tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReckless Driver Punished

Reckless Driver Punished


I was driving my rig through the mountains of North Carolina and carefully negotiating the curves on a dangerous stretch of road. Out of nowhere a little red sports car zipped around me on a blind corner. God, was I pissed at such a dangerous stunt, and it took me a good ten minutes to calm down.

About five miles up the road there was a turn out and scenic overlook parking, so I decided to take a break. What should I see there but the little red sports car! I was still mad. There, just getting back into that car were a man and woman about fifty years old. He was balding and pudgy and short. She was refined looking, tan and slim with gray hair pulled back tightly and sunglasses, a rather handsome woman.

But I was steamed. I stormed over to them just as they closed the car doors. I slammed my fist down on the hood of their car and yelled out, "Hey, was that you that passed me back there?"

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Crap like that can get us all killed!"

The husband was wide-eyed and looked worried as he locked his door. The wife looked cool and collected and not really bothered by my yelling.

"Goddamnit! If you do that again, I'll..., I'll...." I hadn't planned what to say and I was searching for the right threat, and it just popped out, "I'll fuck your wife!" He rolled up his windows and looked plenty scared as he sped out of the parking lot.

I was still shaking standing there and not believing what I had threatened. But it felt good. It was exactly how I felt. I was so mad that the only punishment for a driver like that was to screw his wife while I made him watch. Over the years I'd met several married couples for a screwing session, and I always enjoyed having a husband offer his wife for my - and her - pleasure while he watched us. So my threat came naturally.

I rested a few minutes and began my uphill climb over the next stretch of hilly road. Driving along in low gear I had plenty of time to think about that red car and this guy's wife. She was really good looking in that city way. Thin, even a bit drawn looking, never breaking into a smile or a frown, just a steady gaze of unconcern. Rich I'm sure. Well cared for. What I wouldn't do to get my hands on a bitch like that!

Then it happened. Out of the blue a car came zipping around me, again on a dangerous curve, and again it was that same red car. Shit! I screamed and banged on the steering wheel and hit my horn over and over. But they were gone and out of sight in seconds. Fuck! Not only was I scared again by their recklessness, but now I was out for revenge!

My mind raced, but my truck lumbered like a turtle. They were long gone and I was hopelessly never going to find that guy again. In the heat of my anger, and remembering my threat to that guy and how his wife looked, I noticed that my cock was a full length down my pant leg and was leaving a dripping trail of juicy cum.

I indulged a fantasy about this couple as I finished off a long run and finally came through the high country down into a town for the night. There were several motels to choose from, and I picked one with a big turnaround space for my trailer. As I was situating the rig, I looked over and there was the little red sports car! I couldn't believe it!

I walked over to the car and around it. The plates were the same, best as I could remember. Damn, what luck! I figured that they must have pulled off the road at some point after I yelled at them and when they got back on they came up behind me again. But why in God's name would they be staying here? Why weren't they safely a hundred miles beyond somewhere far from my range? Oh well, whatever reason brought them and me to this same place just made me feel that my threat was going to become reality in a few hours, and that husband's worst nightmare was about to happen.

When I checked in I asked the clerk to put me next to the couple who drove the red car. She assumed we were friends, I guess, and she gave me the key to room 17 and told me that my friends were in number 16. I walked down the walk to the outside door to my room and looked at their window as I passed. The curtains were drawn, and I noticed that the little red car was gone.

Damn. Maybe they just went out for dinner. I ordered pizza, showered and relaxed. As I lay naked on the bed, I flipped my cock back and forth and talked to it. "Say, old friend, how would you like to get into some new pussy tonight?" My dick swelled up a little and a little bubble of cum formed at its tip. It's not the world's biggest cock, but I can get it up to a very iron hard eleven inches and thicker than I can grasp around. I'm not circumcised, and lots of ladies and couples enjoy watching the tip of my dick poke out from the extended pucker of foreskin. It starts to crown through that foreskin about nine inches when it's still rubbery and bouncy.

I was building up a good head of steam, and I could feel the flow of cum backing up as I teased myself repeatedly. Just then the door at number 16 opened and closed. My room had an adjoining door to theirs, and I could overhear them talking. They said something about no towels in the bathroom. Immediately I picked up the phone and rang their room. "This is the office calling," I said. "Housekeeping did not finish your room today."

"Do you need anything? Towels?" The husband had answered the phone, and he said, "Yes, we do. We just noticed that there were no towels. And we forgot to bring shampoo, do you have any?"

"Why, yes indeed," I answered. "Someone will be at your door in about ten minutes."

Ah ha! These people were in for the surprise of their lives, and I was in for the daily fuck I always liked to get. Of course, I was a little worried that maybe this guy carried a gun or someone would scream or something would go wrong. But I figured those angles and judged that this guy was the type to comply with a man a foot taller and twenty years younger and definitely much more in shape.

I dressed went to the office to ask for towels. It was the least I could do, since I figured that after I was through with them they would both need to clean up.

As I walked up to their door I took one more glance at the little red car. My blood pressure went up and the vein on my neck bulged as I knocked on the door of room 16.

I turned my back to the peephole in case they might recognize me. I heard the lock slide and the handle turn. As the door opened I put my weight against the door and secured it open with my foot.

The husband's face turned ashen as I stepped into their room. "Here's your damn towels!" I announced. "Remember me?"

"I'm here to give you a reward for your driving skills and to make good on a promise I made you to today."

The man just backed up step by step as I moved into the room and shut the door behind me. His wife was sitting in an easy chair by the window, smoking a cigarette, looking unbothered and unconcerned. Damn, that kind of attitude irritates me! Her husband, meanwhile, looked very worried.

He stumbled as he backpedaled. She didn't say a word, but he spoke up, "Hey, mister, we're sorry about that stuff on the road."

"Sorry?" I said, "You don't know what sorry is yet."

"You could have killed us."

"So, I figure if you take the liberty to do something like that to me, then I deserve to take some liberties with you two."

With that I started to pull out my shirttail and ordered him to sit down. He complied. "First thing, I'm gonna get comfortable and let you see what I'm gonna fuck your wife with."

"I said I was gonna fuck her, and I'm gonna fuck her!" She was still looking rather unflapped, almost yawning with boredom. Jesus, that made me pissed! She was still dressed as she had been earlier in a skirt and silky blouse, with her hair pulled back tight, but her sunglasses were off. Her dark black eyebrows contrasted sharply with her steely gray hair.

"Sit the fuck down and stay there," I pointed to the man. "No, stand up. Do what I do. When I take my shirt, you take off yours."

"Got it?" I made him strip with me. He was dumpy and not a pretty sight. My chest was still V-shaped and muscled while his was round and pudgy and soft. My shoulders were square and broad while his were stooped. His legs were white and bony and mine were muscular and tan.

When he was just in his baggy briefs I marched him over to his wife and stood him in front of her. I reached over and just ripped his cotton underwear off so we could see his pitiful little dick. It was a button that poked out only a few inches. It was hardly a dick worth having. "Hell, man, how does that thing entitle you to a fine piece of ass like this lady?" That was the first thing I had said about her, and she just puffed out a breath of smoke and flicked her ash. She stared down as her husbands cock, then at his very red face, then at me. "OK, mister speedster driver, show your pretty girl my cock," I said as I motioned for him to pull down my boxers. My dick was at its maximum dangling size, dripping and just about ready to rise up to full staff. He dropped my drawers, and I heard him almost whimper when he saw what was in front of his wife. She, on the other hand, continued to look indifferent.

He got up and I slapped at his butt and told him to sit back over in the corner and stay out of the way. Then I turned my full attention to his lady.

As I walked up to her again my cock was pointing straight at her, directly between her eyes, foreskin peeled back to uncover my purple glans with continuous drips of cum beading and then stringing down to the floor. It was an awesome sight, if I do say so myself.

I didn't bother to engage her in any talk or even try to get her involved. I figured that if she were so cool and collected then I would just take what they owed me and leave. I took her arm and pulled her to her feet and immediately picked her up at her waist. I turned around to face her husband with her in tow like a piece of luggage under my arm. Her legs were facing him and her head was to my backside. Still she said nothing nor did she protest in any way.

Walking over toward the bed I said, "Here you go, sport," as I reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties off and flung them at him. "That's as close to her pussy as you're gonna get until I'm through with her." I then reached up her legs again and felt for her furry lips as I lectured him, "Don't ever drive like that again, because you never know what nuts are out there." As my hand found her slit and as I massaged all my fingers into her pussy, I continued, "For Christ sake, you might make somebody mad who might do terrible things to you if they could only catch you." By now he and I could hear the juicy sounds of my fingers squishing around inside her pussy. "You never know what might happen if you are a bad driver."

She was as light as can be, and I flipped her upside down and her skirt fell to reveal a well trimmed black triangle atop a clean shaven slit. I held her there and stared at my prize, then brought her cunt up to my lips and began to lap at her pussy like I was a German shepherd.

Hubby's little cock was stiff and was about the size of a size "D" Rayovac battery. He fondled his nub of a dick as he watched me lick his slim wife. I let him have his fun, but I was tempted to make him quit and force him to watch without being able to pleasure himself.

I licked her until she moaned, finally responding to my presence. I felt her start to shudder as she got close to her first orgasm, so I stopped when she was on the verge. I lapped her slit from bottom to top with long sustained licks, stopping just under her clit before broadening my tongue and pressing tightly over her nub. "Oh shit," she moaned, "Oh shit!" I got her to moan and curse over and over and kept her close but just this side of pleasure before setting her down on the bed. I reached down to my pecker and scooped a handful of cum off my dickhead and walked over to Mr. Hotrod and slimed his little cock and balls, greasing them with my juices. I groped him until he too was about to cum but let him alone before he could climax.

"Listen buster," I said to him, "Your wife's plenty wet and ready for the fuck of her life. Sit still in that chair and don't move. Don't even touch your cock. I'll do that when I'm good and ready." Drips of cum were oozing out of my dick as I walked from him to the bed. His wife was now wide eyed and panting, staring intently at my big dripping cock as it swayed out in front me. I'd never been harder and more juiced about a fuck. My anger about their behavior on the road made this seem like a just revenge fuck. They owed it to me, and I was going to cash in at their expense. They could have wasted my life on the road. Now I was going to waste her pussy for my own pleasure. And he was gonna watch.

I looked down at her; her legs were drawn up and pressed together as she got some relief from my treatment of her puss. "What's your name?" She hadn't spoken a word yet except to moan and curse. "My name? My name is Alice, stud, what's yours?"

"Never mind my name, Alice. All you are to me is a pussy with a cute face. When I think 'Alice' I think 'pussy.'"

"Now, what's his name?"

"My husband is Marvin."

"Does Marvin suck cock? Do you wanna see him lick my dick for you? Tell Marvin you want him to suck my dick." She snickered and smiled slightly. "Hey, Marvin, better think fast, I think there's a super dick commin' your way."

"Tell him you want to see it!"

"Suck it, Marvin. Show me you like it."

I walked my cock over to Marvin's chair and waved it in front of his face. "It's all yours, big boy. Be nice to it or I'll slap the shit out of you." Marvin looked entranced as he practically lunged forward to engulf my prickhead. He even surprised me with his eagerness. The poor guy was panting and tiny drips of cum were coming from his dick, too. Marvin licked all around the plum of my cock and pushed the droopy foreskin back and forth.

"Hey, dude," I shouted, "Are you trying to make me cum?"

"Hold on there sport. You can play, but you can't have the spew - that's for the little lady."

"She's gonna feel it when it blows up in her cunt." With that I drew back from Marvin as he tried to lick me dry. I spit in my hand and gave Marvin's dick another twist.

"OK, Alice, now it's your turn." I lay on the bed with my dick sprouting straight up, and I told Alice to get on board whenever she was ready. I angled so I could keep an eye on Marvin, just in case he might try to do something funny. Up to this point I had acted pretty aggressively with them, but I decided to let her decide how to get fucked. "Look, lady, you're gonna get fucked big time no matter what, but you can be on top first." I figured that at least this would let her decide how deep to go at first.

Alice first put her fingers into her quim and got them good and slippery. Then she knelt beside me and studied the instrument of her impalement. She let her fingers slide along its side from bottom to top and back again, sending shivers through my body. The she tongued just the tip of my dick, splitting my pee hole and playing with the little flaps. I let her avoid the fucking for a little while. She kept up a steady, gentle pleasure torture of my dick. Cum was bubbling up in tiny pulses, and Alice used it to lubricate the shaft and rhythmically rub me nearer and nearer the edge. I got to the point that I could stand it and withhold myself.

I just lay there, slightly propped up in bed, enjoying the scene. Here were the people who earlier that day pissed me off so much. The husband being forced to watch his wife play with my prick. It was perfect. I was really enjoying the show, and I was finally relaxed. I had been in a hurry to punish them, but now I was looking forward to a long slow fuck. I had earned it, and they deserved it.

On and on it went, Alice kept teasing my prick and I began to think that she wanted to get me off so maybe she wouldn't have to put it in her cunt. She was tiny, and I was big. It was looking forward to the very tight squeeze of her pussy. But maybe she was worried. I let her keep trying to pump me, but I was in a zone where she could have pumped all night and I would be safe. I was in that rare steady state of stimulation that could last and last.

"It's not gonna work," I finally told her. "You could try and try, but I ain't gonna cum until you've been fucked." She looked at me with resignation. She stopped her fingering and pressed my cock over and down flat on my belly. It lay on my chest half way up to my chin. She looked at me, smiled, then let it fly up and rock from side to side before going back to it's full and upright position.

I reached over and picked up Alice in both hands and brought her pussy back to my lips for a tongue lapping. Once again, I let her get near orgasm but kept her on edge. After a while, Alice struggled back toward my cock. She let it touch her slit. I took her face in my hands and kissed her gently as my cockhead slipped back and forth along her slit. Suddenly I gripped her very tightly and forced my tongue into her, and at the same time I forced my dick into her about an inch.

She struggled to gain control, but it was too late. I took control back from her because I wanted to fuck her now. I twisted around and flipped her on her back with my inch still nested in her pussy entrance.

"Are you sure this is safe?" blurted out Marvin.

Goddamn it, that really made me mad again. Here these two were risking our lives on the road today, and now he was bringing up safety! I felt my pulse race harder. I didn't say a word, I just pressed harder.

In just a second I popped deep into Alice. With a grown from me and a gasp from her and an "ooooo" from Marvin, my cock nested inside her up to her cervix. About half my cock was still breathing fresh air as I rested there with a snug pussy keeping the other half happy.

Alice stared at me, not saying a word. But I could read her mind. She was wondering how much more cock she'd have to take. Already my thickness had stuffed her clit down and pressed it between her cunt wall and my meat. I smiled and started to slide my cock in and our a bit, giving her clit the treatment with every movement.

She was a gonner in less than a minute. Alice started gasping for breath and yelling at me not to stop as I casually rocked my cock back and forth. Her neck and back arched, and I suddenly pulled my dick out of her pussy.

"God, don't stop," Alice pleaded. I stood and picked her up for a standing fuck. She put her legs around me and I lowered her onto my upright flange. I waltzed her around the room, and with each step her clit gave her another buzz.

I danced her over to Marvin and settled her backside in front of his face. "Marvin, put some cum on your finger and work it into your wife's ass." He needed no encouragement, and in two seconds I heard her grown yet again as he inched his index finger inside her.

I swung her back and forth with a giant cock in her pussy and her husband's finger in her butt. Her head lolled around from side to side, and I could tell she was about to rocket. So I stopped.

She wasn't going to get off that easy. I put her back on the bed and just stared her her pussy and over at Marvin. She knew the cat and mouse game I was playing with her. I let her lay there a minute, then I leaned over and lapped her cunt again. I would lick once, then slide my cock inside her for one stroke. The lick twice followed by two cock strokes. Then three and three and do on until I could feel her building up. Then I'd stop. And after letting her down I'd start all over again. I started counting, and after each cocking I would say the number. Marvin started to say the number with me, and so I let him take over the announcing of the dicking his wife was getting. At one hundred she was on cruise control. She was used to the pattern and knew I would stop if she got near an orgasm.

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