My girlfriend Sam's sister Lauren had only been back a few days and already, they were at each other's throats. Again, for the third time today.

We had invited Lauren to stay a few weeks since she moved back to Australia, to give her a while to find her feet, not find each other's throats.

I thought I was doing the mature thing by offering her a place - but Sam and her just got off on the wrong foot - immediately.

The first time it was about her sister using the shampoo, now it was about Lauren blaring music Sam didn't like.

The two exploded again for a third time just now. Over what? I don't know, I stayed out of it. But I pulled Sam aside and told her to march in and apologize, be the stronger person, to keep the peace.

That was 20 minutes ago - perhaps they were having a heart to heart, maybe they needed a coffee - So I stepped right in...

Lauren was on her knees, bending over Sam, These light green panties riding up her ass.

Sam was topless, with her only her white loose bottom Pjs on and had her eyes closed, swaying her hips into the direction of Lauren's face.

A wave of emotions hit me all at once, crashing down a mixture of feelings - fear, confusion. Arousal.

Lauren turned around as I stepped in, studied me a second and then a grin spread across her face. It was an adorable smile.

Her long auburn hair swished as she raised herself on her knees and I studied her myself a second.

Her skin was pale and freckles covered her arms and back.

Her breasts were large and full. They heaved as she breathed in.

Her areola was a very light pinkish color and her nipples were hard.

She was a curvy women and that was a factor that attracted me about her.

Her eyes were a beautiful ice blue and her lips were full and luscious.

My girlfriend Sam had the same pale, freckled skin, blue eyes and full lips but not the same hair - hers was lighter - a dirty blonde, if you will.

Sam's breasts were also much smaller than Lauren's, with smaller nipples with a lighter pinkish color.

Lauren tugged at Sam's Pjs and pulled them off, revealing her beautiful, bare sex - which came at a surprise.

She had always trimmed but never went fully bare, until now, so why had she decided to do so now?

Lauren faced Sam now and pulled down her light green panties, revealing her well rounded and firm looking white ass.

"You are going to watch me fuck this boyfriend of yours" Lauren said loudly, her hands on her hips facing Sam.

Sam nodded and her hand began to wander down to her sex, lightly stroking her clit.

Lauren now faced me, pulling down my pants and helping me to toss them aside.

When I was naked, she bent over Sam once more and I knelt behind her.

Her sex was soaking, so much so that I could see it was dripping down to her ass.

I grabbed her ass, to which she moaned, and then I slide right into her.

It was incredible feeling how wet she was around my cock.

Lauren herself let out a delightful squeal, and bent over Sam, her breasts skimming across her stomach.

Sam moaned softly, grinding her hips upwards into Lauren's face for her to savor.

Lauren instead rose in front of me so that her back was right up against my stomach.

She turned her head to meet my lips and we embraced in a kiss, her forceful tongue prying open my lips to dance inside.

Sam let out a frustrated cry then, and Lauren turned to gaze upon her with a grin, all the while I was thrusting my cock into her.

"Oh fuck" Lauren let out, stretching out the word Fuck into a delicious moan.

Sam was opening her legs further, her sex glistening in the sunlight, revealing to Lauren and I just how worked up the sight of us fucking got her.

I could smell her intoxicating, sweet aroma.

Sam caught my gaze now, her cheeks flushed bright red.

As I thrust into Laura, she bent down to Sam's sex, her hair falling forward.

Sam let out a cry in anticipation.

She was rocking her hips into Lauren's face, gripping her enlarged nipple tightly between her thumb and finger and pinching slightly.

Lauren lay out across Sam now, kissing her way up her thighs and across her stomach.

She moved away from me now, lying completely over Sam so that their breasts met and rubbed together.

Their lips brushed against each other lightly and at once, Sam hungrily met Lauren's open mouth, moaning softly.

By this time, I was close to shooting my load and the sight of Lauren kissing her way down Sam - my girlfriend - her sister's - body wasn't helping the matter at all.

It was absolutely delicious to see Sam writhe in pleasure at the touch of Lauren's kisses.

She threw her head and let out a soft cry, gripping the bedposts and grinding her pelvis into the air.

Lauren lowered her head now, and I watched as she started to softly kiss the inside of Sam's thighs.

"Oh fuck. Please, fucking please - I beg you"

It was startling for a moment; to hear such a string of curse words fly from Sam's mouth, as she rarely swore in her life.

Lauren then burrowed her face right between Sam's legs, her adorable ass now hovering just inches from my face.

Sam let out a shrill moan and pulled Lauren's face into her further, as Lauren's hands wandered up Sam's chest and began to tweak her large, hardened nipple.

I kneeled before Lauren now, my cock completely hard and lightly touching her bare cheek.

While Lauren parted Sam's beautiful slit and began to run her tongue down the length of it, I slid my cock deep into Lauren's sex.

Lauren stiffened a moment, her cries muffled by Sam's thigh, and then she continued to please Sam.

I pumped my cock into her, my balls smacking against her soaked ass and Lauren moved back into me, moaning softly, uttering something unintelligible under her breath.

Lauren's breasts were smacking against Sam's ass themselves, as she fed hungrily on Sam's sex.

While I was fucking Lauren, I ran my hands down her soaking sex to her little hardened clit, and gave it a hard rub.

Lauren responded to this with a large jerk and a loud cry, and she gripped each of Sam's legs to steady her as she rose to her knees and backed further into my cock.

She turned her head to the side, her mouth open in pleasurable bliss.

I looked to see that her three fingers were filling Sam up to their knuckles, with her thumb resting on her clit, rubbing it vigorously.

Sam was letting out these loud, primal grunts, stopping every so often to gulp up air before letting out a blissful sigh and beginning to grunt again.

Lauren was grunting along with her, still muttering something unintelligible as she pushed her ass back into me.

I felt my orgasm rising and I pumped my cock in as hard as I could go, knocking Lauren forward and sending her toppling over Sam.

Lauren then spun around so that now she faced me, her ass now hovering over Sam.

The look on Lauren's face was a turn on in itself - a sort of delicious, lustful daze.

She gripped my cock in her hand, running her fingers up the length of my shaft and back down to my balls.

I could see Sam softly kissing just below Lauren's ass, letting her tongue lightly touch her skin.

"Ooh, tongue fuck my ass you little bitch"

In my own lustful daze, the words stunned me further, as she swore at her own sister harshly, but Sam moaned at her words, and Lauren met that moan with her own grunt, as Sam plunged her face into Lauren's ass.

Without warning, Lauren took my cock in her mouth and worked her tongue around my shaft. Fuck me, it felt heavenly.

I can't begin to say what those two up to at that point, as her gorgeous, full lips worked up and down on my cock and here I am, feeling delirious.

It didn't take long for me to shoot my load and Lauren pulled away from my cock now, pushing me backwards and turning to Sam where she spat on her stomach.

Sam just moaned at the sensation.

The two women began to kiss passionately then, as I sat back and watched them.

Lauren resumed her position of hovering her ass in front of Sam, while descending Sam's own sex, and the two of them let out shrill moans at once.

I could see Lauren spread apart Sam's beautiful sex and run her tongue down back and up, while she had three fingers pumping inside of her.

Sam was cursing herself now, repeating "Oh fuck, oh fuck. Oh fuck you"

The cursing sped up, and Lauren started to lick, suck and nibble around her sex faster as her fingers pumped Sam, making delicious noises - god, she was dripping.

"Oh go, faster! Harder"

I could see Sam had gripped Lauren's ass now, no longer able to properly concentrate on her actions as she was nearing her climax.

All she could do was moan "Harder, keep going, I love that."

Lauren was furiously pumping three fingers to my Sam now, as her thumb was circling her clit hard.

Sam started crying out, grunting in an animalistic, primal manner.

Her legs buckled, her pelvis started to twitch, her ass lifted off the floor -- and then a long stream of clear fluid shot out across the bed.

Lauren looked as surprised as I, but Sam was telling - no, begging - her to keep going.

"Oh my fucking...god, please just keep...going"

She didn't have to tell Lauren twice, and Lauren resumed her frantic finger pumping once more.

Sam started to cry out again, once more knuckling her knees -- her whole body was shaking.

Another stream of clear fluid came out in a short burst...then another short burst, and then with one loud grunt, another stream shot out across her thighs, Lauren's face and once more, across the bed.

Sam rested back her head, heavily panting.

Lauren rose to her knees, that lustful daze still on her face.

Sam muttered something to her and smiled, and Lauren smiled back, reaching to her mouth and softly kissing her before rising back on her knees again.

Lauren was gripping her right breast, rolling her nipple between her thumb and finger, pinching it hard, as she was working her clit furiously, while Sam watched her from below.

It only took seconds before she was rocking her knees and starting to shake, reaching her climax.

She tilted her head back and let out one, loud, final grunt that lasted a moment, before slumping back on the bed before Sam.

I crawled up between the two and warmly welcomed their hugs and kisses and together, we lay there, basking in the light seeping through the windows from the warm summer sun.

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