Sandra let out a yelp of surprise when he grabbed her legs, which still dangled over the edge of the bed, and spun her around. He climbed onto the bed, and she scooted up toward the pillow, her heart pounding and her pussy aching.

Strong hands moved behind her knees, pushing them up and out, parting her legs wide. He didn't waste a second before moving between her thighs, parting the curls around her sex with his fingers, and diving in with a hungry growl.

Her head popped up from the pillow and she let out a long, quavering, high-pitched moan as his tongue delved into her. He wasn't teasing in any way, shape, or form. He was devouring her. Tim's tongue probed deep inside of her, lapped over her, and teased her swollen clit. He sucked her folds and her bud, wiggling his head as he did so. Sandra grabbed her breasts and teased the stiff points, panting for breath.

"Good?" He mumbled between laps, looking up to seek her eyes.

"Mmm hmm," she moaned in reply.

"Tell me."

After several whimpers she complied. "It feels so good. Don't stop."

Too long denied, and incredibly excited by the sight of the young man between her legs, Sandra ascended her mountain of pleasure with astounding speed. She writhed on the bed as best she could with his arms curled around her legs, holding her sex centered under his mouth. Her head lashed on the pillow and she let out a constant stream of yelps, moans, and whimpers.

"You want to come?"

"Please make me come!"

"Tell me when you're there." He pulled back the protective hood of her clit for a moment and gave the sensitive bud several fast flicks of his tongue. "I want to hear it."

"S-so close. Oh god, please!"

The tightness behind her mound steadily increased along with the tingling of every inch of her pussy. She perched on the cusp of climax; barely conscious of anything except the inevitable — yet elusive — release she needed so badly. Then, she was there.

"I'm going to..." She managed only the beginning sound of come before the word turned into a wail of ecstasy.

Climax fueled strength let her clamp her thighs together around his head as her womb contracted and fluttered. Her fingers fisted into the sheets, twisting them. Her toes curled, and her back arched. Tim didn't relent, but instead kept lapping, driving her to new heights of beautiful agony with every flick of his tongue.

Sandra never wanted it to end, but could barely endure the intensity of her pleasure. She screamed to the ceiling above, her heart pounding in her ears. After the initial shock of ecstasy, her orgasm rolled on in wave after wonderful wave.

Eventually, the sweet sensations waned, and she went limp. Her legs fell heavily to the bed, and she heard Tim growl. With no small amount of effort, she forced her eyes open to see him lapping her juices from his lips. The creamy wetness coated his face from his chin to the tip of his nose.

"Damn, you come hard. That's so fucking hot."

Sandra couldn't control her breathing or her tongue well enough to do more than nod in agreement.

He sat up over his knees, and the sight of his cock bouncing set off an aftershock that made her tremble. When he knee-walked closer, her eyes widened and she whimpered, "Oh!"

Once again, he pushed her knees up and out. Sandra gasped for breath in almost fearful anticipation as the fingers of one hand curled around her thigh and he used the other to guide his cock.

As soon as the mushroom tip touched her folds, he pushed inside her. She screamed as his cock stretched her, easily slipping into her saturated canal until his balls settled against her ass.

"Fuck yeah, that pussy's tight, Ms. Reynolds."

"Oh. S-so full," Sandra squeaked.

"You like it?"

"Oh yes!"

"Like what? Tell me," he prompted while twitching his muscles to make his erection throb inside her.

"I love your big cock! Fuck me!"

His voice carried a growling chuckle as he responded, "Yeah," and pulled back to thrust again.

"Ah! Oh god! Ah! Oh!" Sandra gasped and cried out with each thrust and retreat of his manhood. Her first orgasm had never completely waned, so every stroke of his cock sent shocks shooting up her spine. She fought for control, tightening her intimate muscles around him.

"Hell yeah. Squeeze that pussy. Yeah, you know how to fuck."

As when he'd tongued her only a few minutes before, he took her hard and fast from the very first stroke. Claps of their bodies colliding combined with slight flatulent sounds of his thick cock slamming into her saturated pussy. He grunted and growled with effort, the sight of his muscles working exciting her all the more.

It came upon her without any warning. Her senses had simply overloaded, and she didn't know that she was moving toward a peak until orgasm claimed her. She screamed until she ran out of breath, ending in a squeak, and still his cock continued to pound into her depths.

Later, she would understand that she was experiencing her first multiple orgasm, but for now, she knew only near painful, perfect ecstasy. She came over and over, lurching on the bed and crying out, her breasts bouncing erratically from the power of his thrusts. Her vision dimmed. Sound dulled until she could hear little more than her rapid heartbeat.

The shock of him pulling free caused her to sit up and pop her eyes open. He pressed his cock down over her rounded tummy and worked his hips once before letting out a loud grunt.

His cock pulsed, and a spurt of hot cum spattered hard on her right breast. She fell back to the bed when another shockwave of bliss rolled through her, but she could feel his hot cream continuing to decorate her body. Sticky strands coated her chest, her stomach, and pooled in her naval. She came again, the stimulation of his balls tickling her clit enough to send her over the edge.

By the time she could think again, Tim had collapsed next to her on the bed. His softening cock was slick with her juices, and a final dribble of cum meandered through the valley between his rock-hard abs. She glanced down at her own cum-splattered body, amazed by how much there was.

"Fuck that was good," he muttered. "You made me come hard."

Sandra could offer only a quiet moan in response. For long minutes, they simply lay next to each other, recovering from the powerful orgasms that had taken them both. Then she felt the bed shift.

Tim propped up on one elbow and admired her body. "I wanted to pull out and come in your mouth, but I couldn't make it. You look good all covered in cum, though."

"You felt so good. I didn't think I was ever going to stop coming."

"Me either."

"You didn't have to pull out, though. My tubes are tied."

He sat up a little more, and Sandra was surprised to see his cock twitch with life. "Come in your pussy?"

More turned on than she ever would have thought possible by the dirty talk, she responded. "I'd love to feel your big cock coming inside me."

"Damn, I want to."

She reached out to stroke her fingertip over his stiffening organ and whispered in a sultry voice, "Then make it hard for me."

He didn't really need the extra encouragement.


Tim was sound asleep, his gorgeous, pussy-slick cock lying limp against his thigh when Sandra recovered enough to rise from the bed an hour or so later. She kept her intimate muscles clamped tight to prevent his cream from seeping from her, and admired the almost surreal sight of the young stud lying spent in her bed.

Then, the most ridiculous thought popped into her head.

Just doing my part for Earth Day and recycling what someone carelessly threw away. Besides, it's a renewable resource.

Sandra stifled a laugh and shuffled to the bathroom for a shower with a hand cupped between her legs.

She had every intention of renewing this resource as many times as possible.

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Very green of you

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