tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRavishing My Girlfriend's Mom

Ravishing My Girlfriend's Mom


(((Note: Since I'm not using any last names, the names have not been changed to protect the innocent. These events are based on fantasies that occurred around real relationships, but they will always remain, alas, fantasies.)))

I was a very lucky man to have the girlfriend that I did. Lisa was a virgin when I met her, but she was a repressed catholic school girl ready to bust out at the seams... and at the age of 19, I was ready to do some busting, too.

She may not have been the physical ideal that most men hope for, but most men don't know what they're missing. She was what you might call "overweight," but that meant that no matter how hard I pounded into her during sex, there was always a soft landing. She had a gorgeous face, and the way she sucked my cock was nothing short of glorious. She also liked it rough and kinky, which is where the interesting stuff really started... not with Lisa, but with her mom, Lynne.

Lisa lived with her mother and grandmother. Lynne, her mother, had been divorced for quite some time, and her grandfather had taken his own life (in my opinion, to get away from her grandma). It was a month or so before we were going to get our own apartment, and Lisa and her grandma were going away to Oklahoma for a week, to catch up with some family. Lynne was never that close to that side of the family, so she was going to be alone for that week. At least, we thought she was, until she called me Monday, about the time that Lisa and her grandma's plane landed in Oklahoma.

"Scott?" she asked, sounding very depressed, "Could you come over? I don't usually have the house all to myself, and I'm a little... nervous, I guess. Just for a little while?"

I didn't mind. Lynne was a fun person to hang around, and she was very pretty. The opposite of Lisa's body type, she was slim, almost too slim, but she'd had a breast-job done to impress her ex-husband. Lisa was fond of reminding me that her mom's DD tits weren't real... I really didn't mind. I actually kind of liked the fact that she was willing to do that to herself to appeal more to men.

So, after getting a few things done around the house, I drove over. It was starting to rain on the drive, and because it was the rainy season, I knew that a thunderstorm and a tornado watch were both imminent. I was glad I was going over, because I knew that Lynne didn't have much tolerance for "scary" weather.

When I got there, I was partially soaked by the downpour as I ran to the front porch of the house, and Lynne had obviously been waiting for me by the window, because before I could so much as knock, she had the door open, and was pulling me in.

"Oh, Scott... if I'd have known it was going to start raining, I'd never have called!" she said. She had a towel waiting for me, and I was trying to get the water out of my eyes and hair.

"It's fine, Lynne, really..." I said. "I don't mind driving in the rain." I pulled the towel away from my face, and my eyes almost came out.

She was wearing a filmy, silky, see-through robe, over a very lacy set of bra and panties. The big, fluffy slippers almost, but didn't quite, ruin the image. I'd had thoughts about Lynne's body for quite some time, but then again, I was 19... I had thoughts about screwing toast.

"Um," I said... but Lynne took the towel, and rushed off to put it in the laundry, giving me a good look at her ass as she went. Not a lot of meat, there, but it moved very well.

"It's just that the house is so empty, and quiet, and then there's the storm," she was saying, from two rooms away. I just sort of stood there, for a minute, then took off my jacket and hung it to dry by the door. Lynne came back in and smiled at me, and we went into the living room and sat on the couch.

Almost on cue, there was a lightning strike nearby, and the lights went out. Lynne jumped, right into my arms... and those beautiful (even if artificial) breasts were pushing against my chest, and I kind of lost another couple of seconds.

"I'm... sorry about that," she said, disentangling herself from me. "Dammit... I was going to put in a movie, or something... and cook you something, for coming over..."

I remembered the all-electric kitchen, and shrugged. "No worries, Lynne. I'm just glad you don't have to be alone in this."

She smiled at me, in the faint light, and even in the darkness, that smile was enough to warm me up all the way down to my crotch. "You're so nice, Scott... I'm glad Lisa found a guy like you. I wish I could."

That took me aback. "What? You have a boyfriend, Lynne... you guys went to the lake last weekend!"

She huffed, and sat back, crossing her arms under her breasts, which, again, did GREAT things for them. "The asshole wouldn't TOUCH me. Can you believe that?"

I just shook my head. The guy must have been gay, or something.

Lynne looked at me, and I could see that she wanted to say something. I just waited... I liked where things looked to be going.

"Scott? If you were alone with... with a woman like me... would you... you know... try something?"

"Well," I said, "I am alone with a woman like you... and I'll be honest with you, Lynne. If you weren't my girlfriend's mother, I surely would." Not that I didn't want to jump her bones right then and there, but I DID want to protect my relationship with Lisa.

Lynne bit her lip. "I... I wanted to talk to you... about Lisa, if that's ok."

That sounded serious, but I nodded.

"I know that you two are... are, well, sexually active," she said. "But... I kind of saw the two of you in your car, when you were parked out front, last week."

When you and your girlfriend live at home, you get a LOT of time in, sitting in the old car. I mentally replayed what Lisa and I had done together on that occasion, and winced. To Lisa and I, it was just another night of play. To a casual onlooker, though, it would have looked a lot like a rape.

"Well," I said, slowly, "Lisa has some... well... unusual tastes... and so do I, I guess," I said, trying to find a safe path through this minefield.

"I know," said Lynne. "Lisa and I talked about it... she told me about all the 'forced' fantasies and the bondage."

The hard-on that had been struggling against my jeans deflated... you don't ever really want to hear your girlfriend's mother tell you that she knows everything you've been doing to her daughter... especially when it's a little over the top, kink-wise.

We both sat there on the couch, uncomfortably, for a minute, when another lightning strike hit, and she was up against me, this time.

"I'm very lonely," she said, as her breathing slowed down again. "Scott, I haven't been touched, really, for years... my boyfriends don't want anything to do with me, physically."

She must have been picking up crazy people from some asylum, because even with the knowledge that she knew I was playing rape fantasies with her daughter, that hard-on was coming back, full force.

"They must all be nuts," I said, keeping my arm around her, protectively. "You're a gorgeous woman, and I'd think any man would want to have a lot to do with you, physically."

She snuggled in against me, and I was hard pressed not to rip her robe off right there.

"I liked hearing what you do with Lisa," she said, her voice very low, barely audible above the crashing rain and wind. "I wish someone would do that with me. I'd like it."

Now, what would any red-blooded American boy do at a time like that? Maybe not what I did, but it'd be right there in the list of options.

I grabbed her by the back of her hair, and yanked her down onto her back, while gripping the front of her robe, and pulling back. It ripped in a VERY satisfying manner, as she yelped. Her hands went up to her hair, and I unzipped my pants and pulled out my rock hard cock.

Lynne was struggling, but not very hard, when I used my grip in her hair to bring her back up to a sitting position, and forced her head down into my lap.

"No," she said, in a slight panic, but I know what she wanted. The word "No" was an invitation at this point... that's how Lisa liked it, that's how I liked it, and I was pretty sure, now, that's how Lynne liked it. The "No" left her lips in a perfect "O" shape, and I forced my cock right between them.

I could tell immediately where Lisa got her skills from. Lynne's tongue swirled around my cockhead and licked the very tip of my prick, even as I slowly forced her head further down on it. Her hands went to my thighs, but rather than try to push me away, she was feeling the large groups of tight muscle there... muscles that would soon be thrusting my cock up, into her mouth, and down her throat.

She gagged when I started to thrust my hips, but my hand on her hair assured that she would stay in place. She was sobbing, now, around my cock, when she wasn't gagging, and I wonder if she thought she'd taken on too much. Then, I stopped caring, as I started to fuck her mouth.

My hand in the hair at the back of her head would force her down onto my cock as my hips thrust up into her mouth, forcing my cock deep into her throat. I could hear her breathing through her nose, so she was at least experienced enough to take a good, hard, deep-throating. As I continued to rape her pretty mouth, I could see one hand slide between her thighs, and her hips started to gyrate. Like daughter, like mother, I suppose... she was playing with her pussy while I was raping her throat. That worked for me... I was going to need her cunt wet, anyway.

Her lips glided up and down my cock shaft like hot silk, and when just the head of my prick was in her mouth, her tongue would dance around it, licking the coronal rim and dancing in my piss-slit, before I was thrusting back down her throat again. It was that best of both worlds that I had with Lisa... a woman who was acting like she was being raped, and who was getting into the sex and working to get me off, at the same time.

When I could feel the blood pulsing in my cock, I pulled her head up and off of me, and held her down on her back again.

"Please... No... Stop," she said, but the look in her eye said she didn't mean it. With one hand holding her hair down, the other ripped her lacy panties off of her. Her pussy was shaved, wet, and hot, and there was no going back. I let go of her and stood up, and she watched me, her breasts heaving in her bra, her eyes wide.

I stripped in front of her, not saying a word. Her eyes were glued on my big, hard cock, bobbing up and down with my pulse. She didn't move... didn't try to rise... didn't resist. She knew what was coming.

As I dropped the last article of clothing, I lay back down, on top of her, and she struggled, just a little. Just enough so that I knew she was doing it for my benefit. I grabbed a cup of her bra in each hand, and with the strength of lust and youth, I pulled them apart, popping the crosspiece and releasing those amazing artificial knockers. They bounced out, not bouncing a lot, but jiggling just enough. It was time.

"Please, Scott... don't fuck me... PLEASE..." she said, knowing that she was going to get just the opposite of what she asked for. I placed the head of my throbbing member at the entrance to her hot, wet sex, and looking into her eyes, I RAMMED the whole length into her.

It was SO different from fucking Lisa! Lynne's whole body arched, and she screamed... I thought that I'd killed her. I stopped, with my cock buried in her body, but her pussy was spasming, twitching... she was cumming. That one thrust was enough to give her a shattering orgasm. I smiled... I had a LOT more where that one came from.

Her orgasming cunt felt so amazing on my cock that I was afraid I was going to cum too soon, so I had to give her the ride of her life as fast as I could. When she started to come down from the orgasm, I pulled my cock out until only the head rested inside her tight, hot cunt, and I rammed it back in again, HARD. As a second orgasm took her, I started to thrust in and out of her, faster, and FASTER.

Fucking Lisa, her overweight, soft body would absorb the shock and impact of my brutal thrusts. Fucking Lynne, though, there was no padding between us... I felt my pubic bone smashing into hers, again and again, and I didn't care. I grabbed her legs and lifted them up over my shoulders, gaining deeper access. I could feel Lynne's spasming cunt contracting on my cock, and then I could feel that most glorious feeling of hitting the bottom, my cockhead pressing against her cervix with every thrust.

I was glad that the house was a little away from the rest of the neighborhood, and that there was a storm outside, or Lynne's screaming would have made someone call the cops. I mean, Lisa was a screamer, but Lynne made her look like a sex mime. There were no words, no meaning... she was just cumming like a banshee, and I was loving it.

Her body shook on my cock, and I reached up and got me a double handful of her tits... strangely firm, but they made GREAT handles to pull her body down onto my cock even harder. Her hands grasped her own legs inside the knees, holding herself open to me, and her eyes flashed open, looking RIGHT into mine.

"D... Don't... don't CUM in me..." she said, gasping.

I needed no more invitation. I could feel the rush of cum from my balls all the way through my groin, and the wave of pleasure hit me from the tip of my cock all the way through my body. Lynne shrieked, and her eyes rolled back in her head, as my hot cream filled her belly. Sweat flew off of both of us, and I collapsed on top of her, my fingers locked on her big melons.

When I caught my breath, I looked at her face... she was still cumming. Her body was trembling, and she was moaning hoarsely... she'd screamed her voice away.

I just held her, fondling her tits while she continued to experience the orgasm... it lasted about ten minutes, by my best guess. When she finally recovered, she looked at me as if I was a god... which I felt like.

"You... you raped me," she said, her voice scratchy. "Thank you!"

I smiled, and then reached up, and took her thin throat in my big hand, holding her lightly. Her eyes widened, as her fingers slid across my thighs, to find that my cock was starting to harden again.

"It's going to be a long night," I said, and her eyes went even wider.

"I... I... " She said, then she melted against me. "Please, don't hurt me..."

I started to think of all the possibilities... from the toys in Lisa's room to the tools in the basement... and I knew that Lynne was going to love being hurt by the morning.

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