tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRed Light District Blues Ch. 01

Red Light District Blues Ch. 01


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Miami, Florida

Slow bass beats boomed and shook as the music poured out from the large speakers. Loud dance music filled the room, offering the sound to create an atmosphere for the party commencing within the walls of a place known as Club Atlantis. Downstairs, the dance floor moved with the rhythm of the music, keeping the floor busy. The style of choice was the usual old inspired Synth Pop, a favorite in the local South Beach music scene. Club Atlantis sat on the edge of South Beach, just up north and past the hotels packed with tourists. The club itself had just opened a few years ago in 2012 and quickly had established a reputation as a throwback to the old ways Miami clubs used to be known for back in an older era.

Club Atlantis was known more for what happened behind closed doors rather than the neon lights casting a shade of blue and pink colors around the sign outside. Rumors had swirled around town that the club was a front owned by the Pendroza family though nothing could be proven apart from speculation. The name Pendroza had it's roots in Miami's underworld, going back to the 1980's when Miguel Pendroza had risen as a drug baron in the town. Now thirty years later, his remaining sons were still running the business that had become somewhat smaller from their father's heyday of having a cocaine empire. Martin and Manuel had become known as the 'Pendroza Brothers' in social circles. They were in their forties now as grown men but lived a lifestyle of grandiose playboys, following in the foot steps of their father back in the day.

After years of struggling from within the under belly of the city, the brothers found a way to reignite their father's legacy and carry the torch. Having been born into a drug cartel, a burden was put on their shoulders to climb through the chaos that their father had left to them. Miguel Pendroza's downfall was a major breaking news story over twenty-five years ago. At one time, the elder Pendroza was one of the biggest drug kingpins in all of Miami. The decline began with a major infiltration into the Pendroza Cartel, over a decade in the works by the DEA. It all ended with the arrest of Miguel Pendroza and a high profile trial back in 1992 that sent him away for the rest of his life. The verdict was guilty on counts of drug trafficking, racketeering and blackmail. The shock waves of the trial ignited an investigation into the local government council of Miami Beach, eventually ending with the mayor resigning after his links to organized crime had been exposed in the media.

Twenty five years later, not much had truly changed in Miami Beach except for the balance of power into other hands. Like any other big shot in the drug business, Pendroza's shoes as the main kingpin were soon filled by a new rising star. The status of kingpin changed every few years with no one lasting long at the top. It would be a long climb for his sons to re-establish their father's name in the criminal underworld. The Pendroza brothers spent the next two decades climbing their way up, but while maintaining a low profile to avoid making the same mistakes of their father before them. With the help of cousins and distant family, they eventually rebuilt the cartel of their father's name. Miami Beach was their domain, nothing unlike the days of the past apart from new faces.

Kurt Johnson was the man who's name went down on the line of ownership to Club Atlantis. Johnson was a middle aged man, a famed defense attorney who had a history with the Pendroza family. Anyone who connected the dots knew that the club served as a front for their criminal operations. Miami Beach was their playground, serving as the breeding grounds for their activities behind various fronts of clubs and restaurants. Though Kurt Johnson's name may have been down as an owner, anyone who kept eyes inside Club Atlantis knew he was never to be seen. The management of the club was ran by people connected to the Pendroza's, serving as eyes and ears. Everyone who was familiar with the club knew of what happened behind closed doors.

Among many people shuffling about on the dance floor was a special girl. Long stands of orange hair ran down, underneath a light pink colored top hat and a white jacket she was wearing over her chest. Down below, a short pair of white booty shorts covered her legs though black fishnet stockings were visible going down to her knee length, pink high heel hooker boots. When she pulled the jacket apart in a 'flash' style pose, she revealed a low cut top in white and pink stripes. A small heart shaped tattoo was visible over left shoulder, right around the straps of her shirt. The inside of the jacket matched in pink, but what made her truly stand out was the sparkling hot pink heavy mascara and eyeliner just under her eyebrows. A small gold septum piercing hung from nose with double ball points. A silver necklace was attached to her neck while glitter sparkled over her body. A friend of hers called out to her.

"Oh my god, Bella! That is so fucking hot!"

A photo was snapped from the cellphone of her friend of her flashing pose. Bella Thorne was partying it up in Miami Beach. Yesterday was her 20th birthday and now she was living it up large Monday night in the club scene. Going back to Miami for her birthday was her friend Donna's idea. The blonde haired girl was a long time friend of Bella's, going back to her days at Disney before she had left and embarked on this trip through the wild side. Bella had been described as a 'hot mess' in the past year due to her racy outfits and gossip rumors swirling around her wild lifestyle, but nothing was about to slow her down from having a good time. The sloppy glitter slathered over her upper chest sparkled as she stopped her hooker boots off the dance floor. Donna smiled, pulling Bella's hand as the former Disney star spoke up.

"God, this place is so much fun. I wish we would've came here together last year!"

"Yeah, I knew we'd have a good time at this place, that's why I wanted you to come!"

Donna's blue eyes could be seen in the distance as she pulled Bella's hand. The red haired girl started laughing in her signature odd laughter sound. Her boots stomped loudly over what was a blue and pink checkered tile floor under them. Going out to Club Atlantis after her birthday party was Donna's idea. Bella had asked her friend to find her a good place where she could go crazy and probably get laid before the night was over. This sleazy lifestyle had become all too common to Bella, but she didn't have any intentions of slowing herself down any time soon. She had all the money she needed to burn through the fast lane and never look back. It was worth it to cleanse herself of the squeaky clean image from her Disney days.

"Come on, I'm fucking thirsty. I want a drink, let's go to the bar and order something."

Bella spoke before letting go of her friend's hand. They marched their way through the club, heading towards the bar. In the distance, one part of the club was lit up in dark purple lights. Most of the array of various colors remained over the dance floor. Donna was wearing a similar outfit to hers, a purple tank top and black mini shirt with high heels and fishnet stockings. When they approached the bar, a man in a dark suit sat alone. Under his black jacket was a pink shirt, gold chains visible around his neck and a shiny gold Rolex watch. The girls didn't pay him any attention as they called for the bartender, Bella waving her hand around to get his attention.

"Hey, you there! Get me the hardest whiskey you've got, I want it straight up."

Donna waved her hand before speaking of her request for a drink.

"Get me the same, but I want you to fill it up with a lot of ice."

The bartender was a tall black man with a beard and mustache over his face. A yellow button up shirt was fitted over his chest. He gave the girls a nod before he replied.

"Hope you don't get too drunk before you've gotta make your money tonight. I imagine you girls are quite busy tonight out in the streets."

Donna's jaw dropped as the bartender turned around. Bella didn't seem to quite catch on with his words as she sat on the bar stool awaiting her order. Donna tapped her right shoulder, looking over as she spoke back to her friend.

"Oh my god, did you hear what he just said?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

When Bella gazed back at her friend, she was biting her lower lip and flashing her pearly white teeth. Donna appeared to be ecstatic or enthusiastically amused.

"He thinks we're hookers. You didn't get what he said, girl? He said something about us making money."

Bella dropped her lower lip and began to laugh. It was that distinctive slow laugh that only she was known for doing. When she finally stopped giggling, Bella glanced behind her shoulder to see if a certain admirer was still close by in the distance. When they had first arrived at the club, she had attracted a stranger who kept himself far away but in the same viewing area as her. Bella's first thought was that maybe the man had recognized her famous face, but after Donna's words she had something else on her mind. Sure enough, the man was still standing far away from her. A blue colored suit was over his body with matching pants. His face clean shaved just with a small mustache and cute curly black hair. The thought was now crossing into her mind of truly hooking, just to drive this man insane. When the bartender returned with their drinks, Bella tapped on Donna's shoulder.

"Pay for the drinks, I left my purse back at the hotel."

Donna rolled her eyes.

"Seriously!? I end up always paying for your drinks! For once, I'd like to see you buy your own goddamn drink for the love of god."

Letting out a sigh, the red haired girl glared back at her friend before yelling at her.

"It's my birthday, bitch! Do it for me!"

Again rolling her eyes, Donna knew it was better to just let this go rather than create a scene arguing with Bella. They were friends, but there were times like this where Bella could take advantage over her with little things like paying for drinks or the tab at a restaurant. Donna reached put her purse on the bar and proceeded to pull out some dollar bills and change to pay for their whiskey, all while Bella was busy downing the entire glass in one go. Her admirer was still starring at her from the long distance. It was almost as if she could feel his eyes, knowing that he had desire for her. When the bartender stepped away after Donna had paid, both girls sat there enjoying their drinks. All it took was a few seconds and Bella had already downed her liquor. She glanced back over her shoulder again and then giggled before speaking back up to her friend.

"You see him back there?"


Bella laughed at Donna's puzzled face before replying.

"Look behind you. See that guy back there in the blue suit?"

Donna looked behind her shoulder while holding her drink among her right hand. She noticed the man, leaning up against the wall with his eyes locked directly on Bella. When Donna turned her head, she replied.

"Ohhhh, yeah. Kinda creepy back there, he's just starring at you."

Once again, Bella laughed at her friend's words.

"Well, what do you think? Maybe he wants some or do you think he probably recognizes me?"

Donna simply shook her head.

"What do you mean by that, Bella? He wants some of you, as in?"

Bella glared back at her friend with a smug grin over her face. The heavy pink glittery mascara around her eyes sparkled.

"Imagine we really are hookers. You think I could take him for all his money's worth in here?"

The blonde girl's jaw dropped as she gasped.

"Oh my god, you can't be fucking serious."

She began to laugh, unable to hide away that slow adorable laugh she was known for. Bella didn't quite understand why her friend seemed offended and surprised by such a statement. She responded to tease her friend.

"Why not? The bartender obviously thinks we're working street corners."

"That's cause we're dressed like sluts, you know? Anyone could've told us that."

Bella giggled once more. As Donna began tip her drink from the round glass, Bella glanced over her shoulder making sure the man was still there. The bartender's words had almost felt like a dare to her. If she could pull this off and seriously milk this guy for every last dollar he had, why not take the risk for the thrill? It wasn't like she really played up the clean, crisp image from her Disney days of the past. Bella loved to lead her lifestyle in the fast lane and now the thrill was getting to her to truly play a temptation to this man back there. While Donna was slowly drinking her whiskey, Bella tapped her shoulder. The dance music was still loudly playing throughout the walls of the club.

"He looks rich. How much do you think he would pay for me? I bet I could take him in the bathroom of this place."

Donna shook her head to her friend.

"It's not like you don't have enough money as it is."

"Yeah, but still. I think this is gonna be a lot of fun. Wait here, I'll be back later."

As she got up, Bella winked at her friend. Donna almost choked on her drink as she realized that her friend was sincere about this daring moment. It was true that Bella wasn't starving for cash like a true prostitute, even if she did dress like one. The Rolex watch and various bracelets over her left wrist were a clear sign to any naked eye that she was well off in the financial department. The thought of getting it on with a random stranger in a club like this was too much for Bella. Her imagination was running wild in desire. If she could pull this off and rob this sucker for his money, it would be spare change to go spending tomorrow with Donna. She pushed her right leg out before the left, walking in a seductive way as her high heel hooker boots clacked over the floor. The sound of her boots was muted due to the loud music blaring from among the dance floor. When she approached the man, a grin ran across her face. He looked back at her while Bella spoke in a seductive tone.

"Hey there, hot shot. I notice you've been watching me all this time. Do you like what you see?"

The man smiled back at her. From an up close sight, Bella could now see that he was an older man due to the wrinkles among his forehead, appearing to be of Latin descent. He appeared to be around his early to mid forties, but could've possibly been older. He raised his eyebrows before slowly nodding to her. Bella didn't give a chance to respond to her as she pulled apart her white jacket and flashed him her tight pink and white striped shirt.

"See anything you like here, honey? What's your name, hot shot?"

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting for a whole minute, the man finally spoke.

"Alberto, and you?"

Bella raised an eyebrow, listening to his thick accent. She assumed he had to be an older man, so he couldn't have recognized her like someone in her own age generation would have. From the distance, her friend Donna was watching as the vocal exchange took place. The former Disney singer starlet was now smirking as she pulled her jacket and danced while answering him back.

"My name is Bella, so are you looking for a good time? You seem to like what I've got here."

Alberto was still smiling wide as she stopped dancing. There was something about his grin that came off almost sinister. Bella noticed up close that he had gold chains around his neck and matching gold rings over his left hand's ring and pinky fingers. From his appearance, he had the look of a player if one was going by stereotypes.

"Yes, you look like you can be a quick fix to cure my boredom. I've had my eye on you all night."

She giggled at his answer.

"Yeah, you've been watching me! I know, you wanna have some fun then, Mr. Alberto? You look like you've got some money, don't you honey?"

Her reply was amateurish, revealing that she didn't quite had much experience playing into the role of a prostitute. Bella had given it her best shot and when the man flashed his faded teeth to her, she knew it was on. He went for her hand, pulling her closer towards him. From behind back at the bar, Donna was on her second drink and nearly spit it out when she watched the action going on with Bella and this stranger.

"How about I pay you five hundred dollars to blow me?"

Bella raised her eyebrow, smirking before she shook her head to his words.

"No, you can do better than that. Give me twice that, and I'll let you fuck my brains out."

"So, one thousand dollars, that will do it?"

"Throw in an extra hundred and I'll let you cum all over my face. How about that?"

Alberto pulled at her hand, smiling wider than ever after her final offer.

"Espléndido, that's a deal then! Come on, let's go to the bathroom."

He replied with a word in Spanish, ringing through her ears. She understood Spanish quite well, having been taught fluently in her youth. Getting fucked in a bathroom was nothing new for Bella. She had been taken in public bathrooms before in the last few months, but never for the price of a man's money. Donna got up from the bar, running through the floor as she watched the man pull her friend away to go someplace. The blonde haired girl nearly fainted as she thought to herself: 'Holy shit, she's really gonna fucking do this'. When Donna stepped foot back near the dance floor, she let out a sigh and then gazed up to look at the ceiling. An array of flashing colors moved while the DJ was still busy at his work station pouring out the sounds of synth keyboards and bass beats. Upstairs from the railing, a woman standing in a yellow trench coat with dark hair could be seen. Donna caught eye of the woman standing tall, a cigarette hanging from her lips as she seemed to be gazing down and watching what went on down in the club.

Alberto had escorted Bella upstairs and behind the door of the west side V.I.P. entrance. She witnessed the transition as she had entered the inner area of the club, shuffling through men wearing expensive suits and women dressed just as raunchy as she was. If it weren't for the thrill on her mind of doing a nasty deed, she would've been thinking what was the purpose of these people behind the closed doors. When they walked past the lounge room, Bella noticed two men and a woman on their hands and knees using straws at a coffee table to inhale a pure white substance directly up their noses. She didn't pay it any attention until he pulled the door open and they entered a large men's bathroom. The walls were decorated in black paint with white marble floors. Past the urinals and near the sink, Bella saw a young man, busy as he leaned over with a rolled up dollar bill and snorting a line of cocaine. Alberto patted him on the shoulder to get his attention.

"Eh tú, get up."

The man raised his head, clearly appearing to be stoned from the look on his face. When he looked at Alberto, he pointed back to the door and spoke again.

"Get lost, payaso. I'll be done in thirty minutes and then you can come back and finish powdering your nose."

All it took was a menacing look from the older man to let the younger man know he wasn't playing around. The guy in the white suit was short and appeared to be younger, probably around Bella's age. He dropped his lower lip, clearing zoned out from the coke that went up his nose. When Alberto watched him walking out the door, now it was time to prepare. There was five large stalls there. He opened the door to the middle one and stepped in while calling out to Bella.

"If you wanna take a hit, go for it but don't waste my fucking time. If you want this money, you've gotta earn it, baby. I'm not a very patient man."

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