tagNonHumanRaven Walks Ch. 08

Raven Walks Ch. 08


Chapter Eight: Pixie

Abigail blinked awake. Wind was hitting her in the face like tiny needles, and it roused her from what felt like a deep hibernation. That was when she realized she was in strong arms and no where near the ground. She gasped as she clasped her arms around the neck of Constantine. "What are you doing?" she shrieked.

"I'm following orders," he smirked in return, as he kept his eye on the horizon for the rising sun. Maybe, if he had time, he could manage another snack before he had to retire for the day.

"Whose orders? I don't understand!"

He chuckled then. "If you're expecting to ever understand Raven, you're in for a long, frustrating wait."

"But why isn't he ... I mean... why are you..."

"Why am I in his place?" She nodded. "Because he has tired of you. You're never to return to the coven again."

She crossed her arms and steamed. Who did he think he is, was her savage thought. If he thought he could dismiss her like some sort of jilted lover, he had another thing coming. Constantine could easily read her thoughts, he really didn't even have to try. Again he smirked but said nothing as he made the descent toward the open door on her balcony.

She stepped out of his arms. He leaned casually against the railing. "It won't work, you know." She defiantly tipped her chin but said nothing. Constantine added, "You don't know him."

"No," she corrected. "He doesn't know me." She went over to the railing to stare out into the night. "He may be your master but he's not mine."

He leaned really close to her and whispered hot against her neck, "Yet."

Her eyes flashed. "Ever." She crossed her arms again. "If I were easily seduced how could I have resisted you?"

Ah, he thought. A challenge. He could barely suppress his smile. "Maybe I just didn't try hard enough."

"Or maybe you vampires aren't as compelling as you think you are."

That's when Constantine grew serious. "We're not all alike, Abi. I think you know that now."

Her thoughts returned to the Creature in the alley. She shivered in spite of herself. "Yeah. I guess I do."

He touched her hair. "And that's why you shouldn't return to the coven."

She said nothing for a moment as she looked into those intense brown eyes. She still hadn't decided if she could trust him. Finally she stepped back, out of their spell. "I guess I should go. I'd ask you inside but I think the general rule of logic is never extend an invitation to a vampire."

He grinned as he leaned forward to kiss her nose. "Clever girl." He hopped up on the railing.

"Aren't you going to say goodbye?" she asked.

"Nope," he quipped.

She put her hands on her hips. "And why not?"

"Because nothing short of full body bondage is going to keep you from the coven," he told her. She grinned at his knowing look, and then watched as he took off into the sky.

She was still smiling as she went into her apartment.

And despite what he had said to Constantine the night before, Raven's head turned every time that door opened to the coven the next night. He wanted her to stay away, but he knew she would return. And though he didn't want to admit it, he needed her to return. He just wasn't willing to admit it out loud yet.

Finally he left the refuge of the back booth to saunter over to the bar. He hadn't even ventured that direction since he had entered the coven, simply because he couldn't bear the thought of Sonja being gone.

As he drew closer, he saw a shock of red hair and it took his breath away. Only this wasn't the copper red of Abigail, this was a true red -- the color of a stop sign, he thought ironically -- and it stood out in the darkened club.

The girl had her back to him as he approached. Her redder than red hair was tied up in a ponytail, which showed the bottom layer of her hair was jet black. She had fuller curves than Abigail as well, curves that were hugged by black denim jeans.

When the mystery girl turned around, his breath caught in his throat. Though her hair was a different color, the resemblance to Abigail was stunning. She wore clunky, black rimmed glasses, three earrings in each ear and bangs that tried to hide the equally striking green eyes. Her breasts were fuller, her frame larger -- but he could sense immediately they were related. He knew it the minute he could taste her aura.

They shared the same strength. While Abi was a Gothic beauty, this girl was a Punk Queen. His interest was immediately piqued.

She eyed him suspiciously. "What can I get for you?"

"Water," he said. "Bottled water."

She nodded and pulled one from the refrigerator under the bar. As she handed him the drink he attempted to make physical contact by covering her hand with his. The minute they touched there was an electric charge that sent him backward. What the hell, he wondered to himself. She said nothing as she went to tend another patron at the other end of the bar.

He watched her closely as she efficiently did her job. The only visible sign he was getting to her at all was the rapid beat of her pulse in her neck. A neck, he couldn't help but notice, was as clean as Abi's.

She stopped in front of him to rinse out some glasses. "My name is Raven," he said.

"That's nice," she answered without looking up. Without missing a beat she was off again to another end of the bar.

She must have heard about Sonja, he decided. She knows better to get involved with vampires. But he didn't take his eyes off of her as he sipped the water from his bottle. There was something different about her. Perhaps it was the invisible but distinct "Fuck Off" sign on her face that compelled him to learn more about her.

He was never one to follow the rules.

Just as he opened his mouth to speak to her again, a voice purred in his ear, "Did you miss me?"

Raven twirled around to find Tracy Lynn, more made up than he'd ever seen her, her hair full, her breasts climbing out of her tight bodice. "Where have you been?" he demanded in a low whisper. Did she have any idea what kind of guilt he suffered not knowing if she was dead or alive?

Raven Crowe did not do guilt.

"Here... and there," she answered. She trailed a finger along his arm. "But you know I couldn't stay away from you."

"What about your husband?" he bit out. "And your three kids?"

She chuckled as she climbed onto the bar stool next to him. "Better off without me. I'm nothing but trash, right? Isn't that what you tried to teach me as you fucked me and left me for dead?"

He looked away. Damn guilt, he thought. Such a wasted emotion for a vampire. "You should go, Tracy Lynn."

She didn't respond, but instead caught his eye as he sized up the new bartender. "She's kinda hot," Tracy leaned in to whisper. "You should definitely do her next."

He gave her a suspicious glance. "That's rather generous for a jealous girl like you."

"No," she whispered as she leaned close. "I like it when you fuck them hard and leave them alone and vulnerable. That way, I get to finish them off."

He looked at her and she ran her tongue over her protruding fangs. He jumped back. "What the hell... I didn't do that to you!"

"Didn't you?" she said. "More importantly, does it matter?" She paused thoughtfully, deliberately baiting him. "Of course, maybe it mattered to Sonja."

He grabbed her by the arms, something the new and mysterious bartender caught out of the corner of her eye. He got the feeling she was a woman who missed very little. But this time, he didn't care. "What did you do to Sonja?"

"I showed her love and affection," she answered, never wavering, never scared. "Which is more than any of us can say about you." But her hunger got the better of her. "But I'm a very forgiving person, Raven. If you want to make it up to me how you treated me..."

"Never," he answered immediately. "I don't retread old territory."

"Not humans," she conceded. "But I'm not a human anymore. I'm just like you." Her voice lowered. "Unapologetic... and hungry."

She reached up and kissed him hard. He pulled away. "Don't do that again!" he whispered savagely.

"Or what?" she challenged. "What can you possibly do to me now, Raven?" She ran her hand up his leg. "Let me show you how good it could be."

He jerked away from her and hopped off the barstool. "Like I said," he told her, looking her straight in the eye. "I don't retread old territory."

He stalked off, leaving her pouting and alone at the bar.

He quickly surveyed the dance floor, and that's when he saw Sonja dancing in the arms of a beautiful woman. He glanced back over at Tracy Lynn who was watching him like a hawk. Purposefully he strode to Sonja, who was grinding up against her dance partner -- a lovely dark headed Emo girl dressed all in black, a large chunk of jet black hair hiding her right eye. The other, darkly lined in makeup, was a striking pale blue.

He reached out for Sonja, who seemed to melt against his familiar touch. "Long time no see," he said in his low, seductive voice.

She smiled at him, her fangs dripping from her mouth. "Would you like to join us?" she asked.

He looked back toward the bar. Tracy glared at him. He smiled as he positioned himself behind Sonja. "I'd love to."

Together the three danced, gyrating against each other to the heavy electronica beat. Sonja ran her fingers along the young girl's face while Raven kissed his way along Sonja's neck. His eyes never left Tracy Lynn. She seethed, and inside he was gratified.

He felt Sonja's ass grind against his groin as they danced, and he reached around her to pull the other girl toward them. She groaned and reached in for a kiss from Sonja, which turned Raven on so much his fangs began to extend from his mouth. He loved watching their tongues dance together, their breasts mashed against each other. Both girls were petite and taunt, and he felt himself grow against Sonja -- wanting them both.

The girl caught a glimpse of both of their fangs and shuddered. It sent a volt through both vampires whose desires had grown to a fevered pitch. Sonja was the first to guide the girl from the floor into the dark recesses of the coven, beyond the prying eyes of the mysterious bartender, as well as the angry glare of Tracy Lynn.

Sonja chose a room drenched in navy blue velvet and lace. She went to light the candles as the tiny girl shrunk in front of Raven in fear. He reached out to touch her. "What is your name?" he whispered.

"Pixie," she responded in a shaking voice.

"Pixie," he repeated. He always repeated the name. It was his most powerful seductive weapon. Everyone liked the sound of their own name, and the way he said it felt like velvet sliding against her skin. She shuddered again, but this time he knew fear had little to do with it.

He pulled her against his body and she could feel how hard he was beneath his clothes. Her hands spread against the tight muscles of his chest as she got lost in those deep brown eyes. She gasped out loud as Sonja came up from behind her, put her hands upon her hips and pressed against the subtle curve of her ass.

The two vampires sandwiched Pixie in between two gyrating forces of lust. She was defenseless as Raven bent to kiss her, and Sonja kissed her creamy smooth neck and shoulder. The tiny girl jumped, but Sonja knew better than to take a bite of her before she was ready. Instead she soothed the girl with well placed kisses and hands that knew just where to touch.

Raven's tongue delved into Pixie's mouth and she groaned in response. This caused his cock to jump against her, which made them both groan a little louder. With one hand on the back of her head, Sonja turned Pixie from Raven's mouth to her own, and he watched the two women kiss passionately. His hands deftly unzipped her hoodie to reveal a tiny black bra underneath.

She didn't protest when Sonja unfastened the bra and released her tiny pert breasts for Raven's hungry mouth. He dropped to one knee as he devoured one hard nipple and then the other. Her kisses with Sonja grew more urgent as she pressed his head down to explore all regions southward.

Though he unzipped her jeans and slid the tiny thong over her small hips, he continued to suck her breasts until she was incoherent against him. He broke away to throw aside his shirt, and could see how glazed over her eyes were when she looked down at him.

He reclined in a nearby chair and beckoned her to come. "Pixie," he whispered. She fell to her knees and crawled toward him. Without being told to do so, she leaned over to unbutton his trousers and release his erection for her hungry mouth.

As her mouth descended over his cock, he saw Sonja crawl up behind her and spread her legs with both hands. Pixie arched her back and thrust her pussy up for Sonja's searching tongue, and shuddered against him when Sonja hit her mark. He watched Sonja lap her hungry, wet cunt with relish. She loved how she tasted, how she felt. It turned him on to watch, especially when Sonja locked her eyes with his.

His hands went into Pixie's hair, brushing it out of her face and revealing both incredible blue eyes. He was so thick and so hard she couldn't fit him all in her throat, but the darling girl did give it her best effort. She made up for it with tiny kisses, sweet tongue play and hot air that only proved to make him crazy with desire. He grabbed up fists of hair as he hastened her motions. She happily complied given the kind of ecstasy she was discovering at the tip of Sonja's tongue.

Effortlessly he lifted her up into his lap, straddling her over the angry purple head of his dick. She was cool and wet as he slid against her. Finally he penetrated her, slowly, surely, fitting himself snugly inside her tight, wet hole. For the first few strokes she savored how he felt inside of her. Slowly, luxuriously, she rocked against him. But then she got lost in his eyes and in his lust. She needed more of him. He watched her bounce on top of him.

Sonja stood up and walked around to the chair where he sat. He grabbed her by the arm and then encouraged her up on the padded back end of the chair. She needed little instruction. Her knees straddled his head, which was now leaned back, and sunk her pussy onto his face.

While his hands guided Pixie's hips, his tongue raced over Sonja's hard clit. She bucked against his face while the other girl ground herself onto his groin. He tortured Sonja until she she was reduced to mere whimpers. Then he shoved his tongue up inside her, making her gasp as he touched that spot deep inside. With his freakishly long tongue, he needed no instruments to reach that which turns all women to mush. She thrashed on top of him as she came hard, which made him fuck Pixie even harder.

The younger girl screamed as her own orgasm overtook her. She was ready, and both vampires knew it. Sonja was still trembling as she climbed down, and straddled behind the girl on Raven's lap. Her hands wrapped around Pixie's body and grabbed both tits, her fingertips brushing over the hard peaks. Pixie threw her head back with a scream from deep inside her soul as Raven sat up, grabbed her waist and slammed her down onto his cock. He was getting close, but there was one thing he wanted to see before he came.

"Do it," he commanded Sonja. She groaned at the thought before diving into the young girl's neck. Her fangs sunk into the sweet smelling skin, and he watched has her bright blue eyes opened wide as Pixie stiffened. Then, to her surprise, she dissolved into a pool of ecstasy she'd never before experienced.

Raven couldn't hold back any more. He sank his teeth into the other side of her neck and drank from her as he rode her hard to his amazing climax.

As he fell back, he caught a glimpse of how pale Pixie had grown -- how vacant her eyes. "Sonja," he cautioned, but she growled at him as she continued to suck, her eyes rolled back from her orgasmic paradise of lust and blood.

He could do nothing but watch as the life drained out of Pixie and into Sonja. Within moments, it was over. Barely a woman, Pixie was now gone. He felt his own desire die along with her as he slipped from her body. Sonja stumbled away, and blood trickled down each side of her face.

Gently Raven picked Pixie up into his arms and carried her over to the bed nearby. He laid her down and touched her face, then mouthed a silent apology as he kissed her once more.

Sonja, once again coherent, lovingly covered her up as she cuddled against her. He held out his hand but she shook her head. "She is mine now. I will wait for her."

He nodded, and only momentarily recalled the girl Sonja herself had been just a few days earlier. He knew she'd never be the same again; and this was the first of many lovers she'd turn out of the selfish desire to keep them forever.

He dressed and exited without another word and shut the door on yet another conquest, and what he felt might have been yet another mistake.

To walk among unapologetic killers without the desire to destroy wasn't easy.

But that's where Raven walks.

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