The door opened. For a brief moment, the sounds of the party downstairs snuck in; music, laughter, a voice trying to rise above everything else ... then the door closed. Footsteps came slowly across the room towards her.

Rebecca didn't turn around from the window. She was standing there, staring out into the night at a well lit garden and the city lights far beyond. She was wearing a long cocktail dress, backless and made out of black velvet; a slit up the side revealed a decent amount of her fine legs.

'Do you want it now?' Rebecca said.

'It's not Andrew.'

'What -?' she began, but he was already behind her, his strong hands on her generous hips, stopping her from turning around.

'What's going on?' she struggled in his grasp, 'Where is Andrew?'

'He said I could borrow you for awhile,' the man said, 'He said you'd understand given the nature of your agreement with him.'

Rebecca felt the hard lump of his erection pressing against her soft behind. She stiffened but yielded a little at the same time.

'Where is Andrew? I want to speak with Andrew?' she said, more desperately. 'I didn't agree to this.'

'But he did,' the man said, kissing her delicate shoulders and exposed back. 'He said if you want him to keep quiet then you should do as I say.'

Rebecca continued to squirm, but he was too strong. She stared helpless as he continued to feel along her fine body, up to her breasts, then down to her thighs. His hands found the long slit in her skirt and came back up again, until she felt cool air on her skin. Her dress had been raised, exposing her small black g-string. She felt his crotch press against her almost bare ass, while his hands came around the front and began to stroke her vagina through the silky fabric of her g-string.

'Please stop,' she begged, her breath become a little bit shorter.

'Shutup,' the man said, 'He said I could do what I want with you. Take your panties off. And don't turn around, I want you to look out the window.'

Rebecca hesitated, then slowly did what he said, sweeping her skirt to one side and taking down her g-string to her knees, exposing to sex to the cool air. She heard the man unzipping his pants.

'Nice,' he said. 'You should keep busy looking good and stop sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.'

Rebecca swallowed some angry words, but kept silent. She braced herself for penetration. It came in one stiff thrust, filling up her tight vagina and making her scream slightly and grab hold of the windowsill. His cock was large, bigger than she'd ever had. He rammed himself into her, slapping against her soft ass and reaching forward to grope her breasts. He moaned and bit at her neck and began to fuck her faster until the flesh of her thighs and buttocks was shaking like jelly.

Rebecca moaned loudly, staring out the window, her mouth hanging open, not sure if she was enjoying it or not, she felt pleasure and disgust at the same time, but also found the experience strangely erotic. She imagined the stranger to be strong and handsome, even if he was impolite and was fucking her like an animal. She clenched her pussy tightly on the invading cock and felt warmth spreading throughout her abdomen as she got wetter and wetter.

'Oh yes,' the man said, slowly down a little, 'Your so fucking good.' He kept thrusting until finally she felt him withdraw, then she was quickly turned around. Before she could look at him she was pushed to her knees, his large cock in her face as he jerked himself, his body rigid.

'Oh yes,' he said. He wasn't as handsome as she fantasized, but not too bad. The large cock was suddenly in her mouth and she began sucking the smooth head, trying to take in as much as she could, but not really succeeding.

'Suck me,' the man moaned. She felt hot semen explode into her mouth, salty as sea water, making her choke and swallow a large mouthful. More came and it ran out of her mouth and down her chin. The man grabbed her hair and pushed his cock further into her mouth, his body jerking. Rebecca felt she would drown if she had to swallow any more of his semen. Finally he began to calm down and withdrew his messy cock, which began to shrink. It was covered in saliva and come.

Rebecca remained on her knees and wiped her mouth with the back of her delicate hand. The Man put his member away and walked back to the door.

'He has some other assignments,' he said. 'He instructed me to tell you that.' Then he left.

Rebecca rose and pulled her g-string back on, then lowered her dress, her pussy still buzzing from the brief sex. She found a serviette and began to wipe the semen off her chin and her chest, where it had begun to run into her small cleavage. She took another drink of wine, to wash the taste away and stared out the window again, wondering who would be next.

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