Rave Camp


We were at a weekend campout rave in the woods in Northern California. It was a very sexy event, with a bunch of younger women and men dancing all night in sexy clothes, taking XTC and generally having fun.

It was the second night, and I was pretty tired. I turned in early. My wife wanted to go dance some more, so I told her to have fun!

I fell asleep after jerking off. The whole time I was imagining my wife, her sexy ass dancing among all those younger men. She is totally hot, and when she left, she was wearing very little as the night was warm. She had on a white see-through dress/shirt thing that opened all the way down the front, high white boots that went up past her knees, a white thong and matching bra. She looked great, and as I lay in my tent, stroking myself, I could imagine her sweaty form dancing, and as I imagined a man coming up behind her and touching her ass...I came. I soon fell asleep, happy.

At about 2:30, she came into the tent and woke me up.

"Sweetie, wake up. I took some XTC that these guys gave me, and I want to stay out with them."

"Sure, Honey, you don't need to ask me to do that."

"Well, these two guys seem really cool, and safe. I just had our Safe Sex conversation with both of them and they check out. I have the chance to 'play' with both of them tonight. I think they both wanna fuck me! I am really excited! Is that OK with you?"

Waking up fully now, I looked at her. She was clearly really high, her drugs had kicked in. She was also visibly turned-on. Her face was flushed and her nipples were sticking out of her bra. She already looked a bit disheveled, but still hot as shit!

"Yes, Darling. Be safe, and have a great time. I love you."

"Thank you, Love! I will bring back some of that juiciness when we are done! I love you!"

And off she went. Wow. This was actually a first for us. She and I had had an open marriage for 7 years now, and she had been with various men over the years. I too have a lover, a very cute, petite woman, who appreciates that my cock is slightly below average size. My wife on the other hand, was still in search of her "Prize Bull" as we joked about it. Since giving birth to our daughter, she had not found what I had to give her quite adequate to make her scream. I could really not give her the "Fuckgasm" that she so deserved. Therefore, while I do fuck her, and we both enjoy our morning ritual, she is mostly silent while I do it. I have heard her with some of her lovers, and I know, we all know, the difference.

As I looked up through the top of the tent, I began to stroke myself again, wondering where they are and what was happening at that moment. I did get hard again, but I also begin to shiver and shake. I was not actually cold, but my body was reacting to the knowledge that she was out there, with two men. I was not jealous, but rather, turned on by what she might be doing.

I couldn't stop shaking, and I couldn't cum, so I got up. I got dressed and I quietly left camp. I began to walk around the campground. Pretty soon, I was skulking around tents, listening quietly. Soon, I knew what I was doing. I was trying to find them so I could listen in. I did hear sex happening a couple of times, but both times, I could hear the woman, and it was not my wife.

After walking around for a while, hearing mostly nothing, I went back to the tent and tried to jerk off again and get to sleep. I could not cum, and the shaking came back. Then I had an idea! Of course! She must have been in our van! I quickly got up again and got dressed and walked through the woods to the parking lot.

As soon as I got there, I knew she was there. She had obviously turned the key to put the stereo on, because even from across the long lot, I could see the reverse lights were shining. I think I had left the van in reverse, so as soon as she turned on the key, the lights came on. There was a very bright security light at one end, so I could not skulk any more. Fearing that someone might be watching, or that my wife and her friends would see me coming if they looked out the window, I walked down the other aisle and when I was near the van, I dropped down into the shadows among the cars, and I crawled to the van.

As soon as I got to the front bumper, I knew what was happening. The van was rocking back and forth, and the shocks were squeaking a little bit. I peeked around the side of the van and I could see that the side window was open, and the rest of the windows were fogged up. And most exciting, I could hear her! She was gasping and breathing heavy, crying out a bit on each exhale. It was so hot. I immediately got hard.

Then I heard one of the guys, "Turn around!"

Just those words. Wow. The van stopped rocking and shifted as she presumably turned around. Straining to hear, I could make out the telltale slurping of a blowjob. My wife gives the most amazing blowjobs and can take a man deep into her throat until she gags.

While still hearing her suck and choke on a cock, I began to hear the steady fap fap fap of a cock moving hard in and out of her and balls slapping her ass. I also began to hear her gasp and grunt and squeal as she had two cocks inside of her, giving her great pleasure. There I was, in the dirt outside of my van, but the audio and van quaking show was exquisite to me!

I could not help myself. I began to stroke my hard cock, pushing against my shorts in all its 5 inch glory. The pace inside the car was easy to match outside on the ground, without making any noise that would give me away. I heard one of the guys grunt and the other guy seemed to be moaning with pleasure. Her sounds took on an animal quality and settled into a rhythm as the man doing the fucking was not a quick cock artist, but knew how to make himself last. And clearly, my sexy wife was taking her time with the man in her mouth, as there was no sound of the sucking letting up.

This went on for what seemed like 30 minutes without stopping, in fact it seemed to be slowly building in intensity, with only the briefest of pauses.

And then, the man fucking her sped up. And he got wild. The van bumper was bumping into my shoulder harder and harder, and the measured fap fap fap against her ass turned into a chaotic and almost violent slap slap slap. She called out and screamed a little bit and managed to get only one intelligible phrase out:


I nearly came myself, but stopped myself. And I got totally still as I heard the man fucking her punch it, grab her and hold her still. Perhaps it was there sudden, straining stillness that commanded me to stop dead and just listen.


"Yes, yes yes yes yes, oh yes, fill me up!"

I was sort of surprised at those words coming out of my wife's mouth! We had always had a condoms-only policy with other people. Maybe it was just a figure of speech?

We all caught our breath for a few minutes, and I heard them shuffling around again. This time I heard my wife cry out and she began to make a high-pitched moan that conveyed a slow then faster and steady fucking pace. I concluded that the man who had been in her mouth had just entered her. Another few minutes went by and her moaning became muffled as the sure sound of a cock in her mouth modified her vocalizations.

My penis had softened after the first guy had cum, so I held it while listening to the tag team in their switched positions and soon I was hard again. The van again began to nudge me to the beat and again balls against sexy ass punctuated the steamy night. While this guy was also clearly not a premature ejaculater, he was definitely quicker than the first man. His pace got faster after only about 10 minutes, but it also stayed there. Oh boy, I thought, this is what I know my wife to really love. A Fuckgasm is the word we made up to describe what I can only do for her for a few seconds right before I cum. It is when she gets fucked really hard and really fast, and as his pace and power rose, she began to make the Fuckgasm noise, which is really all of her sex noises on full volume and randomly used. Loud grunts, screams, yells, gasping, moaning and even what could only be described as shrieking started to dominate the night. Even though the camping was far away, I was worried for a minute that it would wake people up, maybe even send someone running to see if she needed help.

But I knew she did not need any help. Knowing she was getting full-on Fuckgasm, and it was not ending quickly made me both really happy and really horny. I did not think that I could last as long as he could! I quickened my pace and danced on the edge of cumming for what seemed like forever, but was probably only 10 more minutes. I really wanted to hold on until he came. She was already cumming continuously, as that was essentially what a Fuckgasm was for her.

Again, the van started knocking me harder and the pace slowed just a bit, to accommodate harder and harder thrusts. I stroked harder too as all of us knew what was cumming. The man fucking her must have grabbed her extra hard and jammed every inch he had into her as hard as he could. She let out a sustained primal scream and his dominant yell joined hers as an explosion rocked the van!

And then, it subsided. I looked down to see my own cum all over my shorts, shirt and hand. I felt a little bit ashamed, but dismissed it, because I was also very happy. I was sort of putting myself back together, when I heard the first guy say something, then the van door opened!

I ducked around the corner and made myself very small in the front of the van and held my breath. My heart beat hard. I did not want to get caught! Thankfully, he walked towards the back of the van after closing the door, and I saw his boots walk behind the rear wheels. I slowly peeked around the other corner just in time to see a very large black man stride back to camp. A black man! She had not mentioned that!

Pivoting back to the other side to hear through the window, I heard that she was still moaning quietly. Listening closely, I then heard a steady fap fap fap start back up. He had not even pulled out! The first guy to fuck her must have been that man I saw walk away, and I am guessing that after watching his buddy fuck her, and being sucked, that maybe he had cum again, and was ready to move on. The second guy to fuck her, who had fucked her to Fuckgasm, was not done! My mind reeled. I never did hear a condom wrapper being opened, and after that fuck, I doubt any condom would still be intact or in place! Hmmmm.

I heard a loud bump against the side door and heard this other voice say. "Get on your back!"

They moved positions, and the fucking started right back up again, now not as intense, I heard some kissing, and her pussy sounded really sloppy as he moved in and out of her. They were being very quiet, fucking steadily, but in a relaxed way. I guess he had cum, so maybe he was not super hard. I had cum. Looking down again at the mess on my clothes, I realized that I had cum a lot. I was not hard, even though these new sounds were very sexy. I decided to make my exit, as I did not want to risk getting caught when they finished.

I crawled in the shadows away from the van and to the other aisle, and when I was far enough away, I stood up and played it cool, being a bit paranoid, because probably nobody was awake to see me at 5am.

I made it back to the tent, undressed and got into bed. I still could not sleep, but could not get hard again anyway. I waited, hoping she would come back soon, but I fell asleep.

I dreamed of her. She was fucking everyone in the dream but me, but I was really turned on the whole time. I kept on wanting to cum with her, but every time I turned around, she was with another man. It was simultaneously a frustrating and sexy dream.

When I awoke at dawn, she was not in the tent yet! I lied there awake for a while, wondering about her. Should I go back out to the van to spy on them again? No, I thought, she will come home when she is ready. I smiled at this. We had come a long way from jealousy and possessiveness. I imagined that if I were the one having an amazing night out, that I would not want to come home soon either. With this peace, I fell asleep again and had dreamless sleep.

She came in, and most everyone was still asleep in our camp, including our daughter, thankfully. She undressed and got under the covers. I rolled over and looked at her and smiled. She smiled back.

"I think I may have found my Prize Bull."

I just looked at her and I did not say anything.

I kissed her briefly, and moved down, as is our custom after her dates. She tried to stop me before my face got between her legs.

"I did not have the chance to take a shower."

I just smiled at her and kept going. She stopped trying to prevent my going down and closed her eyes and softly moaned as I started kissing her pussy.

The first thing to hit me was a strong man smell, then I immediately tasted cum inside of her. I paused and took it in. It was musty and rich. She made eye contact with me as I took deep breaths through my nose. Looking down at her labia, I could see thick white cum slowly oozing from inside. Her pussy lips were puffy and red. And somehow, they looked happy. I began to slowly lick her, the first time I had ever smelled anything but latex. The first time I had ever tasted another man's (two men's?) cum.

The experience of seeing her pussy like that, of smelling another man, of tasting his (their?) cum spoke silent words to me: "She is not mine."

I liked that message. I accepted it all and began to lick as I knew best. After 15 minutes, she had a wonderful, lilting clitoral orgasm. When her quiet moans had subsided, I moved back up, kissing her breasts as I moved upwards. Kissing me, she snuggled her ass back towards me, and I positioned my little hard cock to fuck her from behind.

"I bet my cock feels a lot different.." "You know it does! It is very exciting to feel a new cock inside me, let alone two! These guys were BIG! I thought you might even hear my cries all the way at the tent!"

My fucking was intense. I strained to reach deep inside of her, but although her puffy pussy felt extra creamy and embracing of my hardon, I could not find the back of her vagina and she was especially well-lubed, so there was little friction. Fucking her desperately like a jack-rabbit, I still did not worry about waking up our campmates, as she was mostly silent, giving me only occasional groans to let me know she loved me. Coming to my peak after 7 minutes, I did manage to make her moan a little bit as I pounded her from behind. I came with a blissful silence and dumped all that I had left into her already super well-fucked pussy. She squirmed and made sexy little sounds and turned around to kiss me and fall asleep in my arms.

I am the happiest cuckold with the hottest wife.

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