tagGroup SexRebecca Becomes a Party Girl

Rebecca Becomes a Party Girl


Part I: Breaking the Ice

Rebecca, a 40 year old, recently separated from her husband, is attending a small party of friends. A 6'2" blonde with large breasts, pouty lips, and a tanned body, Rebecca has attracted a lot of attention as a result of her separation; but, she hasn't yet entered the dating world, but she's entertaining the idea. She misses the companionship, intimacy, and the sex.

The party was at Mike's, a large house with a pool and large rooms, and Rebecca was excited to attend. She knew that Mike's recent promotion, the reason for the party, was putting Mike in high spirits. She entered the house without knocking as she and Mike had gone out several times previously. She liked to think of those as "non-date dates," since she wasn't officially dating yet. Somehow the status of not dating was comfortable for her as she just wasn't ready yet for the trauma and drama that often accompanies official dating.

As she entered the back of the house and the pool area, she saw Karen, a friend of hers from church. She and Karen were friends, although new friends. She didn't know a lot about Karen yet, but she could see them becoming fast friends.

"What have you been doing lately?" asked Karen.

"I just finished producing the school play for the fourth grade, The Magic Lantern, and took a few days off to go to Jackson State Park. It was nice to get away with the kids and enjoy the outdoors."

"That sounds wonderful, both the play and the vacation. I'm sure you must have been exhausted after the play closed."

"It was. That said, I'm still in vacation mode," Rebecca said. "I'm looking forward to relaxing tonight before going back to work tomorrow."

As she was focusing on talking to Karen, Rebecca suddenly felt likes hand on her arm. She turned to him and smiled, as she had yet to officially greet him upon entering the party. Mike was dressed in his customary jeans and T-shirt, and looking very good, thought Rebecca.

"Excuse me Karen, Rebecca would you help me in the kitchen?"

Mike's grasp was such that she was already on the move toward the house. This appeared to be one of those voluntarily mandatory requests, and Rebecca smiled. One of the things she really liked about Mike was that he was a take-charge kind of guy. As she was being guided into and through the house, she noticed that Mike bypassed the kitchen and headed straight into the den. As they entered the den, Mike closed the door and escorted Rebecca to the center of the room.

"I think you missed the kitchen, big boy!"

"Pull up your dress and get on your knees," Mike said in a firm voice, with eyes to match. "You are going to suck my cock."

Rebecca could see that Mike was serious, but not threatening. And, as she looked into Mike's eyes she felt his hands on her shoulders pushing her toward the ground and onto her knees. She wasn't quite thinking clearly at the moment, as all of this had taken her quite by surprise; but she was now on her knees in front of Mike.

"Take out my cock, Rebecca," he says.

Rebecca, almost in a trance like state as her mind had yet to catch up with her circumstance, unbuckled and unzipped Mike's pants pulling them to the ground. She then pulled down his boxers letting his cock free. She found herself staring at his cock as this was the first time she had seen it. While she and Mike had gone out on a few semi-dates, the relationship had yet to become sexual.

"Now suck my cock, Rebecca. I am sure you are a good cock sucker."

Rebecca was still staring at his cock, as it began to grow larger. She can hear Mike talking to her, but she is not really listening to him. Rebecca is thinking that Mike's cock is relatively large. She has not been with a lot of men, but this is one of the larger cocks she has seen.

"Look at me, Rebecca," Mike says in a commanding, but low voice. "You are a good cock sucker, aren't you?"

Rebecca was still confused and a bit slow to respond.

"Aren't you?"

"Yes, I am." Talking has brought Rebecca back into full awareness. She suddenly realizes with full effect that she is on her knees in front of Mike with his growing cock directly in front of her. She then looks up at Mike with more confidence in her voice.

"Yes, I've been told I have a good cock sucker. I AM a good cock sucker."

At that point Rebecca reaches forward and grabs Mike's cock by the base. She leans forward and slowly pulls the head of his cock into her mouth. His cock is fairly large so she takes her time working the head and first part of his shaft into her mouth. As she begins to work more and more of Mike's cock into her mouth, Rebecca realizes she is intensely horny. Until now she had been too apprehensive and too confused to notice that her pussy was on fire. She could tell she was incredibly wet.

"Good," says Mike. "I'll make sure I spread the good news at the party. The guys will like to know that you are a good cock sucker. Would you like to be known as a good cock sucker?"

Rebecca, still working his cock into her mouth, looks up and catches his eye. She nods her head. She really would like to be known as a good cock sucker. She's always liked to suck cocks since the first cock she sucked when she was 17.

"What?" Mike says, pulling Rebecca away from his cock. "Say it."

Rebecca again hesitates. This is all happening so fast. Five minutes ago she was having a nice conversation with Karen and now she is on her knees sucking Mike's cock. And, he is demanding an answer.

"Yes, I'd like to be known as a good cock sucker."

Rebecca is now fully focused on Mike's cock. She has worked his cock into her mouth and has begun to rhythmically suck on it. She really has always enjoyed the feeling of a hard cock in her mouth. In addition, she loves giving pleasure. She begins to pick up speed and her head begins to bob on Mike's cock. She is really getting into sucking on Mike's cock, pulling away from his cock and sliding it back into her mouth, licking his shaft and his balls, and deep-throating his cock to the point of almost gagging.

She then feels Mike grab her head firmly and begin to move his hips back and forth, thrusting his cock into her mouth.

"You like to have your face fucked?"

Rebecca's arousal has continued to rise as she is hooked on Mike's cock. Mike's firm ways and assertive posture has excited her tremendously. She looks up at Mike as he continues to fuck her face and nods. At this point, she is sure that Mike knows that he has her. That he can use her and that she will enjoy it. And he is right.

Mike continues to hold her head while he fucks her mouth. Rebecca realizes she is along for the ride and is enjoying getting her face fucked. She must admit that there are times like this when she enjoys the man taking control. She is enjoying being on the edge of gagging on Mike's cock as he continues to slam it into her mouth. At some level she knows this is slutty, but that is also what is creating so much wetness in her pussy.

Rebecca can feel that Mike's cock is getting harder and a bit jumpy. She knows that he will cum soon and she is looking forward to that. Harder and faster he is thrusting his cock into her mouth and then all at once he thrust deeply into her mouth and hold her head firmly over his cock and she can feel his cock jump in spurts his cum deep in her throat. Spurt after spurt is deposited in her mouth and while she works to contain it some calm slips out from the corner of her mouth, down her chin, and onto her breast.

"Oh, Rebecca, that was great! You really are a good cock sucker."

"Wow," Rebecca sits back on her heels panting from just being face fucked. "That was awesome," she says with a big broad smile across her face.

Mike reaches down and helps Rebecca to her feet, very gentlemanly. Rebecca looks down and sees the two drops of cum on her breasts. She goes to wipe them off.

"No, don't. Leave them. No one will notice the cum except you and I," says Mike.

Rebecca smiles sheepishly and leaves them. She finds this somehow very erotic. She will reenter the party with two drops of Mike's cum still on her breasts. Mike then leads Rebecca back into the party and Rebecca thinks to herself what an amazing turn of events -- in 15 minutes she was coerced to leave the party, forced to her knees, seduced to suck Mike's cock, and convinced to leave his cum our her breasts. She was incredibly excited as they reentered the party. As they reentered no one seem to take much notice except a couple of men off to the side that were friends of Mike's.

Rebecca began to wonder, was Mike really going to tell the other men that she is a good cock sucker? And, would that be a bad thing?

Part II: Being Agreeable

As Rebecca reentered the party she grabbed a beer from the table and headed over toward Karen. She found herself a bit nervous, not knowing quite what to say if Karen asked what Mike wanted. She couldn't really tell her, could she?

"Hey Karen," Rebecca said in a bit overly friendly manner trying to hide her nervousness. "Mike just needed some help." That seemed generic enough to Rebecca and at the same time satisfied her need to be honest. Karen smiled broadly and Rebecca felt as if suddenly exposed.

" I'm sure he did," Karen was now looking knowingly at Rebecca and her smile was continuing to grow. Karen glanced down at the two drops of cum on Rebecca's breasts. "I see someone has given you a gift."

"What?" Rebecca wasn't quite sure what Karen meant and was unwilling to divulge any information at this point. She was both incredibly nervous and incredibly horny. Thoughts of what had just happened with Mike were still fresh in her mind.

"I see that someone has given you a gift. I assume it was Mike. Yes?"

"I'm sorry?" was all Rebecca could muster.

"Rebecca, I've been there. I know that there are several guys at this party that like to have their cocks sucked at parties such as this. I can see a little bit of cum on your tits and that is how they like to mark whoever at the party is willing to suck cock. Did you just suck Mike's cock?"

Rebecca was beside herself. She could not believe what Karen had just said. She couldn't believe that her secret was out already and that apparently this happens at these parties. What does she say? What does she tell Karen? Confused and excited Rebecca was a bit at a loss for words and in no mental condition to lie.

"I can't believe you just said that. What do you mean that several guys at this party like to have their cocks sucked?"

"Welcome to the party," Karen grins. "At most of these parties involving Mike and his friends they like to find women who like to suck cocks. They have over the past few years acquired a decent list of women who are willing to suck their cocks at parties."

"Really?" replied Rebecca. "Who?"

"Well, I don't want to speak out of turn, so you'll just need to figure that out as we go along. Was it Mike? Did you enjoy it?"

"Sorry if this is inappropriate, but have you sucked cocks at parties like this?"

"Definitely. Now stop avoiding my questions," Karen says in a very friendly tone.

"I can't believe I'm saying this. But, yes, I just spent several minutes sucking Mike's cock, and yes, that is Mike's cum on my breast." Rebecca's head was swirling with ideas, thoughts, and emotions. This was really happening all so quickly. Here she was at the party talking with Karen, a good but not extremely close friend, about sucking cocks of other men at the party.

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh my god, yes," Rebecca said. "It was one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced. It was forceful, yet intimate." Rebecca just couldn't force herself to make up a story with Karen. And, apparently she was a cock sucker too.

"Have you sucked cocks at parties like this?" asked Rebecca.

"Yes, several times. I guess you could call me a serial cock sucker. It started last year at James' party. I wasn't looking for it and I really wasn't on the prowl; but, after a couple of glasses of wine and halfway through the party Jim asked if he could talk to me and led me into one of the back rooms. Minutes later I was on my knees sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. I had no idea at the time how much I was missing sucking on a man's cock, but somehow he knew. Since then I have sucked on several of the men's cocks, often more than once."

Rebecca was enthralled by Karen's retelling of her entry into the party cock sucking club as she was now referring to it in her head. Rebecca found Karen's story both extremely exciting and recently familiar. How did these men know that they wanted to suck cock?

"I was at James's party last year," Rebecca said.

"I know, I remember talking to you. We actually talked before and after I sucked Jim's cock."

"I had no idea."

"Of course not. No one really notices unless you are one of the cock suckers," Karen said with a smile. "Then you begin to notice when a woman is escorted away for 15 or 20 minutes and returns to the party either grinning or somewhat unsure of herself."

"Are there many women at these parties that are cock suckers?" asked Rebecca. Rebecca was now curious as to the nature and extent of all of this cock sucking. Apparently she was now part of a cock sucking, party-going club, and she wanted to know more. "Do the men all know who the cock suckers are?"

"I can't tell you who the cock suckers are, that is sort of a secret. You'll begin to notice them at these parties, now that you yourself are a cock sucker. It is all very subtle, but if you know what you're looking for, you will notice them. As for 'do the men all know,' only a subgroup of the men. Just as only a subgroup of the women at these parties are willing to get on their knees and suck a nice cock, only a subgroup of the men know about the cock sucking."

Rebecca was just amazed. Apparently there was more going on at these parties than she was aware. That said, she found herself increasingly aroused by the idea that there were women sucking cocks of men at these parties, and that these activities were not based on being married or even dating.

"Do you think that the men know that I sucked Mike's cock tonight?"

"I'm pretty sure that by this time the word is spreading. If you look over at that group by the table--Mike, Jim, James, Paul, and the rest--I think you'll notice they are looking at you slightly differently." Karen was now smiling broadly at Rebecca. Rebecca was afraid to look.

Just then James walked up to Rebecca and Karen.

"Karen, can I borrow you for a couple of minutes," says James.

"Sure James. Rebecca would you hold my drink for me?" Karen looks at Rebecca, smiles, winks, and then is escorted off by James.

Was this really happening? Was Karen then going to go off and suck James's cock? How many other women at this party were part of this cock sucking club? Rebecca was thinking that you cannot simply ask a woman that question. She was thinking that she will just have to pay attention and begin to notice women going off with men.

With Karen gone and not wanting to join the men's group, Rebecca wandered over to a couple of her friends that she knew from their children's school. The conversation was light and Rebecca was glad for it, given the intensity of the last 30 minutes of her life. Her mind was currently filled with new ideas and new perceptions. Jane was in the midst of discussing her husband's golf game when Jim walked up to the group.

"Rebecca, I understand you ran this year's school play, may I bend your ear a bit?"

"Sure! I'd be happy to," Rebecca said.

"Excellent," said Jim. "Let's go inside for a minute where it's a bit quieter."

Even given Rebecca's recent experience, she was not expecting anything other than a conversation about running a school play. As she and Jim walked into the house they were conversing quickly about how well the play went this year. However, Rebecca's inner voice was quickly alerted as Jim led her into the same room where she sucked Mike's cock. Suddenly she felt anxiety, excitement, fear, and arousal--all at once.

"You know why you are here?" said Jim.

"Yes," replied Rebecca.


"To suck your cock."

"That's right."

With that, Rebecca fell to her knees for the second time in less than an hour. She undid Jim's pants and pulled them and his underwear to the floor. Again she came face-to-face with a growing cock. At this point there were no words, Rebecca simply grabbed Jim's cock and after licking the head began to slide his cock into her mouth. His cock was a good size and she was enjoying sucking him. She licked his shaft and deep throated his cock and soon her head was bobbing up and down on his cock. This was all too unreal for her and yet she found herself amazingly aroused.

After several minutes Jim finally spoke again, "Mike was right, you really are a good cock sucker."

While Jim was saying this Rebecca was busy sucking his cock. Rebecca was enjoying sucking him and she really enjoyed being called a good cock sucker. She wasn't sure why, but she always like that. She knew it was a little bit slutty, but she liked for men to think of her as having talent in sucking a cock.

After about 10 minutes, and somewhat predictably, Rebecca felt Jim's hands grab her head. He was soon fucking her face with great abandon. She didn't always enjoy having her face fucked, but today she was so aroused by being coerced into sucking these men's cocks that she was really enjoying the face fucking she was receiving. In the midst of this face fucking, unbeknownst to Rebecca, John had quietly entered the room and was standing off to the side watching Rebecca get face fucked.

"Rebecca, take a look to your left."

Jim was still holding her head and was still fucking her face as she shifted her gaze as best she could to her left. She suddenly realized that she was being watched by John. At that point, however, she seemed to understand that she really didn't have any options. Jim had a firm grasp of her head and he was doing a good job of jamming his cock down her throat. The best she could do at the moment was work not to gag on his cock. For several minutes Rebecca's eyes were locked on John's as Jim continued to bury his cock in her mouth.

"Rebecca, go ahead and stand up," Jim said as he pulled his cock from her mouth.

Rebecca stood up, somewhat between Jim and John, knowing that Jim had just faced fucked her and that John had watched. She was unsure. While she was new to sucking cock at these parties, Karen hadn't told her about two men at once. She had never been with two men at once, although she had thought about it.

"Rebecca, are you ready to take off your thong?" asked Jim.

Rebecca had worn a nice sundress to the party and was wearing a nice matching electric blue thong and bra underneath. Suddenly, Rebecca understood.


"You understand what that means?"


"What does that mean?" asked Jim.

"It means I'm going to get fucked," replied Rebecca knowingly.

"Take off your thong."

Rebecca reached up underneath her sundress and began to peel off her thong. She could feel that at this point her pussy was extremely wet. Did she want to get fucked? Definitely. Had she planned on getting fucked? Definitely not. Would she have normally let John and Jim fuck her? Probably not. But she was now a stranger in a strange land, where the normal rules of sex and dating seems not to apply.

"Are you ready?" asked Jim.


"Ready for what?"

"Ready to get fucked. And fucked hard." Rebecca's mindset was beginning to change from one of coercion to one of desire. She was enjoying the situation these men were putting her in. She was enjoying the fact that they were now using her. She knew that John came into the room ready to fuck her, and right now, that's exactly what she wanted him to do.

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