tagTransgender & CrossdressersRebecca and Rob Pt. 03

Rebecca and Rob Pt. 03


"Not so fast, sweetie." Miss Rebecca's admonition stopped me in mid-crawl, halfway toward where Rob sat, naked, with his legs splayed and his beautiful tumescent cock beckoning. Having just pleasured her, and tasted the love left by her husband, my second helping of his cum that day, all I was thinking was how much I wanted, no needed, was to feel the pulsing of his manhood and taste his seed yet again.

I turned my wanton gaze in Her direction, and seeing a mischievous smile, knew that my desires would not be denied, but that some new condition was about to be imposed.

"Honey, Rob isn't gay. He liked it when you sucked his cock earlier today, but that was because he was blindfolded, and he was able to imagine you were a girl. He could feel my chemise and smell my perfume on you, so that helped him a lot. Amazing how perfectly you did exactly the things that Rob likes before you sucked him off." She continued, "as you can see from the video, with the dim lighting, you kinda looked like a girl. Rob loves sexy girls, Mark."

I waited for the other heel to drop.

"So, if you want to suck Rob again, you'll have to come with me first, so we can get you made up all pretty and sexy. From what you've shown us so far today, I don't think you'll have any issues with that, will you, dear? In fact, I think you'd like that a lot, wouldn't you?"

Red faced and ashamed, I replied inaudibly and with a nod.

"That sort of response won't do, babe," Rebecca stated tersely. "In this household, there are rules you must follow.. The first and most important is, we are not ashamed of who we are. The second is, when we have something to say, we say it like we mean it The third, is when we want something, we ask nicely for it. Can you remember those, honey?"

"Yes, Miss Rebecca," came my acknowledgment, loud and clear, which elicited a smile that made her eyes light up.

"Good, now, where were we?" She waited for my reply.

I found my voice somewhere deep inside. I knew I needed to do this, and once I decide on a course of action, I commit to doing it right. I looked up at Her, naked, in her recliner, with me still kneeling on the floor, in my panties. It came out with far more confidence than I actually felt, because my insides were in tumult.

"Miss Rebecca, would you please help me make myself look sexy for Rob, so he'll let me suck his cock again?"

"I would love to help you, sweetie," She replied grinning from ear to ear. And with that She led me out of the room, but not before stopping to tell Rob something which I couldn't hear.

We detoured on our way so Rebecca could inspect the kitchen,and see how I'd performed my clean-up duties earlier. Surveying the counters, floor, and checking a few dishes, She said, "not bad. Not bad at all. A few minor things, but nothing we can't straighten out next time."

Next time? Her comments thrilled and concerned me.

She beckoned me up the stairs ahead of Her, and I could feel her eyes burning into my panty-clad backside as I ascended. I already felt sexy.

"Ok, in the shower we go, honey." A fantasy come true; I was naked and in the shower with Miss Rebecca. She washed and conditioned my hair with some scented products, and scrubbed my skin with a loofah. She admired the job I had done shaving my body hair.

She commanded me to interlock my fingers behind my head, and then clinically grabbed hold of my cock and balls at the base. Inspecting them, She found only a few stray hairs that needed removal. I held my breath as for the first time in my life, another person took a razor to my private area. Her deft touch and quick work relieved me quickly, at least so far as fear went. My little cock was raging under her handling, and also because it had witnessed but thus far not participated in the evening's festivities. She giggled either at the intensity of my erection or at my less than impressive size. I was certainly no match for Rob in this area.

Miss Rebecca toyed with me, though. She lightly stroked my shaft, and cupped my balls, as though she were testing them out for possible further use. "Having a good time, sweetie?" She asked. "Very much, Miss Rebecca," I grunted as much as stated. She laughed and so did I.

When I was clean and smelling feminine, She directed me to administer the same services to Her. What a thrill and an honor to be of service in this way. My hands firmly but caringly caressed her scalp as I conditioned her hair. Her skin being already soft and supple required only a light going over with body wash. I knelt to wash her lower half, and took my sweet time doing it. Her toned, tanned body was magnificent, and servicing her in this way was an honor. I noted the differences in our actions. When Miss Rebecca washed me, I felt the love of her touch, but there was no submission in the act. She was preparing me, not serving me. In the reversed role, I absolutely felt subservient, and I loved every second of it. I washed her back, her magnificent ass and her legs. She leaned forward and said, "get your nose in there and make sure you've cleaned thoroughly between my cheeks."

No command has ever been more welcome or more immediately obeyed. I nuzzled into her crack, and took a deep breath. She was indeed clean and soft and wonderful. I kissed her amber ring, and she cooed. I kissed it again, longer and more deeply. My mouth opened and my tongue swirled around her sphincter, stabbing at it, seeking entry. She pressed into me, as I made out with her asshole. I pushed as deeply as I could into her opening, and felt her shift as she began fingering herself, demanding that I not stop, that I go deeper, and that I drive my tongue into her ass like a good slut."

Too soon she came hard and loud. I could feel the contractions squeezing my tongue as her ass convulsed in sympathetic harmony with her pussy. Her strength now gone, she slowly sank to the shower floor, the warm water cascading over her, her ass still raised and her murmurs still audible. I gently licked her ass with a fattened, widened tongue, slowly and softly, until she recovered. I could have continued for days on end.

"Sweetie," she finally spoke, "that was amazing. I'm going to love having you worship my ass regularly."

"Mistress," I replied, "nothing gives me more pleasure than pleasing you. I love you."

"What about Rob?" she asked.

"I love him too," I said without hesitation. It was true. I just hadn't realized it until I'd spoken it. My feelings were more than sexual. I truly loved both of them, for many reasons I'll not go into now.

"Well, then, we'd better finish getting you ready. If you please him as much as you've pleased me, then he'll know, just as I do, that you truly do love us and that you belong here, with us."

What followed was a whirlwind of preparatory actions, the sort that all beautiful women know and to which I was only amateurishly familiar. With her expert hand, and tutoring, over the next hour I transformed in mind and body and soul into the creature of Ms Rebecca's making, and Master Rob's desires. Fingernails and Toenails in lavender - my protests over the fingernails quickly squelched - foundation, cheeks, eyes, and lips adorned in shades that matched the tone of my skin, brought out the

color of my eyes and made my lips sensual and full.

A short, high quality brunette wig with a bob cut framed my face. Thigh high nylons, held by a garter, lace panties and a beautiful peignoir, all in lavender to match my nails. And finally, the heels that we both had worn earlier. I should have been embarrassed, but I was far too down the road for that. Instead I was awestruck at the transformation. My own attempts were bush league, and it showed. Now I knew what it was to properly dress as a sexy woman. I couldn't take my eyes off myself.

"We need a name for you, when you are dressed up," Mistress stated. Looking at me,she smiled and said, "you already have one, don't you?" I nodded. "What is it?"

"It's 'marissa', Mistress," I replied sheepishly.

"I like it, it's sweet. Ok, marissa, practice walking in those heels while I get ready too. Go and get us each a glass of wine."

"Mistress, won't Master Rob see me?"

"No, I sent him on an errand, he'll be back in about a half hour. Now scoot!"

Navigating the steps was not difficult, as I could hold the railing on my way down, and climbing steps in heels is not difficult, as all women and sissies know.

When I entered, Mistress was just coming out of her walk-in closet. Stunning is the only word I can apply. She was all in leather, her hair pulled back in a tight pony tail, her cleavage amplified by the constricting and form shaping bustier, her leather shorts and her thigh high boots with five in heels, and elbow length gloves. If there had been any doubt who was in charge before...

She sauntered over to the arm chair in the corner of the room, and I followed a few paces behind. Seated, she accepted the wine glass from me, and I instinctively knelt at her feet. Caressing my cheek with her leathered hand, she told me I looked beautiful.

We sipped our wine and talked. She said all the right things to put me at ease. She taught me what Rob likes when having his cock sucked. How to tease him and make him last. At her question, I admitted a desire but inability to suppress my gag reflex. "All in good time," she advised.

Her phone buzzed and she read the message. "Rob is five minutes away, it's time to begin this next step in your journey. Are you ready, marissa?"

"I am, Mistress."

She stood and commanded me to rise. Looking serious, she took hold of both hands and said, "Trust me, marissa. Relax and do as I say. No harm will come to you."

This sounded ominous, but the truth was that I did trust her absolutely. I was suddenly very nervous, but also felt more alive than I ever had. There was no way I was not following through on this most magical of evenings.

"Mistress, I am yours to do with as you please. I know that you love me and will protect me. I only want to make you happy."

With a smile, she replied, "Very well then, pet. Come with me."

Again, she led and I followed, downstairs, and down again to the basement. And into the alcove; the scene my first encounter with Rob. Leading me to the center, I was bidden to sit in the very chair Rob had occupied earlier. The cold seat sent a shiver though me.

"Arms behind you," she demanded. I complied, and soon felt the deft touch of her fingers as she tied them together, and to the chair back. She then took each leg in turn and secured them to the chair legs. I was her second prisoner of the day. In spite of the thrill I felt of being in her command, I also could not suppress the fear of helplessness and fear of the unknown. This caused my little penis to retreat.

Mistress noticed my lack of bulge, and commented. "It's good that your little clitty is not visible. As I said, Rob likes his women pretty and sexy. You definitely look sexier without an erection. As we progress, you'll find that you can achieve deeper and more meaningful pleasure in other ways. So, there will be some training to do in that regard."

"Yes, Mistress," was all I could mutter. I would have agreed to anything at this stage.

We heard the door open and close, and the sound of footsteps on the floor above. It sounded a bit odd, but I couldn't say quite why.

"He's back," she said, "time for the final elements." And with that, she applied the blindfold and earphones that Rob was wearing earlier that day. Blackness filled my eyes, and white noise filled my ears. I inhaled sharply, my mouth agape, and forgot to breath out.

Amid the noise, I heard Mistress' voice whispering through the headphones. She had a microphone patched into the sound system. "Relax, marissa. You will love this. Trust me."

I felt a slight breeze, and deduced that the door to the alcove had opened. Rob must have entered.

"Tell us what you want, marissa," Mistress said into my ears.

"I want to suck Master Rob's cock, Mistress."

"Why? Give us five reasons."

"Because I love him. Because I want to please him."

I hesitated.

"Go on, three more reasons"

"Because his cock is beautiful."

"These are all about him. What about you?"

I felt my face redden with humiliation.

"Because I'm a sissy."


"Because I love sucking cocks."

"Well done, marissa. You are coming to terms with who you are. Don't you feel better now?"

I nodded, although I was far too humiliated by my admission, and this situation, to 'feel better.'

Suddenly, I felt something soft and warm touch my lips. Oh, his cock. mmmmm.

He rubbed it first around my lips, and as I tried to capture it, he moved it all over my face. His scrotum grazed my chin, and I felt the heft of his shaft all along face, up to my forehead. I breathed in his scent, and swooned.

His cock playfully slapped my cheeks, back and forth. This display of his dominance over me drove my lust to new depths. I no longer wanted his cock. I needed it.

"Please, please oh please put your cock in my mouth, Sir. I need it so bad."

He held the tip to my lips, and held my head in place. I licked the pre-cum from his slit, and french kissed the very tip, desperate to take more. I suckled on his manhood. My my sight and hearing blocked, taste and touch and aroma became my world, and all of it was Rob's cock. I felt him slide the whole glans past my lips, which closed behind his corona. My tongue swirled and bathed it and I tasted more pre-cum.

"That's a good girl," Mistress whispered in my ear. "Show your master how you worship is manhood. You look so sexy with his cock in your mouth."

A guttural moan emanated from my throat, and the vibrations echoed though Master's penis. He held more firmly onto my head and pushed deeper into my mouth. As much as I'd taken advantage of his exposed cock earlier that day, doing as I pleased to it, his cock was now my master, and was using me for its pleasure. I had no say in the matter, and has the shaft invaded further into my mouth, a complete feeling of surrender washed over me. I went so deeply into subspace that the only word I can use to describe it is 'bliss.'

Sensing the relaxation of my neck along with the rest of my body, Rob pushed his cock to the precipice of my throat. I felt the head touch me back there, where normally a gag reflex would trigger. But not this night. My swallowing motion beckoned him deeper and so he went, into my throat, further with each push, until at last I felt his sac against my chin, and my nose embedded in his neatly trimmed pubes. He held me there, explorer of a land no man had entered, triumphant in his conquest.

Lust must have overtaken him at this point, because he started to move more quickly now, holding my head firmly. He fucked my mouth and throat with great vigor. His balls slammed into my chin repeatedly, claiming their dominion over me.

I moaned and drooled and reveled in the feeling of complete and total submission. Mistress was no longer whispering. I could hear her, through the microphone, urging Rob on.

"Fuck her face, Rob, Look how much she loves it. Fuck her harder."

Too soon, his motions stopped. He remained entrenched in my throat. My swallowing actions milked the head of his cock, which started expanding. The pulsing began immediately thereafter, and I felt two, perhaps three jets of semen shoot directly down my throat, before Rob pulled part way out and deposited several more blasts onto my tongue. I savored the taste and texture. Master painted my lips with the last remnants of his ejaculate. I swallowed what he had shot into my mouth, and caught my breath.

The white noise vanished from my headset, and Mistress spoke to me. "What do you say, marissa?"

"Thank you, Mistress for preparing me and for arranging this opportunity. And thank you, Master, for the gift of your cock and your semen."

"Are you happy, marissa?" she asked.

"Mistress, I have never been happier. This day has been the best of my life. I wish it were not over yet."

"It's not over yet, sweetie," she replied.

The white noise came back, and I became disoriented again. What more could happen?

I felt his cock against my lips. Rob's cock was hard already again. No, wait, that couldn't be. It has only been a few minutes. No one had that sort of recovery time.

It parted my lips. It felt different. It smelled different. It was different. But who could it be? What did this mean?

My mouth opened and my brain stopped thinking. I knew what to do.

- marissacd

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