tagGroup SexRed Rock Canyon Ch. 09

Red Rock Canyon Ch. 09


Red Rock Canyon~Ch~9~Sunday~ The Storm Clears and the Group Unites

"Okay, okay you caught us." Shelby yelled back to Paige.

"We were watching, but damn...can you blame us!" Chad added.

"You didn't sound so bad yourself there Shelby." Rex teased.

Shelby...I need a clean up on aisle three." Paige yelled out in a loud giggle.

"I'll get right out there and see if I can help you out with that..." Shelby replied in her naughtiest voice.

"DAMN!" both the guys muttered as they shook their heads in disbelief.

But there was no denying that the two girls had history and chemistry together. No denying the experience they shared.

"Well, as your friend Chad has already discovered, I like to be on top, or doing it doggy." Shelby shared as she allowed her legs to straddle over Paige's face, one leg on either side of her shoulders.

Chad and Rex watched hungrily as the scene continued to unfold. Neither of them able to believe the luck they'd drawn on this crazy trip.

With her head facing Paige's feet, —Shelby lowered that tight round ass of hers down to Paige's lips, her beautiful tan back arched, the blonde hair just sliding over her back and shoulders to caress the top of Paige's thighs.

"Wanna a taste of my tent buddy?" Shelby laughed and gasped at once as she felt Paige's tongue find its way to her asshole and begin to lap greedily at the creamy filling that Chad had deposited there.

"Oh, Fuck—can you believe this shit?" Rex said in disbelief.

"God, she is so good with that tongue," Shelby growled as she lowered her mouth to the wet, bald cunt that now lay beneath her face. Flipping her hair to the side so that the guys could watch she barely let her tongue graze the surface of Paige's lips. Running her tongue around all over them gently in little circles.

Not knowing where to look next Chad let sound be his guide as he heard sucking, muffled moaning and swallowing sounds coming from Paige. He looked to see her with her tongue buried inside of her best friend's ass sucking HIS cum out of her and swallowing all of it that she could.

Chad was unable to disguise his excitement. He'd never seen two women together. And as he watched his tent buddy Shelby's asshole provide Paige with the warm sticky white cream he'd deposited there he couldn't help but stroke himself.

With fingers buried and tongue digging in and out both fucking faster and faster Paige made quick luscious work of reducing Shelby to a quivering mess. Finally Chad and Rex watched as Paige swallowed down every drop that she could of her best friend's heavenly nectar.

When they saw the excess run from the corners of her mouth and her greedy tongue follow to catch anything that had gotten away, the guys knew they had done all the watching they could without participating.

"That's it—I'm going in!" Chad said to Rex.

"Switch this time?" Rex asked in reply.

"You bet man!" Chad replied.

As Paige turned her head from Shelby's shiny wet goods she saw the guys taking up their places and she smiled a greedy little smile. Rex walked up to Shelby's back end and straddled Paige's head as he pushed his way inside of Shelby's pussy for the first time. As he did Paige licked around Shelby's oozing slit lapping at the underside of Rex's shaft cleaning it of each and every time it came and went. She began to lap at Rex's shaved balls.

Chad took his spot between Paige's thighs. Letting Shelby wet both him and Paige down he finally slid himself deep inside of Paige's bald cunt for the first time. She felt great and he pulled out and pushed back in deep again.

"Can I have a taste of that?" Shelby asked innocently.

"Absolutely!" Chad replied.

And he quickly dived in deep again for another dip pulling completely out this time he deposited his cock into Shelby's warm and waiting mouth. Shelby was beginning to moan out in pleasure from Rex's ample rod being rammed deep inside her.

As Chad switched from Paige's pussy to Shelby's mouth and watched her greedily lap up the combination of their fluids he knew he was going to cum. He shot the first load deep with in Paige's wet and waiting hole. Then he shot the second load into Shelby's mouth.

When Rex heard Chad and Paige begin to cum he was unable to resist against Shelby's tight wetness and Paige's lapping tongue. He began to drill Shelby faster and harder each time until they were both coming as well.

By the morning light the horrible winds, rain and hail had subsided. Yet none of the cave bound hikers showed signs of eagerness to start back up their trail. In fact the only thing on the minds of the now very friendly four was how long they could delay the inevitable and how many ways they could find to spend the day pleasing one another.

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