tagErotic CouplingsRecollections Ch. 09

Recollections Ch. 09


There are times when you take my breath away. This was one of them.

I had been wondering about what lay in store as I'd showered and dressed. Pop out for a meal. What exactly had that meant? Were you thinking of some quiet little place, maybe romantic, out of the way somewhere? Or were you planning somewhere more central, where we could be seen by anyone you knew.

I wasn't too sure how I felt about that. And I wondered whether you'd thought that through? Being confronted by any of your friends, how would you introduce me? What would you say? What would your demeanour be like? In some ways, I was looking forward to that. It would help me see 'inside' Sammi and add another piece to the jigsaw of what makes you tick.

Nor had you shared any of your fantasies with me, yet. Maybe we could talk about them during our meal.

Perhaps this was one of your fantasies? Taking me to a restaurant that you knew well and having me fuck you in the restrooms, up against a wall, under the table – or, best of all, on the table with plates and glasses hitting the floor around us while people gasped in shock and horror.

I could just hear the owner, tapping me on the shoulder as I drilled down into you. "Excuse me, you're disturbing the other guests. This particular table is for eating only. If you want to fuck, we have the beer garden out the back!"

But all those thoughts momentarily disappeared when I saw you sitting there in a wonderfully short light blue dress. Arms spread out and resting on the sides of the wicker chair, perfect tanned legs crossed and showing a large expanse of thigh, sexy white shoes, those Sammi-eyes sparkling at me.

The reaction between my legs told me I'd fully recovered from our earlier exertions.

"Hi," I answered. "I just love the frock!!! It's so classy, but as sexy as hell, too. A perfect combination."

Your smile widened. "That's me – classy and sexy!"

"Wait," I quickly said, as you began to stand. "You look so stunning there. One kiss, before you get up."

You grinned and raised your head as I bent forward, offering your glossy lips to mine.

But that wasn't quite what I had in mind. I slid to my knees in front of you and took hold of one leg, uncrossing it as I pulled it to one side of my body. My other hand took your right leg and pushed that to the other side of me. You were spread now, long tanned legs spreadeagled, white panties – or was that a thong? – clearly on show.

My hands went under your knees, pulling your bottom forward so that your head dropped back as your body slid forward. For a second, I felt like running my tongue along your cloth-covered pussy. It was so close to my face after all. All I had to do was bend my head forward.

Instead, I pushed my crotch against yours, letting you feel the hardness that was forming there. My hands slid upwards, checking that you weren't wearing a bra under the dress. With the softest of featherlight touches, my fingertips traced little circles around your nipples. I pushed my hips closer, so that I could ever so gently rotate my hardness against your pussy.

I did think of dragging those thin straps downwards to expose your tits, devour them with my mouth, but held back. Don't spoil the moment.

Instead, I closed in for the kiss, moving my head back an inch each time you tried to respond, letting you know that I was controlling this.

When our mouths touched, I licked across your lips, down to the edges and back again, before slipping my tongue inside your mouth, flicking it against your teeth, your gums, your tongue. Hips rotating, fingertips caressing, tongue brushing yours – all as lightly as I possibly could – I felt our breaths intermingle, enjoying that special, sexy moment.

I pulled away as quickly as I'd sank to my knees, taking your hand and helping you to your feet. I hoped you felt as I did. Aroused in a sensual rather than outright raw, needy way.

Though... God!... was I hard!!!

"Want a glass of vino before we go?" I joked.


The bar of Fleece was, as usual, crowded, was it never? What was nice about it, from the point of view of me being with you, was that it drew people of all ages, it wasn't a 'kids' pub which I hate.

"You get the drinks, Alan," I said rather more authoritatively than I intended, "I'll sort a table."

"What would you like?"

"I'll pass on vino, but a large glass of Chablis would be great," I smiled over my shoulder as I walked through to the back room to find the owner, Ralph. "Wait there," I mouthed to you.

I looked around and was relieved, I guess, not to see anyone I knew.

It looked to be a smart crowd, mainly. Lots of jeans and tees of course, ridiculously short micro skirts, glitzy tops with thin little straps and sequins, blouses undone a button or two too many and tight clothes everywhere; and as for the girls??

"Any chance of a table for two, please Ralph?" I asked standing just a little too close to the forty something owner who I had always quite fancied, but had never yet fucked.

"For you Sammi," he replied staring unashamedly at my tits "Anything. Want it now or later?"

Smiling at the double entendre, I replied. "Oh you know me Ralphie I'm an anytime girl."

"I wish," he quipped back. "Say twenty minutes and you can have the one in the window."

That was the best table, for in addition to the window it was by itself.

"Great luv, thanks," I beamed at him, "I owe you one."

I returned to the bar and found you. "The table'll be twenty minutes," I told you leaning against the bar.

"Great. Here sit on the stool," you said pushing a bar stool towards me.

I smiled. "You are joking aren't you? Sit on a stool in this?" I said looking down at my, barely, crotch covering dress.

"You said you wanted to be a sexual adventurer," you smiled.

"Yes but not where I am known, those adventures need to be my, well our secret."

"Ok I see, but it's not the most challenging adventure in the world to flash those pins to all and sundry is it?"

"Ok" I said smiling and feeling a little excited as I climbed up onto the high stool, my social conditioning taking over as I made sure I didn't flash too much when I crossed my legs.

"Yes very ok," you said moving closer and partially shielding me from most onlookers as, staring right up my skirt, you ran your fingertips slowly from my knee to the hem of the blue dress. Looking into my eyes, you slid your fingertip under the hem for a centimetre or so. I held your gaze. We just stared at each other as you moved your fingertip in tiny circles on my thigh. Your gaze seemed to be asking questions and my mind was answering. Your eyes were saying 'want me to go further?' My mind was saying 'yes I do.' But we both knew that was not possible, well not here, not in The Fleece, not where I knew so many people. But by Christ was my body screaming out for you to shove your hand right up my skirt as I spreaded my legs on that stool so that you could get your fingers into my cunt as everybody looked on. What a fucking buzz that was.

"Your table's ready Sam," I heard Ralph saying as if from afar. It wasn't from afar, though, for he was standing just behind me and was looking intently at your hand on my leg. I beamed a big smile at him and leaned forward as I stood up, the front of the dress gaping a bit.

"Thanks Ralph, by the way this is my uncle Alan. Alan this is the owner of the pub, my good friend Ralph."

A little like two adversaries sizing each other up, you shook hands saying how pleased you were to meet each. Fucking liars, I thought, secretly feeling pleased at the obvious antagonism between you.

"So, I take it you have fucked him." You said very matter of factly after Ralph had taken our orders.

"No I haven't, why did you think I had?"

"The way you get on and how he looks at you."

"We have got near, but never gone very far."

"Would you like to?"

"What fuck him?"


"Not really in the normal course of events, too messy, his wife is close friends with my mum, and he has got a loose mouth."

"What do you mean normal course of events?"

"Life generally."

"Is there an alternative?"

I smiled, again leaning forward so I knew you would see most of my boobs and possibly my, hardened nipples too. "Yes for sexual adventurers there is Alan."

"How do you mean?"

"How about him fucking me as you watch?" I asked my heart starting to pound at the the thought.


I wondered whether 'Uncle' was worse than 'Grandad', and decided that I didn't give a fuck. Suddenly, I'd been rocked out of my warm feeling and a sense of irritation splashed across my insides.

Why? I wasn't sure.

Perhaps it was because I'd been introduced as your Uncle? With my hand halfway up your thigh, it was quite clear I was anything but. So why lie? Wouldn't 'this is a good friend of mine' have done instead? Coyness wasn't one of your attributes, so why use the Uncle line?

Okay, it wasn't that important. Unreasonable, maybe. But combined with two other things, it built into something more than it was.

Two other things?

First, I didn't like Ralph. Why? Partly because I don't like cheating. Okay, an old fashioned notion, I know. But there you go. But it wasn't just that, of course. It was because he fancied you and that you fancied him. That was so obvious and easy to see from the way the two of you interacted; actually flirted might be a more apt term. The smiles, the words, the tone, the intonation...

Hell, I suddenly realised I was jealous. Now that was unexpected.

But even those two things were as nothing compared to the third point. When you'd talked about our sexual adventures, I'd assumed that meant exactly that. Sex involving the two of us. I guess a liberal interpretation was that by watching, it did involve me. But that was kinda stretching the imagination.

The man himself made his way back to our table. "Ready to order?" he asked.

Given that he'd only handed us menu's a couple of minutes ago, I thought that was quite a piss take. "No," I spat out, my eyes saying, fuck off.

"Not quite yet, Ralph," you interjected, giving what appeared to me to be a sugar-sweet come on smile.

My irritability edged up another notch.

"What's wrong?" you asked, flashing me a different sort of smile. Smug, I thought. Your foot ran up my shin.

"Nothing," I lied, deciding to come right to the point. "So, our sexual adventures includes others?"

"Of course."

"Hmmm. So tell me, being adventurers together, what do I get out of watching you and the man with the big gob fucking each other's brains out?"

You raised your eyebrows and took a drink from the glass of wine I'd bought. "Don't you think it would be exciting to watch another man fuck me?"

"No," I sullenly replied. "Not at all."

"Shame," you said, that twinkle in your eyes getting even bigger as you played me like a puppeteer. "I think it's really hot, well actually I think it would be cool. I'd get off big time on it."

I sighed, trying to maintain my mature composure. "Even though he'd tell everyone of his success?"

"Well..." you hesitated, "maybe he'd watch while you fucked me afterwards?"

"No," I instantly replied, unsure whether you were joking but not willing to play that game. "Not fucking likely."

This time you laughed and your foot pushed further up my leg. "Struck a nerve?"

"Only that this is a development I hadn't considered," I replied, draining my wine in one go.

"I see," you said, sitting back and crossing your arms. "So at my very first suggestion, my fellow sexual adventurer is saying no?"

I stared into those bedroom eyes. I really had no idea whether this was a wind up, or something you really wanted to do. Knowing you, it could be either.

"Au contraire," I said, leaning forward and aggressively planting my elbows on the table. "As sexual adventurers, anything goes. If this is what you really want, then I'll reluctantly go along with it. But what's that saying? What's good for the goose..."

"Ah," you smiled. "So you like the concept, it's just me and Ralph you have a problem with? Okay, so if you watch him fuck me, I have to watch you fucking someone. Is that the deal?"

"No," I firmly said, still unsure whether you were pulling my plonker. "Not quite. If I watch him fuck you, then I want to watch you being fucked by a woman!"


'Au contraire,' I thought. 'Fuck me where does he get his language from?'

I looked around. Partly to see if anyone could see under our table, they couldn't, but also to see if Ralph was looking, he was. That excited me. It was an odd situation to be sitting with you, talking about being fucked, running my foot up your leg and leaning forward to flash you my tits, as Ralph, a man I had come near to having a fling with many times, looked on: a bit like I had, half jokingly suggested in reverse, with you watching as he fucked me.

"Is that, along with us shagging in dangerous places, the main things you would like to do, uncle?" I said looking up at Ralph and emphasising the uncle, hoping he hadn't heard the earlier part."

"Are you ready now Sam?" He asked.

I smiled up at him. "Yes I think we are, aren't we, uncle?"

The look on your face almost made me laugh out loud; it was such a 'fuck it' look.

"Yes, what do you want or, should we ask the waiter what he suggests?"

"Ralph owns the place Alan, he's not a waiter.


We ordered and ate our meal almost, but not quite, in silence. 'Had I gone too far? Had I pushed things further than you would take? Had I, as I had often in the past ruined things before they had really got going? Why don't I learn, why am I always the smartarse, the flash one with words, why do I get so in people's faces? Fuck knows, but that's part of being an Essex girl and an adchick, and that was me and that was what I had to offer, well apart from a pert pair of tits, blonde hair, a tight pussy and a very open pair of legs to the right person.

I slid my hand across the table as I slid my foot up your shin. I put my fingers on the back of your hand. "Sorry, Alan," I said looking right into your eyes.

I think that surprised you. You looked sort of relieved and pleased.

"That's ok," you replied taking hold of my hand, which I didn't like. Stroking is fine, rubbing is ok, but holding hands, fuck off that's what boy and girl friends do, and certainly we were not that, we were sexual adventurers weren't we? I pulled my hand away.

"Shall we go? You had enough?"

"Yes I think so."

"This wasn't a good idea was it, bringing you here?"

"No it's ok?"

"Come on, be truthful, you hate Ralph don't you?"

"Hate's a bit strong."

"What is it then?"

"He's unfaithful to his wife, you say he's got a loose mouth and.."

"And what?"

"Well you fancy each other, don't you and I don't like that."

"Are you jealous?" I asked.

"Sort of yes and, before you say it, I know it's daft."

I liked your honesty, it made me feel closer to you. I felt all warm and cuddly and wanted to share that with you. I don't know why I did it. It was so unlike me, but I found myself standing up and putting my hands on your shoulders I leaned across the table. I was vaguely aware that as I did, so the front of my dress gaped and the hem rode up my thighs. It didn't seem to matter. It was almost as though it was a film, as if it was happening to someone else. I forgot all normal conventions and momentarily I toyed with the idea of pulling the front of my dress down and shoving my bare tits right into your face. That seemed such a great idea, but of course, my 'better' self prevailed.

As my sex addled mind was contemplating pulling my front down, I was also thinking just what it would be like if I pulled the hem of my dress up and flashed my, nearly, bare arse at the diners? If perhaps I laid flat out on the table, my legs drawn up and parted and said, 'Fuck me Alan. Fuck me in front of everyone.'

Of course I didn't, It was unthinkable to do that, but wonderful to think about. Instead, knowing that my tits and my bum were on show, I kissed you.

"It's not daft, Alan, it's nice," I whispered.

"Really Sam?"

"Yes really," I went on wondering if Ralph was watching, but aware that if he wasn't plenty others were looking at the tiny white thong snaking between the rounded orbs of my bum.

I whispered. "Perhaps it's time you took me somewhere and shagged me

I was impressed at how cool you were. How well you took my exhibition in your stride and how you handled having a bird in a skimpy dress draped all over you. I knew it could not have been easy and many blokes, particularly those of my age would have been totally pissed. Experience on your part, I suppose.

As I sat down again you looked at me and smiling said, just as Ralph walked over with the bill, which I had asked for by that daft sign of pretending to sign my hand.

"Yes perhaps it is time for that Sammi?"

Ralph heard that and looked from you to me holding the bill in his hand. I knew that he would be burning up to know what it was time for? My chair had slid back from the table when I had stood up so now, sitting again my legs were not under it, but were fully on view. The already rather ridiculously short dress had ridden up even more so that when he looked down he saw my legs almost up to my pussy and maybe even got a glimpse of my white thong. As that view was hidden from you by the table, you would not have known just how much he could see, but would probably have guessed it was quite a lot. And it was.

As Ralph took it all in he proffered the bill to you, but I intervened.

"No my treat Ralph, he's my uncle, not sugar daddy."

I gave him my Amex as you looked on. You'd lost the cool and collected manner that had been so impressive when I kissed you. That had been replaced by an awkwardness that I had caused, the bitch that I can be, but then that's rich bitch Essex adchicks for you. There was also a fireyness to you, you were annoyed, probably pissed off and wanted nothing more than to punch Ralph in the face and tell him that you were not my uncle but my fuckmate. But of course you were too well mannered and too much the gentleman for that, so you fumed in silence, as Ralph handed me the bill.

"Thanks Ralph that was great as usual," I said smiling up at him as he ran his eyes from the cleavage I was showing from the low cut top to the expanse of bare legs on the chair.

"And as always Sammi, you are most welcome," he said turning to you and adding "It was nice to meet you Alan, you have a lovely niece." At that I thought you were going to explode, but instead you simply stood up and replied.

"Yes Ralph I am perfectly aware of that."

It was strange to be sitting with two men standing around me as I worked out fifteen percent to add to the bill. Neither of you spoke as I did that and then finishing I looked up. What made me do it I don't know, but it seemed to fit in with what had been going down in The Fleece ever since I had made what was probably the mistake of bringing you there.

"Lucky me then," I purred glancing from one to the other.

"Yes, you are," Ralph replied as you walked behind him to go round the table. His eyes met mine and while I thought I was hidden from you by Ralph, I slowly and slightly parted my legs.

"Well so are both are we, aren't we Alan," he smiled looking at the gap between them. "See more of you soon then Sammi," he said as you pulled my chair out and I stood up smoothing the skirt down the few inches it stretched beneath my pantyline.

"What the fuck was all that about?" You said as we walked out onto the street.


"Come on don't play the fucking innocent with me," you, almost snarled."

"What didn't you like, apart from Ralph of course?" I asked.

"The whole exhibition, particularly flashing yourself at him."

Smiling I said as I put my arm through yours and snuggled my body against your side, your arm pressing against my right boob "But then I flash at everyone Alan, so what's the difference?"

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