tagNonHumanRaven Walks Ch. 19

Raven Walks Ch. 19


Chapter Nineteen: Demetri

Abi watched on, silently wringing her hands while Hunter tugged on his boots. "I'm sure she'll be back," she said, but even she wasn't convinced.

"If you think that, then you really don't know your sister," he said as he grabbed a shirt from the bed he had just hours before shared with Ginger. He felt sick that he'd hurt her like he did -- for the second time.

"Then I'm coming with you," Abi decided.

He glanced where she stood, wrapped in a robe. "You're safer here," he curtly replied as he turned away.

"With a couple of vampires that are dead during the daylight hours?"

He brushed past her. "Look at it this way," he said, "the Creature is just as dead. You're safe until the sun sets."

She grabbed his arm. "Will you be back by then?"

His eyes were steely blue as he stared down into her face. Her eyes glistened and he could clearly tell she was terrified. The one thing that their frolicking had proven was that she realized how close she'd come to willingly giving herself over to the undead. He had saved her, and she was petrified of facing the vampires who clearly had a hold on her without him there to pull her back from the brink.

She knew she wasn't that strong.

Ginger clearly was.

"I don't know," he told her honestly. Her lip quivered. "I'll try," he promised in a low voice before he turned and headed out the door.

What had he done, he wondered to himself as he hopped aboard his motorcycle. How could he have made the same mistake twice? He still remembered the first time Ginger walked in on he and Abi in the throes of passion -- the night she returned for her father's funeral and found them naked and in each other's arms in Abi's room in their family home.

There had been no excuses to give. There was no way he'd have insulted her intelligence. He really had been comforting Abi and it had gone farther than he had intended, but that was just the way things were when he got anywhere near Abi. He needed her. And even seeing the woman he had loved from his freshman year wasn't enough to chase those feelings away.

Instead it had chased Ginger away -- back to Europe and into the arms of the most dangerous rebound guy she could have possibly found. A vampire long dead, who wanted nothing more than to ensure Ginger was with him forever.

Worse, Ginger seemed perfectly okay with the idea.

The thought still made Hunter shudder at how close she had come.

He supposed it was karma to find her making love to Stephen the night he had gone to apologize and beg for a second chance.

He managed to step into the room at the exact moment Stephen was going to sink his long, sharp fangs into her sweet smelling, virgin neck.

Hunter had rushed the monster and tore him off of Ginger, and the vampire reacted accordingly. He flung Hunter up against the wall and nearly knocked him unconscious from the force of the blow. All Hunter could remember was peering out of barely opened eyes as Ginger rushed to his side, naked and blurry and scared.

Who saved who remained a mystery. All he knew was how she looked when she told Hunter that she was in love with Stephen, and no matter what he did or didn't do she planned to follow him where ever he would go... even if that meant to the grave.

Hunter sped along the dirt road, racing for town, scouring the swamp land around the road for any sign of red hair.

He had worked hard to regain her trust so that he could save her from that evil, cursed fate. How was he ever going to make it right again? He did the one thing to the one person that would have severed their bond forever.

And he knew it when he took Abi in his arms that morning.

It was a bitch loving two sisters, especially when he was addicted to one of them.

He had naively thought he could return to New Orleans and face Abi again without losing his composure. But he knew from the first time he looked at her face in that club it was a losing battle.

That was the real reason he told her that he and Ginger were married. He'd hope it would be the barrier she needed to keep far away.

He should have known that the way he felt when she was near Raven or Constantine, he was fooling no one.

But he made love to Ginger last night anyway, knowing that Abi was fucking two vampires just a few rooms away. If she noticed that he was more desperate, more demanding, more forceful, she never said anything.

He had to prove to himself yet again that he had chosen the right sister. But the harder he fucked Ginger, the more he saw Abi's face.

When he had thrown Abi against the wall that morning he was doing it to punish them both for a lust they could neither deny.

But when they made love on the floor, it was gentle and it was sweet... and it was everything he had wanted for more years than he could remember. He knew as he did it that he would have to face Ginger and tell her the truth, but he was hoping to put that off until after they had killed the Creature.

He was terrified that she would run off and do something self destructive.

Like give herself to a vampire.

Fortunately she had been drinking holy water for enough years that any that dared to touch her would find much more than a conquest. With any luck their skin would peel from their bones and their bones would then turn to ash.

That was their theory anyway -- they had never put it in practice. It was the idea of a man named Walter, who had saved them both from vampire clutches and would teach them to become hunters.

It was also Walter who told Hunter to follow his heart to Ginger, that she needed to be loved by someone who would never let her down. It was the only way to purge her vampire lover from her heart for good.

Walter would strangle Hunter for what he had done.

Especially knowing that Ginger had run off into the swamp with a shattered heart, heading straight for a Creature unlike any that they'd ever dealt with before.

She couldn't charm this Creature, couldn't use her feminine wiles like she had done in the past. It only wanted to destroy anything and anyone who had anything to do with Raven.

After that electrifying kiss at the club, she had painted a huge target on her head.

It was evident that Raven wanted her; proven by the way he wouldn't let her go even when it physically hurt him to hold on.

Hunter gulped down a throat full of regret when he realized Raven had sacrificed more than Hunter had been willing to.

Worse, Hunter was painfully aware that Ginger had never fully gotten over Stephen. For Raven to show her that kind of determination to be with her must have been intoxicating to a woman who had only found that once before.

And it wasn't with Hunter.

His lips set into a firm, thin line as he raced along the country road, praying to find Ginger before any other vampires did.

Abi watched the sun set from the veranda facing the back of Raven's plantation. It peaked through the drooping arms of the sleepy willow tree until it finally sunk somewhere in the swamp. A tear slipped down Abi's face when she realized that Hunter had not yet returned.

The love she had felt just this morning deflated just like a balloon. The wind picked up as darkness fell in shadows around the old plantation, and Abi quickly retreated within the safety of the house and locked the door behind her.

Constantine entered the room, buttoning his shirt as he did so. "Good morning," he quipped with a good humored smirk.

She just smiled and couldn't manage a reply. He took notice but said nothing as he went over to the bar to pour a drink. "So where are the rest of the day dwellers?"

She opened her mouth but nothing came out. It seemed like so much had happened in such a short time, she wasn't even sure how to make sense of it all. Finally she said, "Gone."


She turned to see Raven as he entered the room. He was shirtless, wearing leather pants, and Abi immediately wanted to turn away. She felt something inside of her draw to him like a magnet, or more like a moth to a flame.

She knew that he was no good for her, but yet just looking at him made her want to surrender to him in a way she'd never surrendered to anyone.

With her life.

"Gone," she repeated.

Raven fetched a bottle of water from the bar where Constantine stood. They both looked at her expectantly, waiting on her to explain why.

She just wrung her hands and looked away.

"Dammit, Abi," Raven said with a growl. She knew he had read her thoughts and knew the gory details of what she had done. "Weren't we enough for you?"

She touched her throbbing neck. "Too much."

Constantine tossed back his drink. "Fine. Let them fend for themselves. I never felt comfortable with those hunters here anyway."

But Raven was angry. "We all agreed to stick together."

"You agreed," Constantine pointed out.

"Safety in numbers, remember? These are hunters. Their whole reason for existence is to track and kill monsters like this Creature."

"Like you and I," Constantine added.

"Like all of us," Raven replied as he turned his gaze back on Abi. "Once wasn't enough?" he asked as he approached, referring to her affair with Hunter. "Tell me. What more do you have to prove?"

She squared her jaw as she looked at him. "It's not like that," she insisted. "I love Hunter. I always have."

"Good luck with that," he said as he toasted her with his bottle. "Or has it escaped your notice who he went chasing after? How many times is this now?"

She looked away.

"Leave her alone," Constantine said as he went around the bar and went over to where she stood. "It's not like you ever had to live up to a sibling."

Raven just laughed. "This again, Constantine? First Nina. Now Demetri? How else have I wronged you? Let us count the ways."

"What's he talking about?" Abi asked Constantine, who glared at his master, trying to subdue his anger.

"Our sordid history," Constantine told her. "I had a perfect sibling too. Demetri was strong and powerful and everything his sickly brother could never be. But I didn't need to be either to win the heart of Demetri's wife, did I?"

Abi's eyes widened, and Constantine just laughed. "We have a lot in common, my love. Wanting that which we cannot have. Only I had to depend on Raven to give me what I needed to win her heart forever. Power. And immortality."

Raven glared at Constantine. "Well go ahead. Finish the story. Tell her how Nina never saw the new and improved you because they'd burned her at the stake, believing her a witch because she tried to raise you from the dead. And how that's all my fault."

"You should have protected her!" Constantine bellowed and hurled the crystal glass against the wall.

Raven didn't back down. "I protected you! I got you out of that village before anyone knew the truth. Or do you forget that your brother was a hunter himself, and bound by law to kill the likes of both of us." Raven had to laugh as he advanced on Constantine. "You always forget that part of the story. Convenient."

"My brother was never part of the equation," Constantine hissed.

"The hell he wasn't!" Raven exploded. "Admit it! He's the only reason you wanted Nina to begin with."

Constantine stood toe to toe with Raven, but Raven just turned on Abi. "And now you've done the same thing to your sister." He sneered at both of them. "Forgive me for trying to get in between this perfect love affair. It's quite evident that you were both made for each other." He grabbed a leather jacket from the back of the sofa and then tossed an evil grin over his shoulder to where Constantine stood sheltering Abigail.

"I apologize I couldn't give you Nina wrapped up in a pretty little bow," he said with fake sincerity as he motioned to Abi. "But please accept this condolence prize, won't you?"

And for the second time that day, a man left Abi to go chase after her sister.

It was more than Abi could take. She broke down into tears that were not lost on the vampire who stood near her.

He said nothing as he took her into his arms and rocked her against his strong chest. "He's an asshole," Constantine said against her hair. "But he's an asshole who is right," she said, her voice hitching on sobs. "I did this to Ginger not once but twice. I'm a horrible person."

He had to smile. "You say to the guy who sucks blood to survive and gleefully kill for pleasure." Her tearful eyes met his. "I win."

Since he brought it up... "Why didn't you kill me, Constantine?"

He had to pull away then. "Because you didn't ask me," he offered casually, but she didn't believe him.

She watched him go over to the sofa and sprawl over the red silk upholstery. "So if I asked you right now, you'd do it?"

He leveled those intense eyes on her. "Is that a dare, Miss Mandrake? Because if it is you should know those are very dangerous words you can't take back."

"And still you hesitate," she mused. "Am I just not good enough to join your little club?"

"You're plenty good enough," he remarked, but didn't move. "Or should I say bad enough? Let me ask you... did you even hesitate to jump on Hunter's jock after you fucked Raven and I?"

She blushed at the accusation she couldn't exactly argue. "I guess I was still looking for a real man," she said instead.

He just laughed. "What can I say? There are no men here. Just beasts."

She thought about Hunter and how he had not returned for her even though night had fallen. He probably found Ginger and was making love to her so that she would forgive him again, once again forgetting all about the sister that was good enough to fuck on a bathroom floor, but not good enough to come back and protect from dangerous creatures of the night.

"You're all beasts." She turned her back on him and went over to the doors overlooking the veranda.

A moment later she felt a hand slide up her arm. "Is that what you want, Abi? To be a beast?"

A tear slid down her face as she remembered the agonized look in Ginger's eyes when she found Hunter and Abi together. "I already am," she said quietly.

Constantine took her into his arms then, sad for her because he had been where she was many, many times. He remembered what it had felt like when his blood had spilled into Raven's throat and exploded with the disease he felt he deserved for the kisses he shared with Nina while his brother slept in the other room.

If he was a monster for loving his brother's wife, the least he could do is enjoy the fruits of the disease by feeling a power and immortality his sickly body had never allowed him to feel.

He wanted to live forever, and he had.

But with that forever came the knowledge every day that even immortal he didn't deserve the love of Nina for more than just a passing fancy while they were both still stricken with human vulnerability.

Now here he stood with another vulnerable human that a horrible, soul less creature wanted to kill, immortal or not. Their time together was no more guaranteed than his time with Nina those brief mortal moments that didn't last long enough for an eternity of memories.

He wasn't sure he could go through it again.

His eyes softened as he looked at her, and her hand touched his face. In his eyes she saw a reflection of herself... of her pain, of her regret, of all the missed opportunities.

Maybe he really was the only one to understand her.

He certainly was the only one who had chosen to stay.

So she pulled his face down to hers and kissed him softly on the lips.

He groaned as his fingers touched her face and then tangled in her long hair. "Abi," he whispered against her lips, and it touched her soul. She pulled away, took his hand in hers and led him back to the bedroom they had shared.

She undressed him as she led him toward the bed. His eyes never left hers and she never wavered as she pushed him down onto the mattress and straddled him as she followed him down. They kissed each other slowly, tasting each other on the tips of their tongues, and as she ground against his growing erection he buried his face in the crook of her neck.

When his breath danced over her wounds she felt her whole body shudder. Gone was the human lovemaking of the morning, sweet and gentle and safe. Death was at her neck, all she needed to do was ask for it.

Why did she want to ask for it?

As he slid up inside of her, filling her and stretching her wide, she whispered, "Are you going to do it?"

She felt his cock jump as he fucked her slowly, the idea of what she was offering making him impossibly hard inside of her. His fingers closed over her full breasts and he kissed his way back up to her mouth, taking his time, making her tremble.

"Are you asking?" he asked her in a deep, commanding, but soft voice, his dark eyes sparkling in the low light.

The words hovered somewhere in her throat. "I... I...."

Gently he turned her around and laid her on the bed under him. "Shh," he whispered. "When you're ready," he instructed before he kissed his way down her body, over each hard nipple, over the quivering swell of her tummy, and down in between her legs.

When his breath hit her painfully hard clitoris, she shuddered and her thighs spread wider. Her hand went into his hair as she guided his mouth closer to where she needed it to be. His tongue reached out to her and flicked over her lightly. She cried out as she moved her hips up to meet his mouth. He responded in kind, and flattened his tongue over her clit with luxurious laps across the sensitive skin.

"Please," she begged in a breathless whisper, and he complied by sucking that tiny, sensitive nub into his mouth. The warmth of his mouth sent a volt of electricity throughout her body while his tongue snaked around to make her tremble from its touch.

She begged him for more, urged him with her hips, but he took his time as he teased her. He would speed up to get her to the brink of orgasm, then slow down or stop altogether while she gathered her wits about her again.

Her fingers circled her own nipples as she writhed under him. He was making her crazy and the more he manipulated her under his mouth the more she wanted to give herself to him totally and completely. This must be how they do it, was her fuzzy thought. They use their seductive prowess to take humans to the brink of the temptation that they can bear.

And she was there. God help her, she was there.

"Do it," she begged. "Please... Constantine...."

His mouth fastened over her clit and he sucked her to her first of many multiple explosions that she road out under his tongue. As she thrashed under him, his two fingers knit together and slid up inside of her, causing her to cry out.

Then she felt his mouth kiss its way up her groin and his fangs drug along her skin. This was the point of no return she thought. As his fingers slid easily in and out of her, reaching high up inside to touch that spot that sent her off on another amazing climax, a tear squeezed out of the corner of her eye.

"Ask," he commanded low against her skin.

His fangs hovered over her skin, their sharp points digging in but not yet breaking the skin. She reached herself up to his mouth but he kept himself just out of reach.

"Ask!" he said again, this time with a power that scared her.

Her head spun from the pleasure he gave her with his mouth and his tongue, his touch and his voice. "Do it," she barely heard herself whisper.

His fangs sank into her skin and she felt her blood splash into his mouth as she came all around his fingers.

The next time she asked to die, she was screaming.

Raven flew through the night, trying to rid his thoughts of what was happening between Abi and Constantine back at Bella. He was an unwilling observer as skin touched skin, mouth explored mouth and ultimately blood was shed.

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