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This is my first attempt at writing in Literotica. I’ve been reading and enjoying this web page for years now and I think it is time I repay them by contributing.

I had just moved to a small town a couple of years after graduating from college for work. For a small town though, it had a phenomenal number of real estates trying to sell or rent out properties. The reason for this is the town had a seasonal population due to a university campus located there. There were advantages and disadvantages with having so many real estates in a town of 60,000 people. The advantages were the abundance of homes for rent and the low rentals. The disadvantages were that by shopping around was that it inevitably took longer to find a perfect place.

After about 5 agents, I saw this apartment that looked ideal. I rang the agent for an inspection, but their policy was for supervised visits only. The agent was a 43-year old woman Named Annette with long wavy blond hair. I didn’t give her too much notice as I was getting pretty frustrated by the house hunting. I arrange a time for the next afternoon for an inspection at the apartment.

The next day, I met Annette at the apartment. Even though the town was full of college students who wear very tight clothing and short skirts, I found Annette to be quite striking. She was quite pretty with only a hint of age lines. She wasn’t skinny, nor was she plump. I’d say she was about 130lbs, blue eyes, and she wore her company uniform, which consisted of a short sleave white button business shirt (which was straining to hold in her breasts), and a blue ¾ length skirt.

I greeted her and we made our way inside towards the stairs. As I climbed the stairs, her butt was swaying in front of me. It was not a small butt, nor was it large. It was a fantastic size and it was so round that I just wanted to eat it. I got an instant hard on, but I thought nothing would happen especially because of the 18year age difference.

She opened the door and we walked into the apartment where I preceded to look at all it had to offer. A thought occurred to me that we could fuck, and we’d be all alone, however I was more serious about working out the suitability of the apartment because I was getting tired of all these inspections. I noticed that she was getting close to me as I inspected every corner of the place.

Towards the end of the inspection, I was asking her questions in the living room when she tripped on the carpet with her high heels on, and she fell straight on more. To be more accurate, she accidentally head butted my groan, which knocked me off balanced as well. Annette was apologising profusely as I got up to dust myself. We were both red in the face as I helped her up. She was a bit sore from the fall, so I grabbed her arm to help her get upright, and then I grabbed her hips to stand her up. We were both laughing when I got her up when suddenly we realised how close we were to each other. I looked into her eyes and before I knew what was happening, we were lip locked. Our tongues were down each other’s throats as my right hand made my way to her juicy ass.

While still embraced and lip locked, I manage to move us into the kitchen where I turned he around so my crotch was pressing against her butt. I placed my hands on her belly and made my way slowly up under her shirt to her C-Cup breasts and massaged them through her lacy bra. Her hands went to unbuttoning her shirt but she had a few difficulties. I took my hands off her breasts to help her, but through the intense passion, I ripped open her shirt. This brought a slight gasp from Annette as I moved my hands down to hips. I moved my lips down her back to the helm of her skirt while she unhooked her bra. I grabbed the helm of her skirt with my hands, and the top of her zipper with me teeth. I slowly moved the zipper down, slowly savouring her sweet scent. My nose ran down the crack of her behind through her white panties. When her skirt reached the floor, I pulled her panties to the ground and started to rub the inside of her thigh whilst I kissed and licked her butt cheeks. I reached upwards to bend her over the bench top so I could eat her out. I licked, sucked and prodded like I had just been on a hunger strike. I didn’t hear her come, but I tasted a warm sweet fluid coming out of her hole. When the stream stopped, I got to my feet and pulled my thick 9 inch cock out of pants and positioned at the entrance of her pussy. My mouth went back onto hers and as I entered her, she gasped and jumped a little bit. My hands went back to massaging her breasts while one of hands went behind my head trying to stick her tongue as far down her throat as possible. Her other hand went down to rub her clit as I pumped in and out of her at a moderate pace.

For someone in her 40’s, Annette had a surprisingly tight pussy. She was stretched out that if I went at it at a furious pace, there would sparks flying. She was moaning and wincing at the same time. A look of pleasure painted her face. When our mouths finally parted, she moaned out loud as I continued my steady strokes.

This pumping went on for about 15 minutes when I felt her pussy clench harder on my cock, and I felt some pressure pushing against my cock as she came. The feeling was incredible. I placed my hands on her hips and pumped into her harder. I could feel my cum leave my balls and into her pussy. I came so hard that I thought I might have hurt her. As my cock exited her pussy, I found out the reason for the pressure. Apparently my cock acted like a plug and when I pulled out of her, all her juices as well as my come, flowed out of her pussy.

Annette lay spent bent over the bench top. The sight of her pussy looking like a waterfall got me hard again. I leaned over her with my cock nestled between her ass cheeks and rubbed it up and down. Annette pushed back against my cock. She suddenly stopped and asked me to sit down on the floor. As I sat down, I thought I noticed my cock had some red liquid on it. Before I could see what it was, Annette was on her knees and grabbed my cock and put it inside of her mouth. She could only get half of my cock in her mouth, so she used one of hands to wank the base of my cock. Her other hand played with my balls. Even though her pussy felt like an 18 year-old, her mouth showed her experience in the oral arts. Her tongue moved around my cock as she devoured me. She loved curling her tongue around the head and I was in heaven.

Although I wanted this to last forever, I felt a familiar stir in my balls. “I’m coming,” I said. She just looked at me with my cock still in her mouth when I came. She tried to swallow it all, but some leaked down my shaft. She moved off to lick all that had escaped and quickly swallowed it down. She looked at me a little out of breath and said “yummy.”

Annette got dressed, putting on her skirt and covering her breast with her shirt without putting her underwear back on. “I’ll take the apartment,” I said as she walked towards the door. Annette looked at me then had a quick glance at her bra and panties on the floor before saying, “good, I’ll leave you to lock up then!”

To be continued.

Stay tuned for the sequel.

If you can, please give me some feedback. Tell me if I’m doing the right thing, or tell me how I can improve.

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