tagIncest/TabooReese's Cups

Reese's Cups


My beautiful wife Melissa was out of town on business, while my gorgeous 18-year-old daughter Reese was at her softball game. I decided to do a little bit of house cleaning on this wonderful Saturday. Tonight, my friends and I were getting together to watch a huge basketball game on TV.

As part of cleaning the house, I decided to do a little bit of laundry. My wife has shown me how to do laundry before, but of course, being male I really didn't pay much attention. I went into our room and gathered up some dirty clothes. Then I remembered my daughter Reese telling me that she needed some things washed too. I went into her room and gathered up a bunch of dirty clothes. I got into the basement and began using the washing machine. I put a few cups of cleaning powder inside the machine and turned on the hot/cold water cycle. I threw my dirty jeans in first. Then my wife's. As I was dumping my daughter's things in, I noticed a massive pink bra in her pile.

"Great Jesus!" I gasped.

I knew the bra couldn't have been my wife's. She's only a B cup woman. I never really paid close attention to Reese because she wore mostly baggy clothes to hide her very slim body. I never knew why though.

Even as her father, I was curious to see exactly how large my Reese's bra cups were.

"34EEE!" I exclaimed, as my heart nearly jumped out of my chest.

My daughter Reese never really showed her girly side. She was more of a tomboy. She played sports and loved to wrestle with the boys. It got me to thinking if any of her male friends have had their hands on her monstrous melons while wrestling. In my mind, I knew I would have loved to have groped her while wrestling, but in my heart I knew it was wrong to have incestuous thoughts about my own daughter, my own flesh and blood. Yet, I was proud of myself for producing a young woman with huge milkers.

I stood in front of the washing machine, still astonished by Reese's cups. I put one of her cups up to my face and took a huge whiff inside.

"Hmmm," I said, smelling her favorite strawberry fragrance.

I started squeezing Reese's massive cups, wishing that my daughter's vast breasts were inside of them. I felt a tinkle in my pants as my cock began to grow in size. Even thought my wife had small breasts, I was always a fan of enormous tits. My own daughter was making my obsession of big tits a reality.

I continued fondling, smelling, and I even licked the inside of her lovely cups. Suddenly, I heard the front door open up.

"Daddy, I'm home," I heard my busty daughter say.

I dropped Reese's bra inside the washing machine and yelled back up.

"I'll be upstairs in a little bit."

I threw the rest of her clothes inside the washing machine and headed upstairs.

"I'm going to be taking a shower!" Reese shouted from upstairs.

"Ok, dear!" I yelled back, now on the middle floor of our house.

My cock was still hard and all that was running through my mind now was Reese's cups, those enormous bra cups that they yeah yeah yeah me and I am smelled so delicious. Then her being in the shower and running her soft hands over her luscious orbs was just too much for me.

I tiptoed upstairs and could hear the shower running in the bathroom. I entered Reese's room and luckily for me, her bra and panties' drawer was all ready open. My eyes widened and a huge grin spread across my face. I saw many different colored bras inside with matching panties. Maybe deep down inside, my daughter really is a girly. I just thought since she was a tomboy that all her bras and panties would be the same color. I was in heaven. I felt God's white light shining down on her underwear drawer and me.

I scooped down and grabbed a handful of her large bras. I was rubbing a black bra against one side of my face and a blue one on the other side. I planted my face inside a huge white bra cup and could smell the cleanest of it.

"Daddy... What are you doing?" Reese said in a worried tone, as she entered her room dripping wet with just a large towel on. The towel hung from her body due to the vast size of her breasts jutting from below her chest.

I was taken by surprised and startled. My mind went blank and I didn't know exactly how to explain my actions.

"Uh... Reese sweetie, I was just putting away your clean underwear and got tangled up inside your... drawer," I responded in a dumbfounded manner.

"Will I guess you know now, huh?" Reese questioned me.

"Know what, sweetie?" I said acting stupid.

"That I have big breasts. Duh, daddy!" Reese responded as her towel "accidentally" fell off her voluptuous body.

My eyes got bigger and so did my cock. Right there in front of me was my beautiful naked daughter, Reese, with her volleyball sized tits hanging from her chest starting at her armpits and the bottoms of her breasts just stopping at her ribcage. The rest in between was huge fleshy mounds, toppled with bumpy areolas and bullet sized red nipples. Her pussy was also in my view; dripping wet from the shower and nicely shaved.

"Like what you see, daddy?" Reese teased me in a cute little girl voice.

I knew this was wrong but I've never had my hands on a pair of huge breasts like my daughter's.

"It's Saturday, daddy, I've got nothing to do. So I'm all yours," Reese said as she walked closer to me.

I was still in shock as she grabbed both of my sweaty hands and placed them on her monstrous orbs in front of her.

"Knead them, daddy. Squeeze them. Pretend I'm a cow with huge udders and milk them, daddy," Reese teased and urged me on.

I wasn't going to let my princess down. I began squeezing and kneading her soft, jiggly flesh and running my hands all over her chest. I cupped her massive mounds from underneath and started slapping them together. I was like a kid in a toy store and my daughter's breasts were my toys. I moved her huge tits to her sides and let them drop. They flopped back down and bounced against each other. My daughter was laughing and had a smile on her face. She couldn't believe how happy I was to be playing with her breasts.

"I had no idea, daddy, that you liked big-breasted women," Reese said to me, while moving her own hands down the front of my jeans and groping my crotch. "Mmmm, daddy, you're hard."

Reese rubbing and fondling my cock felt great, but her two big ol tits in my hands was even better. I stopped fondling her breasts and focused on her cherry nipples. I pinched her nipples between my fingers and ran my thumbs over them. Reese started moaning as I increased running and flicking her large nipples with my thumbs.

"Ohhhh, daddy, you're making me hot. Ohhhh!" moaned Reese as she dropped her arms between her legs and began fingering her wet pussy.

I had to taste my daughter's nipples, so while rubbing her left nipple, I closed my lips around her right nipple and began to suck on it like a toddler. I pulled and stretched her nipple between my lips. After I coated her nipple in my saliva, I let my tongue lap over her nipple and bumpy areola. I repeated the same step to her left nipple and areola.

"Ohhhhhh daddy! I love it when you suck my tits. Mmmmm!" Reese moaned louder, while rapidly fingering her moist cunt.

I could hear my baby moaning and reaching her climax. I held both her mammoth tits together and sucked on them savagely, letting saliva fall out of my mouth and drip down the bottoms of her gorgeous tits. I left no inch of her tits dry as I sucked on them hard, sending chills through my daughter's body and causing her to orgasm and cum several times.

I spent a good 10 minutes sucking my daughter's large melons and making her cum over and over and over again. Her pussy was nice and juicy by the time I stopped sucking her tits. I could smell my daughter's cum dripping down her thighs.

"Baby?" I said in a shy tone.

"Yes, daddy?" Reese responded.

"Let me tit fuck you and cum inside your bra cups. I want you to walk around the house with cum stuffed in your cups. Okay?" I asked her with a smile.

"Anything for you, daddy," Reese said cheerfully.

Reese pulled out her favorite red bra. The cups were humongous. Definitely a size to fit her 34EEE's.

"But first daddy, I have to get your juicy cock all lubed up before going between my big tits," Reese said.

Reese sat on her bed and pulled me over by my jeans. My cock was hard and bulging through the front of my jeans. Reese cupped it from the outside of my jeans and began squeezing it. She used her other hand to unzip my jeans and finally used both hands to slide my jeans and boxers to my feet. My big dick sprang out at my baby girl. Her eyes when large after seeing me spout.

"Whoa, daddy, I had no idea you had such a large dick. I bet mom loves being fucked by it," Reese said, as she locked one hand around the base of my cock and the other cupped my hanging balls and began massaging them.

"Mmmm! You like that, don't you, daddy?" Reese teased, as she stroked my shaft and massaged my balls.

"Ohhhh, yes, honey, I like it a lot," I moaned.

Reese took the head of my cock between her lips and began sucking me dry. I could feel her juicy lips sliding down inch by inch by inch of my thick cock. I ran my hands through her wet hair and watched her lovely rosy cheeks bulge out with my cockhead hitting against them. Reese was sucking my cock like a Popsicle on a hot summer day. She didn't stop until her lips were fully wrapped around my throbbing member. She held my cock in her mouth for a few seconds and gagged. I could see the intensity in her face, trying to keep my cock down her throat for another minute or two. Her hands roamed over my tightened buttocks and gripped them tightly, while holding her position on my cock without taking a breather. After a minute and a half, Reese pulled up with tears in her eyes and her chin covered in saliva.

"Ohhhh baby!" I moaned and caressed her soft cheeks.

She stuffed my cock back in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down. I was moaning and having orgasms beyond my limits. (Does this make sense?) Her mother could never suck a cock this well.

Once Reese had me to the point of cumming, she stopped sucking my cock and dropped it from between her lips. She separated her huge tits and I placed my cock down in her cleavage. Reese closed the gap with her big breast fully wrapped around my slobbering dick.

"Hold on, daddy, I'm going to take you on the ride of your life," Reese informed me.

I held onto Reese by her pale shoulders and looked down at her massive mounds, completely hiding my cock. Reese began sliding her flesh bags up and down my crotch, bouncing the bottoms of her lovely tits against my thighs.

"Ohhhh yes! Ohhhh Reese. I love your tits, honey! I love them," I moaned repeatedly, gripping Reese's shoulders tighter while she titfucked me.

I couldn't help but watch as her giant boobs were bouncing around my crotch with my cock in between them. The feel of her skin against my cock was enough for me to explode all ready.

"I'm going to cum, honey!" I exclaimed.

"Wait, daddy, hold on a little bit longer. I want buckets and buckets of cum inside my bra cups," Reese urged me.

My body broke out in a heap of sweat, trying to fight the urge of cumming early. Reese started beating my cock with her tits. Swaying them around with my big pulsing cock in between. Her breasts were very slippery now from her sweat. Her big nipples were rubbing up and down my thighs, and I began having orgasm after orgasm after orgasms. I began cumming all over Reese's big beautiful breasts.

"Mmmmm! Daddy! Keep cumming," Reese encouraged me, as she held up her bra cups and let my cum soak the inside of them.

I didn't even have to jerk my cock for it to explode. The cum came gushing out in thick streams, coating the inside of my daughter's red bra cups. I filled both of my daughter's bra cups up with as much cum as I had in me.

"That's not enough, daddy, we're going to have to keep making you cum until my bra cups are filled to the top.

That brought joy to my face. Reese sucked me and titfucked me for several more minutes, making me cum every time, filling her bra cups up one step closer to the tops.

Soon my daughter's large red bra cups were full of my thick cum.

"Now get out of my room, daddy, and let me get dressed!" Reese demanded.

I pulled my pants up and left her room. I went downstairs and waited for my daughter.

"Hey, daddy!" Reese said after eight minutes, getting dressed and sneaking up behind me.

I turned around and Reese's tight thrusted out tee shirt had bunches of wet spots. Reese shimmed her shoulders causing her massive tits to shake inside her bra cups. I could hear them moving about inside her cum-filled bra cups.

"How's that for you, daddy?" Reese asked.

"I love it, honey," I responded with joy.

From then on, every weekend, my daughter and I spent hours and hours of dick sucking, tit fucking, tit sucking, and filling her cups up with my cum. I always knew there was something special about Reese's cups.

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