Rebuilding Faith Ch. 14


"Well then, I think we've come to an agreement we can live with," Faith declared, drawing Bill's head down to bring his mouth to hers. After a moment of tender play, she announced, "Yes, Bill. I will marry you."

Breaking away, Faith added, "But I have to get back. There's a new counselor arriving tonight and I need to be there."

"Okay, Babe."

They walked out to the truck, hand in hand.

"I'm going to sleep here tonight. After I drop you off, I'm heading to Franklinville to buy a mattress, sheets..."

"You don't have to buy sheets and stuff," Faith interrupted. "Just get a mattress and I'll bring over everything you need tonight -- around ten o'clock."

"Everything I need?" Bill patted her bottom, while he opened the truck door.

Sliding in from his side, Faith grinned and said, "What's mine is yours, Sweetie."


Arriving home at 8:00 pm, mattress and box springs tied down in the truck bed, Bill noticed boxes stacked on the front porch. After backing up the truck so the tailgate hung over the stairs, he walked to the packages and pulled off the sealed envelope taped to the top one.

"Dearest, Sweetie," the letter began, "Bev and Pete dropped these things off on their way home. Inside you'll find everything you need -- except for me. I'm going to walk through the woods to Carol's/your house, just like I did thirty years ago. Sit out on the roof and look for me around 10:00." Signed, "All My Love, Tinkerbelle."

"Tinkerbelle?" Bill folded the letter and put it back in the envelope. "This should be good."

With heart pounding, he began preparing for the jealous fairy's arrival.


Freshly showered, Bill was outside on the porch roof, sitting on a cushion he'd found in the basement. Candles flickered a soft light inside the bedroom. Stars twinkled overhead. A rising moon, only a few days away from full, cast pale shadows across the backyard. Nostalgic thoughts of Faith sitting here so many years ago, wishing for someone like him, sent a tingle down his spine. God drew complete circles sometimes.

The air was thick and humid with summer heat. Intermittent breezes provided sporadic relief, wafting the mountain smells of growth and permanence. Black shapes flitted across the forest backdrop, as bats ate their evening meal.

Bill's mind wandered to the future. Pastor Tom asked him to join the fire department and mentioned the Town Supervisor election in the fall. Was that a hint?

'I'm not ready for public office. I'll be a newlywed.' He smiled in the dark, certain that Faith was everything he'd ever wanted in a friend, lover and wife.

A bright sparkle caught his attention. There was a light bouncing leisurely down through the woods, floating like a fairy descending to earth. When the beam reached the clearing it clicked off, and a mysterious form moved across the lawn through the shadows, until it was behind the tool shed.

After a few minutes, Faith hissed, "Bill, are you alone?"

Smiling at her voice in the night, he answered, "Yes, Tink, I'm all alone."

From out of the black, twirling pirouettes in the cool moonlight, Faith's nude body appeared. She danced and leaped, until she stood below the roof, resting her hands on the top of her head looking up at him. Her translucent skin glowed with the sheen of exertion. She WAS a fairy... or an angel.

Bill forced himself to breath, "Faith you're beautiful."

She laughed low and earthy. "I have something important to talk about and I'm honoring your prenuptial agreement -- remember? I've upheld my part of the bargain, now I expect you to get down here and do the same."

Scrambling in the window, he yelled over his shoulder, "I'll be right there." Shedding his clothes along the way, he ran out the backdoor into an empty yard, clad only in sneakers.

"Over here."

His head snapped to the left. Faith was leaning against the top of a picnic table.

'How appropriate.'

Walking briskly towards her, Bill noticed Faith's smiling eyes travel down and focus on his bouncing penis.

"You're an outstanding specimen, Sweetie," she said, as he stood before her.

Reviewing her nude form, Bill noticed she'd shaved her pubic hair into a small stand of fuzz, a nose tickler. Anxious for discussion, he moved aggressively and pulled her to him. Their hot and slick bodies harnessed in wrapped arms. She smelled like sex and soap, like sin and salvation. The salty taste of her damp neck quenched a feverish man's thirst.

"I'm serious, Bill. I need to talk about something."

Looking into her dark eyes, he said, "All right, Tink, I'm listening." But his hands moved to her ass on a covert operation.

"Will you come to camp this week?" Their skin slipping as she squirmed under his caress.

"Why?" he asked, to show attentiveness, while focusing elsewhere.

"Because I want the children to meet a real hero."

All extracurricular activity ceased.

Apparently sensing his mood shift, Faith rushed on, "The kids need to meet people like you, Bill. They need to know that there are hero's everywhere, not just on TV, or on the playing field making millions of dollars. If they meet someone who performed an extraordinary act of bravery, and still lives a normal life, they'll be inspired. They'll think, 'Hey, maybe I can do something to make a difference in my neighborhood'."

Squeezing her butt, he asked, "You call this normal?"

"Well, they'll have to wait until they're a lot older to find out for themselves," she answered, kissing his shoulder.

"Okay, Babe. I'll be there."

Wrapping her arms around Bill's neck, she pulled his mouth to hers, saying, "Mmm, thanks lover," sliding up against him in a full-bodied reward.

"Now I would like to discuss something," said Bill, grabbing her hips and spinning Faith around.

Giggling, Faith asked, "Is this a fitting position for discussion?"

"I like the fit very much," he declared; as one hand slipped down into the fuzz patch between her legs and the other covered a breast. Nibbling his lips up her shoulder, Bill began with a whispered question. "Faith, have you heard of those rope challenge courses? The ones used for building teamwork, communication and leadership skills?"

Her legs separated, letting his prying fingers glide between. Leaning forward, Faith rested her palms on the picnic table, before muttering, "Mmmm, yeah, oh yeah. I've heard of them. Great for building self-confidence."

The engorged nipple between his fingers was sensitive, judging by the moaning reaction pinching it harder produced. He continued, "If we build one, I bet we could attract corporate executive seminars, and fund the kid's summer program with the profits."

With one set of fingers slowly oscillating into her, his erection pressed against her bottom and his other set of nimble fingers plying their magic from one breast to the other, Faith struggled to answer coherently. "Mmm, mmm, yes, yes, that's wonderful. That's a great idea, Sweetie."

Bill separated from her, and said, "Okay, I'll start formulating a plan and collect some information, before I submit my proposal to you." Patting her ass, he walked away, "Faith, I like this discussion method. It's very invigorating."

"Bill, come back here!"

Walking with an erection is uncomfortable, so Bill moved slowly, uphill to the edge of the forest.

Faith caught up. "Where are you going?"

"I'm looking for the right tree."

"A tree?" Faith asked, as she reached around and grasped his bobbing cock. "This is all the wood you need to make me a happy fairy, Bunyan."

Bunyan, she hadn't called him that since the fire. The playful name swelled his heart. "Well, thank you for that, Tink. But I have something else in mind."

He continued walking and Faith continued to grip his erection while pressed up against his back. On the hill's incline her lips kissed his shoulder blades as they wandered conjoined.

Approaching a maple with a low limb, Bill announced, "This is perfect," and pulled Faith in front of him saying, "Put your hands on the branch, Tink."

Obediently, she complied. When Bill moved close behind her, standing a little lower because of the hill, and his cock pushed between her legs, she understood his engineering objective.

"Oooh, Sweetie, you're so right. This is perfect." Reaching between her parted legs she guided his entry.

His hands were free to touch. And they did. Encircling her once again with his arms, his fingers toyed with each pleasure spot, as she clung to the limb for leverage, pushing back and pulling forward, setting her own pace. As their passion increased, the leaves on the branch rustled in time with each forceful thrust, adding an erotic whooshing rhythm to their coupling.

Faith bent further, adjusting the entry angle to meet her need. Bill followed, kissing her sweaty back, focusing his caresses on her clit, as his time grew near. Hunching into her with every backward thrust.

Faith's grunting, "Nnnn, nnnn" grew louder and the pitch higher, until the final, "Oh, God..." and she stood quivering, under the coming shower of sensation.

Grabbing her hips, Bill continued to drive in and out, faster and faster -- loving the hot, wet pleasure she gave. With one last deep thrust, he exploded inside her, bent over her back and pulled her hips tight, thrilled by the contractions spending into his love.

They stood linked for a few moments. Supported by the tree and their own trunks.

Bill straightened.

Faith pulled away, and groaned, "Ohhh, I hate it when you have to come out," then turned and hugged him... forever.


Dull and throbbing pains everywhere. Burning heat. Can't breath. Can't move. Why can't I move? Gotta move, gotta get out! Oh, God, I'm gonna die! Somebody help me, please!

"Faith... Faith, shhh, you're all right. You're safe."

Eyes fluttering open, momentarily confused, Faith said, "Bill?"

"Right here, Babe."

Now she remembered. A flickering candle provided enough light to see Carol's old room. Rolling over inside the protection of Bill's arms, she smiled at her man. "Mmm, I love being rescued by you," and burrowed her face against his neck.

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Wonderful Story!

I thoroughly enjoyed the story. There were a few instances where I thought they were over, but as in life, people can be complicated. To deal with a traumatized person, there has to be may emotional moodmore...

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