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I saw a survey the other day which stated that the vibrator was the number one sex toy. I don't think it is; for me the camera is the number one sex toy.

I say that not because of the digital age we live in now (where every mobile phone includes a camera), but because of what happened to me in November 1987. Back then I was 26 and had been married to Paul for 6 years.

Earlier that year Paul had rather hesitantly asked me if I would be willing to pose for some photos for him. I was very dubious, assuming that he was simply copying a friend of ours, Mark, who had persuaded at least one of his girlfriends to undress and pose for him. Paul said that wasn't the case and he'd been wanting to photograph me for a while.

I reluctantly agreed and a week later I sat by our dressing table finishing my make-up. I'd insisted that he waited downstairs while I prepared myself. For that first session I wore a metallic green blouse, a black skirt which went to below my knee and black underwear including stockings and suspenders.

Although I'd been reluctant to do it I must admit I got a bit of a buzz from posing like this. I should add that I'm a rather conservative, modest person, so blatantly displaying my charms in a way that was "wrong" seemed very daring.

Paul took photos of me in various stages of undress including some explicit full frontal shots and by the end of the session we were both highly aroused and had very intense sex.

Rather naively I assumed this sort of photography was something that few other couples indulged in; perhaps understandably because I'd never seen any of the men's magazines with their pages of photos of Readers Wives (though I should stress that no photos of me were ever submitted for publication!).

So I got a bit of surprise when a work colleague Carole casually mentioned that she sometimes posed for photos for her husband Rob. I got on very well with Carole and we occasionally went out for a quiet drink at a local pub and once a month went out for a meal as a foursome with our husbands.

Carole's a bit more extrovert than I am and she didn't seem to see anything out of the ordinary in their photo sessions. We ended up having quite a giggle about it and it was oddly arousing having Carole tell me that the sessions always gave Rob a hard-on "like an iron bar".

In fact I was still fired up when I got home and as soon as I mentioned Rob and Carole's photo sessions Paul wanted to know more. I told him about the peach coloured French knickers which Carole had worn for their last session and we ended up fucking like a couple of randy rabbits.

I didn't think too much more about it, but a month or so later we all went to see a show in London and spent a night at a hotel afterwards. It wasn't a show the men were interested in seeing and we'd had a bit of a job talking them into taking us. One of the incentives we'd offered them was that in return if there was something they wanted to do then we'd be agreeable; little did we realise what they'd suggest.

We were sat in the hotel bar after the show and Rob asked whether we were still OK with them choosing something to do. Of course we both said yes.

"Good," said Rob. "Because Paul and I have been chatting and we want to do a joint photo session."

I think it's fair to say that caught us out. Rather hesitantly I asked them to explain what they meant because I couldn't believe that they were expecting me to undress with Rob watching and Carole to undress with Paul watching. But that was exactly what they had in mind. And they didn't just want to watch us, they wanted to take photos!

I immediately said no and Carole agreed with me. They wouldn't accept that and tried to convince us that it wasn't the big deal we seemed to think it was. We discussed it on and off for a while and didn't really make any progress and then I said I was going to the loo. Carole went with me and inevitably we had a chat once we were out of earshot.

Carole said they seemed dead set on it and suggested a compromise. She pointed out that we had both gone topless on holiday, so it wouldn't really be a big step if we allowed them to take topless photos of us. She emphasised that we weren't going to take our knickers off and if the men couldn't accept that then there was no deal.

I could see the logic in that and rather reluctantly I agreed to an offer of top half only. So we returned to the bar and put our proposal to the boys. They tried to talk us into removing our knickers as well, but we made it clear that was not negotiable. Eventually, with a shrug of their shoulders, they agreed and a date was set for a fortnight's time. We decided we'd go out for a drink beforehand, Carole commented that we'd probably need one to calm our nerves.

When the date arrived I decided to wear my red skirt and best white blouse, but under the blouse Paul got me to wear a red cleavage enhancing bra. I wasn't keen on the red bra, because I think a coloured bra under a white blouse is tacky, but Paul thinks it's sexy and with a bit of persuasion I agreed to it. He'd also bought me some rather classy black stockings and a nice new suspender belt.

About an hour before we were due to be picked up by Robert and Carole the phone rang. I answered and it was Carole. She was worried that her dress was too revealing so she didn't want to go out for a drink in a pub beforehand. I suggested we had a drink here instead and she was happy with that.

At eight o'clock the doorbell rang and Paul and I went to greet them. I must admit my main interest was seeing what Carole was wearing.

Her dress was definitely eye-catching by our standards. It was a halterneck and it was instantly obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra because it gaped very easily. Carole told me she'd bought it a while ago, but hadn't realised just how revealing it was and had never had the courage to wear it, and was still half-regretting the fact that Rob had talked her into wearing it tonight.

Paul had poured some wine for us and I noticed that he'd been quite liberal with the measures. I suspect that Carole and I drank more than we would have done in a pub; I know I felt very nervous and I'm sure Carole did as well.

At first the conversation was rather stilted, I think we were all very conscious of the forthcoming main event, but after a while, and doubtless helped by the wine, we started to relax. I could see that Carole had lost some of her self-consciousness about her dress, though I could also see that Paul was enjoying several tantalising glimpses of her boobs.

For my part I undid a couple more buttons than usual so I was displaying quite a bit of cleavage (I'm a 36D compared to Carole's 34C).

There was no rush because we had the whole evening, but when the clock struck ten Paul suggested it was time to take some photos. My nerves returned and that wasn't all, I could feel a definite moist arousal between my legs.

I should explain that I was a virgin when I met Paul and I've always been faithful to him (and I believe he has to me). Prior to Paul there had been a couple of boys (you couldn't call them men) who'd got their hands inside my knickers, but sexually I wasn't very experienced. So I suppose exposing my breasts to another man was quite a big event for me.

The first shots were completely tame – just ones of Carole and I sat on the settee. Then there were a few where you could see our stocking tops. Slowly we revealed more until our knickers came into full view. I blushed when Rob complimented me on the lovely red colour of mine.

They then took some side on shots of Carole stood with her palms flat against the wall. Her naturally revealing dress didn't need much adjustment so that most of her breasts were visible. I was surprised just how attractive and sexy she looked - it's not as if we're professional models. Both the men were fussing round her and it was clear that Paul liked what he saw and that Carole was rather enjoying showing him it.

I would have expected to feel a bit jealous, but I didn't; the fact that Carole was so relaxed helped to calm the nerves I was still feeling.

They soon turned back to me and Paul asked me to unbutton my blouse. They took various shots with my bra on display and I was manoeveured into positions which enhanced my cleavage. The next request was for me to take my bra off and I managed to slip it off without removing my blouse (a bit awkward but not really too difficult). That preserved my modesty for a little longer, but of course the moment soon came when I had to ease my blouse back on my shoulders so that my breasts were on full display.

I hope it doesn't sound vain but I'm secretly quite proud of my breasts. They're 36D and have very full, dark aureoles which Paul says makes them look very suckable. So even though I had some misgivings about letting Rob see them, there was a part of me which was happy to show them off.

It did however feel very different from being on a beach with lots of other topless women present. The damp feeling between my legs was becoming more pronounced, not least because of the appreciative looks I was getting from Robert. It was a completely novel situation and I felt out of my depth.

It wasn't long before I was asked to remove my blouse completely and Carole had to unfasten the halterneck on her dress. We then stood topless facing the men with an arm round each other's waist as the cameras clicked away. Paul asked us to turn and face each, which we did.

"Put your arms round each others waist and stand closer – so your nipples are almost touching," he guided us.

We did that, but in an awkward, self-conscious manner because we were very aware of the lesbian undertones to the pose. I've honestly never had any sexual contact with another woman so this was taking me well outside my comfort zone.

"Move a bit closer," Rob urged us. "So your nipples are touching," he added with a smile.

We pressed against each other; the soft firm weight of Carole's breasts was warm and comforting. There was brief, hesitant contact between our pubic mounds and then Carole took the lead and pressed her most intimate place against mine. It felt weird, I didn't exactly feel attracted to Carole, but I have to be honest and say that it added hugely to the intoxicatingly erotic atmosphere.

"You can kiss if you want," said Paul with a nervous, in fact rather clumsy laugh, and that broke the spell. We leapt apart, both of us declaring that we weren't interested in doing that. For a moment or two there was an awkward silence and Carole and I exchanged the briefest of looks.

Rob stepped in and asked Carole to remove her dress completely and if I was expecting her to hesitate then I was disappointed because she stepped out of it and casually tossed it to one side. Of course the next step was for me to remove my skirt and that made me feel very self-conscious.

We were now both topless and stood there in just knickers, stockings, suspenders and high heels. I felt rather embarrassed because my knickers were distinctly see-through and Rob couldn't have been in any doubt about the forest of dark curls at the top of my legs (I'm quite furry down there). At least I wasn't alone as Carole's white knickers were rather similar and you could clearly see her much sparser blonde pubic hairs (confirmation for Paul that she was indeed a natural blonde).

A few more poses followed, then I got a surprise when Paul suggested to Carole that he take a few shots of her in the dining room. He said a change of background would help, I suspected other motives.

When they had gone the atmosphere changed. Rob turned one of the lights off and said that we could relax a bit now that we were alone. He took a few more shots with me slightly bent over so that my tits hung down loosely. I was very aware that without even being touched my nipples were fully erect and, judging by the bulge in Rob's trousers, they weren't the only thing that was erect.

Rob then said he would like to try something a bit more daring. I warily asked what and he said he would like me to slip my knickers off. I pointed out that the agreement was the girls to keep their knickers on. He said he knew that, but what he had in mind was a couple of shots where I was laid back knickerless, but covering myself with my hands.

I thought about it and then said OK as long as he shut his eyes whilst I took my knickers off. Without a word he shut his eyes and I pulled my knickers down. I lay back on the settee, parted my legs slightly and put both hands down there so that I was modestly covered. I then told him he could open his eyes. He took lots of photos, all the time encouraging me by saying how lovely I looked.

After a while he paused and said that what he would really like was a couple of photos of me with my hands removed. I protested and said that would mean he was taking full frontal shots. Rob simply smiled and said, "I know."

I'm a naturally shy girl, but I was amazed at how the thought turned me on and I ached to expose myself to him. Turning my head to one side (I couldn't look him in the eye!) I slowly removed my hands and parted my legs wider. It was the first time anyone other than my husband had seen my pussy and my stomach was churning with lust and my pussy was wet and tingling.

Rob was taking more photos and saying how sexy I looked. Then he casually said that he didn't realise that I had such a lovely furry pussy. Well that just sent another wave of love juice surging to my cunt.

He asked me to turn over and I knelt on the floor with my elbows resting on the settee and my bum sticking up in the air. As I knelt there an unmistakeable sound came from the next room; Carole was moaning and groaning. I thought I was being forward, but she was fucking my husband. The thought that my husband was fucking my best friend in the next room really got me hot and bothered.

I knew that Rob must be able to hear and I was desperate for him to make the first move. For a few seconds I thought nothing was going to happen, then I moaned with anticipation as I heard him unzip his trousers. A couple of seconds later I was squealing with pleasure as the full length of his prick slid easily into my hot, wet cunt. I must have been very hyped up because I came much more quickly than normal and that took Rob over the edge. I do love the final extra deep thrust that a man gives when he cums and the lovely warm wet feeling as he pumps his sperm into your willing cunt.

We lay there for a while and then Paul and Carole came through. We went back to our respective spouses but we were obviously all still fired up because the kissing and touching started almost immediately. In no time Carole and I were knelt with our elbows on the settee while our husbands took us from behind. This was another first for me – the first time I'd had sex in the same room as another couple.

It was rather embarrassing (but also strangely arousing!) being fucked with Carole gasping and groaning next to me. I glanced across at her and her mouth was open in a perfect O, her eyes were half shut, the eyelids almost seemed to be weighed down with lust. It might have been embarrassing, but I have to be honest and say that it was also very exciting.

Both men came more or less at the same time and laid on the floor afterwards I reflected on another first – the first time I'd had sperm from two men in my pussy. By then it was late and we asked Carole and Rob if they wanted to use the spare bedroom. So they stayed the night. There was no suggestion of any more action as we were all too tired.

It was a weekend so there was no rush to get up on the next morning and we had a late leisurely breakfast. I was getting the odd glance from Rob and I could imagine he was looking at me and thinking "I've had her, last night I fucked her and fired my sperm into her lovely furry pussy."

The atmosphere was still quite fruity and Carole had borrowed a short robe of mine which ended well above her knees. When she bent over at the fridge Rob pulled the hem up and we all got a clear view of her pussy. Of course she was annoyed and rounded on Rob, but he just pulled her onto his lap and what had been a near fight suddenly became serious kissing and groping.

Sat just a few feet away I watched in partial disbelief as Rob wrenched the robe open and began to kiss and lick Carole's breasts. He soon moved on and Paul and I were treated to the sight (and sound) of Rob finger fucking Carole.

Of course it was too much for Paul. He stood up, grabbed my hand and said to Rob and Carole that we would be more comfortable upstairs. I wasn't too surprised when we all went in to our bedroom and Carole and I made no objection when the men looked at each other and said just one word, "Swap." Rob pulled my nightshirt off and bundled me toward the bed.

There were no preliminaries. He forced himself between my legs, moved his hips to find the right position, then gave a single brutal thrust which rammed his prick all the way into my sopping wet cunt. I cried out and arched my back, oblivious of the others. This really was harsh, animal sex. Rob had cum twice the previous night, so he had good staying power and was able to really ram it in to me. I am quite a submissive woman and I like the man to be in charge, especially during sex. The way Rob was just taking me in such a forceful, lust soaked manner was hugely exciting and it wasn't long before I shuddered and moaned as a major orgasm racked through me.

Only then did I become aware of my husband fucking my best friend just a foot away. Last night not much had been said, but now for some reason there was a sudden outbreak of dirty talk. Rob started it by telling me that I had a lovely furry slit and he loved my big tits. Paul immediately picked up on that and told Carole that he loved her tight cunt and she responded by urging him to give it a good fucking. It got very erotic, very quickly.

We lay there as the men pounded into us and I felt Carole reaching across, then her hand found mine and she gripped it feverishly. The connection between us was deep and intense, an extraordinary shared experience.

The room was full of the sounds of sex and then the men came in a powerful, noisy explosion. When he came Rob thrust really deep into me at the same time as he stuck a finger up my backside. Paul occasionally did that as a special treat because he knew I loved to feel him fingering my rosebud. When Rob did it felt like someone had pressed a button and another huge orgasm surged through me, leaving me dizzy and light-headed.

Afterwards we all lay in silence for quite a while – I think we were speechless at the passion that had just been released. But there was one other thing – Rob went to get the cameras and I don't know why, but we allowed them to take some photos with our recently fucked pussies on full display.

Rather surprisingly that was the only time we ever swapped with Rob and Carole. Not long afterwards Paul got a job in another part of the country and we moved away. We did keep in touch for a while, but then lost contact.

Paul made it clear that he would be willing to try swapping with another couple, but I said I would only do it if we found someone who ticked all the right boxes and somehow that never happened. So now, over twenty years later, I've still only been fucked by two men and one of those would probably never have happened if it hadn't been for the camera.

I do occasionally find myself wondering if Rob still has the photos from that night. Part of me worries that another man has very intimate photos of me, but there's another part of me which wonders if he ever looks at the final set of shots, lusts after my firm young breasts and admires my hairy slit with the tell-tale line of his sperm leaking from it.

I bet he does and I bet he jerks himself off thinking about my lush body. He's not alone because more than once I've got my vibrator out, thought back to that night and tried to remember the intense sensations as Rob groaned and fired his sperm into me.

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