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Ready For Some Football?


It was really all about showing off my new flat screen TV. The plan was to have some of my best friends over for a Monday night football game. I'd had them over before. In fact, we often watched games at each other's homes.

I'm not that big a fan of football, these things are really social events for me - a chance to bond with my friends. My wife suggested that's why I bought the TV in the first place, to encourage my friends to come over.

Not that it was an issue with her, as Nancy liked my friends. They were a harmless group of seven guys. Lead among them was Tom, my best friend since high school, and Gene, an older coworker for whom I have a great deal of respect.

Our guests began arriving around 7:30 for the big Raiders vs. Broncos game. When he showed up, Tom asked me if it was OK that he invited a guy who works with him. The guy, Rocky, is looking into buying a flat screen. Sure, no problem, I said.

About 10 minutes later, the doorbell rang and Nancy answered it.

"Holy shit," someone bellowed from the foyer.

"That's Rocky," Tom announced. "I guess he's met Nancy." Tom ran to meet him and then led him into the living room. Nancy followed them and I could see she was not happy.

The guy was a big Italian dude, at least 6'5". He looked like he could have been playing in the game instead of watching it. Tom made the introductions and ended with me and then Nancy.

"Yeah, we met. I'm sorry baby, but I just don't meet chicks built like you every day," he said looking directly at her breasts. Nancy was standing there giving him a hateful stare while trying her best to downplay her body.

I'll admit that's not an easy task. As you probably guessed, my gorgeous 26-year-old wife has an impressive set of breasts. A description of her body always begins with her 42-inch chest. From there, he body narrows to a 23-inch waist, and then slopes out again to 36 inches. She has shoulder-length light brown hair and an angelic face. Not to be forgotten are her world-class legs; at 5'10" she's as tall as I am.

On this evening, Nancy was dressed in a snug pair of jeans and a tight sleeveless shirt. I was always noticing the guys sneaking peeks at her body. They just weren't as up front about it as this Rocky guy was acting.

Nancy is an educated businesswoman with a master's degree, who generally tries to downplay her physical assets. She's used to men noticing her. They try to hit on her all the time, but she always cuts them down or brushes them away.

Rocky's attentions were obviously annoying her, so she spun on her heels and headed for the kitchen. Rocky didn't take his eyes off her until she was out of sight.

"Good damn. That is one hot piece of ass."

"Hey man. That's Dan's wife," Tom said, coming to our rescue. "Show a little respect to our guests."

Trying to break the tension just a bit, Gene said it was clear that I had married way over my head, which brought a laugh from everybody.

"I'm sorry man," the giant said to me. "But I think it is a sign of respect. You got yourself one fine lady buddy. Good work."

"Thanks," I said. "Let's all sit down and watch the game."

The game started and the flat screen looked great. With the new speakers I bought it was the next best thing to being at the game.

I looked over at our new guest. He was one big mass of muscle. Even his head looked muscular; it was square, like the cartoon version of Superman.

I asked him if he ever played football. He said he had a college football scholarship, but failed out in his junior year. However, he parlayed his college notoriety into a job in sales for Tom's company and was now doing quite well.

He was getting excited about the game as the Raiders took the lead early in the first quarter on a field goal. He said he became a Raiders fan after they had once given him a tryout.

Nancy came back into the room about half way through the first quarter and sat down next to me. She tried to watch the game, but I could see the Rocky's loud enthusiasm for the Raiders was just pissing her off.

"I don't like the Raiders," she said. "They always cheat."

"That's what's so great about them," he replied smiling at her. "I think guys should always play nasty. It's a real man's football team. The Broncos are so corporate; they should be wearing suits and ties out there."

"Well the Broncos always beat the Raiders, so maybe cheating doesn't always pay off."

"Want to make a little wager?" It was not unusual for us to make little bets during games. In fact, Rocky had caught on to our habit of making bets from quarter to quarter.

"Are you sure you want to bet? The Raiders have lost four straight games," I said. "I don't care. It's Monday night and they're playing the Broncos. They can't lose. Well Nancy, how about it? Let's say a $1,000 that the Raiders win the first quarter."

"Whoa, our limit is usually only $100," Tom said.

"Come on. You're not afraid are you?"

"No. I'll take the bet," Nancy said. Wow, I thought, she never bets, and now she's ready to bet a grand. But I wasn't going to say a word. She doesn't like it when I second-guess her in front of other. She's got money; she can handle it, I said to myself.

Unfortunately, the Raiders scored on a 98-yard interception return near the end of the quarter. Rocky was now up $1,000 and Nancy was not happy about it.

"How about I let you get even?" he asked. "Let's say we double it over the halftime lead."


"Honey, can I talk to you in the kitchen?" I said. She got up and followed me.

"What are you doing? The Raiders are already up 10 points."

"Don't worry. The Broncos can go ahead with just two touchdowns."

There was a silence between us for a few moments.

"I'm not going to let that asshole win, Dan," Nancy said.

"He's not winning; the Raiders are, and you're just throwing money away."

"Stop worrying. It's only the first quarter, and the Broncos will come back."

I didn't push it. Again, she had the money to waste if she wanted to. The Raiders continued to add to their score with another field goal. But then things started to pick up as the Broncos scored on a long 13-play drive.

Nancy was really excited and jumped up and down when the Bronco running back took the ball in for the score. Rocky watched intently as her boobs bounced on her thin frame.

"I don't mind loosing if you're going to keep doing that baby. Did you guy see her rack bounce? Holy shit."

Nobody dared answer as Nancy's anger returned again. Rocky wouldn't even let her enjoy the one Bronco touchdown. She sat back down and crossed her arms like a child with a temper tantrum. The game didn't get any better and she was down two grand by halftime. I could see that she was thinking of a way to get him back. She stayed on the sofa throughout the halftime break. When the game started again, Rocky was ready with a new offer.

"Stop being pissed off Nancy. I'll let you get your money back."

"What's the bet?" I asked.

"I'll bet the Broncos don't score another touchdown. If she wins, I give back the two thousand. But if she loses, she has to wear a cheerleader costume for the game next week."

"OK," she snapped.

"Wait a minute. It won't be your college cheerleader uniform, but the ones the Raiderettes wear."

"You don't want to do this honey. Just give him the two grand."

"Don't tell me what to do," she snapped. "I know the Broncos can score again. You've got a bet mister."

By the beginning of the final quarter, the Broncos looked beat; however, they started a drive late in the game. This meant new life for Nancy who was now up on her feet. They got the ball down to the Raider 19-yard line.

"Do you want to make it more interesting?" Rocky said.

"What do you mean?"

"If they score a touchdown on this drive, I'll get down and kiss your feet and admit the Raiders - you know that four letter work that begins with an "s."

"And if they don't score?"

"You have to sit on my lap during the entire game next week. In the Raiderette uniform no less, if they don't score later."

"No. Absolutely not," I said. "I'm not going to let you do this."

"There're going to score right now," she said.

"But what if they don't."

"They will," she said enunciating both words slowly and carefully. She had a strange look of determination on her face. I had to relent because she was just so sure. That kind of blind faith couldn't be reasoned with.

Unfortunately, the drive came up short and the Broncos kicked a field goal. With only five minutes left, time was running out. In fact, the Raiders scored one more time and that took the air out of their competition. The game ended 34-10.

Nancy ran off to our bedroom and I ushered our guests out.

"See you guys next week," Rocky said with a huge fucking grin as he walked to the car with the other guys.

"I can't wait to see that slut all dressed up fine for us. You guys going to be there, right?" They all kind of stopped and looked at him. "Shit. That's what I thought."

That night, Nancy was already in bed by the time I cleaned up the house. I didn't think she was asleep, but she was too pissed off for me to say anything. An 'I told you so' wasn't really appropriate at that moment.

Tom called to apologize for bringing Rocky. I told him not to worry about it; it wasn't his fault.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we didn't talk much either. However, on Thursday, Nancy got a FedEx package from Rocky containing a Raiderette uniform. A note was included in the package saying he couldn't wait to see her hot body on Sunday.

At this point I felt I had to try and talk with Nancy about this problem. I asked if she was really going through with it.

"I have to. My word will be shit if I don't."

"Nobody expects you to do this."

"Did you see the faces of your friends. They expect me to. Anyway, I'll just do it and get it over with. Then the bastard never comes back in this house."

Monday finally came and Nancy got home before me. She was wearing a bathrobe when I got there. Man, she was pissed off. I wanted to see under the robe myself, but I didn't have the guts to ask. I'd see her humiliation soon enough.

Rocky showed up before the other guys. He asked her to remove the robe, but she said not until game time. My friends then started to filter in, each of them looking a little guilty for even being there.

Rocky wasn't though. He sat in the middle of our sofa with a big ass grin on his face. He was wearing a Raider T-shirt and some black sweat pants. He was watching Nancy's every move as she paced around the living room.

At kickoff time, he motioned her over. Resigned to her fate, Nancy took off her robe and threw it on the floor. Everyone in the room, let out a kind of involuntary gasp, except Rocky who whooped it up and cheered her on.

She looked spectacular in that little black dress and white halter top. There was a silver waist sash and also a sort of a jacket with puffy sleeves that hardly covered her huge chest. The uniform was completed by a pair of tight white knee high boots. No question, it was the sluttiest costume in the NFL.

"Wow, you look great," Rocky said. "Aren't you glad you gave me your sizes." When did that happen I wondered?

"Actually I had to adjust the top," she said.

"I bet you did. Not many cheerleaders have hooters like those."

She didn't say anything, but just looked down at the carpet.

"I really hate you, you bastard," she said, but I didn't hear the edge in her voice I expected to accompany that statement.

"Get over here and take a seat," he ordered patting his lap. She walked over and sat down gingerly, keeping her wait forward. Her ass was barely resting on his leg. He told her to lean back and relax, because four hours was a long time.

In just a few minutes, she was straining to stay crouched in that position and just sort of lost her balance backwards until her back rested against his chest. He tried to put his arms around her, but she pushed them down to his sides.

"That's better baby. Isn't that more comfortable," he said smiling to all the guys. They couldn't keep their eyes off the couple on the sofa. My flat screen TV was going completely to waste.

Nancy didn't look all that comfortable to me, but at least she didn't look pissed anymore. She kept trying to shift her weight to find a comfortable position. That only proved to stimulate Rocky even more.

Suddenly she screamed and jumped up.

"What the Hell was that," she said looking down at his lap. Rocky was now sporting a tent in his sweat pants - and it wasn't a small tent. In fact, it might have been a circus tent.

"Sorry baby, but you shouldn't have been grinding that sweet ass of yours on it," he said throwing his arms in the air. "What did you expect?"

"I'm not sitting on that."

"You better find a way to sit on my lap without touching it then. I'll tell you what. Go get me a beer and maybe it will go down by the time you get back."

"I'm not your waitress."

"OK. Then sit back down." She turned and went to the kitchen. When she was gone he started telling the other guys what she was doing to him. He apologized to me, but said he thought she was trying to get him hard.

Nancy came back and handed him a beer bottle. Then she sat back down on his lap without being asked, even though the tent remained in the air. Before the first quarter was over she was leaning back again trying to get adjusted.

At first, I thought she was trying to avoid his boner, but I started to have my doubts. He began whispering something in her ear and his hands had moved to her hips. Not only was she not trying to remove his hands, but I couldn't help noticing that her nipples were now extremely hard.

Half way through the second quarter, she started complaining that her legs were falling asleep.

"No problem, just turn around and straddle me, baby. That way you stay on the lap and get the blood back in your legs."

She did as he suggested kneeling over his closed legs. She said that was much better. She was sitting out by his knees, looking directly into his face. He kept smiling at her and whispering things I couldn't make out.

She tried to turn and watch the game, but the TV was practically behind her and that was uncomfortable. She turned back to look at him, and he began rubbing the tops of her thighs.

He kept talking to her under his breath and she suddenly laughed.

"What's so funny," I asked.

"I just said I need a place to rest my beer and she has a most inviting beer coozie." He then pushed the beer bottle down between her tits and she did nothing to stop him. The other guys laughed.

She said it was too cold, so she removed it. However, she held it for him offering it to his lips when he asked her to. She was now leaning forward, so that her tits were touching his chest. His hands were rubbing against the cheeks of her ass - under the little dress.

The other guys looked at me to see if I was going to say anything. I didn't know what to do, so I asked her if she was OK.

"I'm fine honey."

Her chest was pressed up tight against him now, and she was obviously grinding her crotch against his. He continued to whisper in her ear. She put her arms around his neck and started to make the slightest little throaty noises.

Rocky announced that he had to take a leak. He pushed her up and started for the bathroom. Only thing was he was pulling her along with him. She looked my way when she passed, but I don't think she saw my face.

The bathroom is down the hall. I didn't follow them, but Gene did. Tom turned down the volume on the TV, so we could hear what was happening. We all heard some giggling coming from the hallway and then a loud stream hitting the water in the bowl.

Gene came back and announced that Nancy was aiming Rocky's cock for him. Everybody laughed, except me. We all thought they would come back, but they didn't.

Gene went down the hall again to take a look. He was gone about 10 minutes. When he came back, he looked at me and said, "I think you need to see this."

On shaky legs, I got up and walked down the hall to our bedroom. Rocky was sitting on the bed without his sweat pants. Nancy was looking up at him with her mouth halfway down his shaft. There was a long string of saliva hanging from her chin.

Looking up at me, Rocky said, "This slut says she never sucks your cock. You ought to try it; she's pretty good." With that he grabbed and handful of hair and pumped her face while looking right at me.

"Good girl. Suck it good." A few of the other guys were now pushing in around me and into the room. Rocky looked up and smiled to his new audience.

"I told you guys all she needed was little encouragement. Bitches like this like to talk tough, but they're all just whores in the end." To prove his point, he pulled his cock from his mouth and slapped her face with it.

"You're going to be my little whore aren't you Nancy."

The contact seemed to bring her out of the trance she was in. She saw the other guys, and then looked at me.

"I'm sorry honey, but his cock is just so big."

"Don't worry about it, baby," Rocky said. "He wants to see me fuck you as bad as you want it. Why do you think he let this happen?" He began to push his cock back between her lips.

"She didn't answer you," Gene said. That old fucker, why was he helping this prick?

"Yeah baby. I asked you if you were going to be my little whore?" With his cock still embedded in her face, she tried to say that she would, but it just came out as a mumble. He made her say it again and everyone laughed.

She tried to grab his cock at the base, but he pushed her hands away. Instead, he moved forward, pushing her backwards until she was leaning back on her hands. He grabbed her head and fucked her pretty mouth until she started to cough and gag.

"That's right my little cheerleader slut, gag on that big fucking cock." Again everybody laughed and somebody slapped me on the back.

He then yanked her halter down until her big tits popped out. They were so firm, that they just stood out on her chest. With her still leaned backwards, he wrapped himself in her tits and began fucking them.

"I'll bet your husband never fucks these knockers either," Rocky taunted.

"No, you're the first."

"I can't believe it. These tits where made for fucking. You have the body of a natural whore."

He ordered her to get out of the uniform and get on our bed. She hustled to do as she was told. She started to take off the boots, but he told her to leave them on.

Someone had stripped the bed down to the bottom sheets. When Nancy lied down on her back, they guys circled the bed and every eye in the room was on her.

Rocky grabbed her ankles and spread her open for everyone to see. He stuffed his cock back in her mouth and asked if anyone wanted a taste of her little pussy. Gene jumped at the chance and was crawling between her legs.

The room was silent know except for the slurping of cock and pussy. Rocky was lifting her head up so she could see the older man eating her out. Gene must have been very good, because she soon was getting close to an orgasm.

She began to close her legs around Gene's head, but Rocky slapped the inside of her thighs until she opened them wide enough to rest flat on the bed. She started to whimper, but he told her to shut up and keep sucking.

"Don't let your whore take charge man," he said to the crowd. "The man's always in charge." To prove his point, he slapped her tits a couple of times. Some of the guys laughed, but it was the nervous kind this time.

He told Gene to get up because he was going to fuck her. He grabbed a pillow and put it under her ass. He had her place the head of his cock between her pussy lips. With no warning he drove the full length of his 10-inch monster into her slick wetness.

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