinch her jaw with my fingers. She moans in pain and submits, opening her mouth just enough for me to shove my cock into it. She looks up at me with hatred in her eyes as that cock covered with her pussy slides deep into her mouth. She's not going to suck it willingly for me, but she's smart enough not to try anything stupid as well, so she keeps her mouth wide open as I rape it. Each time I thrust my cock in, the tip hits the back of her throat, and she gags and her body convulses slightly. I don't need her puking on my dick so I enjoy her gagging carefully.

"It looks like I've got one more hole to rape you in." Her eyes widen and she shakes her head back and forth as my cock rides along in her mouth. Suddenly her lips tighten around me and her tongue starts stroking my cock nice and hard, she's sucking me as much as she can. "Ooooh... I see. You think you can suck me off now so I don't rape you in the ass?" I pull out of her mouth and take a step back. She swallows briefly and then opens her mouth again right away, squirming forward as eagerly as she can to get my cock back in her mouth. I can't help but let her have it and let out an evil laugh. I let her suck it for another minute and then step back again. Again she moves forward and anxiously takes it back in her mouth, sucking it hard and fast. I'm not going be able to last long at this rate. I pull out of her mouth one last time. "Nice try, slut, but you're still going to give me your ass. And that means your panties are going back into your mouth." The tears start again and she pleads with me not to do it, but I stuff them in her mouth and throw her back onto the bed face-down. I climb on top of her as she tightens her ass cheeks and presses her thighs together. I wrap my ankles between her shins and force her legs apart, grab her hair with one hand, and with the other I guide my cock to her asshole.

Thankfully she had gotten my cock very wet, not to mention all of the pre-cum that was oozing out, so I pressed the tip of my dick into the opening and started thrusting slow and hard, a little at time. She wasn't fighting me anymore, probably afraid to hurt herself further, but the screaming was loud even through the gag in her mouth. I reached around and clamped my hand over her mouth so the only screams that could be heard would have to come through her nose. Finally her asshole opened up and I forced myself up inside her. She starts sobbing uncontrollably again, and I can feel her tears running down my hand as I thrust in and out of her tight ass and make her take it as deep as possible. I can feel the pressure building now and I haven't got much time. "You want me to take that out of your ass?" She nods, so I pull out and yank her back off the bed and onto her knees in front of me again. I pull the panties out of her mouth and before she can protest I force my cock into her mouth one final time. She turns her head and tries to get away from it but I grab her head with both hands and force her to stay still while I fuck her mouth. I thrust in deep and a huge load of hot cum blows into the back of her throat, making her gag and choke. I keep coming and coming in her mouth until she's got a big mouthful of it, then slide my cock out and slap my hand over her mouth. "Swallow it." She squeezes her eyes shut and makes a face, trying to get away. "SWALLOW IT." She gags twice and then forces it down. I make her open her mouth to make sure, and then I squeeze the rest of the cum out of my dick and onto her lips and tongue. She collapses back and uses her legs to push herself into the corner of her room, and turns toward the wall. I quickly get dressed, walk over to her and remove the handcuffs, and head for the door without a word. As I look back I see her curled up in the fetal position with her hands over her face.

Part 4

I open the door to Karen's apartment and look inside. She must be in the bedroom. I step through the bedroom door and spot her, naked and crumpled up in the corner, sobbing softly. She's covered with sweat, tears, cum, and other fluids and her clothing is torn and laying about the room. I rush to her side. "Karen? Karen? Who did this to you?" She turns toward me, shaking, her smeared makeup running down her face. "I... I don't know."

"It's okay baby, I'm here. This wasn't your fault. You're safe now, I'm right here. I've got you." She climbs into my arms and I hold her tight, she presses her face into my neck and sobs gently. I pick her up in my arms and carefully carry her to the bathtub and turn the warm water on. I get in with her and slowly, carefully wash her body from head to toe, kissing her softly all over.


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