tagIncest/TabooRavaging My Virgin Step-Daughter

Ravaging My Virgin Step-Daughter


It was a pleasant evening as I pulled into my garage. The heat of the summer was finally dying down. I won my case today, and subsequently needed to relax as much as I could.

"Honey?" I asked, entering his home. It seemed I'd beaten Rebecca. Just as well. At the beginning of our 7 year marriage, we'd fucked like rabbits. Rebecca was a fireball, with an amazing body to boot. Eventually, I'd come to see that she was a gold-digger. The sex had stopped, and much of the fun. She'd let herself go, except with what she could buy with my money.

I went to the bar to fix himself a drink, when suddenly I heard footsteps in the kitchen. I turned to my his step-daughter, Marisa, bounding into it. Marisa alternated between staying here and with her father. As of a couple of days ago, she had come to see Rebecca. It was the first time I'd had seen her in two years. She'd recently turned 18, and she had matured considerably since I'd last seen her.

She had her headphones in, and I wasn't sure she'd even seen me. Fortunately for me, this meant I could openly stare. Marisa was wearing booty shorts, and as she craned around the cupboards for a cup, I could see her round cheeks spilling out from underneath them. It was a perfect and firm ass.

Her tank top was hardly less revealing: it plunged considerably to reveal her amazing D-cups, which were, unlike her mother's, quite real. The top was also quite short, showing off her flat middle and a belly button ring. When she turned to me I could see she'd become beautiful too, with a pouty pink mouth and foxy eyes. Her blonde hair was cut into a bob. I was hard as hell.

I went to the kitchen as well, and as she stepped backward without looking, I made sure to be in her way.

"Oops," I offered, as she brushed past me. That perfect ass slid across my boner and I was trying to not grab her.

"Oh shit, sorry Ricardo. Didn't mean to hit you," She hastily apologized, turning to me and pulling out her headphones.

"It's no problem, Marisa." I said as I smiled.

"Home so soon?" She asked. She was blushing a soft pink color. It looked good on her.

"Yes, do you know when your mom might be headed back?" I asked.

"No," She responded, looking down. "She's...different, isn't she?" She asked nervously, toying with the wrapper on the juice bottle. She bit her lower lip and I knew I had to focus to respond.

"What do you mean?" I managed, still staring at her hot, little mouth.

"Well...she's gotten a bit ridiculous. Shit, she's my mom. What am I saying?"

"It's okay" I smiled reassuringly.

"Anyway, I was going to run to the gym. See you later?"

I nodded, and watched that juicy ass leave the house.


Two nights later, I couldn't sleep. I got up and went to the kitchen to get some water around 2AM. I was standing by the island when I heard the back door unlocking. Marisa stumbled in, wearing a rather short and tight black dress. It looked intentionally torn at the bottom and was complimented by her strappy, black pumps. Her mouth was crimson. I tried to hide my erection behind the island.

"Well, hello there." I smiled at her.

"Shit," She said, "any chance of you not ratting me out?"

"Hmm..." I paused, "that might could be arranged".

She relaxed noticeably, as she closed and locked the back door. She came up to where I was standing to get some water as well. I studied her from behind as she filled her cup. Her legs were incredible, and my eyes traced the sumptuous line from her heels, up her toned calves, to the smooth backs of her thighs, and the ass that dress was almost unable to handle.

"Maybe we could work out a trade." I suggested.

She turned around, "Like?" she asked. Her eyes wandered down to my obvious bulge. She looked back at me nervously. I walked up to her and pinned her between me and the fridge.

"You're a smart girl, I think you'll figure it out." I said, before kissing her. She tasted like strawberries and cigarettes, and I bit at her lower lip hungrily. She moaned slightly and I ripped at the cloth covering her chest. She was wearing a very lacy black bra, which I unclipped and threw on the floor. I grabbed her large tits and shoved my tongue in her mouth. I put my knee between her legs to keep her still. I pulled and squeezed at her tits roughly, making her nipples hard and her skin pink. Once they were erect, I put her nipples in my mouth and sucked at them. I started to feel a spot of moisture from her wet pussy rubbing onto my knee. I pushed it between her legs and felt her push back, trembling as she did so.

I took her hand and stuck it in my boxers, making her grip my dick. I moved her up and down my shaft a few times. She kept it up, and I returned my hand to her sore tits. I pinched her nipple once or twice when she slowed her hand. It seemed to jerk her spinal cord. She was working my dick marvelously, and he was harder than I ever remembered.

Then I pulled away from the fridge and lowered her to the floor. I took my boxers off and crouched near her chest.

"Push your tits together," I instructed. She did and I pushed my dick between them. They were marvelously large, and swallowed my entire dick between them. They were so damn soft. I grabbed oil off the counter and doused my dick in it. Then I started to fuck them more forcefully. The tip of my penis popped out near her face as I titty-fucked her. I groaned with pleasure and felt my balls tighten. I pumped between them a few more times, and grabbed my dick at the point of orgasm, pointing it at her face. I came in thick squirts, and my semen was shooting over her head and tits. She was covered in me. It was such a turn-on, to see her laying there in her ruined dress, heels still on, and drenched in my cum. I put my boxers back on, handed her a kitchen rag, and left her there.

"I'll enjoy your pussy soon." I announced, as I left the kitchen.


A few days later, I was home early again. I dropped my briefcase and sat on the living room couch, undoing my tie. I saw Marisa come into the kitchen, wearing her tennis gear. She had an incredibly short, white tennis skirt on, and a tiny pink tank top. Her belly button jingled as she moved. How was I already so aroused? I called to her to come to me.

"Yes?" She said, coming into the room. She was slightly sweaty, and still a little out of breath.

"Come sit next to me," I ordered. She gulped, but listened.

"So," I started, "tell me about your day." I draped her legs over mine as she spoke, removed her shoes, and started massaging her feet. She paused at times to groan in appreciation. I worked my way down her legs, taking care of her calves as well. Then my hand was between her knees and heading up. She put her hand on mine to stop me.

"What are you doing?" She asked nervously.

"I am going to play with you. You are going to let me, because we have a deal. Okay?" She nodded slowly. My hand resumed its path up her legs. I moved her underwear to the side and started to massage her clit. Her eyes closed and she moaned softly.

"Now, you are going to please me. That doesn't mean I won't please you too, but only if you're a good little girl. Understand?" She nodded and licked her lips. I put my finger at her opening while my thumb still worked at her clit. Her back arched off the couch and she was getting louder. Her juices were coating my fingers now, and my boner was getting uncomfortable.

"Not here...please...not here," she moaned, still at the mercy of my fingers.

"Stand up and take off your underwear. Then get on your knees next to me." I ordered. She did so. I pulled her head down into my lap. Her exposed ass was in the air.

"Now, what did we agree to? Complete and utter obedience, no?" I asked. I could see by her face that she knew she'd messed up. I put my hand on her cheeks and massaged the skin.

She nodded.

"Say it. And you better say it right." I insisted.

"Yes, daddy. I am sorry, daddy," her uneven breath was such a turn-on.

"That's right. Now I am going to have to punish you for your previous transgressions. Behave, and I won't have to next time. Understand?"

"Yes, daddy. I understand. Punish me as you see fit. I am yours to command, daddy." I wanted to fuck her right then and there but I needed to do this first, to teach her a lesson. I raised my hand up and smacked her hard on her right cheek. She shrieked. I massaged the flesh again.

"Shh, I know it stings. You get 14 more, and then I am done." I smacked again, and she shrieked once more. She had the most satisfying ass, and I was enjoyed reddening it. I completed the punishment, and loved the marks I imposed on her. I wanted to mark her all the time.

"Undo my pants," I ordered. She did so. I directed her to take my dick out.

"Stroke it," I told her. She took it in her hand and obeyed. "Harder," I commanded. Her hand felt slick and incredible. She slid up and down my shaft until I was fully hard.

"Put it in your mouth," I groaned. She kept her hand on my shaft and closed over the head. She sucked my dick and I gripped her hand to show her to keep stroking. I tilted my head back and groaned. Her mouth was made for this, I thought, as her tongue hit my shaft and head with each downward push. I put my hand on her exposed ass and started stroking her slit. She stiffened a bit but I pushed her head back down.

I put my finger at her opening and began to push it in. She moaned into my dick and slowed down. I pushed her down again, further than before. She resumed working with her sleek mouth. I wetted myself with her pussy and reached up for her tiny little asshole. She tried to pull up again but I pushed her down harder yet. I heard a small gag from her and warned.

"You better get me all the way in or I will fuck this little asshole of yours." She focused all her energy on me and sucked like she was born for it. I was thoroughly coated in her saliva she moved me in and out smoothly. I pried at her asshole with my finger and stuck a little bit in. It was such a perfectly minute and wrinkled hole. I rotated my finger to get more in there. She was wriggling as I did so. Every time I wanted her to go down further I pushed my finger in. She'd moan in protest but listen. It was perfection: my dick in her throat, her ass in the air, and my finger in her tight bum.

"You better speed up, baby," I warned her. I kept pushing her head down, faster and faster, but she resisted. I heard her gag again, which oddly enough, only aroused me further. I had a rush of anger at her lack of obedience and pulled her off my dick. I pulled off her tank top and bra. I stood up and took my belt off. I tied her hands behind her back and let my pants fall off entirely. I got behind her on the couch and positioned my cock at her opening.

"I am going to fuck you hard now, baby girl," I told her. I pushed myself in and I heard her pained gasps.

"Please daddy, I'm a virgin. Go slow," she implored.

"Daddy is happy to hear it. You're a good, little girl." I was a lucky guy indeed. I wanted her, all of her, to myself. I started to push in more as she winced. I lowered myself so my mouth was at her neck and whispered to her, "Better not get too loud baby, girl". I put my fingers that were just in her ass by her mouth and ordered her to lick them clean. I shoved them in her mouth and used them to stifle her shrieks as I pushed myself fully inside her virgin pussy. I started moving faster now, and reached my hand around to stroke her clit. She moaned at this.

"Oh yes daddy, daddy please," she gasped. I put one arm under her to anchor myself as I pumped inside her pussy with abandon. Her juices were drenching my dick and thighs. I fucked her so hard her breaths pushed out of her as she was pressed between me and the couch. My perfect, little entrapped toy, she was. I'd never fucked this hard or lustily before. As she came she tightened around my dick and her cheeks clenched around me.

"Oh no, baby girl," I said, "I didn't give you permission to finish, did I?" She said nothing.

"Oh dear. I have to punish you for this," I told her. I took my dick out and positioned it at her asshole.

"Oh no daddy, please not there," she pleaded.

"I told you, baby girl," I whispered in her ear, as I started to circle around her opening with my head, "You know you deserve this. Tell me." I demanded as I bit at her ear.

"I deserve it, daddy. I deserve whatever punishment you intend for me." I pushed in and Marisa yelled. I licked her ear and down to her neck. I kissed and sucked her neck, biting as I pushed in.

"Shh, none of that now," I ordered, but her yelps kept coming as I moved in and out of her ass, shoving myself in more and more by the centimeter. I pushed her face into the pillow and gripped her shoulder. Her yells stifled, I pushed in and out faster and harder. I got inside all the way and savored the tightest hole I'd ever been in. I started to pick up speed and was fully railing her into the couch. My ballsack was slapping against her pussy lips and echoing through the room. I started to feel myself getting close, so I cupped her pussy and slammed myself into her to the hilt. I bit at her back and pulled myself into her with my skin. I kept pumping at full strength, until I was gushing into her. I'd never cum so hard, and I kept pumping slowly as my load poured into her ass. Exhausted, I collapsed back on the couch and admired my work. Her right cheek was still reddened under her skirt, and her raw, darkly pink asshole was slowly leaking out my cum. I made her lick my penis and balls clean. She worked diligently, and I was already planning where else to enjoy her, and how to make sure she stayed. She was mine to use, and use her I would.

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One of the worst stories here, ever. I think you may have some mental issues.

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