tagNonHumanRaven Walks Ch. 10

Raven Walks Ch. 10


Chapter Ten: Ginger

In Abigail's apartment, Damien glanced at the different photos in funky frames along her bookcase. Normally he didn't really waste his time on humans, they came with too many complications. He liked those who knew the score, of course; donors who would haunt covens in the hopes of snaring immortality, but he preferred those who already had the taste of death.

It was just easier that way.

But Abi was hard to resist. He had saved her life, and in a way felt responsible for her.

And she was determined to pursue her story on vampires whether he was there or not.

So he figured, he might as well be there for her.

"Ready to go?" she asked as she emerged from the bedroom, dressed in black -- dressed to kill.

If not him, he thought with a smile, then whom?

The lights of the club were dim, the music silenced. Sebastian was overwrought by what had happened to Sonja he shut the doors and sent everyone away. He wanted to mourn in silence; the severity of what had happened left no occasion for frivolity.

He sat in his quarters, dazed on wine and pain, totally unaware that in the darkness of the building below someone was on the hunt for clues to what had truly taken place.

This stealth investigator made no noise. Things were lifted and replaced as quietly as possible. Tiny clues were pocketed and no stone was left unturned.

Lives -- both human and reanimated -- were on the line.

So that was why, in the dark shadows of the silent club, this hunter was determined to get to the bottom of things; no matter the cost.

When a hand fell on her shoulder, she flung around ready for a fight.

Constantine La Rouge stood before her, dressed all in white as he was known to do. "Who are you?"

Ginger Mandrake straightened her spine and allowed her fists to fall to her side. She had long ago learned to trust her instincts, and she knew in an instant this vampire meant her no immediate harm. "Who wants to know?"

"You shouldn't be here," he advised in a low tone, keeping an eye out for Sebastian.

Was that concern she saw on his face? "Neither should you," she pointed out.

He nodded, but didn't look in any particular hurry to leave, especially as he inspected her head to foot. Her two toned hair was tied up in a ponytail, her clothes were dark and hid her curves well, and dark glasses covered her eyes. "You a cop?" he finally asked.

She had to chuckle to herself. "Not officially," she conceded at last. "Just... curious."

"Curiosity killed the cat," he said as he sat up on a barstool. "Or so they say."

"Funny, I thought the only thing being killed around here were vampires."

His intense brown eyes met hers. "Why should that matter to you? You're not a vampire."

She wrenched her eyes away from his stare. "Minor detail," she said as she continued her investigation, no longer concerned he might impede her progress.

He watched her rifle through papers, quickly and efficiently. Like she'd done this sort of thing before. He stared into her familiar face wondering why she seemed so familiar.

"You don't know me," she said finally, without turning to look his directly.


"You're wondering if we have ever met," she told him. "We haven't."

She was shrewd, he decided. A little too shrewd. "What kind of human reads the thoughts of a vampire?" he openly mused.

She glanced back up at him with an unreadable expression. "The dangerous kind," was her curt reply.

"Sounds interesting," he responded as he hopped down from the stool. She felt him approach her. "Perhaps we can go somewhere a little more private and I can learn more."

He reached out for her but she slid easily out of reach. "What's more private than an isolated club?"

"My room," he said, his voice dripping over her like silk.

"I'm not that kind of human," she assured him before she ducked behind the bar.

He chuckled as he leaned across the bar. "You say that now. But you should know I've never met a human I couldn't turn."

She had to smile as she leaned across the bar, their faces a breath apart. "And you should know, I'm not like any human you've ever met."

With that she touched his hand and he felt her skin burn against his. He pulled away but did not show her how much her contact had disturbed him. "Technically, we haven't met," he pointed out.

She considered that for a moment. He got the feeling she calculated every move she made. But she didn't look away from him, even though he knew how powerful his gaze could be. He liked that strength, even if he didn't know what to do with the unique chemistry she seemed to be made. It was almost as if she were -

"Ginger," she finally purred. If he didn't know better he'd swear she had interrupted his thoughts on purpose. He watched as she picked up some more paper from behind the bar and then disappear out of sight.

Across town the mood was somber in Lillith's club, where many new vampires had come seeking shelter from the beast that had killed Sonja. One of those mourners was Raven Crowe; who was eaten up with guilt that he hadn't been there that night. His skin was pale and gaunt from his unsatisfied hunger, but he couldn't seem to bring himself to feed. And no human was anywhere in sight to donate to him that which he so desperately needed.

That was why he came to find Lillith. He needed to feel the warmth of her generous curves under him while the hot, sweet nectar of her veins restored him. Raven understood more than anyone there was no time for self pity.

Someone had declared war.

He tossed back a shot of hard whiskey, his third, while he waited for her. At least he knew Abigail wouldn't be caught up in all this. It was cold comfort. She had haunted his dreams and his fantasies since he had first seen her and now he'd have to avoid her at all costs to keep her safe. If he had been a lesser vampire he would have turned her for her own protection; but as Sonja proved... even vampires weren't safe now.

So it was just better he never saw her again, he reminded himself again as he ordered another round. He normally never drank, but these were desperate times. And he suddenly wanted to feel numb, very numb.

As numb as he was, he couldn't stop his heart lurching into his throat when he caught sight of that familiar copper hair. When her eyes met his they were defiant, but as much as she meant them to be unafraid he could definitely see her tremble.

What was she doing here, he wondered. Then he caught sight of her date. Damien Cross.

Of course.

She was making her way through each and every vampire. Why, he still didn't know. But it didn't matter. All that mattered was getting her the fuck out of here.

Raven pushed away from the bar and stalked over to where they stood. He didn't even acknowledge Damien. "You need to go home." It wasn't a request. It was an order.

"Hello to you too," Damien quipped but neither Abigail or Raven seemed to realize he was there.

"You don't get to tell me what to do," she told Raven.

"Someone needs to," he responded. "Or didn't you hear there is a killer on the loose?"

"Funny, I thought that was you."

She was provoking him on purpose. Instead of letting her see his anger, instead he just chuckled. "Stupid human. You have no idea what you're asking for, do you?"

Her eyebrow arched. "What's the matter, Raven? Mad it isn't you?" That hit home. So she added, "That's what kills you, doesn't it? You know you're nothing to me."

But even as she said it, all three of them knew it wasn't true.

"Is there a problem here?" a female voice intruded, and they turned to see Lillith slide up to Raven.

Raven, who had yet to take his eyes off of Abigail, put his arm around Lillith possessively. "No. No problem."

Right in front of Abigail he bent to kiss Lillith, full and open mouthed. He could feel Abi stiffen as she watched their tongues intertwine. Lillith moaned into his mouth, which he returned before he broke the kiss. "Just what I needed," he said as he glanced back at Abi, who was clearly shaken. "A real woman."

Lillith understood immediately she was being used, but she didn't seem to care. In fact, she jumped right into the role. No matter how this little human had played Raven so far, Lillith knew whose bed he would ultimately share. And she also knew that nothing any human could ever offer could compare.

She pulled him out onto the dance floor and gyrated against him to the sexy music. His eyes may have been on the uptight redhead at the bar, but his cock was growing against the redhead in his arms.

"I've missed you," she whispered against his neck and was gratified with the shudder that followed.

"I need you," he whispered back, his fangs protruding from his mouth.

Abi responded by dragging Damien onto the floor and mimicking Lillith's dance moves. "It's not very nice to tease your vampire knight in shining armor," Damien teased, the playful glint never far from his dark eyes.

"Maybe I'm not a nice girl," she retorted, unable to tear her eyes off of Raven.

"I was hoping you'd say that," he replied and grabbed her closer. She could feel him stiffen and grow against her.

Raven watched as Damien's hands slid over Abi's back and over her ass, then pull her towards him. He responded by doing the same to Lillith. She hopped up into his arms and he realized she wasn't wearing any panties under her short skirt. The warmth of her wet pussy ground unapologetically against him. "You can think about her," Lillith whispered into his ear, "As long as you fuck me."

Raven groaned and then kissed Lillith.

Abi watched them, fully aware that Raven no longer bothered to glance their way as he drug Lillith from the dance floor and off into the back rooms. She turned to Damien, who watched her with a grin.

"So how do you propose we get even?" he asked.

Abi took him by the hand and followed where Lillith and Raven had gone.

Unlike the other coven, these rooms were meant for group fun. They weren't closed off and intimate. They were full of beds and chaise lounges, draped in red velvet and black lace. Several couples had already found places to indulge their lascivious desires, and the sight of so many people openly fucking jarred Abi in a way she never would have openly admitted.

But it suited her purpose, she decided, as she honed in on Raven and Lillith who had collapsed together onto a huge bed in the back.

She drug Damien to the same bed and shoved him down onto his back. Lillith sent her a self satisfied grin. Humans were so easy to manipulate. She had done exactly what the female vampire had hoped she would.

Abi didn't even notice. She just saw the anger, frustration and desire in Raven's eyes. This would teach him to boss her around, she thought as she straddled the fully clothed, very amused, and incredibly turned on Damien.

Raven may have laid on top of Lillith, her legs wrapped around his waist as he fumbled to free himself from his trousers, but his eyes were on Abi as she ground against Damien.

He groaned as he watched her unbutton Damien's shirt and plant loving little kisses along his bare chest.

Not to be undone, Lillith flipped Raven onto his back and mirrored Abi's movements. "Not bad," she told Abi. "But are you sure you know what to do with that much vampire?"

"I'm pretty sure," Abi responded as she stripped away the tight corset that bound her full breasts. Both Damien and Raven moaned out loud as her breasts sprung free.

"Impressive," Lillith said before she stripped away her top. Both redheads were big breasted, and the fullness of their heavy tits swayed in front of the hungry eyes of their vampire lovers. As Damien and Raven reached up to capture the hard pink tips into their mouths, their hands couldn't help but reach across to toy with the other girl's nipples.

Both Lillith and Abi gasped as they ground against their prospective lovers.

Like twins, each woman licked and kissed their way down the bodies of their men. Both Raven and Damien grabbed their seductress by the hair as they unfastened their trousers and slid their hard cocks from their confinements.

Their tongues danced over the angry purple heads, mouths descended over rock hard shafts, and in the same motion and rhythm they sucked and stroked each hard cock. Whether they were watching it be done to the other or themselves, both Raven and Damien were lost in their passion. Each woman - one human, one vampire, one tall, one short, one darker haired, one fairer - was like one being blowing them both simultaneously.

"Fuck me," they both demanded in unison, in the same hoarse grunt.

The women needed little urging. They climbed back up the bodies of their lovers and straddled them. Raven watched Abi while Damien watched Lillith as each woman was penetrated and cried out together.

They rocked together and Lillith reached over to stimulate Abi's nipples as they fucked their men. Abi's head leaned back and she groaned deep in her throat, her hand tangled in Lillith's hair. Damien responded by thrusting up deeper inside of her. Raven watched, aching to be inside of her, feeling that pussy against his hard cock, spreading her wide and fucking her deep.

Lillith responded by leaning over and grabbing Abi's full breast into her mouth. Raven watched as her fangs scraped against the creamy white skin. He knew she would bite into her soon. So he grabbed Lillith by the hips and flipped her around onto her knees.

Abi's glazed eyes met Raven's as she rode Damien's hard cock. Raven grabbed her hair and pulled her close for a scorching kiss. His tongue invaded her mouth while his cock pummeled Lillith's tight pussy. Her scream was lost in his throat as she began to spasm all around Damien's stiff dick, her orgasm more intense than she'd ever experienced.

His fangs grew as well as Damien's. Both vampires wanted to drink from her at that moment. Raven pulled away and allowed her to scream with each subsequent wave of pleasure, and that was when he saw Damien reach up, fangs bared.

"Drink from me," he instructed Damien, pulling him by his long hair away from the smooth clean neck of his human.

Damien didn't argue. He sunk his fangs into the hard neck of Raven and sucked loudly right in front of Abigail's glazed eyes.

That sent Damien off and he fucked Abi harder and harder to his own climax.

Under Raven, Lillith was teetering on her own massive orgasm. Raven pulled her up by the waist just as Abi fell away from Damien.

Abi watched as Damien positioned himself in front of Lillith and bared his neck for her obediently. Lillith sank into him with a hiss. The female vampire shuddered hard as she came around Raven and drank from Damien, sandwiched between the two sexy, ravenous vampires.

Damien's hands cupped her breasts as he ground his still hard cock against her stomach. Abi watched as Raven slid from her soaking wet pussy and glide easily into her ass. Lillith cried out, at first in the shock of pain but then in pleasure as Raven rocked inside of her. Damien positioned himself at the entrance of her pussy, and then right in rhythm he eased himself inside of her.

Lillith couldn't help but cry out as she was filled to the brim with two hard cocks. She glanced at Abi and wanted so badly to taste her virgin skin, but she couldn't move an inch. Instead she just reveled in the feeling of being totally penetrated.

Abi realized that Raven was watching her as he fucked Lillith. Her hand disappeared between her legs as she watched him slide easily in and out of the girl on his cock, but his eyes -- his gaze -- fucking her instead.

Her fingers slipped inside of her hungry cunt as she watched the lucky vampire being fucked by two rock hard cocks at the same time. She could feel them inside of her too -- all of them. She watched his fangs drip over onto his cheeks, and her neck throbbed where she anticipated one day he would sink them.

Instead, he bit into Lillith, who jumped with a cry before she lost herself in another explosive climax. That was all it took before Abi herself was rocketing into another intense orgasm.

All three sated vampires collapsed onto the bed next to her, surrounding her, their breath, their hands, their bodies warming her.

Her last conscious thought was that it was too dangerous to be turned on by their hedonistic ways... but it didn't seem as though she had any say in the matter anymore.

When she awoke sometime later in her own bed, unsure if it had been real or a dream, it unnerved her to think that she had wanted it to be real.

Though she had no bite marks, something in her had definitely turned.

And she knew without question she was meant to follow anywhere Raven walks.

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