Recruited Ch. 01


All characters are fictional, except me, everyone in the story is over 21. My stories will involve, male/male sex, cross-dressing, and bad language, so if this offends you please don't bother reading.

I stare at myself in the bathroom mirror, carefully applying finishing touches to my pink lipstick, I'm ready.

I walk downstairs to fix myself a drink, exulting in the fact that I was gallivanting around the house in nothing but pink lace panties, and a nighty.

My wig all done up, light foundation of make up, and light blue contacts. I head over to the computer room to do my Sunday lunch time webcam show.

I was getting pretty into it, 32 viewers later, I was fingering myself and close to cumming when my mom walks in!

"Oh my god, what are you doing!" She's practically screaming her lungs off.

I thought, "Oh shit, how am I gonna talk myself out of this one?" But a part of me was thinking, finally, someone knows.

Ah it didn't matter.

Everything else was a dull blur, the volume went all the way down, and I could only hear my heartbeat.

We talked after I got changed, sat down and discussed how we were going to fix my problem. Talk of whys', psychiatrists, and more manly activities.

Two days later, my mom had me going to a shrink about my condition.

A middle aged old man, he looked like a Middle Eastern version of that pervert from that show Prison Break.

Dr. Gonzaga talked about how I'm a perfectly normal male and that most males in their early years have done worse than I have, and that it was just a passing phase.

I gave him about half my attention, the other spent on texting and yawning.

I was much pretty out of it laying there in his office couch, him scribbling away, he says "Next week, I want you to bring the clothes you wore when your mom caught you, I want us to replay your feelings."

"Umm, sure doc." Careful of what you ask for, I thought.

Next week, I sign in with his secretary, walk in his office.

"Oh? You didn't do what I asked?" He asked.

"I'll be just a moment."

I walk in his office bathroom, take off my jacket, sweatpants, revealing previously mentioned outfit up above.

I take my blonde wig out of my bag; tie it off in a ponytail. Apply a quick make up job, pink lipstick, gloss, voila!

I walk out in my skimpy nighty and ask him "Hey doc, what do you think?"

Dr. Gonzaga's jaw literally drops to the floor "Wow, you look... that actually suits you."

"I know right, my mom just can't see that, after giving me all her assets like this, it's just not fair!"

I walk over to him and sit on his lap, and in the cutest voice possible. "Dr. Gonzaga, could we make therapy a bit more fun?"

I'm literally grinding on his left leg at this point like a bitch in heat. Dr. G starts groping my ass, slapping them playfully.

We kiss, he bites, and I bite back. I start nibbling on his earlobe, I want to please him.

After a bit of foreplay, I get down on my knees to service him. Revealing my new uncircumcised 6 inch best friend, it was already growing hard and out of its turtle neck.

I nibble on the head, spitting and lubricating it, not quite sucking all of it yet. I service his tightening balls, so musty; I loved his Middle Eastern smell. I stroke him while I suck on his tasty balls, he's coming soon.

Doc starts furiously stroking his dick in front of my face, his other hand holding the back of my head in place for his coming terrorist attack.

I massage his thighs as I open my mouth slightly and stick my tongue out a bit and start panting like the bitch I am. I don't touch myself, I like being turned on even after my man ejaculates, and plus the more turned on I am the more feminine I am.

He groans and sighs heavily, I receive my just rewards on my face, a big glob of it on my chest. Scooping up his weapons of mass terror, I savor them hungrily.

Dr. G wasn't done yet, he was still hard. He kisses me lustily, no love at all. He stands me up and bends me over his desk. I notice a bonsai tree withering, maybe it needs some protein.

He man handles me roughly, pulling down my panties, hiking up my nighty. I'm hard and leaking pre cum freely, I'm so moist. He sticks it hurriedly in my hungry fat ladyboy ass, balls deep.

He lets out a sigh, I shiver.

I get comfy, scooting back on my shrink, ooh he wasn't as thick as the other men I've fucked but he sure was turning me on with the whole situation.

He fucks me slowly, I know he's going to come too fast, if start squeezing. I want the milk so badly, I start meeting his thrusts with a feminine grunt. He puts his fingers in my mouth to shut me up.

He grunts and lets out a jet of milk deep inside.

He pulls out of me, his dick coming out of me with a flop. I clench my ass; I want to keep his milk inside me until it evaporates in there.

"Mr. Santos, I expect to see you again next week."

I turn around, and smile. I give him a peck on the cheek "Sure thing Dr. G!"

I change in the bathroom again and leave for home, feeling fulfilled, I'll be sure to savor and relive this as I masturbate tonight.

A couple of weeks later.

[Knock, knock] My mom walks in my room. She sits on my bed next to me.

"Hey kiddo, listen, I've been getting updated weekly with your sessions and I'm so proud of you!"

"I knew you had it in you! Dr. Gonzaga came highly recommended and every week you get great remarks!"

Pfft, the guy should be paying me with money, not remarks.

"Sure, thanks Mom, for believing in me, with great power comes great responsibility I think." I state, my brain thinking back to all the things I did to deserve those remarks, my mom keeps rambling on about something again.

Volume goes down. I think back to the previous weeks, Dr. G has been having his way with me. Even gave me some money to buy new outfits for him. He loved having me dress up in different costumes.

A school girl, army girl, naughty nurse, pink cotton candy fairy and the occasional skimpy club dress.

He loved calling me names like fag, ladyboy, or cum dump bitch. I guess it asserted his masculinity over me, yeah right.

Also during the last couple of weeks, he'd have me come early in the morning so that I could basically live under his desk and suck him off while he lectures his other patients.

During his lunch times he'd bend me over his desk and roughly fuck me, sometimes he'd be eating a sandwich while he does this, savoring every minute of his precious lunch inside me.

Moms' ramblings made it hard for me to pay attention to her, it ended with a hug and her saying "I'm really glad I sent you there, I just knew it was just a phase."

She walks out. "Maybe, I'll go visit them tomorrow during their session and tell Dr. Gonzaga that he doesn't need to come there anymore, I believe he's made drastic changes. I should bring some sandwiches!" she thought.

The next day, I arrived early of course, Dr. G has me dressed up in a school girl outfit, my hair all in a pony, my face all made up. The plaid skirt barely covered my ass. I strut over to my usual position, bent over.

"Oh, you've outdone yourself again Rox, my favorite part of the week is when you come out of that bathroom, transformed into a bitch just for me."

He starts eating my pink asshole up. Savoring it, he puts some whip cream and eats me up. He does this sometimes during our sessions, it teased me and he loved eating food out of my ass/ on my ass.

He tells me to stay put; he walks around his desk and holds my head. He starts gagging me while lubricating his extremely hard dick. He does this for awhile; making sure his dick is wet with my saliva.

He goes back behind me; my boy pussy is twitching at this point. He spits a big glob of spit on the top of my crevice. The glob of his spit starts dripping down to my twitchy hole. He pushes inside me.

Fucks me slowly, it must've have been 10 minutes of our love making, when I heard the door handle click.

Must have been quite a sight actually, my shrink fucking me, bent over his desk. Dr. G didn't even notice my mom looking at him with a horrified look on her face; I don't think he'd care even if he did.

She drops something she's carrying and couldn't utter any sound, finally I shut this plastic bitch up, twenty one years of your nagging is really fucking with my libido. I smile and enjoy the ride.

"Oh fuck Dr. G, give me all your milk!" I squeal.

He grabs both my arms and holds it behind me, he starts pounding, and he's close.

"Oh yeah, baby, you're so tight, you're my bitch. You're my bitch!"

"Ugh!" He releases inside me. He's still hard, he keeps fucking me after he's done, emptying his cock in my tight hole.

"Oh my god, what the fuck do you think you're doing to my son!" My mom screams!

Dr. Gonzaga finally looks up from my sweat soaked body, realizing he'd been caught.

"Ms. Santos! What are you doing here!?"

He still hasn't pulled out of me yet, his brain must've still been on that sexual high. I can feel him realizing the outcome as his dick slowly withers to his every thought.

Fast forwarding to my house, don't worry you didn't miss anything other than a bunch of screaming, and half-assed excuses from a soon to be retired therapist.

Coming home, my mom walks into the kitchen, grabs a Smirnoff and drinks it like we just came from the dessert.

I'm in my normal clothes now; I still had make up and lipstick on though. We rushed out of there kind of quickly; I didn't get to change all the way. I was clutching my bag which had "Roxcii" in it.

I sit down at our dining room table. She sits down.

"What do you want me to do, what do I have to do make you change?" She pleaded.

"Mom, this is who I am, I'm a bitch, a slut, I have the gift of foresight and your incredibly big butt." I sigh "This is kind of your fault for giving these fuck fest genes of yours."

It was actually, I'm 21, 5'8" I barely have any muscle, and my ass is huge.

"How about going to the gym?" She wondered.

"I tried, the guys in the locker room just looked at me like they wanted to rape me, right there and then."

"Do you even want to change?" She asked half heartedly.

I said "If there's a way for me to be normal, I'd take it."

Mom sighs, she always sighs, after the sighing part comes her planning part though.

"Go to your room, and for god's sakes clean your face up!"

I sigh, going up to my room; I am so not going back down until Armageddon.

The next day, afternoon I wake up to the sound of my mom's voice calling me down. Groggily I comply, how could she possibly make things any worse.

Down stairs was a man dressed in a brown military outfit, old, probably around mid 50's. I could only guess where this was headed.

"This is Col. Payne; we were just talking about your recent interest in joining the National Guard over in Reno." Mom said, with a plastic smile of course.

"Uh, near Reno ma'am, the base is outside the borders of the city, as to prevent unnecessary temptations." Col. Payne states.

"I understand that you are very much interested in enrolling your son here in the strict 6-week training program, your step-father and me are good friends, I personally came down here to recruit you son." He said, looking at me intently.

"His father isn't always around. Always away on business you see, and we'd like him to have more of a masculine role model John." My mother was lying; her husband was going around the country fucking random women for all we know.

"But is this what you want young man?" He was looking me up and down now, I haven't showered actually, and I must look like a mess. I was wearing only short shorts and a big gray sweater, loosely fitting over my tight body.

Col. John was a handsome older gentleman, looking at his physique really turned me on. I haven't released since Dr. Gonzaga fucked me! Gosh, my mind really starts wandering during such important times.

"Yes sir, I'm willing to do anything for you." I said coyly.

Apparently, Col. John was quite taken aback by my feminine voice, he flushed. "Well, I'd like you to come down to our recruitment office over in Henderson, to process everything, and take care of your ASVAB too."

"I'm sure you'll fit right in Ms. Santos." My mom was talking on the phone at this point to the family calling about me. I'm not sure if I heard the Col. right. Did he just call me Ms.?

My Mom goes to the kitchen to prepare us some drinks.

"I heard a lot about your little sex capades with your psychiatrist from your mom you little faggot." Col. John did a whole 360 degree turn in personality once Mom left.

"Col. Payne?" I ask.

He leans forward in the sofa, so that he's only a whisper away from me.

"I want you to bring all your dress up shit to the office tomorrow, you may have just solved our problems, I'm glad I personally came here to check the merchandise."

He puts his big rough hand on my smooth thigh caressing me.

"I'm sure a little bitch like you will just have a great time in boot camp. We're running a special offer for girls these days."

"But aren't girls not allowed for the boys camp?" I ask, enjoying his caress.

"Exactly. Now behave and act like you have something in between those thick legs of yours, your mommy dearest is coming back."

"So how's everything, you two getting along, I'm sure my son here said yes to everything Col?" My mom says, walking in with a tray of ice tea.

"Everything's fine Mom, I'll head over to the recruitment agency tomorrow to take my ASVAB test, and Mr. Payne will take care of the rest." I say, detesting that she had to exist.

"That's Col. Payne, boy." Dominant is the term for his tone ladies and gentlemen.

"I think I'll head back to my room now guys."

"Well, nice meeting you young man, I hope to see you tomorrow."

I exchange good byes, shake hands, and thank him for coming.

"I should be heading back to the office as well, thank you for the ice tea ma'am."

"Oh but you barely touched it!" My mom looking plastically torn, I knew the bitch was happy I was going back to my room; I know she's happy the Col. is leaving as well.

I shake his hands one more time, his touch lingers on me. I head upstairs.

I glance back at the main door, as I head up stairs, I saw him stare at my ass as I go back up to my room. I saw him smile too.

Shutting my door, I thought, I try to get out but they keep pulling me back in!

The next day, I drive over to the recruitment office. I knock on it, two recruiters were chilling talking and laughing, I guess its lunch break.

McDonalds was on the menu.

"Hey man, can we help you?" The Hispanic of the two asks.

"Yeah, I'm looking for Col. Payne? He said I had to come by today to fix up my papers."

"Oh, the Col. is in the back office, just make a left at the bathroom."

I pass by more desks, a couple more doors, how many recruiters did a recruitment agency need?

I head to the last door.

[Knock, knock]

"Ah Ms. Santos, I'm glad you finally made it."

"Shouldn't you stop calling me Ms.?"

He walks over to the chair offering me to sit.

"Why? A faggot boy like you only deserves such a title." He asked innocently wide eyed.

"Did you bring what I asked of you?"

"Yes, but only a bit, I have a lot of clothes."

"Ah, don't worry; I'm going to grab some coffee okay? When I come back, I expect to see your female persona in lingerie okay Ms.?"

"I'll evaluate you when I come back." There's that tone again.

I didn't mind guys wanting to fuck me, but I hated being kept out of the loop.

I change, I put on a pink thong with rhinestones it has two whale straps, my favorite. A b-cup padded pink bra, then applied my make up.

I barely put any foundation, just fixed up my lashes a bit, and put on some lipstick. I didn't want to put on too much; I probably have to walk out of here in male form.

Putting on my blonde wig, my long one, I tie it off to the side, so I don't have to worry about it.

I fix my thong, tucking in my sack and cock neatly. I was just putting the finishing touches when Col. Payne walked in.

"Oh you look amazing, what do you call yourself baby?" He asks strolling back to his side of the desk.

"Roxcii, sir." I bat a couple of lashes his way.

Unfazed, the Col. sips his coffee, leans back against his chair and asks me to sit.

"You see, Roxcii. We've been having a tough time with new recruits lately."

"I'm saying, from lack of motivation to blatant disregard to the rules! You name it; kids these days are so easily distraught! You see, that's when I came up with the idea of relieving their tension."

He eyes me up and down, I see his crooked smile twitch.

"Come here and suck me off first baby, you look cold. I want to see what you can do anyway."

I comply, heading over to him, I get on my knees. Revealing his 9" cut monster, gosh he was so big, I got wet instantly.

My ass, my mouth was drooling before I even touched it.

"Anyway, I came up with this plan see, where we put girls like you in there to relieve their sexual tension." He sighs, guiding my head up and down his shaft.

I muffled a response but he just kept explaining.

"Oh that's a good mouth you got, too bad you can't get all of it in. Anyway, we wouldn't be breaking any rules if the girl was really a guy so everything works out for everybody!"

He grunts, I cough and start licking his balls, sniffing, smelling, adoring, and loving his wonderful dick.

I was so turned on by his size, that I started fingering my moist butt, causing pre cum to stain my pink thong.

"Now, my plan worked SO well, that we already have 5 other "girls" like you inside! Commanders from other camps started sending in their bad eggs to us as well, that's how well our program works."

"Each girl has her own barracks, each barracks has about 30-50 bunks, so you can only guess how much good you'd be serving our country baby."

He reaches over and slaps my ass, gagging me in the process. I slobber all over his dick, sad that it came out of my mouth.

"No hands baby, we'll have you on hormones as well, you'll have your own uniform, all courtesy of your government."

He stands me up, pulls my panties down. I wiggle my hips coyly at his touch. He gropes my balls and cock, spitting at it. He sticks his middle finger inside my butt all the way in, his other hand stroking his hard dick.

"Sit down baby, there's more."

I bite my lower lip. Habits die hard.

I sit down on his hard prick, wondering if I can take it all. I hope sitting down positions help, when encountering a new foe.

I take it about half way. He pulls my bra up over my small tits. He sucks and bites my small pink nipples as I ride him.

Feeling like such a girl, with his teasing and fucking. I start slobbering like a wet dog in heat; he catches my saliva kissing me wildly.

"You'd be servicing other people, visiting generals, commanders, and me of course. I rarely like to sleep alone. Oh yeah, squeeze on my dick faggot."

I was losing my mind! I hug him frantically, kissing his earlobes, and licking his neck.

He grabs some documents from his desk.

"And all you have to do baby girl is to just...ugh... sign... here."

"You'll sign won't you baby? You'll be our personal fuck doll?"

I was biting my lip now, moaning my consent.

"You'll sign won't you baby!" "Oh fuck here it comes!"

He grabs my ass roughly, spreading my ass cheeks apart to receive his incoming trajectory.

"I'll sign daddy..." I whisper, collapsing on him. "I'll fuck whoever you want, just fuck me again."

"I know baby, I know, and that's Col. or sir." He grins, grabbing my ass again.

His is dick getting harder inside me again.

I'm still hugging him, my toes curled from my orgasm, my new man starts fucking me again.

Slowly but surely, I gasp, bite my lips. My eyes roll back, drool drops. Small gasping moans, with deep manly grunts could be heard from the back office of Col. John Payne.

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