tagSci-Fi & FantasyRapunzel Ch. 02

Rapunzel Ch. 02


It had been a whole night since her encounter with the duke and still the dryad was bursting into tears at regular intervals. Every time she thought of what he had done to her a flood of sobbing came forth, and her mind could focus on little else. How he had forced her away from her home, how he had violated her pristine body. But she had one glimmer of hope to hang on to, in the form of possible revenge. So even as she wept for her lost innocence she made her way to the den of the witch whose location she had given to the cruel Duke. She would tell the witch what he had done, and she would be able to punish him justly for the vile crime he had committed.

Maiyan walked about her cottage, sweeping the floor, humming an ancient lullaby. Another day, the same routine as always. Though many needed magic they feared the price she demanded of them to grant them a wish. She looked at the rows of unusual plants and flowers out in her garden and smirked.

There it was, the witches cottage. The dryad fled towards it, becoming a blue blur against the greens and browns off the forest. She felt the tug of her home tree as she was separated further from it with each step, but she had to do this. Coming to the door she halted and then became to hammer on it with a desperation born from her torment.

"I am coming!" Maiyan opened the door and frowned when she saw who her visit was. "You are water dryad why are you so far from your tree?"

"I need your help," The dryad blurted out, tears still streaming down her face.

"What has happened?"

The dryad balked slightly at the direct question, but had expected no less. The witch was not one to waste time. "The duke of the village near here," The dryad began before her sobbing became too much and she had to take a moment to calm herself. "He raped me."

The frown on Maiyan's face changed to an angry scowl. "He did what?" The question was rhetorical. How dare the Duke harm the creatures of the forest? Especially a dryad. She had heard much about this Duke and how he liked to take what was not his. She could not, however, do anything to him at the moment because he had not caused her harm directly, such was the limits of her power. "What do you want of me, child of water?"

"He, he forced me to tell him where you lived." The dryad cried. There was another long pause as she steadied herself, "He wants a child, but either he or his wife is unable to do so. He wants you to give him a cure."

"Does he now," Maiyan purred, her mind at work on the bargain she would force him to make to get a child. No doubt the fault lay with the man. She knew the current Duchess. Kamea had always been feisty as a child. The Duke was a different story. "I am sorry that you were violated but I do wish to reward you for telling him where I live. I shall deal with him."

"I resisted him, for nothing?" The dryad asked, her tears ceasing as shock took hold. If the witch did not care she had released her location to the evil man, then why had she refused to tell him?

"You did not resist for nothing. No male should ever take from you what you are unwilling to give."

"He only raped me because I wouldn't tell him," The dryad sobbed, her tears running free again. This was all her fault, why had she been so stupid?

"If not you, then it would have been one of your sisters. Here take this," she handed her a cup of tea she had prepared. "This will ease your worry and shame."

"Really?" The dryad asked cautiously. She drank the tea down with the thirst of one lost in a desert. Maybe if her ordeal had saved her sisters, then that was something.

"Yes, really. I have heard rumors about this duke and none of them good. I will get you retribution while teaching him a lesson."

"Thank you," The dryad bowed her head slightly to the witch and then fled, her tree calling her once more. Within seconds she was gone, swallowed by the forest.

* * * *

The duke had awoken early, adrenalin pumping through his system as soon as he had awoken. He rolled gently out of his side of the large bed, seeking not to disturb his wife. She would need her rest. He chuckled silently to himself, as angry as Kamea had been at him she had nowhere else to sleep, and knowing his hands would not wander during the night she had seen fit to lie in the bed, though as far away from him as possible.

Soon he had dressed himself, making his way straight to the stable where the boy who cared for the horse was waiting for him, his favorite horse saddled and fed, with food for Jedrek to eat on the journey. Without so much as a word Jedrek placed a foot in the stirrup and swung himself onto the huge creature, grabbing the food from the stable boys hands and then slapping the reigns. His horse accelerated away, out of the courtyard, soon leaving the manor and the town behind as it's hooves pounded against the hard surface of the road.

When the road hit the forest the duke turned left onto a smaller, less well maintained track, continuing along it for some miles before he reached a prominent rocky outcrop at which he cut off the path, the pace of the horse slowing as they began to pick their way through the wild undergrowth. Eventually the duke was forced to dismount to prevent himself from laming his horse, but he knew he was close. Sure enough a small cottage came into view within the next clearing and tying his horse to a tree the duke strode confidently across the rough grass to the small stone building.

Inside the cottage Maiyan waited. The forest creatures had announced the coming arrival of the treacherous duke. She couldn't wait to manipulate this man. This defiler of flesh. Though she herself had done worse than him, he was still a male and held all the power.

Stepping up to the door of the insignificant looking cottage the Duke rapped boldly on the door, unafraid of what might lie within. He was after all the most powerful man in the town, and for many miles outside it as well.

A melodious, "Come in," greeted his knock. The witch had changed her appearance to one of a woman two decades her current age. She was ready to begin her dance of intrigue.

Ducking his head and stepping through the door the Duke smiled to see one so attractive standing before him. "Good morning," He greeted pleasantly. He could be charming when required.

"Hello. How can I help you?"

The duke was not here to play around with words and so he got straight to the point, "I wish for a child and I believe you may have a cure to the difficulties my wife and I are having."

"Blunt aren't you? How willing are you to pay the price I will ask?"

"I was hoping we could come to some sort of an agreement," Jedrek smiled back.

"I hear you are very good at making agreements. I think keeping them is not your forte."

"I'm sure that if you are powerful enough to cure my wife of her infertility," The fault, in his mind, clearly couldn't lie with him. "You will have no problem ensuring that I keep my end of the bargain."

"True." Her piercing green eyes stared into his. "Very well I will help you but only if you give me your firstborn child."

The duke appeared to consider this for a moment. His first born child? He almost laughed. What did that matter when he would be able to have so many more. "That suits me just fine," Jedrek smiled broadly and reached out his hand to shake on the deal.

"Are you sure you do not need to think about this agreement some more?" Maiyan prodded. She wanted to see if he would take more time or even ask to discuss it with his wife.

"Not at all. Your terms are reasonable, and I think it is best if I do not ask questions about your motivations." The duke smiled, offering his hand again. The thought of asking his wife about this did not cross his mind.

"We shall seal the deal in a special way. Come with me," she ordered and headed outside to the back of her cottage where chained to the giant oak tree was a nymph. This one had violet skin and large green doe eyes that were filled with fear.

"My my," The duke breathed, liking where this was going. The nymph looked as delectable as the dryad he had violated the other day, and if she was anywhere near as tight this was going to be fun.

"She's beautiful is she not? She failed to keep her end of the bargain with me and is a slave for all eternity." Maiyan emphasized the word failure. "As part of her punishment, she gets raped by whomever I choose. You can do whatever you like to her. Just make her juices flow. It will be from her juices and my garden that an elixir will be made that will get your wife pregnant."

The duke frowned slightly but soon recovered. This witch was not to be messed with. Still, no problem there as he had no qualms about holding up his end of the deal. Approaching the nymph he began removing his clothing, one piece at a time until a small heap of garments lay on the grass beside him and he was wearing just his under shorts. "Now little one, ready for some fun?" He asked in a cruel voice.

"Mistress, please! I will do anything to avoid this fate! Please! Please!" the nymph wailed.

Maiyan ignored the girl. "Make her scream. I will be inside readying my items to make your elixir."

"Why thank you," The duke grinned harshly as he approached the chained girl and pulled her head to his, kissing her roughly. "This can either be easy for you, or very hard."

She kicked at him, screaming in a high pitched language that only others of her kind would understand. Expecting such a reaction he blocked the kick and pressed close to her forcing her up against the tree, his legs between hers, stopping her from doing so again. His hands grabbed her wrists, folding her arms behind her back before applying more pressure to stop her from using them against him. "The hard way then," He hissed.

The chain and collar that were around her neck, prevented her from jerking free. "You will pay for this violation!" she hissed.

"That's the best bit," The duke leered, "I won't." He slid a hand between her legs and inserted a finger into her, beginning to gently massage her most tender spot to get her wet enough for him to enter.

Her eyes widened in shock and with a bucking motion, she tried to dislodge his finger and move her body away from him at the same time. In response he pressed his hips hard against hers, forcing her back against the tree as he continued to pleasure her. He was tempted to do this until she orgasmed, inflict that great humiliation on her.

"YOU disgust me! Stop it!" she screamed even as her body responded to the thrusting of his finger in her pussy.

"I disgust you, but you just love this," Jedrek grinned evilly as he kissed her again, his finger continuing to work sensuously within her. She whimpered partly in revulsion, partly in growing arousal. How she hated the witch and this man for turning her body into nothing but repository for evil deeds.

He was now rock hard underneath his thin shorts but he restrained himself, continuing to pump his finger until the little nymph had reached climax. She refused to scream out her climax instead she hissed, her face flushed a light pink against her violet skin.

"Such restraint," He murmured as he maneuvered his huge cock from his under shorts and placed it's tip at the entrance to her dripping wet pussy. He slowly pushed the head of his member into her. Damn, she was even tighter than the dryad. He could barely fit, but the lubrication worked and he was able to gently slide four inches of his member within her.

She felt her body stretching and she stiffened, eyes wide. He was going to force it in, whether it fit or not. "You must not do this! Please I can give you what the witch promised without attachments."

The duke laughed, "Why of course you'd say that." He began to slowly slide himself in and out of her, not pushing too far in so as to hurt her, he wanted to hear her moan. She clenched her teeth refusing to moan for him though she wanted to. Many had abused her body but none had made her feel like this. He continued his gentle motions, massaging her inner parts with his large cock. Seeing that this alone wasn't going to be enough his hands moved to her breasts to gently massage them, thumbs brushing across her nipples as he did so.

She moaned then. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all. She smiled at him. The duke smiled too, nearly there. He was close to his climax, she would be close to hers. His control over his body remained as he continued to gently fuck her, wanting her to enjoy it.

She felt her body jerk and then she moaned as she felt her juices run down her legs. It had never felt this good. She opened her eyes and looked at him, hope shining in her gaze.

The duke kept his own mouth firmly shut as he climaxed, pumping his seed into her. He chuckled slightly as he saw her juices running down her leg, soon followed by a trail of his seed. "Enjoy that, you little whore," He asked, his voice nasty as he grabbed her shoulders and spun her around, pressing her face first into the tree, whispering his insults into her ear.

She gasped, his words stabbing her to the heart. "I'm not a whore," she whispered, shock making her throat constrict. She thought he was going to be nice to her. Instead he was like the others who had used her.

"But you moaned so much," He chided her, "And only a whore would do that." He pressed his hard wet member between her ass cheeks, right up against the entrance to her anus.

"No!" she denied but knew it was true. She had moaned. "I am not a whore," she repeated.

"A strange man makes you moan like that and you still deny it, my you are a precious little thing," He whispered evilly in her ear. "Lets see if this makes you moan, or scream." He added, pushing the head of his cock into her arse.

She let out a yelp not only from the pain of him entering her ass but also from the tree bark digging into her skin.

"Prefer making those sounds?" He asked, roughly pushing his dick as deeply into her arse as he could. He could feel her stretching around him, and he began to pump, letting out a slight groan of his own as her ass muscles pulled tightly against him. She yelped again, tears rolling down her face. It hurt! It really hurt!

"See," He said, easing up on his thrusting, his hands sliding round to encompass her breasts and protect them from the bark. "You don't like the pain, but you like the pleasure a complete stranger gives you, so you must be a whore."

"I do not like your pleasure! You are evil!" a moan escaped her, for his motions in her arse had begun to start a fire in her belly, much like the fire when he had been inside her, fucking her."

"But still you moan," He whispered cruelly into her ear. The more her ass stretched the harder he could pump his hips and still keep her moaning. His hands massaging of her breasts became firmer as he continued to thrust into her ass.

Inside the cottage, Maiyan would occasionally look out her window. Melanie the nymph was very stupid. She had tried to bargain for something she had not truly been prepared to give and thus had lost her freedom to Maiyan. Maiyan had a feeling that the same would happen to Duke Jedrek but she would wait and see. Though she had heard a few moans, not as many were happening for her taste. "I said to make her moan and her juices flow. You will not get a child if you do not follow my instructions."

Jedrek heard these words and a hand slipped from her breasts, a finger returning to it's place with her pussy, massaging her clit as he continued to move in her ass. More juice flowed and the woman before he couldn't hold back her moans as she tried to rock against his finger. Feeling her want to move he moved away from her slightly to give her the room she needed, continuing to pump with his finger, thrust with his large cock.

Her rocking became frantic as did her cries which had gone from pleading for him to stop to ones begging him to give her release. Finally, when she had moaned enough his pace increased, thrusting hard into her still tight ass whilst his finger was joined by another, massaging her clit hard until she released, just as his cock exploded inside her butt, filling it with his seed.

"Very good Duke Jedrek, that should be enough." Indeed the nymph's juices mixed with his seed, had run down the girl's legs and were watering the strange five petal black flowers that surrounded the oak tree.

"Why thank you," Jedrek said, smiling as he stepped away, admiring his handiwork. His seed was oozing from between her legs, and from out of her recently ravish ass. He stood naked in front of the witch, unashamed by his lack of covering, his cock still hard after it's efforts.

"I am impressed with you lord Duke. Now pick two of the black flowers at the base of the tree and bring them to me."

The duke smiled, reaching between the nymphs legs to retrieve two of the black flowers then stood and walked over to the witch, still not having bothered to try and cover himself.

She took the flowers from him and crumbled them into the pot of boiling water. She stirred for a few minutes and poured it into a bottle. "You need to put four drops into her wine. You must fill her with your seed. In nine months you shall have a child and I will be there to claim your firstborn. Allow your wife a month and then get her pregnant again. You will have many children as long as you do not cross me."

The duke began to dress himself, occasionally glancing over at the nymph. She had been a good lay. "Many thanks for your help, and your methods of providing it," He smirked broadly. "I will conceive my first child tonight." He said confidently.

"Yes you will. Now go, you have a wife to get with child. Remember, your firstborn child is mine."

"I will not forget," He promised, taking the bottle she gave him and clutching it tight to his chest. With that he left, moving through the cottage and out to where his horse was tethered to a tree. He wasted little time in untying his steed and began to lead it through the rough terrain as quickly as was possible. Soon he was on smoother ground and he saddled up, spurring his horse on to take him home with the greatest possible haste.

* * *

Kamea couldn't believe Jedrek's audacity. Go to his two whores for lesson. She mockingly laughed at that decree. He may be the Duke but he was not and had not been her master or her husband for several years now. Her parents had tried to keep her from marrying him. Said he wasn't man enough for her. How true their words had been. But she had been young and easily impressed. His sexy body, handsome looks and smooth words. And his touch, it has raised chills. But that was ten years ago. Ten long years that had went from joyful to pure misery. Even though he took lovers everywhere he turned, she had remained true to her vows. Sighing, she stood from her chair and headed for the kitchen to get something to eat.

Hope and Joy knew exactly how their mistress was going to react by any attempt of them to enact their masters bidding. And yet they also knew they had no choice but to try, and try their very hardest. Otherwise their bodies would be on the line. As the sun rose past it's zenith the two young women new they would have to find their mistress soon if they where to have any hope of placing her in the condition desired by their master before he returned. Leaving their chambers they split up to search for Kamea.

Kamea made it to the kitchen and thanking the cook, headed back to the main hall. There were ledgers to balance and crops to consider. It was there that Hope intercepted her, blocking her path somewhat and curtseying low out of respect. "Ma'am." She said, knowing the Kamea knew why she was there.

"Get out of my way Hope."

Hope stood, but didn't move at Kamea's request. "Ma'am, it is what the Duke wants," She said, then immediately regretted it.

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