"—what do you mean?" She responded quickly and nervously with her hand on her stomach.

"PLEASE DO NOT INTERRUPT ME, CHILD!" Wolf demanded, now sitting on the edge of the bed.

After a momentary pause, Wolf continued in a softer voice,

"I want you to remove your cloak, apron and dress, and come closer to me."

Red thought about retreating at hearing this demand, but without knowing exactly why, she complied with Wolf's wishes. She was jittery as she undid her apron, dress, and petticoat, allowing them to fall to the floor as she stepped free of them. She began to shake—partly from nervousness—and partly from her slight arousal, as her puffy nipples strained against the material of her chemise. She felt a sense of anticipation and excitement and felt a slight tingle in her buttocks from this feeling ... and from the cold.

In just a moment, Red was standing close to Wolf in nothing but her linen chemise, undergarments, and stockings, having also removed her shoes.

"Come closer still, my dear," said Wolf.

Red complied with this last request walking slowly toward Wolf, biting her lower lip with nervousness, and was at last looking intently into Wolf's fiery yellow eyes. Wolf reached out and placed hairy-clawed "hands "on each of Red's nearly naked hips, which caused an immediate and involuntary gasp from Red.

She was shaking with genuine fear! But, she could not understand why she was also so sexually aroused and looked down quickly to see if the moisture she could feel building between her legs was noticeable.

"You must learn to accept me for who, and what I am, my dear Angelina. I promise never to harm you."

Angelina thought about this statement from Wolf and asked nervously,

"H-How c-can I be assured that you w-will n-not hurt-hurt me?"

Wolf was clearly conflicted about telling her the rest, but continued to explain.

"When I saw you in the wood today my dear, and then when you tapped in the cottage door a few moments ago, you were to be a meal for the beast within me—as your Grandmother would have been had she been at home."

Lowering his snout, Wolf continued,

"I was so taken with your beauty and innocence when I saw you close-up, and could look into your eyes, that I decided to fight against my urges and honor the agreement I made with your Mother." His yellow eyes blinked as he continued in a softer voice,

"I am asking you to be my wife, Angelina."

This honest declaration by Wolf was deeply touching to Angelina, and she thought about how she would make her reply. She gently but nervously stepped forward and framed Wolf's large head with her tiny hands, and after a moment's examination of Wolf's face said with a slight smile,

"Mister Wolf, you have been honest with me, and I believe that there is good in you, I can see it in your eyes." She took a breath and continued,

"And, although those eyes still frighten me a little in their current state, I can s-see a kind heart through them ... a-and I-I will agree ... to be your wife." She lowered her pretty blue eyes and blushed at that final declaration.

Almost as soon as Angelina had finished speaking those words of her acceptance of Wolf, his features began to change ... to transmogrify. His eyes changed shape and color from burning yellow to clear soft blue, and her hands were soon holding the face of a handsome young man with light brown hair.

Angelina smiled a very relaxed smile, removed the dark cloak from this young man, with whom she was now falling in love. She smiled sweetly, blinked, and said, "Hello Mr. Wolf!"

He removed his shirt, smiled back and said, "My name is James."

Angelina smiled as she stroked James' fair hair, and then stood. She slowly removed her stockings and chemise, and loosening the string on her undergarments allowed them fall to the floor. James gasped at the vision before him of a beautiful naked young woman, his eyes drawn to her firm round breasts with their erect nipples.

Then young Angelina slid into the bed next to this handsome young man who would become her husband. James would be the first and last man ever to make love to her. He folded her into an embrace pulling her under him, and entered her for the first time. She winced slightly at the initial pinch, but moaned and kissed him passionately as he made love to her, and she shuddered into her first ever ... culmination.

After they cuddled for some minutes, James slid his strong hands over her body, down her back and over her soft young ass. She nestled her face in his chest. They lie in each other's arms talking softly with their lips so close that each word was a little kiss upon the lips of the other.

At length, Angelina formed a sly smile, and said,

"Let's see what's in the basket!"

James and Angelina were officially married sometime very shortly after this meeting, and the whole village celebrated. Mr. Mackenzie provided a beautiful wedding song from his country—sung in a lilting Scottish brogue. Grandma and Angelina's Mother looked at each other with tears in their eyes, and smiled.

James and Angelina moved into his house in the next county, and worked very hard together to build it into a home. Their love grew day by day, and they made love as many nights as they were able. As far afield as James may have traveled during the day, he always tried to be home with Angelina ... except for the times he was required to be away from her ... for another reason.

With the passage of time, James' condition never abated, and he was occasionally obliged to absent himself from the home that he and Angelina made in the adjacent county. James never returned after one such absence, and Angelina would never know his fate; but she knew that his dual nature would someday force her to accept this reality.

She and James did have a life together—and a happy one.

In the days and months that passed, Angelina often thought about the handsome stranger her Mother had chosen to be her husband, and remembered their life together with a tearful smile. She tried to keep the details of their life together as much in mind as she could, so she could pass on the happiest of the stories to her child. Some months after James' final absence, Angela gave birth to a daughter that James never knew, and she called the girl Rebecca after her Mother.

Rebecca had soft blond hair, and clear blue eyes. On her sixth birthday, Angelina bought her daughter a red hooded cloak—just a size or two too large for her small frame, and it covered her from head to toe.

The girl grew more beautiful with the passing years and visited her Grandma and Great-grandma with her Mother, but she had a peculiar taste for fresh raspberries.


...they all lived happily ever after!


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