Her name is Aria. We have been friends for quite some time now. Both of us are married we both have kids and live a pretty ordinary mundane life. My curiosity on this subject came shortly after my 30th birthday. I have kissed a woman before but never anything more. This is what took place...........

We stared at each other eye to eye naked our bodies almost touching. We ran our fingers up and down softly gently across each part of our naked flesh exploring. I began to get goose bumps and chills ran up my spine. Her touch was warm and silky like a satin glove gliding across my skin.

I leaned in closer so that our nipples both hard and erect barely were touching, sending shock waves of pleasure immediately to my throbbing clit. I brush my face and hair in the nape of her neck lick and kiss softly gently, letting my hot breath linger on the sensitive areas. She began to moan softly.

Then I glide my lips across hers my tongue slowly tracing their full poutiness. Suddenly she penetrated me with her tongue, warm soft sweet slowly sensuously gliding around my mouth, exploring every area deeply carefully.

Waves of ecstasy begin building in the pit of my stomach and my clit is hard and throbbing aching. I feel the warm silky sweetness slipping between my pussy lips, and I long to be one with her. We move to the bed and lie down with each other slowly watching, touching, and completely lost in discovering each other, a woman's body for the first time.

We begin to kiss passionately deeply my head swimming the room spinning from the pleasure and the ecstasy of the moment, we become lost in it. My fingers roaming closer and closer to her swollen wet slit. I am hesitant not exactly sure what to do but I know what feels good to me. One hand is on her ass one hand between her lips sliding my fingers up and down her wetness pausing to put pressure on her throbbing clit. She begins moving her hips rocking them slowly holding my body tightly to hers as the waves of pleasure build within her.

Slowly I insert one finger then two still keeping pressure on her throbbing clit with my thumb. She begins to wiggle her hips back and forth faster and faster on my fingers. The walls of her pussy so soft and warm her slippery wetness covering my fingers. I kiss lick and suck her breast and nipples, her neck. She moves her body in time with every thrust of my fingers until I feel her explode and release. Her body and mind crying out with pleasure from the orgasm she just had. At the same time I feel the waves of ecstasy rippling from the pit of my tummy building to a peak and they wash over me as I cum getting off completely from her pleasure alone.

What is happening? I am so confused but I want this more than ever. She slowly begins to make her way down my body. Kissing licking rubbing caressing me in all the right places sending chills up my spine with every inch of flesh she covers. Her tongue licking nibbling at my hard nipples piercing my body with pleasure as I feel it burn between my legs and I long to be satisfied again.

Carefully she licks the inside of each of my thighs slowly methodically working her way up to my swollen slit, kneading my full soft breasts in her hands pinching and rolling my nipples around between her fingertips. Then I feel her warm sweet tongue gently run down the length of my wet dripping sex. I close my eyes and throw my head back moaning with pleasure. I grab her head and wrap my legs around the upper part of her body pushing my hot aching sex closer to her face burying her in it.

She begins to lap and lick at my clit slowly methodically teasing me driving me insane. I feel the waves building fiercely again in the pit of my stomach. I begin to rock my hips back and forth slowly while she licks, spreading my pussy lips gently apart with her fingers so that she can suck on my hard clit.

She inserts two fingers to penetrate me. I cry out for her to fuck me hard. She begins thrusting her fingers in and out slowly deeply while her tongue carefully plays with my swollen clit. My silky wetness covering her fingers and lips, then I feel her enter me with her hot wet tongue. I thrust my hips back and forth to feel it inside me. Immediately the waves of pleasure come rippling over me and I cum instantly.

We giggle softly together. Then I forcefully roll her over and tell her to get on all fours. I want to lick and spank her ass hard! She needs to be punished for making me cum so hard and instantly. I admire her ass high up in the air legs spread revealing all of her swollen wet pussy. I smack each of her ass cheeks hard leaving a hand print stinging her hot flesh. She cries out as the pleasure and pain mix intensely.

I lean down and slowly begin to lick up and down the length of her wetness. Flicking my tongue across her hard clit, then insert two fingers again and begin to fuck her as she rocks her hips with me. In and out I thrust while I lick she screams and moans wildly as the pleasure begins building within her he walls of her pussy clamp down hard on my fingers. Faster and harder I lick, sucking and thrusting my fingers into her softness I feel the waves of ecstasy building in the pit of my tummy again and it washes over both of us as we cum together.

I have never been with a woman before but this is what I sincerely hope it will be like and as enjoyable.

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