tagSci-Fi & FantasyReborn Ch. 02

Reborn Ch. 02


Author's Note: This is the second chapter of an ongoing erotic SF story. The first chapter can be found here.

Author's Acknowledgement: Writing is actually a collaborative process between an author and a good editor. Milady_Sabine has been a wonderful editor and collaborator who deserves all of my thanks!

As David awoke, he perceived a blurry figure standing over him, staring at him, causing his sleepiness to flee quickly and his vision to return. He inhaled sharply and deeply, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. The events of the past rushed into his memory: his accident, his romp in the hospital bed with his nurse, and the fact that his body was drastically changed from an overweight, middle-aged husk to a young-looking, slim, and muscular form. Fear and disorientation began to overtake him again.

Then, just as suddenly as they had arrived, his terror and confusion vanished.

"That's better," said a familiar sibilant female voice. "Wake up, sleepyhead!"

Chapter Two

It was the same Asian nurse from before, only now she was dressed differently. She now wore a long, tight, red silk cheongsam dress. It had a high mandarin collar, short, almost vestigial, sleeves, and a side slit from the floor all the way up to mid-thigh. Her long lustrous hair was up now; softly framing her waifish face, held there by three black decorated sticks. This time she wore more makeup, as if going to a formal event.

The lust of their previous encounter entered him again. His rising penis ached for the warm welcoming embrace of what lay between her smooth legs.

"I was freaking out just now. Then it suddenly stopped and I was calm," breathed David incredulously. "Are you controlling my mind?"

"We can't control what you think, David," replied the woman. "We can, however, control your body's release of certain chemicals and hormones. For instance, right now we are artificially lowering your adrenaline levels while simultaneously increasing the endorphin output of your brain. This eases your physical response to these unfamiliar surroundings. Your psychological response follows suit, however your intellectual response to your surroundings remains the same."

"This is not my body," commented David dumbly, internally marveling at how he could state such a thing so calmly. "I can see my penis."

"I assure you. That's your body, David," replied the woman, smiling. "However, it's not your original body. It's actually a sort of clone of your original body; being your original genetic code mixed with some genetic modifications for the sake of health, cultural aesthetics, and psychological well being, but don't worry, you'll recognize yourself in a mirror."

David stared down at his well-muscled body. Again realizing that he was hairless below his neck, he touched his head and felt that it, too, was hairless.

"Your scalp hair will grow back," answered the woman in anticipation of his question. "However, your body hair won't grow back. It will save you the trouble of shaving your face or...anything else. We can't allow you hurt yourself: intentionally or unintentionally."

"Before we go on, I want to tell you something that you should know," said the woman reluctantly. She paused, thinking intently, an uncomfortable look clouded her lovely delicate face. "It has been a very, very long time since your accident. We can't pinpoint exactly when..."

"2004," interrupted David, alarmed. "I had my accident in March 2004. Why? What year is it now?"

"Yes. Well, David," said the woman uncomfortably. "Using the Gregorian calendar as a frame of reference, it has been 1627 years since you died in that accident. We don't really use the Gregorian calendar anymore. To us, it is 513 A.A. - 'After Ascension'."

An ice-cold knife of disbelief shot through David's chest. No, it wasn't disbelief, not exactly. More like a desperate desire to disbelieve. Especially when he realized that this was indeed real: his new body, the 'nurse', his car wreck...everything.

Oh God, my family! Laura! Please, God! David screamed inside his head. Yet, his cock was still semi-erect and a small part of him wanted to take the woman and fuck her then and there.

Wait a minute. Isn't my family dead? David couldn't believe himself. Am I alone in the world now? Why am I horny?

"I'm manipulating your body chemistry, David. I'm sorry," replied the woman sympathetically, taking note of his confusion. "You've got to move forward now."

Move forward? Fuck that! I want to go home...NOW! Rage boiled up inside David. He was ready to knock her aside and make a run for it. I have no idea where I'm going to go, but anywhere would be better than here!

Immediately David calmed down. His anger dissipated like dry ice on a hot stove. It was replaced at first by an artificial serenity and finally an acceptance of the inevitability of his situation.

"All right," said David, resigned. "It's not like I have a choice."

She sighed. Even her sigh turned him on! It wasn't fair! "You will before long, David. Don't worry. You will before long."

"I'll be right back," she told David as she walked out of the room. She came back with a long, white terrycloth robe and matching slippers.

"Put this on," she said, throwing the robe on his lap.

David eased his legs over the side of the bed and put on the robe. It was thick and soft like one from a 5-star hotel.

"We, um, haven't been properly introduced," laughed David, nervously, putting his feet into the slippers. "You know my name but..." he left it hanging there for help.

"Linling," she said, smiling a bright beautiful smile which melted his insides. "You can call me Linling."

"David Wynne. Nice to meet you," he said offhandedly, standing up unsteadily by the bed.

Linling moved beside him, grabbing his arm, steadying him. He found his footing and shrugged her off.

"Let me do it," said David. "I think I'm strong enough."

She laughed, more at him than with him.

"What's so funny?" he asked, the corner of his mouth turning up into a crooked smile.

"You ancient men are so..." she searched, "...masculine!" She laughed again. "Come with me. I'll show you your new home."

Ignoring the "ancient" reference, David chuckled and followed her through the hospital room door and down a short, brightly-lit hallway. As she walked in front of him, strappy high-heeled shoes clacking on the floor, he became aware of her lovely bottom swishing nicely side-to-side in the shimmering red silk of her dress. He began to desire her body even more intensely than before.

She looked back at him sideways, noticing him notice her. When he moved his eyes up to hers she threw her head back and laughed her beautiful laugh again.

He followed Linling into a sumptuously decorated living area. She turned around and lifted her arms out from her sides in an all-encompassing gesture.

"This is where you'll be living for the time being," she said enthusiastically. "All of this is yours!"

She gestured to what looked like a screen on the wall. "This is your entertainment and information center. Just ask it to show you something and you'll see it almost immediately."

She walked over to a small alcove set in the wall above a dark wood table and chair. "This is your provider. Just ask it for something and it will appear here. This includes food so, if you're hungry, this is where you'll get your meals. You'll even find that you won't have to eat as often as before. Don't worry about calories or quantities. Your new body will utilize the food with perfect efficiency and eliminate any excess."

Linling walked over to a doorway next to the entertainment and information center.

"Speaking of elimination, through this doorway is your...toilet?" Linling stated, testing the term with David, who nodded. "And over here—"

"So you still have toilet paper in the future?" asked David with his half-smile.

"Oh. No, we don't. You'll find that the toilet will...clean you after you've...uh..." Linling gestured with her hand as if searching for the right word.

"Eliminated," said David, finishing her sentence.

"Yes," replied Linling with nervous laughter, obviously relieved.

Linling crossed the room over to a huge bed. It had to be twice the size of a normal king-sized bed, made of teak wood with four tall posts at each corner. A large ornately carved canopy topped the posts, and thick opaque drapes fell down from the canopy, leaving most of the bed obscured from David's view.

"I have a surprise for you!" Linling exclaimed. "And here she is!"

Linling drew back the drapes, revealing a woman lying on the bed. The first thing David noticed about her was her red, almost crimson, hair. It fell in large ringlets onto her porcelain shoulders. Her skin was very pale and smooth with no blemishes or freckles. She had large green eyes, a small nose, and lips like rosebuds. Like Linling, she wore make-up as if going to a formal occasion. On her finely-sculpted body was a pale, green, satin nightgown, solid and low cut. She was lying on her side, facing David and Linling.

"Hello, David," said the red-haired beauty. "You may call me Arielle."

Arielle sat up, swung her legs off of the bed, stood up, and took the sticks out of Linling's hair, letting it fall loosely about her shoulders and tousling it slightly with her hand. Linling's shoulders shrugged in response. She obviously enjoyed the feel of soft fingers on her neck and upper back.

"Now," said Linling, as Arielle dropped the sticks on the floor. "I understand that you have questions," she continued. "I tell you what: let's make a game of it! We'll remove our clothing for each question asked. When we're naked, the time for questions is over...at least for now. Agreed?"

"Agreed," replied David, licking his lips. He began to consider his first question.

"First question: am I in the 'Matrix'...or, uh, something like that?" asked David.

"Matrix?" asked Linling in reply, obviously confused. "Do you mean a rectangular array of numeric or algebraic quantities subject to mathematical operations?"

"No," David responded, slightly frustrated. "A...a computer simulation; my mind is experiencing all of this but my real body is elsewhere."

"Computer?" asked Linling, again confused.

"Oh! I know what he's talking about," interjected Arielle. "No, David, we don't use computers anymore. The closest thing we have to what you would call a computer is an IMA...Intelligent Molecular Abacus. "

"Ah!" exclaimed Linling, understanding. She turned to David. "This is not a simulation, David. That's your real body and this is an actual physical place. More specifically, it's a pocket universe: a pouch of space-time pinched off and sealed away from the normal physical universe."

Linling seemed satisfied with her answer and smiled as she began to unbutton the tight silk cheongsam dress, flipping the buttons out of their corresponding loops down her right side. She stopped just above her hips. David could see she was wearing some kind of underwear. Good, he thought, more opportunities for questions. However, he also ached to see her beautifully smooth skin again.

"Next question," announced Arielle, smiling brightly.

What a beautiful smile, thought David, looking at Arielle. She has dimples! I LOVE dimples! No...wait! Focus! Focus!

"Ok," began David, holding his breath. "Are you aliens? You know, from a planet other than Earth?"

"No," answered Linling. "We're from Earth. Although we're not what you would call 'human'."

"Yes," continued Arielle. "Long ago our little group discovered a way to store our minds in pocket universes as a form of coherent energy field, called a psycheverse. There's lots of room to store new information, old information is accessed more quickly, and additional information is assimilated much more quickly and efficiently. Communicating with other minds is a matter of opening Einstein-Rosen bridges between psycheverses - a simple thing for us."

Arielle waited a moment for her statement to sink in while Linling's fingers crept towards her remaining buttons.

"If your species is called Homo sapiens," continued Arielle. "You can call our species Homo...navitas; energy. It's the Latin term that is, I believe, closest to explaining what we are."

David was dumbstruck. His mind was frantically trying to understand what he had been told. Had human beings evolved into pure energy?

"I know you're confused David," said Linling sympathetically as she finished unbuttoning her red satin dress. "Try to see it from our point of view. It's like you trying to explain your existence and way of life to a person from the Stone Age." She shrugged out of her cheongsam and it fell softly to the floor. Underneath she was wearing a strapless bra and string bikini panties made of the same shimmering and patterned silk as her cheongsam.

"Try to relish our similarities," she grinned mischievously, presenting herself to him. She ran her fingers across her midriff, sliding them back and forth across the dimple of skin that extended from between her breasts down to her belly button.

"If you're pure energy, then how is that you have...bodies?" David gestured at their lithe forms.

"These are surrogates," answered Arielle, indicating herself and Linling. "They are genetically engineered bodies upon which we imprint certain portions of our minds. I made them," she added. "I'm a surrogate engineer. That is, I design surrogates. It's my...vocation."

"On the other hand," announced Linling, "I am a Metaphysical Engineer. In a pocket universe such as this one, I form circuits between reality and surreality, sometimes anchoring them to the superegos of the surrogates inhabiting the given pocket universe; I'm sort of like a computer programmer from your era." She turned slightly, her back towards Arielle.

Arielle reached over and unhooked Linling's strapless bra. It fell to the floor on top of her dress. Linling ran her hands up under her small breasts, rubbing their undersides. David remembered fondly how good those breasts felt in his hands. His palms itched reflexively.

"So, uh," began David, distracted by Linling's nudity, "um, am I a surrogate, too?"

"No, David." replied Arielle. "Your present body is a physical clone of your original body that we found on Deimos, a moon of Mars. It was there because your family had you exhumed after your wife died and launched you both into space as a sort of eternal tribute. How they could afford to do so is a mystery to us. Perhaps they came into some money. We located your bodies on Deimos during the testing phase of a new scanning technology we developed."

Linling began to slide her red silk panties off of her smooth hips and down her curvaceous legs.

"Regenerating your brain - your adult consciousness - was problematic," continued Arielle. "We scoured the old records and found a three-dimensional brain scan that was performed upon you when you were in a coma after your accident. The apparatus was still in the experimental stage when it was used on you, however it proved to be very ahead of its time. Using the records of those scans, we were able to extrapolate your psyche and imprint it onto your cloned body."

"Last question," said Linling, smiling. Her gaze smoldered as she stared into David's eyes.

"What about my wife?" asked David hopefully. "You said her body was with mine. Did you clone her, too?"

"Hmph! I think I should be insulted that you're thinking of your wife at a time like this, David!" exclaimed Linling in a mock-angry voice. Her façade of anger quickly melted into a humorous chuckle.

"No, David," said Arielle sympathetically. "We can clone your wife's body but we don't have any brain scans of her like we do you. Therefore we could produce a surrogate which looked like her, but it wouldn't remember you or your life together. It wouldn't have gone through the same psychological development your wife did, so you wouldn't even recognize your wife's personality in it. Your wife is dead, David. I'm so sorry."

"The time for questions is over!" exclaimed Linling, excited. She paused for a moment, staring at David intensely. "There!" she said finally, as if finished with a task.

The renewed sense of sadness at the mention of his wife suddenly fled from David as he became aware of Linling's beautiful body. Linling moved gracefully over to Arielle and eased the straps of the satin nightgown off of Arielle's shoulders. The nightgown slid off of her with a flourish and a shimmer.

Now, David understood why Arielle had been saved for last. Her spectacularly beautiful figure was voluptuous, yet fit. Her large, perfect breasts jutted out from her chest, having quarter-sized nipples which were only slightly pinker than the skin surrounding them. Below her chest, her flat belly had easily definable dimple lines down the center and on each side, indicating abdominal muscles which were very toned, yet still soft and feminine. Her white, smooth hips widened out from her small waist like an upside-down valentine heart in contrast to Linling's slim-hipped frame. Her legs were long and shapely and between them lay a lovely pink pussy topped with a small caterpillar of bright crimson hair.

The mere thought of his cock sawing in and out of Arielle's beautiful crimson-haired pink pussy caused David to drop down to all fours. His mind's eye saw her lovely pink vagina sucking his engorged cock repeatedly, covering it with its "saliva". Losing any semblance of control, David came inside his robe with an intense orgasm. He stayed down in his crawling position helpless and quivering as his penis pulsed out ropy cum, soaking his robe, and dripping slowly to the floor.

"Oh!" exclaimed Linling, surprised as David grunted and breathed raggedly down on all fours. "I guess I ramped him up too quickly. Looks like he'll have to wait out the first round."

"Watch us, David," instructed Arielle, slightly amused. "When you're ready, please join in."

"Yes, please do!" added Linling enthusiastically, turning towards Arielle. "Arielle, you did good work with these surrogates. I don't really have to adjust his libido very much."

"Thank you, Linling," responded Arielle fondly as she inclined her head down slightly towards Linling's face.

Arielle's lips met Linling's. The wet and sticky sound of lipstick-covered lips caressing each other filled David's ears. The sound became more intense as their lips parted and their tongues began to explore each other's mouth. Soft moans escaped their throats through small gaps appearing between their mashing lips: Linling's high and musical, Arielle's low and breathy.

Their bodies came together. Since Arielle was taller than Linling, her breasts pressed against Linling's chest just below her chin; while Linling's turgid nipples tickled the sensitive undersides of Arielle's full breasts. Their hands caressed each other's backs and buttocks as they swirled the tips of their fingers across their smooth skin; the pleasure of touch caused them to arch their backs, compressing their breasts between each other even more.

Linling began to lick the space above Arielle's collar bone, sending shivers of pleasure through Arielle's voluptuous figure. She moved her hot, rough tongue down Arielle's right breast to her pretty pink nipple and began attacking it with her mouth. First, she flicked her tongue across the tip before enveloping the entire thing in her hot mouth. She began to suck, tightening the seal of her lips around Arielle's nipple while flicking wildly with her tongue, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked harder. Arielle threw her head back in enjoyment, complimenting the sucking sounds with her breathy moans.

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