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Raunchy Rugger Bugger Romp


It was Saturday afternoon and Gerry was feeling really good. He had just played a hard game of rugby that had got his heart pumping and his muscles working and his team had won. But much more importantly than that he was about to get laid.

At half time he had been taking a piss when his team mate Eric came along and stood at the urinal next to his. Gerry glanced over and noticed that Eric was tugging on his dick a little more than was necessary and he felt the first stirrings of excitement. There was a lot of history between the two men; Eric was a married man but every once in a while he seemed to need a little something extra, something that Gerry could provide.

Over the past twelve years the buddies had pleasured each other three or four times a year but unfortunately their getting together always had to be initiated by Eric. If Gerry was feeling horny and tried to come onto Eric he would just gently brush him away and remind his friend that he was a married man. Gerry's gay friends up in the city asked him why he put up with such a relationship but they had no idea what it was like living in the boondocks with no outlet for an overheated sex drive. The truth was Gerry took what he could get, when he could get it. And today Eric was offering once more!

Gerry's face flushed and his mouth felt dry as he watched Eric peel his foreskin back all the way, revealing the plump and shiny pink knob. His heart pounded in his ribcage as he watched the sexy bear gently milk it back and forth while his already thick cock grew even thicker.

'Why don't I come see you after the game?' Eric asked.

'That would be nice.' Gerry replied as he tucked his hungry cock back into his shorts as the game was about to start.

Now the game was over and Gerry got away as quickly as he could. He jumped in his truck and started heading home to his farm. He had already turned off the main road and onto his private farm road when he realized that Eric was right behind him. Thoughts of cocks and balls and asses and spunk whizzed through Gerry's brain and he knew he couldn't wait to get back to the house. He pulled off the road and cut the engine. As he got out of the truck his hard on tented his shorts and there was a big goofy grin on his face as he walked back to Eric's truck.

'I didn't think you would come so soon.' Gerry said.

I couldn't wait.' Eric replied as he stuck his hand through the open window and gently rubbed Gerry's cock through his rugby shorts.

Damn, did that feel good! It had been two months since Gerry had last had sex and he was wearing his hand out, jerking off every day the way he did.

'Neither can I.' Gerry replied. 'Get out of the truck.'

'What here?' Eric was shocked.

'Step away from the vehicle.' Gerry barked and both men laughed.

Eric got out of the truck and Gerry immediately pulled his rugby jersey over his head revealing the thick black hair swirling over his pale, broad chest. His two tiny pink nipples were like little rockets waiting to be ejected into space and Gerry kissed them briefly before lifting Eric's arms above his head and burying his face in the bear stud's pits. Gerry inhaled the strong masculine scent of a furry stud that had just played a hard game of ruby. It was intoxicating and made his cock so hard it felt like the skin of his shaft might split. He went into frenzy as he licked Eric's furry pits and gave Eric an indication of what he had let himself in for.

Having satisfied himself that he had gathered up every last drop of man sweat Gerry now yanked Eric's ruby shorts down to his knees and ignoring the beer can thick cock and goose egg sized balls he spun him around and pushed him against the truck. Eric let out a loud yelp of delight as Gerry parted his surprisingly smooth cheeks and pressed his face into the crack. Gerry's tongue skimmed over Eric's delicate folds, licking back and forth like his life depended on eating this man's hot ass before plunging in. Eric's yelp grew into a loud growl as he experienced the pleasure that had kept him hooked on Gerry for twelve long years. He held his beefy cheeks apart the between to allow Gerry access to his deep red rosebud.

Gerry withdrew his face from Eric's spit wet ass and he took a moment or two to admire the shapely, full cheeks of his buddy's ass. He rubbed them gently before licking his thumb and then very gently inserting it into Eric's hot hole. He could feel his buddy clamp down on his thumb, wanting to repel it, but it just felt too fuckin good and Eric relented, letting it slid all the way home. Gerry slowly finger fucked the married man's ass while he stroked his hairy thighs and cupped those massive, smooth balls. This man had fuck flesh to die for and Gerry couldn't decide where to start.

Fortunately his cock decided for him. It ached inside his shorts, demanding to be set free and to plunge into something hot and moist. Gerry stripped off now and spat onto his fingers and lubed up his slender cock head. What he lacked in girth he made up for in inches. His skinny cock was eight and a half inches long, and grew super hard; usually he could keep it up for hours but today he needed to cum real bad. Very gently he pressed it between Eric's beefy cheeks and the stud sighed as he experienced the pleasure of that warm, hard cock sliding through and then starting to probe his slippery butt hole. It felt as if all the nerve endings in his body that were receptive to pleasure had suddenly migrated to his butt hole and despite his straight man's brain telling him that he shouldn't allow himself to get fucked Eric was powerless to resist.

Gerry had only successfully fucked Eric once before when he was quite drunk and very relaxed. He didn't really expect to get anywhere today but if just felt so good wedged between those firm cheeks that it was a close second to actual being inside a guy's ass. He was very gentle as he teased and prodded and his cock must have liked what it was experiencing because it began to leak a river of precum that lubed Eric up nicely. Little by little Gerry's slender cock started to slip into the straight stud's ass until Gerry realized with giddy delight that it was going to work. He was going to get to fuck Eric!

He resisted the urge to plunge in deep and give two or three strokes which he figured was probably about all he needed to cum. He was so hot for this stud right now that he would have to fight back that urge, and besides he wanted Eric to enjoy it too. If he did it right perhaps Eric would let him do it again. Gerry gently nibbled on Eric's shoulder as his cock slid millimetre by millimetre into Eric's silky warm canal. Gerry looked up at the blue sky and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on his face and that moist, warm ass wrapped around his hungry cock. His large hands played up and down Eric's hairy chest, teasing his tiny little nubs before dropping down to his now soft cock. He gently cupped his massive balls and stroked the fleshy shaft until it grew hard again.

Gerry's pubes were scratching up against Eric's smooth butt cheeks now; he was as deep in as he could be. Both men sighed in intoxicated delight as they realized what this meant. Eric relaxed into his fucker and Gerry started stroking his buddy's ass with a slow and steady rhythm that suited them both. Eric couldn't believe how good it felt having Gerry's cock inside him; it was a sensation that no woman could ever give him and he allowed himself to really go crazy. Usually when they had sex it meant Gerry blowing him, stroking him or getting fucked by him; Eric would usually be very quiet and passive but not this time. It was like some demon had taken over his ass. All he wanted was to get fucked and then to get drenched in cum.

When Eric started begging for it Gerry felt he could give himself up to lust completely. He pulled his long thin pecker all the way out of his buddy's ass, making him gasp and beg for it even more, before plunging back in to warm depths of Eric's guts. He gave quick little stabs, alternated with long probing strokes. Eric's hand flew over his hard cock now as he got the fucking of his life. It was no wonder his wife always wailed and howled in bed; he could understand it now. The last time he had done it he was so drunk he hardly remembered anything about it but this memory he would keep for life. He could feel his knees start to buckle as his big balls drew up close.

'I'm gonna blow!' he screamed.

Moments later thick ropes of pearly joy juice blasted out of Eric's overheated cock and onto the dusty earth. Gerry knew he only had two or three strokes left before Eric clammed up on him and he made sure he enjoyed them. On his deepest plunge yet his cock exploded making him grunt out loud. Huge volleys of spunk shout out of his cock and deep into Eric's ass as he whimpered and collapsed onto Eric's broad back.

The two buddies took a moment or two to compose themselves before rescuing their clothes from where they had been strewn.

'Got time for a quick beer?' Eric asked.

'Sure do.' Gerry replied as he stuffed his still hard dick back into his shorts.

'Just got to take a quick piss.' Eric said.

Gerry quickly got down on his knees in front of Eric.

'Please, please...' he begged.

'I can't do that!' Eric protested.

'Please...' Gerry croaked.

Suddenly a steaming stream of piss hit him full in the face and ran down his chest and soaked into his shorts. On and on it flowed, completely drenching him and running down past his balls and into the crack of his ass. Gerry noticed with satisfaction that Eric was half hard as he put his cock away. This was quickly turning out to be one of the best days he had had in a very long time.

Copyright 2007 Daniel Blue

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